Donald Trump, Jr. revealed the biggest problem with Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser

Christine Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The media celebrated her testimony.

But Donald Trump, Jr. exposed the biggest problem with Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Christine Ford claimed she needed to delay the hearing because she was afraid of flying.

But Republican outside counsel Rachael Mitchell questioned her about a trip she took to the East Coast in the summer.

Ford admitted she flew.

In addition, Ford also admitted she took her polygraph at the hotel at BWI-Airport in Baltimore because it was the most convenient way she could make a flight to New Hampshire.

She also said she flew to Hawaii and Costa Rica for surfing trips.

Donald Trump, Jr. pointed out she developed a pretty convenient fear of flying.

Ford’s testimony was simply not believeable.

Not only did she reveal she did not tell the truth to the committee about why she could not testify at first, she revealed significant gaps in her story.

She could not remember how she got to the party or who drove her home.

She could not remember when she took her polygraph.

Ford claimed she could not remember if she shared her therapist’s notes with the Washington Post.

And finally, she opened her testimony claiming she could not remember the date of her assault, where it took place and who was at the party.

Her story looked like a fairy tale going in.

There was nothing she said that proved her story.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. My, My, My! A Clinton supporter lying during a Congressional hearing. Where have we seen this action before? Can you say Bill? Can you say Hillary?

  2. First question to ask is. Why did she write the letter in the first place (after 36 years)then give it to a politician saying “don’t tell anybody who this is?” Now that was stupid for a holder of a PHD, professor and speaker. (now actor) She read most of her answers to the soft soap questions that never challenged her and if she couldn’t find it her attorney helped. Kavanaugh on the other hand was strong and powerful to start with then broke down when it came to wife and kids. Then answered and rebutted a serious questions and nasty as hell comments. I took notes and checked. I caught 43 errors (I won’t call them lies) So “NO” she was not at all a credible witness.

    • A PHD doesn’t make you smart. However, it makes you diligent, studious and committed. I know of PHD along with other college grads who couldn’t balance a checkbook. In fact I purchased a nearly new wrecked car to restore that once belonged to an Ohio State prof. who died as a result of warn out tires. I drove that car six more years.

    • Some paid her to do it. In addition when she lived near Judge Kavanaugh his mother was a loan officer who foreclosed on her family home.

  3. Also she stated under oath that she did NOT know who to contact anyone one to report this situation. That seems most strange as doesn’t her father work for the CIA a branch of the federal government.

    • The lying bitch was too stoned to know who did what. She probably doesn’t know who fathered her kids. She was a drunk cock tease at a party where judge kavanaugh wasn’t at. She probably doesn’t know whom took her virginity.

      • Dan thinks that thoughtful, respectful and civil discourse is best replaced with calling people names, being vulgar and crude. You probably don’t remember who took your humanity and decency, do you? You can disagree with Dr. Ford (who has already accomplished more in her life than you have, and I have) without being a crude lowlife — look and see how many have done so. Do you think it brings her down to your level by calling her a “bitch” and “cock tease” and to launch further unsubstantiated BS? It doesn’t, it just makes you sink LOWER along with your credibility. Oh, be sure and respond with something insulting and crude since any thing else might cause you to use a mental capacity you don’t show.

  4. One thing struck me strangely no one comment on. 2012 remodeled home with 2 front doors because someday Cavanaugh could be a supreme court justice? Does this seem weird? Obsessive? Is she she a liberal psychic? Who wrote that deal for her it sounds like a maniac

  5. Hey moderator of this site. I have attempted to post normal notes on your site and you have censored me. In fact, the guy (Bender) called Republicans stupid and you let it go through. Are you like the liberal NYT, Google, and Twitter? How do you expect to get anyone to read anything you post? You can remove me from your garbage list. Do not contact me.

    • …and don’t forget the Wash Post. And, oh yeah, “Doctor” Ford, an acclaimed psychologist who actually teaches our kids at the college level!

      • Ford is not a psychologist. She is a professor and researcher only because she has no license. She did a felony when she said she was a psychologist.

