Donald Trump just announced his next big move

Everyone is wondering what Donald Trump will do next.

After Paul Ryan betrayed him on repealing Obamacare, pundits are trying to predict Trump’s next move.

Trump immediately announced is next agenda item and it was a bold policy that could change America’s course.



  1. We never had a say about the UN , get rid of it! Quit giving welfare benefits , and jobs to people that don’t belong here. Americans need jobs. Fixes this we wont need a wall . Let’s have are own medical insurance some people dont believe in our medical care where few evever get well.

  2. I have seen various comments about Ryan being Libertarian. I have been a registered Libertarian for many years, do not agree with the positions of many other Libertarians, but fail to see Ryan as holding other than big government, establishment ideas contrary to most Libertarian aspects. Ryan is an anchor/albatross around the necks of constitutional conservatives and should NEVER have been voted House leader. The term RINO or Neo-con fits him best. Trump would be wise to divest the party of such people as soon as possible in order to accomplish his stated goals.

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