Donald Trump just destroyed NFL anthem kneelers in two tweets

The NFL preseason has kicked off.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell thought he could stop the national anthem protests from bleeding into 2018.

But more NFL players protested the anthem and President Trump called them out in this epic way.

The NFL instituted a new rule allowing players to stay in the locker room during the national anthem.

This was designed to keep national anthem protesters behind closed doors.

But that only made things worse.

Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson knelt behind their teammates on the field during the national anthem.

Other players including Los Angeles Rams’ Robert Quinn and Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins raised their right hands in a black power salute during the anthem.

Even more disrespectful, Eagles’ defensive end Michael Bennett – who has falsely accused police of racially profiling him (none of his arresting officers were white) – walked out of the tunnel during the national anthem and didn’t even bother to pause.

The NFL season hasn’t even truly started yet and players are already ramping up their protests.

So President Trump called them out on Twitter.

NFL anthem protesters are playing with fire. The heart of football season just so happens to be right around the time of the Midterm elections.

It was a winning issue for Trump last year and he could use it again to boost Republicans’ chances in the Midterms.

Do you think NFL players should stand for the anthem or face fines?

Sound off in the comments section below!



  1. Thank you Mr. President. The damn players should be fined or fired immediately if they do not stand for our National Anthem. I am so glad that I do not and will not ever watch another NFL game. When the owners see that they are loosing money then they might do something more positive.

    • Scott Hamilton, Thank you very much. There are millions of American patriots who feel exactly as you and I do, with an untold number joining our sentiments on a daily basis. It is infuriating that the most privileged people in America show our nation’s values and traditions less respect than the underprivileged. That is hard to comprehend and understand for millions upon millions of citizens.

  2. i do !! bunch of worthless cowards ! take a knee again this year ! i will never ever watch another NFL game again as long ass i live ! the players will probably have me killed for this ! but to all you NFL players out their ” KISS MY ASS “

    • God luv ya sister!! Who gives a monkey’s ass what these knuckle draggers do?? Look at the source!!They STILL can’t spell cat if you spot them the “c” and the “t”!! Probably sign their check with an “X” !!!

    • I cannot believe they are at it again with this form of disrespect. Some of their mothers and grandmothers would turn over in their graves if they knew they were using the color of their skin and paperdoll money (money used to prove I am somebody) to protest against sound reason. Would this be tried in Saudi Arabia?Iran? Pakistan? NO! This is not what most came from Africa OR WHEREEVER to do!

  3. I have completely stopped all NFL on my part. I do not watch or contribute in any fashion with football. Radio or TV. It is not hard to do it. Support the local kids. They will love you for it. To hell with these over-paid buttholes. Don’t buy anything that would support them. Shut the NFL down, period!

  4. The NFF is a corrupt organization and the players feel entitled to behave badly. We gave up the NFL before last season and we will continue until they feel the finacial support going away. We gave up the NBA because they support the behavior of the NFL.

    • The players should not be fined, they should be FIRED. PERIOD. They are a bunch of scum bags who don’t know a good thing when they got it. We don’t give a shit about their bruised egos. We want to watch football, not a bunch of dumb asses protesting how bad they got it in life. lololololo They are fuc….. morons. PERIOD

    • NFL players are like politicians prima Donna I do not care for sports used to be very good sports with rules now with new rules to see how you can hurt someone and be a crybaby they have not did to be proud of America I defended this country(my country)for 30 years and proud of it. M
      The me generation and entitled generation sucks no pride in any thing cry babies

  5. The players who kneel for the Anthem and ignore the flag are shooting themselves in the foot and ruining the game of football. No one knows what they are protesting but it comes off as spitting on the flag and disrespecting everything this country stands for. If they don’t like the United States they should leave and play in another country. Maybe they would see just how fortunate they are to live and work here.

  6. Yes, they should sit on the sidelines for several games and be fined, a hefty fine. The fine should go to our Vets! My husband already said he’s not watching ANY football this season! Spoiled asses that no anything about oppression! They get away with domestic abuse, driving drunk and dog fighting just because they play a game!

  7. 99% of American citizens are NOT permitted to “demonstrate” on Company Time (NFL here). WHY should football players be allowed to Intrude on People who PAY good money to see a Football Game? I will NOT be attending any NFL games, nor will I be watching them on TV.

    • Most dogs don’t bite the hand that feeds them and one should realize, we, the fans are the ones paying them to perform for us. I, for one though, have quit contributing to them.

        • Still doesn’t negate what Mike just said.You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I think America is getting tired of football divas. This whole thing is about people in the process of a commission of a crime getting themselves killed. The original law on the books stat that if you get yourself killed in the commission of a crime then it’s Your fault. If anyone else gets killed as a result of you being in the commission of a crime then it’s Your fault. The Bible says “if you live by the sword, You die by the sword.”

    • I quit what little football I watched shortly after this started. Those who kneel insult:
      1 Lowly Paid people of ALL races
      2 Veterans
      3 Patriots
      4 Logic
      5 People in countries that are not free
      6 Fans
      7 Actors (these guys are NOT convincing)
      8 etc…especially etc (planet Earth)

    • NFL 70% black making millions of dollars a year. Fans 70% white with the expensive seats. They play we pay and they still have nerve to disrespect this country. Honestly college football is better where young men are playing their hearts out and colleges will stop anything bringing them down. I say never buy anything from NFL until they honor USA. Although I would rather hear 1 nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all

      • FIRE them or FINE them heavily!!! They will understand $$$$, because it’s obvious they are ALL brawn and NO brains!!!

  8. Here’s to all the players who have no respect for Country they are a citizen of.
    The best thing you if you don’t love it leave it and good riddence.

  9. ANY player who will not or does not stand and show respect for our National Anthem should be removed from the team and fired immediately. No second chance. The amount of money they are paid is totally insane. I for one will never watch or attend another NFL game.


    • Any person that does not stand and show respect for the military by dodging the draft repeatedly should be fired immediately. The amount of money they have is totally insane. I will never watch another Presidential speech again.

      • Mike, unsure of your comment. Trump did not dodge the draft. He drew a very high draft number, they are called in numerical order. He had legal, college deferrment. He had a bone spur, as one recently diagnosed with a bone spur, one cannot walk normally, much less march, run, jump or do other military exercises with such. Have you read how Bill Clinton avoided serving? He is a real draft dodger and military protester! Among BHO’s fraudent papers is also his Selective Service Registration, different from all others examined, his has a 2 digit year instead of 4 and in the 08, the. Is upside down! Trump is the age of my bro-in-law, he was in college ROTC, went in as a Lt.after graduating. Was near end of Vietnam era, he was discharged at 6 months, as military had too many low ranking officer’s. So, be fair. Compare apples to apples, and same variety!

    • Make them trade uniforms to Army green and let them fight for their lives. Maybe, just maybe those morons will figure out just what that flag means to the true AMERICANS.

    • If enough folks stop going to the games like they say… won’t be long before even Goodell won’t have a paycheck. He is a coward just like the players and coaches that are behind this disgusting jesture. They all need to be fired.

  10. Most of these filthy cowards wouldn’t be making a dime if they couldn’t bounce or kick a ball. They are punks that are way overpaid and should be made to stand proudly or you are out, no questions about it anymore. They should be honored to have the job they do, but all they do is protest and spend millions on women, cars and drugs which will eventually kill their stupid pea brains anyway. Roger Goodell hasn’t got the balls to stand up to these filthy punk cowards who haven’t got the balls or guts to do what we did in going to war.

  11. This is my country if you don’t stand with your hand over your heart for the anthem then get the hell out of my country. You don’t respect it so just get out you don’t belong here. I will never watch another football game as long as I live. I have better things to do .

      These idiots are definitely “ stuck on stupid “ I won’t be watching the sport I use to love for the second season in a row. But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. I HOPE THE NFL’s RATING Tank and the fans who still decide to go to the game have their own protest. EMPTY STADIUMS WOULD CURE THIS PROBLEM VERY QUICKLY
      Now if the NFL commissioner whould have done his job back when
      C CRAPPERNIK pulled his I HATE AMERICA MOVE by kicking his ass out of football for a little while we probably wouldn’t have this problem now. He was too concerned about his new contract

    • I saw where many of the protesting players said they didn’t believe that their protest during the National Anthem had anything to do with attendance being down or fewer viewers on TV. Really?? They just don’t get it. I have 10 friends that will no longer watch any NFL games as long as these players protest during the National Anthem. I didn’t watch any NFL games at all last year. And as long as they continue to protest during the National Anthem I’ll never watch another. And guess what you ungrateful millionaires, there are millions of ex-football fans that feel the same way.