  6. Just another crooked scheme by the democrats who had this planned before the confirmation was to take place. She couldn’t remember her lies so had to refer to her notes all the time, she could even remember the answers she had to memorize yet she said she didn’t have any questions ahead of time, LIE the delay in getting her to return to DC was for the democrat attorney and advisors on how to answer questions, if she couldn’t remember the answer just said I don’t recall or remember, same old answers Hillary used and Hillary got away with it, but writes books with the details…. You have to know that a liar can’t recall answers to the lies they have told. She only had a script to memorize… She couldn’t remember answers to the question and couldn’t find it in her notes. hum The video shows shiela Jackson lee handing Ford’s lawyer an envelope with some notes on paper… he quickly stuck the envelope in his pocket. she also looked around to hand 2nd envelope to the other attorney or advisor….and yet they were pro bono, LIARS. This was another democrat CON JOB vote these flakes out of office come NOVEMBER VOTE REPUBLICAN I am sure George Soros, and all the women’s right on abortion groups and others gave money to her testimony, or paid her directly, we should check her account ASAP as well as the attorneys and advisors….wonder what their reply would be. hum….all liars. Is is now on record and has a recorded testimony if the end i hope they charge her with perjury. I know that Judge Kavanaugh accuse her of any wrong (other then in ID him) and she could have been attacked, but i’m praying he will bring bring slander and libel charges against her, her tw0 advisers, and attorney and others who were involved in this smear campaign of holding off Kavanaugh confirmation. Lock them up, debar them, fine them, interfering with crooked accusations to defer confirmation of an honest and good man, making them traitors which is death according to the law by firing squad……….. this division needs to stop NOW….VOTE REPUBLICAN IN VEMBER, pray for only the true to come out and that Kavanaugh will regain his reputation and people who thought him to be a pervert will apologize and respect this man and his family.

    • George Soros and Tom Steyer should be checked out by the FBI for providing the funding for this scam to ever come forward. They alway was behind the protests occurring in the Senate Office building after the committee voted Brett Kavanaugh out of committee.

    • I also fully agree this was a scheme by Dems to cause media prosecution of Kavanaugh. And was curious to see how the pay off would be made. I guess the 2 go fund me accts are the answer. 1 million to her so far, wouldn’t ever think a Soros would contribute in any way??? DOJ should look into the Dems involved in this very low tactic as it borders illegal.

  7. So the deep state told her to tell her therapist in 2012 about the incident. Same time they started working with Russia to get cadet bone spurs elected so they could take him down.

    • Prearranged lies. I could claim some bullshit tale allegedly told to someone else. Just like the phony birth certificate produced by the Kenyan mulatto. People have believed demomaggots for too long. Now they bullshit everyone.

      • Haha even Jared Kushner said in an interview when asked about if Trump believed the birther movement. “He doesn’t really believe that shit but republicans are stupid and they’ll believe it. “

        • That is true, Bender, and Trump even said that he thought when his people came up with “drain the swamp,” that he did not like it and it sounded stupid . . . but he went out and tested it and his “people” (cultist followers) LOVED it. Please forgive Dan, he is prone to being nasty and vulgar because he cannot handle not getting his way. Dan is like Trump in thinking he is not racist even though he talks like a racist, walks like a racist, and spews vulgarities like an uneducated racist (and sexist, don’t want to forget some of Dan’s arsenal). What is HILARIOUS is that Dan posted a few days ago that they should recruit independents and democrats to support them – – and he thinks that any of those groups would EVER be drawn to people that act like him.

          • Doc you reference me a lot. I must get under your skin. Do I make your skin crawl with my posts? It’s true I’ve been a victim of visions lies. Nothing sexual. But I know how it works. If that woman has a case she should file charges.

    • Bender: She didn’t name the person in 2012. She aparantly didn’t know. Also Trump was not a cadet since he got a deferment. I received a deferment too. Sorry for you if you don’t like it. You obviously heard about the crooked democrat dossier. Just as bad as trying to screw Brett.

  8. Everything was planned for her by the demonrats. You have to try and remember lies and liars forget. She only had a script to memorize… She couldn’t remember it and couldn’t find her notes… On video we have shiela Jackson lee handing Ford’s lawyer an envelope and some notes on paper… he quickly stuck the envelope in his pocket. Con Job From Hell…folks

  9. >0nly a ‘message’ To Jr. etc.
    > DO Your DD.(due diligence)
    Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court…
    Sorcha Faal,

  10. Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and
    confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed
    immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie
    Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can
    see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in
    Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay
    home on Election Day!!!

