Donald Trump just destroyed NFL anthem kneelers in two tweets

The NFL preseason has kicked off.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell thought he could stop the national anthem protests from bleeding into 2018.

But more NFL players protested the anthem and President Trump called them out in this epic way.

The NFL instituted a new rule allowing players to stay in the locker room during the national anthem.

This was designed to keep national anthem protesters behind closed doors.

But that only made things worse.

Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson knelt behind their teammates on the field during the national anthem.

Other players including Los Angeles Rams’ Robert Quinn and Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins raised their right hands in a black power salute during the anthem.

Even more disrespectful, Eagles’ defensive end Michael Bennett – who has falsely accused police of racially profiling him (none of his arresting officers were white) – walked out of the tunnel during the national anthem and didn’t even bother to pause.

The NFL season hasn’t even truly started yet and players are already ramping up their protests.

So President Trump called them out on Twitter.

NFL anthem protesters are playing with fire. The heart of football season just so happens to be right around the time of the Midterm elections.

It was a winning issue for Trump last year and he could use it again to boost Republicans’ chances in the Midterms.

Do you think NFL players should stand for the anthem or face fines?

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