    • We don’t have to use spike stripes just stop watching games on tv or in stadiums, don’t buy merchandise,don’t go to any function that the team’s have and don’t talk to these players. If we do all that their pocketbooks would be hurt. The owners will get our message and then will need to fire these ungrateful millionaires.

      • Best way to hurt there pocket book is no white people come take a look at the people attending the game see who supports it nearly 90 percent white no pun intended

  12. A bunch of ungrateful concussed self-absorbed ignoramusses who respect NOT their workplace, the paying fans, AND our revered National Anthem! These egocenTRICKS should put their $millions$ where their mouths are and DO SOMETHING constructive IN THE COMMUNITIES! EDUCATE AND COMMUNICATE WITH HONOR…and STOP WITH THE PONTIFICATING AND DEFECATING!

  13. I am not a sports fan. Never have been, never will be. But I saw the opening of a game on TV last year where most of the players did not stand saluting the Flag or the Anthem being sung. When the commentator reported what was going on, I got livid. I couldn’t understand how any American couldn’t salute our Flag and hear the National Anthem sung. And these guys who were protesting are paid big money to entertain many people by fighting over a piece of pig skin. I’m still livid and believe that each player that protests should be fined $1,000,000,000.00 for each offense. Maybe that will get their attention or they will quit because they can’t afford a send fine. We, as Americans, don’t want them entertaining us anyway. They’re the same as our enemies.

  14. I come in peace. I bring no artillery ,but I’m pleading with you tears in my eyes…i will kill you all.
    Gen mad dog mattis

  15. I say don’t play the national anthem at any sports event, this way those affirmative actions disrespectful, ungrateful, entitlement sports players and their supporters along with the ticket buyers for the game won’t have a chance to disrespect America, the flag, and our national anthem…

    • Then the players win. They don’t know what’s going on until it hurts their pocketbooks. I can understand this outrage. Love of country should overcome anything. Remember what Coling really said.

    • Why give into a bunch overpaid, jackasses. Just stop watching the games on TV, stop supporting the sponsors. If the players decide they want to play everyone of them needs to be on the field with their hand on their heart.

  16. I think a fine,$100,000.00 dollars is ok ,then the second time ,$2,000,000.00 dollars and let them do it the third time and FIRE them and blackball them from ever playing again, anywhere.

  17. Yes they should be fined a lot or suspended for the season. They need to know it is not a good thing to do. They make a lot of money and then turn around and deface the military. What is wrong with you guys that you can’t see your totally WRONG in this. Wake UP

    • Personally, I think that when they kneel, they should be taken out of the game then & there, & put into the Army, which would give them a first hand look at what they have been disrespecting. Then after their tour of duty, if they still feel the same, let them go live in another country..just saying

      • This Disabled Vietnam Veteran agrees with you & has been saying that for some time. I would love to be the DI (Drill Instructor) for those dudes. I would let them know how the training for us during Vietnam timeframe. There was NO time out, it was in your face 24hrs a day & 7 days a week. Then it was the same in Vietnam except the enemy is shooting rockets, mortars & small arms fire. God Bless America, obviously the NFL has soured my opinion of them. They are privilege & don’t even know it.

    • These players do not have any idea of what they should be doing. A bunch of millionaires for PLAYING A GAME and they want to slander America. Each and everyone of them need to be fired, right now. Cancel all their contracts and make them pay a huge fine.

    • Annette, I’m not picking on you. I agree with you, but please learn how to use punctuation. It’s (you are,OR, you’re) in the bottom line of your reply.

    • If the owners had any backbone they would say I have no problem with you demonstrating but you will not do it in my stadium or on my time.

    • He tried to be an owner and other owners blackballed him because they didn’t want him. Trump dodged the Vietnam War because of “bone spurs” (5 times), mocked veteran John MCain for being captured and tortured in Vietnam, critized a Gold Star Family of a slain U.S. soldier, saluted a North Korean general and committed conspiracy with Russia to win the election. I’m sick and tired of this traitor lecturing NFL players on patriotism.

        • Dan the man T., What is that Diane the troll, turd, doing in here among real American patriots. It said earlier it was too racist here and it had better things to do with its Saturday than fool with us. That wishy washy dingbat racist but, we already knew not to believe a word it said. Pot calling the kettle black, again Diane!!

        • Interesting that you ignorant racists only attack the messenger but NOT the message. Says a lot about each of you and shows how you blindly follow this incompetent traitor no matter what the subject is. You can’t argue the facts. He did everything I outlined and I’m sick of his race baiting (for his ignorant base) lecturing NFL players on patriotism.

          • Diane you need to quit blogging with us Godly patraiots. You are too stupid for decent people to read your commie crap.

          • Larry – Then don’t read it! Last time I looked, this is a free country (for now). Don’t like my posts (because they expose you to the truth) then don’t read them. What makes you idiots “us Godly patriots” (notice how to actually spell the word patriot). Trump certainly isn’t a “Godly patriot” now is he? You can’t argue the truth I posted about this incompetent traitor , so you attack the messenger.

      • Diane you should get your fact straight McCain is not a hero. Yes he was captured but he became “songbird John” you know why at any vet that was captured along with Songbird. When he was ready to be released he know he would be charged with treason so he stayed where he was given better treatment then other prisoners. When Nixon pardon all military that had committed treason that’s when Songbird came home and used his POW for his political ambitions. Do some research POOP Head Diane>

          • Larry – I don’t give a damn what you “insist”. Last time I looked, I don’t answer to you or any of these idiots on the website. Talk about sick? Blindly following an incompetent traitor is sick.

          • Larry Kuhn, You have witnessed the birth of a beast when you first notice Diane and its dastardly blogs. This nasty thing is awful and may not be human at all, rather a demon from hades. Diane accuses everyone of being a racist but it is the worst racist of all, against all except blacks. I say it may be a demon because you cannot reason with it and I am sure you have noticed its hatred for President Trump knows no bounds. I will not address it directly anymore but through decent reasonable people. This is the most vile evil creature I have seen on any website, so she wins that booby prize. Diane says awful insulting demeaning things to people so consider the source and pay no attention. IT is not important to anyone or anything. When I make Diane mad and it rants and raves I just laugh and laugh because I have won a victory. That is the only way to deal with it because there is no way to reason with it since she hates Republicans one and all beginning the DJT. Pitiful useless creature.

        • Dora – Maybe I need to state it more simply for you. I understand because you’re not too bright! Rosa Parks wasn’t protesting the bus. Gandhi wasn’t protesting the food. NFL players aren’t protesting the anthem, the flag or the country. Maybe when you come to grips that 45 shouldn’t be lecturing anybody about patriotism because he and his campaign conspired with a foreign adversary to win an election and that’s a crime, then maybe we’ll talk some more.

          • Diane, your conspiracy mind has poisoned your brain! If you had any intelligence and honesty left in your head you would admit that the Russian collusion was between the Clinton campaign, FBI, and Obama DOJ.
            Amazing how you never see or hear these professional athletes protest about young blacks killing and shooting each other in Chicago. To me that is the real tragedy where black lives don’t matter to black athletes or other blacks including Obama.
            Suspend the bums without pay and they will stop, or goodbye NFL.

          • Diane, what about Oblamer. Was NOT born in the us, never seved in any military, put black people back on the plantation, sold us out to the enemies of our country, starved the school kids, made health care unaffordable, never brought in jobs, caged children, separated families, allowed illegles to be his TOP priority, tucked his tail and run at any threat from our foreign enemies. And don’t get me started about his HUSBAND, Michael. His whole life has been nothing but a lie and the only people that really miss that SOB is the Hollywood actors because they miss their Whitehouse parties every weekend (at the tax payers expense). Eight years of going backwards and nothing to show any profit (except in his own pocket). He done absolutely nothing. Are you just mad because our first black president was such a failure? And, by the way, the Russian collusion started way before Trump even started running for president.