    • Plan to stay home election day, then Mary. After this investigation and after the news people keep digging, it is highly probably Kananaugh will not even be a judge any more. As Lincoln said, you cannot fool all the people all of the time.

  11. Whether or not she could remember nothing doesn’t matter to the reps who believe her. This is how our laws reflect on the law makers?

  12. Ford’s purported fear of flying served one purpose and one purpose only: a Dumbascrap Party-inspired intent to delay, delay, delay, delay, delay…

    • INDEED

  13. everyone he proved his case with a planner full of parties and glad he stay a virgin but why say a women was there first conquest and why have a problem with a background check for you about certain women. sorry if he was telling the truth he would of said lets do it and solve this problem but he apposes the fbi background why when you have that answer you will know the truth. just they want to limit free speech and think about it or do you need to hear heres your sign

    • 6 background check were already done also Kavanaugh cannot demand a background check on himself. Also If it not a federal crime FBI won’t do it unless the President orders it. FBI got the papers sent it to the White house where it got sent back then given to the Senate Judiciary who have their own staff with authority. All proper. The Senate did go investigate but Dems refused to go but Republicans got sworn affidavits from the 4 witness one a best friend of Ford and all said under penalty there was no party. Also Kaiser, Fords best friend at the time said she did not know Kavanaugh. Couldn’t go any further because there was no time, date or place and only 4 witnesses said there was no party. The whole thing sucked to high heaven and the Dems should hang their head in shame.

      • Warren Hahn, you sure have that RIGHT. The whole thing was a POLITICAL SCAM and I never believed that she was raped. Don’t know what the hell they are going on because the woman can’t even remember when or where the party took place when she was 15-years old. They don’t have ANY creditable witnesses and why in the hell would this woman wait 36-years to report this rape. It all smells like a DEMORAT POLITICAL SCAM and I don’t swallow this shit for one minute. Not for nothing, but 15 and drinking & partying at a place she can’t remember or even who’s house she was at? RIGHT!!!!

    • @Patrick, you are a bald faced liar and a fraud. Kavanaugh does NOT have any problem with a background check. Not only has he already had SIX background checks conducted by the FBI, he has REPEATEDLY said all along that he is EAGER for an investigation and that he will fully cooperate and be totally open with ANY kind of investigation the Senate committee wishes to conduct.

      • No, Wylie, he has not. He is a lawyer and savvy with words . . he refused, numerous times to support a FBI investigation . . .he only said he would do what the committee wanted . . believing full well it would not happen with Grassley in charge. But a few good people blocked Grassley’s attempt to gloss it all over.

    • Patrick. Wake up, Kavanaugh said he would do what ever the committee wanted. What more do you want. Cripes, pay attention.
      Plus another FBI investigation , will not, does not prove a thing. All they do is gather info, present to committee and then up to committee to act. Do they not have every thing at this time. ? Come on Patrick.

    • To thosewho agree for an FBI investigation…just look at recent events and the FBI trying to also remove our President. The Senate tried to say the FBIonly gives out factual information and does not offer anything else. Check out the results of H. Clinton and Comey. That is just a tiny scratch on a huge surface of corruption.

    • This is not about the fbi she should have reported to police first 36 yrs ago she is a liar. I am a woman and I was ten when raped by a family member believe me you never ever forget. I haunts me to this day. had a hard time growing up. I was 10 did not know I could say anything but 15 you know what to do. She is a liar, liar,liar.

    • Why do an investigation on a crime the statute of limitations has expired on and no evidence remains. Her declared witnesses have all said they cannot confirm her testimony.

  14. Ms. Ford had not only, huge holes, gaps, and lies in this made up fairy tale of hers,
    but, she is a political hack!! She is an activist along with her brother, in Md. from what I have read about them. It seems strange, and unrealistic, that all the people, she names, to be present, at this place, she cannot remember where, when and who even drove her there, have no knowledge of this event! Over 6.5 miles from her house and the the country club!! I know, because, we lived in Chevy Chase, close to East West Hwy. that unless someone drove her, and she was even invited, at all, the whole damn story, has been invented by her, & “lawyers”!! Judge Cavannaugh, and his family, has been dragged thru the mud, slandered, orchestrated by calumnious Democratic Operatives!! The Country is crying, bleeding from this disgusting circus, the Democrats have weaved! I pray to God, that they will reap the price, in November, from all fair minded Voters!!! We finally saw, on display, who and what they really are!! Pray for the Cavannaugh Family, Pray for his Nomination to the Supreme Court!! For that is the place, this tremendous legal mind, belongs!

