Donald Trump just dropped a major 2024 bombshell about Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are the top two contenders for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Many in the media believe Trump and DeSantis are on a collision course.

And now Donald Trump just dropped a major 2024 bombshell about Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump once again destroyed the corporate-controlled media narrative that he and Ron DeSantis were in the early stages of a feud over the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.

Trump lavished praise on DeSantis for the job he was doing as Governor of Florida.

“He’s a good guy and he’s doing a good job,” Trump told conservative radio host Michael Savage.

The corporate-controlled media tried to ignite a rivalry between Trump and DeSantis with the hopes of creating a destructive back and forth where they damaged each other with a bloody rivalry that divided the GOP ahead of 2024.

Reporters played up comments Trump made about politicians who would not divulge if they received the COVID booster shot as “gutless,” as well as DeSantis saying he should have spoken out sooner about Dr. Fauci’s disastrous lockdowns, as taking shots at one another.

Since DeSantis has not said if he will run for President in 2024 if Trump enters the race, the media hoped to create a feud between the two that would damage the top Republican Presidential contenders.

Trump also told Savage he would consider Ron DeSantis as one of his choices for a running mate if he wins the 2024 Republican Party Presidential nomination.

“I would consider a lot of people,” Trump added.

Trump emphasized that he is fully invested in Ron DeSantis’ success as Governor of Florida, as his endorsement in 2018 propelled DeSantis to victory.

“Yeah, he’s good. I endorsed Ron when he was a three — three percent, you know?” Trump added. “I’m very strongly vested and invested in him.”

The corporate-controlled media told many lies over the years about Donald Trump.

Virtually everything you read in the leftist press is misinformation.

And it looks like the corporate-controlled media’s attempt to gin up a feud between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis was just another example of a media narrative with no basis in reality run amok.

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