  18. I support their right to protest, but the last poll of what the protests are all about, gave a variety of answers from the players, who don’t seem to have an idea why they are protesting. Therefore, let’s protest the NFL and not watch these individuals, at all! America is the land I love and those who don’t love it ought to consider relocating elsewhere. We have the right not to watch them.

    • I agree 100 % if they kneel , I will do what I did last year with everyone I know , not watch and these Millionaires should no be subsidized.

    • These athletes don’t work for the NFL, they work for a team who can impost whatever restrictions they wish on them. The team says stand and the NFL says stand — then they should be fined HEAVILY or fired for not standing. People like me will refuse to watch on tv or go to games and watch the income of the teams and NFL drop.

    • Diane go blog with the left wing blogs. You aren’t convincing anyone. Why waste your time? I’ll bet you have voted for some republicans. You dirty traitor. Let Trump be the truth and you leftist fools liars. Does your mother know how you think?

        • Larry – Why would my race matter? But, no, a**hole, I’m not black! But you just gave ignorant M and stupid Dan another thing to call me. So far, I’m queer, posting under multiple names, a communist and who knows what else? Makes me laugh that they are so easily led by their noses. Guess that’s why their Trump supporters! Hahahahaha

          • They probably hate the smell your side puts off. You’re not black? Ok. Probably a wannabe. Ever been intimate with a black guy? My niece is married to one. And my nephew is gay. I love them both.

    • M I think Diane has met its match. (Or better). No come backs. Larry did good. Ordered it to shut up. Wish I had thought of that.

      • Dan T., You and I have learned something from Larry to use on the next paid troll and you know there will be more coming down the pike. 🙂 🙂 🙂 He guessed one thing I had decided but had not put in here, Diane is a black racist.

        • Sounds like it M. My only problem is the attitude Not the color. By the way, did you check the republican governor nominee in Michigan? A black Reagan. There’s some out there. The ones that keep away from the radical left.

          • Dan T., I saw the black guy who is GOP candidate in MI on TV today. He and his family moved to Michigan from Mississippi years ago. Also, years ago nobody would have thought it possible for a black from MS to be running for Governor of MI. “Times they are a changing.” I wish him well and he seems very knowledgeable and capable.

          • Dan T., Who cares if Diane doesn’t like you, Larry K. likes you and you already know zee and I like you. I really don’t care that Diane is black. I like blacks and
            have some black friends who are probably liberals AND they don’t attack DJT. Their lives are getting better every day just like whites lives are better with
            DJT agenda progress. Yes, I like blacks, I just don’t like the racist black beast Diane, the demon from hades who hates all Republicans, especially President Trump.

          • Dan – You’re finally right out something. And M I told you this before…….I don’t hate Trump……I despise him. See? You’re so easily led by your nose that now I’m black. Would that be a black female or a black male? I can see why you were sucked in by the snake oil salesman and con man Trump. You’re just plain stupid.

          • Dan T., Ooooooweeee! The beast is really raging and howling at the moon tonight. It asked if it is a black male or black female, Dan T. what do you think? I used to think it was a male but now I am thinking it is female because I never saw a male as hysterical as it is! Are you as bored with the word “stupid” as I am? It is Diane’s favorite pet name for me. 🙂

    • Yes, use your football money to buy things that you want (not need) or travel, or donate to charity-children veterans, seniors, homeless and the needy (not illegals), CANCEL NFL GAMES. THE KNEELER PLAYERS ARE ROTTEN PEOPLE WHO BECAUSE OF AMERICA THEY MAKE MILLIONS, NOW THEY DISRESPECTING THE COUNTRY THAT FEEDS THEM. Congress should make laws about respecting AMERICA. PENALIZE THEM.

    • M ive worked with great black guys whom were liberal. Not the sharpton / Jackson type. I helped train them in hvac. They were good workers. One did tell me cops should be required to leave their weapon in their car when pulling over people of color. I just said” that’s interesting” and left that one alone. We discussed things , and a couple of them said sharpton and Jesse Jackson were idiots. One even turned on obama. Go figure. Don’t care what Diane thinks.

    • Prove I’m stupid Diane. Because I am not led blindly by commie bullshit? I really don’t care what color you are. All you liberals are nuts.

  19. So glad we finally have a Pres. who will take time out of his busy vacation (180+ days spent at one of his properties since inaugurated) to keep racism alive in this country. I would think Putin has more important tasks for him.

    • Bender, Nobody cares, except liberals, how many days he spends at his properties as long as he is working. There are all the pictures, video, and news print anyone could ask for to prove he is working while at his properties and it would take a complete fool for anyone not to expect him to play a little golf also. I am glad he does, he needs a little down time just like everybody else! All the time DJT is at his own properties he is saving the country money. Remember all the long vacations the Obamas spent all over the world and the room and board, food, etc. was not free. All the time DJT is at his own properties he is saving the country money compared to BHO. You, friend, are a liar as well as a racist.

      • M, I would agree and that should have been the position taken when Obama went on vacation. But it wasn’t. These pages were full of invective about that. The only “work” Don seems to do is crazy text messages and watching FOX entertainment.
        Another point, Don is charging the country every time he and his entourage go to his properties. That has been the emoluments issue. His costs are the highest for any President ever! Not just travel costs but security costs too. But the reality is that the costs for any President’s trips are really just a pittance. Several millions. Anyone, including Don, who wants that job deserves a heck of a lot more than they get.

        • Mike, I researched the charge you made about DJT costs being higher than any President’s ever. That has been charged but, after I found the first three organizations who said that statement is unsubstantiated I stopped. Remember Mike you can’t believe everything you read online. By the way, POTUS twittering is a way he stays connected to the base and they love it. I don’t tweet but I see his tweets published and don’t agree with all of them but, some of them are pretty good and I am sure sting you liberals pretty good. I hope he spends what he needs to for his and his family’s security so some liberal crazy can’t get to him.

    • So nice to have morons like you Blender to accuse a President Trump,who has done more for America to get it back on its feet in his first year of office than All of the past administrations since Reagan, of Obama’s signature trait…ie…vacations! Go peddle your paddle somewhere else.

    • Bender, what a ridiculous comment, throwing out a statistic about days on vacation. The President has shown great mental and physical energy working flat out for America every day since he took office. It’s your right not to like him but it’s gross ignorance to try and spread fake details about his workload. Mr. Trump will certainly be remembered as one of the great Presidents unlike his predecessor.

    • Bender he’s getting something done. Look at the jobs report. He doesn’t have to have his ass parked in the Oval Office to get results. Barrack odumbass couldn’t do it.

  20. Go FIFA World Cup, Athletes So RESPECTFUL towards their countries. Look what we have in the GREAT USA , a man that kneels has followers to disgrace all that has been achieved over the years. All it did was cause more decisiveness, then you have the follower LeBron James trying to cover for him, How miss guided is that. The DAAAA leading the DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. How special. At least he puts his money into education so the next generation can get it RIGHT. JUST MAYBE.

    • Just because he puts money for his school the disrespect of Lebron and curry to our flag by supporting these idiots overshadow his school

  21. I love football!! I hate to have to use other entertainment on TV; however, I will follow my daughter’s example and turn off any football game in which there are kneelers. If this continues, I will abandon football altoether. If LOTS of us do that and not attend any games where any kneelers have been, they will get the message. We couldn’t do that in any other workplace!

  22. By doing the Right thing,Cooperate with the Officer, Officers have more to lose then an individual being temporarily detained and possibly receiving a citation. After all there was probable cause for the detainment. It is indeed SAD times in my beloved country when folk disrespect our one True Emblem of Respect and Allegiance to humans and our Creator. Foolishness has it’s consequences. ONLY IN A FREE COUNTRY IS A MAN ENABLED TO EXPRESS HIS OPINION,AND A MAN IS ENABLED NOT TO LISTEN. Stay United fellow humans and pray for our Creator’s Mercy.
    Thanks to all Vets and Patriots, your Brother in Arms.

    1st Cav. USA

    • As far as I’m concerned,when these spoiled babies knell they are pissing on the graves of men and women who gave their all,they are spitting in the face of all current vets, and giving the finger to all who are now serving. Send every team to Syeria, that’s where they belong.