    • Exactly, We ALL need to stick together and VOTE ALL of these Communists out of office and take our country Back BEFORE we have a Blody Civil War that the LEFT Cannot win.

      • What should be investigated is how much George Soros and Obama are paying these people. Look at the envelope slipped to Ford’s lawyer. He probably is the one who leaked her letter, and he got his payment, which was caught on video.
        Don’t hear anyone asking what was in the envelope. Soros and Obama are in this up to their necks!

    • If you are so concerned with the Kavanaugh’s, you might learn their true name. Did Kavanaugh care about the FIVE years that he and the Ken Starr investigation dragged Bill Clinton and his family through the mud and slandered him in such false areas as Whitewater? And what if Judge K did even ONE of the things his accusers have said – -then how much anguish and misery did he put one of this victims (if not all of them) through?

  15. Ford is a typical demo rat. Lie, lie and then lie some more. She made up the entire story to keep Kavanaugh out of theSupreme Court. Fthe rats have no moral values, no integrity. They don’t care who they hurt. They are all evil, worse than even than nazis. All they care about is power, turning America into a globalist nation, run by the corrupt UN. We have little to say about this. There are too many people un America who are totally clueless.

  16. I hate to say it but Flake broke weak AGAIN and this will allow the propaganda wing of the DNC to get their way again. Dr ford probably did get raped just not by the Judge! Her own “witnesses” said they had no knowledge or could not remember anything!!!! Ford has a BA 2 Masters and a PHD but did NOT understand words or several of the questions!! The FBI has investigated the Judge 6 times over the years and he passed but will it change this time??? Of course this IS POLITICAL!!! Blank SIGNS to fill in the name for whom ever was the nominee?? REALLY???

    • FLAKE is a very appropriate name for this man because that is obviously what he is, a complete flake, fake, and it should be appreciated that at least he will be gone after the next election. That being said for an elected politician to so stupid that he does not even now what the FBI’s purpose it sure as hell is not to investigate an unsubstantiated claim from 37 or so years ago with no hard evidence of any kind to prove her statements, this entire “hearing” is a total embarrassment to any body who cares about a human being, obviously Feinstein, and the rest of the demos on the committee do not, sad state for our political system.

  17. Jeff Flake senator Az.just flaked out as usual and won’t vote yes without a FBI investigation! This is just a circus from demonrat senators and should be a call to all Americans to get out in the midterms in 2018 and vote these evil evil demonrats out of public office once and for all!

  18. Well the democrats got their way again.I do not remember in the past where the majority party was controlled by the minority party. The FBI investigation will do nothing except delay the process. Senator Flake must be an idiot to buy into the FBI investigation. Ford’s testimony came across as coached and rehearsed. probably by her scumbag lawyers. A one week delay for an FBI investigation by an anti Trump FBI will give the crooked dems time to find new ways to delay the vote.

    • Everyone missed this!!!! At her testimony, when everyone was wrapping up she stated at the end that one of them was on top of her. I rewound the TV several times to make sure of what she said. She can’t even remember who was on top of her. Check the testimony statements or TV tape.

    • He will not try it. Because IF he did, then that opens up bringing Mark Judge and all his HS and Yale classmates in to testify and all the other accusers, who, up to now, have gotten little attention. You have to prove “malice” (see Movie “Absence of Malice”) and that what Dr. Ford did was knowingly false. Frankly, since Kavanaugh was stumbling drunk, he probably blacked out for part of the night. But if you watched Judge K – – he did not want even Mark Fudge to be there to be questioned.

      • Doc, are you drinking AGAIN??? either that or you fell asleep at the start of his opening statement. Mark Judge gave his statement, “there was NO party as she described.” You are just as IGNORANT as the DemonRat senators that Kept asking the same questions over and over about a NON EXISTENT party. you too only hear what you want to hear and IGNORE the Truth.

        • Mark, even Dr. Ford said it was no party, it was a gathering of a few people, no music or anything else. Those senators kept asking questions because they did not want to allow a smart lawyer and judge to weasel out of the truth has he had done before. I watched the whole hearing, including the tirade by the Judge, who did not exhibit the calmness of an innocent man, but the lack of control over his emotions.

