Donald Trump just confessed something about Republicans that makes him angry

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign depends on supercharged turnout from the GOP base.

The President spent the last four years fulfilling his campaign promises to Republican voters.

But now Donald Trump just confessed something about Republicans that makes him angry.

At a campaign rally in Ohio, President Trump let it be known he was upset with Senate Republicans and the glacial pace of investigations into the Obama administration’s criminality in the 2016 election.

“Does anything happen? Nothing happens,” Trump told a packed crowd of supporters. “I’m so angry at Republicans. I am. I’m so angry.”

The President noted that James Comey and other Obama loyalists committed clear crimes such as misleading the FISA court in an application for a warrant to spy on former campaign aide Carter Page and needed to be held accountable.

“It’s treason. [James] Comey and all the sleaze bags, they spied on my campaign and we caught ’em,” Trump added. “Let’s now see what happens.”

But while Trump expressed frustration at the slow pace of the inquiries into the Russian collusion hoax and the Obama administration’s misdeed in the 2016 campaign, the President held out hope that the guilty would be held accountable.

“A lot of things are happening, you’re seeing. You’re reading the papers also: a lot of things are happening,” Trump continued.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson won approval for a batch of subpoenas to Obama officials and his committee is also expected to put out a report on Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

It’s taken Republicans years to get to this point.

By comparison Democrats took just weeks to rush an impeachment process through the House.

But while Republicans dragged their feet on investigating “Obamagate” and Hunter Biden’s corruption, there does appear to be an endgame in sight.

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