    • I think these cheap punk babies should be fired but the owners of these football teams are nothing more than a coward an won’t stand up against these players because they will loose money and that is all they care about they are such cowards that they won’t look for replacement and i’m Sure you’d find out that these replacements are willing to stand for the great AMERICAN ANTHEM which stands for how so many people died to give you the right to play football and I do think that a lot of these replacemen would’ve as good or better than the individual players.


      • I agree they have ruined the game I use to love watching I am loosing my patience with these candybutts and evenat the college level now will not bewatching Pro or Collegate sports anylonget.

  23. All of our Constitutional rights are important, the 1st one is no different – “Free Speech”. Thing is, these players have decided to do it at their workplace. Does anyone else see the irony here?
    These players/workers are allowed to play a game, earn MEGA BUCKS for playing that game & be disrespectful enough to theflag& totgeir fans to kneel at the very flag that allowed these fools to earn their mega bucks in a Country that sacrificed lives in order to assure their rights.
    I suspect law enforcement is there to protect players, at least in large part. I don’t think they’re there as much for the general public, we sure don’t see the presence of so many police at the kids ball fields, right. I suggest we simply stop providing law enforcement & the protections that provide to coaches & players. That might be an interesting twist, after all, the low-life kneelers are in part protesting police brutality. Kapernick (sp?)wore socks to a game bashing the police when he still had a job.
    I do not know who kneeled at PRE-season games,WE STOPPED WATCHING THE VERY 1st YEAR THIS BEGAN. We’re done with the NFL. Would not matter if everyone of them were forced to stand, the fact this was ever allowed to start was enough for us to BE DONE WITH THEM & THEIR ADVERTISERS!

    • I could not agree with you more! The NFL has put out a policy already, obviously, with the approval of the owners committee. However, Commissioner Goodell would not enforce it. No backbone or balls. The policy is a management decision and has nothing to do with the NFLPA. Enforce the policy or go bust!

    • GREAT REPLY and right to the point. Who in the hell do these men think they are? Here they are making a huge buck while others are losing their life protecting their freedoms in this country. I don’t give a rats ass what your political choice is, it is bottom line disrespectful and unthinkable. These men are what I consider DEPLORABLE.


  24. NFL PLAYERS need to be PATRIOTIC AND OBEY THE RULES or else find another job like Colin Kaepernick is trying to do! Stop being LOSERS and play the game to earn your overpaid salaries! POTUS IS RIGHT AGAIN!

  25. Screw the NFL=NO FANS LEFT!!!

  26. I support John James the U S Senator for Michigan. instead any sports “figure”, they are just a “figure” nothing more. John James not Lebron James. Sports is god in America, Sad.


  28. Well here we go again, I have been a Green Bay Packer fan ever since the Vince Lombardy days. I also spent 7 and a half years in the Navy. I still get goose bumps every time the national anthem is played. My age is 77 now, and i served my country so these butt holes can obtain the salaries and star recognition they get. I will be dammed if I will watch NFL again. This a slam in the face to me and I take it very personally. All the ones that kneel and hold a fist up in protest need to be fired and give up there pay. Just like in the military, you screw up and get demoted with a loss of pay. So to all you NFL players, get smart and do the right thing.

    • I agree with you 100%. I too served our country for 30 plus years. At 74, I think the NFL is like a bunch of traitors to our country, as I gave my fair share so they can send the wrong message to our people. Screw the NFL. Don’t buy tickets and they will soon feel our rath.

  29. These millionaire crybabies can go to HELL. I believe in the right to protest but not the way these OVERPAID idiots are doing it. Lets make it simple, you have the right to protest because of the MILITARY and the LAW enforcement personnel. You are able to make outrageous salaries for playing a game but you show your contempt for a COUNTRY that gives you that opportunity. If you do not like this country GO to another country and see just how you can do. No one is forcing you to stay and play a game, it is your choice. Feel free to go anytime then you do not have to protest our COUNTRY, you are free to do as you want. PLEASE LEAVE AND GO MAKE YOUR MILLIONS SOME WHERE ELSE, IF YOU CAN. See if other countries will put up with your crybaby bullshit!

  30. I didn’t see any of these spoiled brats ‘protesting’ anywhere during the off season. Its not important enough to do on their own time then it must not be important.

    • Then they would not get the notoriety and exposure they crave. the Team supplies the elevated platform for them, nowing full well that the management secretly supports their stand. If we want to do anything about this, need to stop watching, attending, & buying their branded stuff. The message wil get to them sooner or later.

  31. I don’t understand why would these guys would even jeopardize their jobs. I’ve worked a job since I was 16 years old and learned over time that the customers are the reason I get paid. I would never let my personal views interfere with my job. There’s a saying I grew up to…”Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You”. Theres a time and place for these guys to express their personal views and at their jobs is not one of them. Don’t they see that by doing this, its hurting their business? The same business that’s feeding them and their families.

    • Unlike the elections that the Progressives can, and do rig, there is a method of castigating them, and that is by NOT supporting the financially in any way.

  32. I don’t think the uneducated, gimmee, gimmee players should be fined. They should be benched, traded, or fired. I feel sorry for them in a way because they were probably raised, and indoctronated instead of being educated to feel this way. I expect a percent of them don’t even know what they are protesting. They may be protesting because someone else is, or they were told that was the thing to do.

  33. Dear Fellow Americans, I have read your comments, all well spoken. I will say, ALL LIVES MATTER…and this disrespect continuing to be made against our American Flag is truly only showing disrespect for our POTUS, plain and simple. We cannot all agree on who is politically correct (thus Democrats and Republicans) but we can agree that the NFL is no venue for expressing the lack of respect for our POTUS. These grossly overpaid football players who continue to show uneducated stances should be highly fined AND removed from the field of our beloved football games. One last comment, and that is we Americans seem to have forgotten the lives of this country’s NATIVE AMERICANS…they are the peoples truly abused to this day. Nuff Said

  34. These millionaire spoiled brats will never take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. The only way they will take notice is to lose their undeserved paycheck.

  35. The Media Is Guilty Of This Demonstration At The Football Field. Why don’t they Say It out Loud And Clear. This Is a BLACK Thing. Period. These Overpaid Blacks Are Doing This B/S To Show There Anger At The Election Of Donald J Trump President Of the United States. They Are Hateful People’! Period.

  36. well to me it doesn’t matter who was in office when it started just tired of the bs of everything is the democrats fault or clinton’s fault or obama’s fault, this is all our faults when we all decided that its not our problem so stay out and let somebody else deal with it and look at where we are now and i include myself in this by not doing whats right for the country. just like i don’t agree with trump saying either the democrats give into his demands because where anyone wants the truth in my book what he is trying to do is a terroristic threat by saying they either given in or he will shut down the government. just like he doesn’t discriminate against people that’s why he tells a democrat governor that he lied to america about the admiral. well how do you know he wasn’t asking a question, but the point is he demanded his resignation it, while knowing he has been lying since day 1. the point is we all made our bed and have to live with it

  37. They should be fined large, when the only reason they play is for the bucks. But if the fans in the stands were vacant and ticket sales went away the owners and the coaches would see the error of there ways in treating the them like babies. They treat the game as if there is not another sport that could replace football. Surprise there is and will always be some other sport so the advertisers can recoup there money. Do we really want another season of watching the utter disrespect for us and our children as last season. Also let see if the NFL channel will go away.

  38. I have no problem with the players cause but I don’t want to see the Anthem turned into a means for everyone that thinks they have been wronged to use the Anthem as a means to right it. That is not what the Anthem is for. If you have a cause you would like to get out to the public there are plenty of ways that could be done. Why make so many people mad and not even want to hear about it and likely be against it because of your actions. The owners and the commissioner need to realize who are paying the bills. If this keeps going they could end up paying all the bills by themselves after they lose their fan base. If that happens it will be very hard for them to get it back. Myself I have quit watching football entirely and encourage everyone I can to do the same. That is the only way to put an end to it. Seeing as the powers that be do not have the backbone to do it themselves.

  39. Time to bring Affirmative Action to the NFL! Every race BUT black is sadly under-represented, it’s time we do something about it. What could be better than the NFL? How about the VFL- VETERAN-ONLY football players! There would be NO KNEELERS for sure.