          • Were you at the ‘gathering’? No. You ‘cherry pick’ info.(Some your
            cherries, bruised). Too much ‘jellyfish’ brain supp’s.
            >You +, Too many Indignant ‘righteous’ Fools. & Fool NOT the
            Defenders of USA, meanwhile ‘living free’ ___

          • Dr. J.D., if you “watched the whole hearing” you either have a lowered ability to grasp information and store it in your brain or you may have just taken an impromptu nap, missing the testimony by Judge Kavanaugh, substantiated by an FBI report regarding his friend Mark Judge. Mr. Judge has Leukemia and is receiving aggressive treatment with little improvement. It would be ill-advised form him to travel or come into such a bacteria ridden setting, especially with all the slimy filth sitting in the Senate seats. However, when Mr. Judge spoke with the FBI he not only gave them a verbal statement denying Ford’s accusations but also, under penalty of felony, sign an affidavit of his statement of denial that any such incident as described by Ms. Ford ever occurred. Listening to how Judge Kavanaugh later spoke about his friend Mark, I perceived that the cancer is not responding to the treatment and Mr. Judge is looking death in the face. I do not believe any person would lie if that is true. It does strike me as odd that while you accuse Kavanaugh’s friend of being a liar because he cannot appear in person to testify, yet you DO swallow hook, line and sinker Ford’s accusations when not one of the 4-6 persons she named has ever substantiated her rendition of being at any parties like she described. I might suggest that you practice the Lincoln Philosophy that recommends “It is best to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    • Joe – Jeff Flake’s problem is he DOES NOT represent the voters in Arizona. If he did he would vote for confirmation. Flake was scheduled to be on the November ballot for reelection to the Senate, but retired when he learned that he could not win because of his past Senate voting record as a RINO.

      He should have been removed from the Judiciary Committee to keep this from happening, but wasn’t. When the Kavanaigh situation clears McConnell needs to remove him from the committee before he damages another worthy POTUS judicial pick.

    • better watch using the “I” word, or may open up a lot of ideas for that from the American people. Check your Civics 101, you cannot impeach Flake, the people of his state would have to recall him. And there is not enough time to do either. The one most likely to be facing the “I” word soon is not going to be Flake.

  19. Shame on the committee if they accept a one week delay to conduct a FBI investigation which will not reveal anything. A waste of time.

    • I predict, Albert, it will not be a waste of time, and while you hotheads just wanted to ram it through, it they find nothing, then you stand a much better chance of doing well in the mid-terms. However, I expect that will NOT be true, and they WILL find something. The key missing ingredient is Mark Judge, and he has been hiding from all of this – – was found once by a reporter. There is a reason Mark has been hiding out, and stories that needs to be told. There are at least 4 accusers now, and once the FBI looks into the stories and witnesses, I predict we will learn that Judge Kavanaugh has a drinking problem and that when he is drunk, he becomes a belligerent drunk.

      • You want the judge to be guilty of something. I suppose you think it’s impossible for commiecrats to lie. The judge should sue the hell out of Dr. Ford and anyone else spreading this bullshit. I damned sure would. The stupid bitch couldn’t get her lies straight. Not even knowing when or where this shit was supposed to have happened. God would I make that lying bitch pay!! One way or another.

        • You like that word “bitch” don’t you? You have a hard time controlling yourself and emotions, don’t you, Dan? No, I do not think it is impossible for either side to lie, and also both sides to have their radicals and low lifes. I also do not put it past a woman to launch a false allegation, although studies who over 90% of the time women do not do that. The alleged victim goes through hell – – and get’s cheap shots and character assassinated, just like you have done, Dan.

          • ToBSjd. Apparently you lack info re MarkJudge, 35+ yrs
            later re ‘health conditions’. A ‘sad’ day for Mark__
            fyi: fbi Is limited of ‘whom’ in ‘time frame’ investigation,
            & for 0bvious reasons/fact, of which you appear to NOT Be
            of Knowledge. You Really Need to Educate yourself.

      • According to the news – Mark Judge has/had a tough life with drinking, etc. It’s a shame he now has to appear in person to testify. Be strong Mark – we have your back.

    • The FBI will have to include a investigation of Dr. Ford’s past too. The Judge has gone through 6 polygraph testings in the past years and he’s passed every one of them. The FBI should test Dr. Ford in their local FBI Headquarters in whatever state she lives.

      • The only problem with this is that the FBI is corrupt too. I cannot believe that America believes Dr. Ford, she is lying through her teeth and so is Feinstein. I really feel terrible that the Kav and his family are subjected to all of this crap.

    • well the FBI already Investigated this BS claim and said there was NOTHING to investigate. The information was sent to the White House and the case was closed.

  20. Come on, stop the crap, you sound more like a bunch ot Democrats than people who are representative of supporter for right. It is over, no matter the purpose for her coming forward she has proven nothing and that’s the end of it.

  21. NOW, the dems and Flake want a one week delay to have the FBI check out the LIES. I say IF ms Ford will file a police report right NOW in the state where this attack was suppose to have taken place, the yes, do a FBI check, that way the police will be able to file charges on this woman for making a false police report.

    • Flake is gonna try to run for President, The only problem is he won’t even be able to win his own state.The reason he quit the Senate race is because he saw the polls between him and Kelli Ward. She had a good 15 point lead on the RINO. Flake is a POS.

  22. Have you notice that the Democrat Senators keep stressing on that one word “inspired” or “inspiration” throughout the first one hour of the day? I didn’t have the time to watch the whole show but it was interesting how the Democrats tried to hypnotize the audience with this word? Or was that their limited intelligence?

    I wish for another day of inquiry but it is done. Will the RINO senators vote for Kavanaugh? Flake … I don’t know him. Can’t trust this weasel.

  23. Done!! Vote and new Judge is on his way to the Supreme Court. Thank You, Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh. God Bless you and you family.

  24. Would really like to know what was in the envelope Sheila Jackson passed to Dr. Ford’s attorney that was accidentally caught on tv cameras. Is it a payment from DNC, the Democrat Party, or some billionaire ?? Or maybe just a thank you note for dragging a good man and his family through the mud.

  25. Lies were told by Ford. They should bring charges. That would serve as a lesson for future libturds whom want to trash people’s lives in the future. The left will try this crap again.

  26. How much more desperate can the Democrats be? Begging their ‘faithful’ to pay or they will loose it! Sending Liars here and there, willing to perjure themselves for $$ (Soros in the picture???$$$???) She must have been some ‘honey’ for 2 other guys to come forward now and say they had fun with her! She should be sued for perjury! Along with Pilosi for holding her back from coming forward until this time to smear a good man! How can some of my dear Friends believe in such a party of Liars…when President Trump is doing everything he said he would do! A hateful bunch of losers from the beginning when President Trump was voted in by hard working folks like me! Instead of cooperating to update our infrastructure, where bridges are falling down, they have spent every moment and mega $millions, and their Media dummies, to tear this man and everything he is trying to do, down! History will have an embarrassing account of these years for the Party put out of power by the Majority! That is, if the books will be written by honest people!

  27. Ford’s testimony had many discrepancies. I believe it was political. Why was the investigation delayed by Fienstien? Why did she not immediately go to the FBI? How much time was lost for investigation?

  28. I don’t doubt something horrible happened to the good Dr. when she was a young lady. What I refuse to believe is her 100% confidence it was Judge Kavanaugh who did the act.
    She only said this after 6 days of coaching from an attorney or 3. This is a travesty perpetrated by Democrats that we can not ignore. VOTE!

    • I don’t believe that anything happened to her. I think that she was a real party girl. As Trump said, why didn’t she involve her loving parents of this situation if it was so horrific to her. I will tell you why because it is all a lie to not get Kav nominated. I hope the Democrats rot in hell.

  29. THERE IS NO PROVE, AND I BELIEVE FORD IS DEALING WITH ALZHEIMER PROBLEMS!! Another DEMORATS SEWER CRAP WITCH HUNT … AND CORRUPTED TERRORIST TACTIC!! She was pictured with Soros on Sept. 25, 2018 … that was just two days ago!! Smells pretty FISHY???????!!! Wouldn’t you say???!!