    • Thank you Alice, Affirmative Action in the NFL
      will benefit all Races. The Blacks assume they
      are Entitled to receive positions in the NFL, regardless of their Abilities, in other Words, their
      Black Team Mates will Aid & Abet their Bros.
      No Way, if Affirmative Action is required in every
      aspect of Jobs to be granted, Then, the NFL should
      begin immediately. Dare I even ask why isn’t Meritocracy used? Everyone would Really benefit from
      that, if Players were actually selected by their own
      Prowess in a Sport, not just their Race!

  40. those are the lucky blacks…millions of their Bros and Sisters were ABORTED
    by their Mamas
    protest that you unappreciated THUGS


    • For me a poor deplorable that watches football on tv, as much as I love football, I will not be watching this season. GOD Bless America, GOD Bless Trump and Melania, and Go USA.

  42. When I go to work, no matter what is outstanding of a problem in my life, I leave it at home and work! That is what makes me a MAN! I can handle everything else on its own time. All these protesting football players are showing how childish they are should therefore not be allowed to play – period. I would rather loose every game as a MAN then be looked at as a cry baby!

    • The entire situation is BLACK, because the entire F>>>>>ing world has gone absolutely crazy, thinking the blacks has been mistreated. They bring on their own shit by disrespecting everybody & everything. It’s all about catering to them at all times.

      The only people who have been brutally abused are the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS & you don’t see them being total asshole fools. Stop validating everything the blacks do & this shit will stop immediately. It’s disgusting that their inhuman behavior is always validated because of FEAR. When we stop FEARING them, this will stop instantly. They are going to keep up this crap, until, one day the tide will turn & there will be a very, violent revolution. That is the only way this will stop. I wonder what would happen if during their riots, destruction, burning of buildings, killings that the machine guns come in & started firing. All their asses would never be seen again. They would then act like normal human beings, honoring the laws of our land. When anything or anyone is validated in all their behavior, their violence will continue. Bring out the machine guns & there will never be a problem in the future. This goes for all races if they behave in this manner.

  43. I would think Cadet bone spurs would have better things to do than try divide the country by race. But that’s how he gets white supremacist vote. Anything to distract from the fact he’s a Russian puppet. Why not seems to work on the hillbillies that support hom

    • You are so disgusting. NFL players could have had a rally for their protest before preseason.
      They should lose pay the first time, second time terminate contract and fire them.

    • Typical of the left. I want it now and you have to give it to me. Freedom comes with responsibilities and these millionaire morons do not want any responsibilities. When their paychecks go down they can take the consequences for their actions.

    • Typical of the leftist ideas. I want it now so give it to me. With rights come responsibility and not one of these spoiled brat millionaires is going to like the consequences of their actions. And you sir are a fool who has nothing intelligent to say, just name calling like a 3 year old.

    • Disgusting moron you are! We know who you are talking about, did you serve like my first husband did twice in Nam?My late second husband couldn’t be accepted in the Marines because he had an extra bone in his foot and his blood pressure was a little too high. He wanted to go into the Marines so badly and had his life planned around it and they wouldn’t take him. He was absolutely crushed!! It has changed the entire trajectory of his life and he grew up in a lower middle class home.

    • Bender….I totally agree. Lying Don the Con is the result of backlash against a black president. He is certainly Russian backed, even Putin admitted that, while Lying Don tries to say Putin wanted Hillary. Lying Don the Con has to distract from the truth which is going to put him out of office, if not in jail……the NFL seems to get his followers riled up pretty good. All of those who say you’re not watching anymore….GOOD! Stop bitching and go to church instead on Sundays, maybe some civility will result. PEOPLE! Stop hating and start finding a way to appreciate and LOVE each other. Russia has been interfering and influencing everyone via social media, not to mention Lying Don’s denial and his divisive words. You can chose to pick pride in the USA and work toward a common goal or pick hate and proceed with the current path of division. Chose hate and lose the country and all it has stood for, or love and compassion to repair and heal us.

      • lori, If DJT was elected as the result of backlash against a black president, why are blacks coming to the Republican party in support of President Trump? If blacks support DJT, every color of Americans are supporting him as well. BHO was the biggest divider of the races than at anytime in history. He and Michelle (aka Michael as stated right from BHO’s mouth, three times) are the biggest racists of all. No need to explain that statement, everyone who is open minded enough to listen to liberal as well as conservative news and stay informed in current events knows. You are also very racist and totally unreasonable as well.

  44. I spent over twenty years of my life,through the Korean war and the Viet Nam war, in defense of our country.These babies can’t even honor our country for the National Anthem? Shame on them! Maybe really making them work for wages like our service men and women share for the year would open their eyes.

    • Amen to your response!! I too believe if every player who refuses to stand, salute our American Flag, should be escorted right then off the field and taken to the nearest Army post and made to serve at least two years, with mist of their duty overseas where the war is happening then see who is crying. They will not be the “big” man on the field anymore????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Then and if they should return in one piece, let them play football once more, I believe they would have a better and different attitude to everything! Let them live on a Soldiers wages!!????????????????I love all sports but when I see something like these big babies are doing, turns me off, except for our High School and College games. May God Bless our President and God Bless America!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  45. Here we go again, the players ignoring, the respect due to our flag and country. I think they all should be canned, without any pay, until they apologize to the American public, that made them great players; in the first place. I will not go to another football game of the NFL, until they apologize for their actions. I will not watch them on any TV program, that they play for on any network. I will have nothing to do with them until, these traitorous actions are stopped. I am ashamed of each of them, they show no character, for this country at all. I don’t understand why they think they deserve a pedestal, to push ideas everyone does not support.

  46. When will the NFL learn that the number of young black men who have been in conflict with a police officer is much, much fewer than the number who have a serious conflict with another young black men? The latter happen about 12 times for every 5 times the former happens.

  47. First off let me say I respect the rights of the protesters to exercise their opinions and action, but only at a forum that is planned for, dedicated to,and paid for by them for the purposes of airing their opinions of protest. Hell, as far as I am concerned they can stand on a Soapbox on any corner in the USA and Rant, Rave, Kneel, Give the Black Panther salute, that is their right, but not at a paid event such as a NFL game where they have thousands of fans, whom the greatest percentage of the fans are proud of the USA, and patriotic, whom they seem they can hold hostage for a brief period of time during the National Anthem to express an demonstrate their views. These protesters were given direction by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that if they did not care to stand proudly for the National Anthem they could remain in the locker room or the tunnel until after the National Anthem concluded. However, a few of the players have chosen to disregard the options given them and still disrespect the National Anthem, their country, their teammates, and their fans. In my humble opinion if Commissioner Goodell doesn’t take affirmative action against these players blatant disregard of the direction set forth by him, then he needs to step down and resign as Commissioner. The Fans have cleary exhibited their displeasure of the disrespect shown by these NFL PRIMA DONNAS. Heavy Fines and Bench Time for a determined amount of games in which these players aren’t even allowed entry into the stadiums unless they purchase a ticket like their fans do. If after said sanctions are terminated and these players continue to blatantly disobey the rules, then termination of the contracts should be in order.

  48. I came from Cuba 38 year ago and I am proud to be AMERICAN CITIZENS for me the best way to stop this outrageous to my patriotic symbols is not buy anithing for the nfl endorsed and they will take the note and take care about a few thar are doing it thanks and GOD BLESS AMERICA and ours P resident MAGA

    • So you love the draft dodger president but find the protests unjustifiable? Nice. Maybe you need some additional education on the Constitution ?

      • Bill Clinton fled to Canada to avoid the draft too! I guess you were to young to read when Slick Willie was doing all his rape and #METOO thing. At least our now president PAID for the women he had sex with and as a private citizen he had every right to do what he wanted to do as long as it was legal.
        Please in the here after, when you insist on all Trump as draft dodger, please include your hero Bill Clinton, rapist in chief!

        • Sorry Bonnie but Clinton is not my “hero”. He didn’t politicize his supposed patriotism like Don is doing. If this article was about Clinton I would reply differently.
          I don’t understand your final sentence and “to young is “too young”.

        • Bonnie, the word “too” at the end of your first sentence implies that Trump went to Canada to avoid the draft. Very untrue, as he had a physical ailment that no soldier in his right mind would want Trump as his partner, or anybody with a bone-spur….