    BREAKING: GOP Interview TWO Men Who Claim They Had The ‘Encounter’ With Christine Blasey Ford In 1982
    By K. Walker – September 27, 2018

    Is this a game changer? Perhaps. At the very least it sure does put a damper on the desperate Democrats.
    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh are testifying before the Senate and this news was leaked late last night.
    Seems very convenient, right?
    So, how true is it?
    Trending: Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s New DEMANDS Are Ridiculous – Here’s Her Latest

    Let’s take a look.

    The New York Post published the story at 1:05 am.
    On Monday, the timeline recounts GOP staff members interviewing “a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982.”
    The “encounter” refers to an episode in which Ford claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the bedroom at a Maryland house party.
    They had a follow-up interview with that man, and he provided more detail about the assault.
    Then on Wednesday, the committee staff said they spoke with a second man who said he assaulted Ford in 1982.

    Source: New York Post

  30. A HOAX GONE BAD, but I shouldn’t say that because I have a deep FEAR that someone might disagree and FLY off the handle. … Reporter Roberts said there were some “gaps” in her story. … GAPS? … You mean like big enough to fly a B-747 through at 37,000 feet? … A sham by shameless DEMS. … Will there ever be another man or woman willing to be nominated for SCOTUS?

  31. Yep! She is a lair. I wonder how much george soros paid her. Now that she is on record I hope that she is charged with perjury. I also hope that the Kavanaughs bring slander and libel charges against her and everyone that was involved in this smear campaign.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Would it be Soros money that the Black lady in Congress was handing to the Dr. Ford’s
      attorney?…right on TV for the whole world to see, she hands him an envelope he
      puts in his pocket. Must cost mega bucks to make up the stories those clowns did
      and lose the whole thing. It was said that the “investigator….questioner” was
      fired in the middle of the whole thing? Didn’t quite know what she was doing, I guess!

    • As usual, you don’t know that and are showing your stubborn bias and your dislike of females. Please outline what lies she told besides she does not like flying. She explained that in her testimony and clarified that, besides it does not relate to what happened in that room 36 years ago.

      I will indicate that Judge K lied when he continually downplayed how much he drank and what happened at times when he drank too much. He lied about being blacked out after the bus trip to the baseball (Red Sox?) game and he admitted he “had to piece things together.” And he lied about what happened at Yale and the dorm and now we will have time to question some of the other witnesses on case #2 and case #3.

      • The c–t lied about judge kavanaugh assaulting her ugly ass No I don’t dislike females. Just more liberal commie jibberish. Do you think it’s impossible that she was paid to lie? It’s all about President Trump. He beat the queen bitch and you libturds have had a hard on for him from day one. Then commiecrat puke bags on that commitee are sick bastards. God help any lying shitbags that screw up my life. Bill Clinton sexually assaulted women. Or were they lying?

          • Wow Dan T. 97% of my post to you was dropped.
            >Crucial info. Not repeating. But in short:
            This BS (behavioral scientist) jd IS In Same
            ‘league’ as Ford ‘accuser'( but on a diff level.)

          • ps. Dan T. this ‘don’t remember’ stuff IS Prime
            indication of ‘certain types’ of ‘mind control’
            Program.(including ‘types’ of drugs)
            A link is given above. Also, lookinto ‘wiki’
            re Ford’s background, including Father. V. 0bvious.
            G_DBLESSMonacan. Later.

          • Dan T. Glad you checked back & responded.
            > Heavy duty ‘stuff’ & way past Kav.
            >This woman was a ‘convenient select’
            for ‘program’. aka the ‘Manchurian Candidate’.
            ie. Tearing Down USA Justice System. ‘They Know’_
            POTUS ‘knows’. Lindsey Graham KNOWS. etc. But Cannot
            SAY ‘it’, in terms of what i have mentioned___
            Now You know & Anyone Else that
            has done their’homework’, Should Know___ This IS a
            ‘yikesmeister’. BSjd IS an indignant brainwashed
            ‘self-righteous’ fool, w/out Regard to protecting USA.

        • No, I don’t think it was impossible for Dr. Ford to be paid to lie, but I find it HIGHLY improbable. I know enough about academicians to know around how much she is paid at top-rated schools, plus her income from books she published. I also know she has put EVERYTHING she has earned by her distinguished career AT RISK by coming forward – – and how dumb this would be (and this is one of the smartest women in America) if she had not been armed with the truth.

          Do you think it is possible that you and many others here might be wrong and that she was sexually assaulted by a stumbling pair of drunks, Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge?

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