      • Mike, Mike, Mike you sound like an individual who knows absolutely nothing about about what is happening. To start with I bet you just love that draft dodging idiot obummer who tried and almost succeed in ruining our country over possibly the greatest President this Country has ever had, and he’s only been in office for 18 months. But you tell people to study the constitution, how’s about you doing the same, we the good guys are just exercising our right to free speach and not wanting to spend our hard earned money on a bunch of liberal crybaby especially who have not even researched the point they are trying to make. Why don’t these brave hero’s go to Chicago’s south side and stop the black youths from killing each other, you know why ? They don’t have the mental fortitude to do something that might help, oh, and they wouldn’t get paid for it either, the cry babies !

        • Sorry Ed but this article is not about Obama. As for Don being so great, well I would disagree even though he has helped me personally.
          Nor did I find fault with your right to exercise free speech. That is what these comment opportunities are all about. Certainly, most would agree that we are all entitled to our own opinions but not to our own facts. I am not sure who said that originally but it is a terrific quote to remember.
          Nor am I an expert on a football players “mental fortitude” like you are.

          • Cut to the chase, Mike, what do you know about the Constitution? The subject of the draft is not even in the Constitution. Your replies all suggest that it is…

      • Trump was hardly a draft-dodger, but then again what do you know. If you were ever exposed to a draft (which I doubt, but who knows, you might actually be that stupid)then you know that deferments came because of scholastic or physical issues of the person up for that draft. Trump had bone spurs and didn’t have to serve in the army. I, a US soldier, would not have wanted him backing me up on the battlefield. Dodgers, like Clinton, proceeded to other countries so the draft board could not touch them. Evading the draft by moving to another country is the definition of a draft-dodger, not getting a physical deferment. But you know that, don’t you?

        • Actually I was “stupid” enough to get drafted in 1967. What I thought was really stupid was to make four year commitment by enlisting or a six year by joining the NG or Reserves. So you think these “bone spurs” were some kind of real issue? That was draft dodging at its best. A rich white kid goes to the family Dr and gets a letter detailing his painful disorder that qualifies for 4F. Five times.
          I wouldn’t have wanted Don in my foxhole either, with or without bone spurs.

          • A 4F classification is NOT what constitutes a draft-dodger. Most draft-eligible kids were 2S, students, and that, too, does not constitute a draft-dodger. It’s only those that flea the country that are considered “dodgers”, or do you forget that?

        • One more thing John. Everyone in the Army is not on the battlefield. Only about 10%. Most are in some support capacity. Certainly Don could have been a great cook with his bone spurs.

          • Mike, regardless if he’s front line or in support. If a Dr recuses you, your recused. Have you ever had bone spurs? Do you realize the pain in just walking? You don’t have to serve to respect the constitution, or this country. You sure have a lot of accusations/opinions, without a bit of Truth. But I can tell you, skipping the country is totally different than being medically unable to serve. SMH

          • In wartime, a slight percentage more see the frontlines…but very true, the majority of soldiers support the front-line soldiers in a logistical manner….

      • Mike maybe you need to go to another country and learn their constitution cause you sure as hell don’t know ours or you wouldn’t be putting your mouth in gear before your brain is engaged!

          • Mike, you got the spelling of Constitution correct, but what, from the Constitution are you citing, pray tell??

  49. TV networks should stop showing these clowns on TV. Owners will feel the pinch again this year. NFL should fold up and a new league should be formed. No football here except college.

  50. I am thrilled to see that people will not be watching football for another season. Here is a possible solution to the players stupidity. When a player kneels or raises a fist, why din’t The fans in the stand get up and walk out. After the anthem when those who stayed in the locker room come out, again, fans in the stand should walk out. Eoulsn’t This send a definitive message. Additionally, I say to the fans, don’t go back until this stops. Empty the stands. Go to NASCAR events where our brothers and sisters who have died to make this nation what it is, show the deserved respect!

    • Remember that VP Pence flew across the country to do exactly that in a showmanship display. Why do you condemn these guys and then support the draft dodger president? He is no patriot. Just a popularity chasing loud mouth trying to stir up trouble so he gets credit for something. In this case, being a great defender of the flag. Why didn’t he go in the Army like I did to defend his now precious flag? All the politicians think that wearing a flag pin on their lapel makes them patriots. Phonies!

      • Mike I was in the Marines during Nam and I see where you were drafted but you were more then likely One of the few who protested that as well, you said you were stupid to get drafted but what did you do in the Army what was your MOS? As for our President yes he is Patriot he has done more for our military then any President since Reagan and for all of us Veterans what the hell have you done for our country other then run your mouth about something you know nothing about, like I said in my other comment to you, your best bet would be to ” make sure your brain is engaged before putting your mouth in gear”!

        • Sorry Franky, I was 11B. Spent my time in I Corp. I certainly did protest the war when I came home.
          Don has, like every other President, spent a great deal of time talking about the veterans and the military. Sort of like “W”. But what has he done? Another tiny pay increase from Congress. Lamenting about a VA system he knows nothing about. I can’t say what Ron did. They all seem to like huge military budgets but a very small portion of that gets to the soldiers. At least Obama got the GI Bill for the Reservists and NG that served in the Middle East. Draft dodger Cheney opposed that.

  51. I fimd it hard to believe that morons still buy tickets and go to the games.
    Evidently we have a lot of citizens who don’t care.

  52. Taking a knee is not doing anything to promote their cause. So this is the wrong venue. They need to put their time, money, and leadership into force by actually doing something to benefit their cause. Nothing is changing by being lazy and disrespecting America and what the flag stands for.
    Show me where one kneeler has done anything out side kneeling to try to correct the issue they say they are speaking out against. One organization funded or supported to correct their perceived wrongs. Please just 1!
    Ok, so get back to work or be fired! Just process we have to many idiots with big muscles being so nothing’s this country. Not providing anything to benefit future generations. Waste of food and air! Sorry if that’s going over board but they make me sick!

  53. When the T.V. contracts are reknewed, updated.AND the lost Viewers considered..
    These protesters are hitting the pocket book of all players..
    When you start hurting your fellow players take home pay…and all new players
    You are a WRONG DOER!!!!!!!

  54. I served in the US Army in the sixties and it breaks my heart to see things like this happening.It is very disrespectful and anyone who kneels should be fired , because it is a job,right.What I see happening in this country scares the hell out of me.I was a die hard football fan but now they can go to hell if they can’t stand for the anthem.God bless America and God bless our President Donald Trump.Keep up,the good work sir.

      • Mike you’re a complete idiot ,President and Commander in chief Donald Trump has done more for our great men and women in the military than Osama Obama and BJ slick Willie in their combined 16 years.
        There isn’t one of these whiny little over paid rich kids that could make it through boot camp in any branch of the military.
        Liberal politicians in this country are ignoring the rule of law allowing drug use and crime to thrive in this country. In Seattle there are people living in tents on the sidewalks needles litter parks. In Portland protesters shut down the ICE building while the mayor tells police to stand down. San Francisco has problems with human waste on the sidewalks. Chicago had 74 people shot last weekend.
        Your anti police soft on crime anti government rhetoric is working quite well.
        As a very proud veteran who volunteered I invite you and the entire NFL to kiss my a**

      • Bill Clinton was your “idiot” draft-dodger. Bone-spurs is, I’m sure, nothing that Trump wanted but because he had them (and they can be painful) he was kept out of service…..just like me and my epilepsy, which they removed with a brain operation in 2010…

        • So painful that he could not serve, during the same time frame Lying Don the Con brags about his incredibly supreme, better than anyone ever sports abilities? Guess he had someone run the bases for him after hitting all those home runs? Sorry, I want to see the xrays…(and his tax returns)…..I have bone spurs and they do not go away unless surgically removed.

  55. I served for 24 years in the Air Force. I love this country! These players make a mockery of this nation and disrespect everything for which it stands! May their disrespect come back to bite them in a way they can understand! I refuse to watch another professional football game, or to support these fools in any way!

  56. I have no respect for players using America’s number 1# pastime football, to show their hate & disrespect to a nation that gave them unbelievable opportunities. I would rather watch football played by people that love and respect our nation & flag, even if they played at a lower level of talent. I will not watch the NFL again as long as even one player chooses it to protest.

  57. It’s gang mentality. First it’s one person, then several followers, then a dozen. It picks up momentum, like a snowball going downhill. Nobody knows why they got caught up in the gang other than; hey, I want in, I’m joining THE GANG! LOOK AT ME! I’M IN THE GANG; I’M NOT AN INDIVIDUAL! PITIFUL, isn’t it?
    I like Jerry Jones solution. Hey, you work for me; you do as I say. What to go Mr. JONES! Now there’s an individual, like him or not, he’s made a stand and actually has something to stand for; AND he knows exactly what that is.

  58. tHE PLAYERS THAT CONTINUE TO DISREPECT THE NATIONAL ANTHEM should be fired. they disrespect they people who pay there salarys. FIRE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEN.

  59. These players seem to believe and promote
    Black Criminals to disobey a pursuing police
    officer. There is a saying that has been around for a long time: “Don’t do the Crime”. Goodell’s action demonstrates how
    weak he is as league president. By his lack
    of action it proves his endorsement of their
    actions of disrespect. Many of the owners
    agree with him by their lack of action as well.

  60. It is total disrespect to the thousands that have died for the flag and the National Anthem. Show some respect or lose your job.

  61. There will be no football in our house for the 2nd year. I refuse to watch these overpaid thugs kneel but do nothing to change anything. I would love to see the NFL go down the drain. Let them get a real job. This whole thing makes me angry. Dak Prescott came out saying he was against the kneeling on the field and I will assure you that they will target him. I hope his Line protects him.

    • My Eagles FINALLY won a SB this past year, so now I, too, can refuse to watch football, at least the NFL. Fifty-seven years btwn championships is a long wait, I can’t do that again!

  62. Football is their job. You do not have the right to use work platform as a means for protest. All they are doing is showing total disrespect for our National Anthem. Where were these athletes in Chicago??? Total hypocrites. The NFL is no longer a sport,but a playground for thugs. Good riddens.

  63. Either stand and show respect for the American flag and it’s ant and the many men and women who gave their lives fighting under this great to see it draped over their coffins when they returned home. These players have many avenues to take to help with change in a positive way but rather be in lime light to make political statement. Frankly as fans we don’t give a shit about yours or anyone else’s we pay big bucks to watch football game end of story if you can’t show respect get the hell off the field your fan base has spoken keep going and those tickets will be $10.00 so paying you will be tough.

  64. We have a medal of valor winner on my side of the family. Football will NEVER EVER be seen in my living room again. I don’t care if they do manage to stop these disrespectful dorks. My husband can go out to watch a game if he feels like dignifying these ignorant asses.

  65. No more football watching after 38 yrs…no more buying the football team logos, nor any of their franchises–let them lose money and feel the hurt…we the people served our country and we are customers, too…not even the TV will be on…there are better things to do besides being a football potato couch…Go out and be with the family…the real special times…very important times in life–life is too short to be bitching

  66. They should stand or not be able to play, which means NO money! If they don’t respect our National Anthem then go to a Country they do respect! It’s simple we don’t want people here pretending to want to be Americans

    • Stand for the National Anthem or go home forever. If you flakes don’t believe in this country, then we the people shouldn’t support you blood sucking cowards. We really don’t need you. STAND OR GO HOME!

  67. Right to free speech – YES.
    Doing so while at work – NO!
    I’m done with the lot of ya,
    Got other sports games to attend.

  68. The owners need to step up and tell them to stand or fire them. Period. Quit cuddling these babies. Let them protest on their time not. Ours

    • That is the one and only answer. I so agree. Send them back to the poverty they all knew before the NFL. They are also racists.

    • Yes I agree with what Trump said. It isn’t wether or not they have a valid protest it’s the venue in which they are attempting to do it in. There is much negativity in our country these days and a sporting event is just not the place imo to have a protest. They do get paid way too much and how about be a role model for our youngsters.

    • The NFL may never recover. The only shot is if the NFL fires any player who does not stand period. Let leaves with respect play. The are many players who would love to be playing. Goodell has to go… he has zero shot of saving nfl.

  69. could send them over to a war zone where they can use their ‘talent’ to fight the enemy . most dont even know what it is they are doing or are using it as an attention getter and its working, problem is that its Negative attention , ALL of these and the left liberals are ALL Anti American, America, Love it or LEAVE it, they want all the good parts that serve them, that pad their bank accounts but wont lift a finger to keep the USA strong and prosperous, remember all those celebrities that said they would leave the USA if Trump was elected? NONE of them left, all here still sucking up the spoils they had NO part in make happen, all that oppose the USA should have to go to a country that is oppressed like Russia or Iran and try their crap, see what happens to them then.

    • Deport them to a country that supports their ideolegy.Get them out of here.They will be the cause of deaths in this country.I don’t think veterans will let this go on for long.They could be writing their death warrant.

  70. Why was it when our President Trump said “fire them s.o.b’s.” everyone complained about how he could say such a thing. But, when these guys say or do something it’s called “freedom of speech”? Does freedom of speech only apply to certain people?

    • Yes. Freedom of speech is only for the left. If a conservative says anything, it’s racist, homophobic, or any other such thing. The more I hear from the left, the more I wonder what planet are they living on?

    • Paulo,
      IF you have a JOB, try to pull a stunt like that in YOUR workplace. This is THEIR WORKPLACE. if they want to “protest” do it on their own time, or be FIRED. PERIOD. Just “highly-paid infants” throwing temper tantrums.

    • They are not just doing freedom of speech! The left are out of thier minds! That flag and everything it stands for and the death of every man and woman that fought for this country gets disrespected and the people that do this should be removed from our country! Police officers have nothing to do with the American flag and these idiots need to do thier pathetic protest some where else instead of bringing it to the field!The only ones that ho against ” justice for all” are the dam liberals they have a two tier justice in this country!

    • These players seem to believe and promote
      Black Criminals to disobey a pursuing police
      officer. There is a saying that has been around for a long time: “Don’t do the Crime”. Goodell’s action demonstrates how
      weak he is as league president. By his lack
      of action it proves his endorsement of their
      actions of disrespect. Many of the owners
      agree with him by their lack of action as well.

  71. Thousands of our young men and also women, have given their life’s for the right of these men, if you cab call them men, to be able to play football. I would love to see Donald Trump be able to reinstate the draft to give these guys a taste of what it means to serve their country. If they think their tough, just let them experience drill sergents like I had.

    • I am not a sports fan, but I believe that the sports players should respect the fans. After all the fans are the ones that are paying their salaries, no fans means no football. And the fans need to send that message to the teams. These players seam to think they are something special and don’t have to listen to anybody, but if the fans would stand in unity, no going to games, or watch on tv, that would send a powerful message. Without the fans, the players would be out of a job and could protest as much as they want. The fans would not have to watch them disrespecting the flag, the anthem, our country, or our service men and women.

    • I totally agree with you…make those high paying jocks know what it is really like to serve your country…show some respect…If they can’t stand for the National Athem ship them off to Russia and no one will have to be concerned where they stand or not in Russia.

    • Maybe Don could draft himself? Maybe all these guys have bone spurs too. Don has no moral high ground to speak about patriotism. He is just another draft dodger pretending, now, to give a damn about his country and it’s soldiers. He is a phony as a three dollar bill.

  72. I heard on the news this morning that only 1 or 2 or 3 players on a few teams actually kneeled or raised their right fist on the field. I do not watch NFL football anymore and neither do any of my veteran friends. These black and white morons are disrespectful and stupid.

  73. Maybe we should go to universal pay! Let’s see how hard they would play if they’re earning $2,000.00 a month or would they choose another profession where, if they, protest the anthem they would be fired! But, Then again, would they work at all!

  74. They, to me, only know how to play football. That’s it. Hardly a contribution to the society. They all are just … entertainers. Like the Hollywood entertainers. I know there are some conservatives actors/acteress.

    I was told that Aaron Rodger graduated from Berkeley! That definitely explained his liberal stance When he encouraged the NFL players to fight back.

    Spoiled multi-millionaire snobs. ????‍♂️

  75. Here’s what I’m not understanding…why would they protest one of the main things (Our Anthem) that unites us as a country? Aren’t they actually dividing us as oppose to uniting us?

  76. Our family has retired and active duty military in it, and this disrespect from the players who kneel during the National Anthem is a slap in the face to us. There won’t be any NFL in our house, or in about 12 other homes of various relatives. If there are more families like ours that is going to ad up to a lot of people who will not be supporting the NFL. Where do these players think their wages come from? They come from the fans who buy tickets and hats and shirts, and eat the way overpriced food at the games. That’s a LOT of lost revenue. Shame on them. But, they are the losers in the end.

    • Thanks for your family’s service. So I guess your service to the country was not to support free speech? I guess you support law enforcement killing blacks without any inquiry? We get away with killing so many of them, it’s not right, yet y’all howl when blacks with some visibility show how they feel about it. How would you suggest that push back on law enforcement killing blacks be addressed?

      • Lori, NOBODY does not support free speech. The Constitution guarantees it for all “sides” under the first amendment. The NFL players have chosen the wrong venue to use their free speech; the display of the American flag while the National Anthem is being performed is the wrong place and wrong time. There are countless other ways to accomplish their objectives. As a matter of fact, people are astonished that so many players cannot tell you what they are protesting, what? As far as law enforcement killing blacks without any inquiry. I don’t know where you got that gross misinformation. All officer shootings, regardless of the race of the officer or the person who was shot, are investigated by a panel or group of people and prosecuted if need be. That makes up such a miniscule number of incidents, I am surprised you bothered to mention it. You make it sound as if white officers are out there just randomly shooting blacks or that is what the majority of liberals want the public to believe. That is a false bit of propaganda and facts will bear out that more black officers shoot black people than white officers shoot black people. If you were an officer for 24 hours there is no doubt that you would have another complete education in your repatoire. It’s too bad black leaders don’t wait for the determination before they are out there stirring up the public about an incident and crying foul.

      • Lori, I hate to say this, but your not very well informed. Did you know that 75 people were shot in Chicago this past weekend and of those 13 were killed. Not one Police officer was involved, but a whole mess of blacks were shot and some killed.Did you know that 1,825 blacks were killed in 2017 by other blacks and only 96 people shot by Police officers in 2017? These NFL moronic players should put their money where their mouths are at and demonstrate in their hometowns!

      • Hahahahahaha! Typical response from someone that only goes by facts the fake media puts out….police don’t have to kill blacks, the stupid bastards do a good enough job at killing themselves but of course….I know…its ALWAYS RACIST…everything and everyone is racist. It’s getting old already. All these blacks want all this special attention and benefits from something they feel they’re entitled to that has had NOTHING to do with ANY of them for a long damn time. How many more programs and bullshit ass kissing does the government have to do to please these people with the imaginary racism they feel they endure daily????…..seriously people…its time to let go of this silly race shot. There are far better things to worry about! As far as these retards in the NFL getting paid stupid money to play a damn game that can’t even devote 2 minutes of their time to respect the men and women that have died to give them their privilege of playing their damn game and being wealthy….piss on them! The hell of it is, they really feel like the statement they are trying to make is important when in all actuality it is simply make-believe mistreatment they “think” is actually going on????????WOW!!!!

      • Define the word WE. Blacks kill the majority of blacks. Don’t include me as part of
        we. I’m white, and served 3 years in the Army with many good black friends. Never do I remember any of us talking about whether we were serving to protect blacks or whites. It was to protect the USA which includes everybody.

      • Lori, you are sadly mistaken. Most people agree that the players have the right to free speech and to demonstrate, but to do so while the anthem to the Flag (The living symbol) of this country, the country under this flag which actually gives them the right to protest, raise fists in defiance and dissagree with policy is hypocrisy at the least and stupidity at its worst.

        • Excuse the grammatical errors. I was in a hurry. I meant to say {while the Anthem to the Flag (the Living Symbol) of this Country is being played,}.

      • More blacks are killed by other blacks than police. Chicago has the highest black deaths and they are 99% caused by other blacks. If they really cared about changing things, then they would put their money where it could make things better and not sit on the side line belly aching


        • Butchy,
          All lives matter. If it’s true that more whites than blacks get killed by cops, it’s because there are more white people to start with. I am not a statistical expert, can you provide where documentation of your statement can be found? It does not ring true.
          TO ALL OTHERS: Sure, there is lots of black on black crime that could be better dealt with using education and economic policies. It sure didn’t do much to have Lying Don the Con state about the Chicago deaths “this stops right here and right now” when he got into office! I’m just here to say that all the hate and division is bad for the country, and that we need to come together for our common good. We got to the moon, we should be able to do this! If anyone has a problem with that, screw you.

          • lori, If it’s true that there are more whites than blacks, and of course there are, why is the percentage of blacks in prisons so much higher than whites, looking at total population of each race? Don’t say false charges, crooked cops, and racism, etc.; we have all heard those absurdities too many times. Besides, there are too many groups of legal eagles constantly searching for social injustice, right? Right. Oh, and you did a pretty good job of being civil until your last statement.

      • How looking at Chicago? Has these football players done anything to stop THERE? Free speech is abused by these whiny football players. So I guess you don’t stand for our flag and the national anthem. If America is so bad for these players then they can leave. If you protest the flag you are protesting against America. Just leave go to another country who love people who don’t think for themselves. Free speech is used for fighting to make a wrong right not someone getting their feelings hurt. Colin was sinking as a football player. His rights were just fine. His ego got in the way. So he made up a lie to stay in the line light and the rests follow. Spoil rotten everyone who is protesting against the flag. So some research and see just how many of these players do anything for the poor. Not alot.

  77. I will for the second straight year no be watching NFL. I have quite a few friends who don’t watch and wii never watch. I have lost all respect for all the owners and the overpaid so called players. Put yourself on the front line and then talk. You all should be ashamed and lower your head in shame. I could go on but why bother

  78. We watch Football games to relax not listen to politics. Trump has no right to say who can stand or kneel. Politics shouldn’t be interfering in sport games. Trump needs to found a hobby that know ones care about.

    • Sandy, Unfortunately for us true American patriots, The NFL players who disrespect our flag and anthem brought politics to NFL the first game that Colin Kappernick took a knee. What was that two years prior to DJT getting involved? President Trump didn’t start this!

      • M I wonder why the players didn’t kneel when the natural born Kenyan was in office. He blows the dog whistle for this stupidity.

        • Dan the man T., I think we did have some players disrespecting during the last year of BHO’ s 8 year fiasco, Kappernick anyway. But, no way would that have ever been a dig deal to Obama. Don’t think BHO was a football fan and may not have known anything about it. No doubt in my mind he would have upheld Kappernick and let everybody know they had better like it ! Have you been doing any troll hunting and fighting since last evening? I have not heard another word.

          • M – you won’t be hearing from me today either. This subject makes me angry and everyone’s inane angry, racists posts about this is not how I want to spend my Saturday. You folks are soooooo ignorant that I can’t waste my time telling you how ignorant you truly are. You’re just not worth my energy on this subject. But I’m not going anywhere and will be back when there is a different subject that you’ll be wrong about, also.

    • You say politics shouldn’t be interfere in football games? You forget these players started this nonsense when Kappernick was playing football and that was before Trump became president. AND TRUMP IS RIGHT, they should stand during the anthem, THAT’S CALLED RESPECT!!! Take your protest outside the workplace, which in this case happens to be the football field/stadium.

  79. Yes thay should stand a put ther right hand over there heart the ones that kneel and ease there fist do not have a HEART and thay should be fined so high that it hurts them. And if thay still do my stand and out there hand over there heart thay should loose there contract. If thay don’t respect our Flag and Anthem let them be sent back to the country thay come from the ones who are not citizens of the USA and the others who are citizens should be stripped of ther American citizens ship for disrespecting the Flag an Anthem. Thay do not deserve to be American Citizens.

  80. NFL players who are disrespecting our Country by disrespecting our flag and national anthem, shame on you! Countless soldiers have died and or been maimed defending these things you you are so disrespecting. I don’t care what your reasons are and no other fans care either, you are wrong. The NFL is losing fans in droves. I am done with the NFL because you have betrayed me. You are overpaid to begin with in addition to being spoiled immature disrespectful and un-American. Oh the heck with all of you, I am done with you.

    • To be honest,I don’t watch pro ball any more because of the disrespect and disdain they show to our military.
      Before you can get respect you have to be able to give respect.
      These people believe they are owed everything.
      If you don’t like the country you’re in now do us all a favor and just leave. Thank you

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