Donald Trump just ended Barack Obama’s worst mistake with one order

Barack Obama spent eight years making a mess out of America.

One disaster piled up on top of another.

But with this one order, Donald Trump just ended Barack Obama’s worst mistake.

Obama’s ridiculously weak foreign policy created the conditions for ISIS to grow and gain in strength.

By the time Trump took office, ISIS controlled a virtual caliphate.

But nearly two years after taking office Donald Trump just won a signature victory.

The President announced the military defeated ISIS in Syria and American troops would be coming home.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The U.S. military is preparing to withdraw its forces from Syria, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday, a move that marks an abrupt reversal of the American military strategy in the Middle East.

U.S. officials began informing partners in northeastern Syria of their plans to begin an immediate pullout of American forces from the region where they have been trying to wrap up the campaign against Islamic State, the people said.

“The Pentagon has an order to move troops out of Syria as quickly as possible,” a U.S. official said.”

The rise of ISIS was as symbol of Obama’s inept leadership on the global stage.

Trump ran on putting American First in foreign policy.

And pulling our troops home from Syria after cleaning up Obama’s mess instead of engaging in another decade long nation building debacle will go a long way towards making good on that promise.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Obamas clone is now running on the Democrat ticket. He’s never done anything, he knows nothing. He’s a first class idiot just like Obama. Surely we won’t have to go through this crap twice in one lifetime.

    Robert O’Rourke threw his hat in the ring,
    The liberals all think it’s a wonderful thing,
    But Beto’s a chump,
    He can’t beat Trump,
    And the loss is really gonna sting.

  2. That was a pallet full of Iranian money, not American money. Do you think it was right that we should be stealing their money? Are Americans thieves?

  3. He is also famous for sending Iraq a whole pallet full of American money!! Actual pictures and comments from himself on this with Hillary’s help!! So no he did not send MREs and blankets. He didn’t do anything for the Kurds. Trump sent bombs to stop Syria from gassing and killing millions of its own people!

  4. Have we already forgotten that Obama installed Permanent Representatives of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in the White House while their organization had been designated as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION by the Government of Egypt??? Have we forgotten that Hillary Clinton stated on Meet The Press that she wanted to bring 40,000 Muslim Refugees to the USA in her first months in office??? Have we forgotten that Obama sent US Troops to many God-forsaken nations in Africa??? Did Obama or any other African-American leader ever speak out or take any action to stop the on-going establishment of SLAVERY in the northwest African nation of Mauritania????

  5. Ronsch I hope that he made some kind of a deal so the Kurds can live in peace. It was a good thing that we got out of there Israel can do what is needed if and when

  6. Have we already forgotten that Obama installed Permanent Representatives of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in the White House while their organization had been designated as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION by the Government of Egypt??? Have we forgotten that Hillary Clinton stated on Meet The Press that she wanted to bring 40,000 Muslim Refugees to the USA in her first months in office??? Have we forgotten that Obama sent US Troops to many God-forsaken nations in Africa??? Did Obama or any other African-American leader ever speak out or take any action to stop the on-going establishment of SLAVERY in the northwest African nation of Mauritania????

  7. The Kurds are now joining forces with Syrian anti-ISIS fighters to form a stronger fighting force and US Forces will leave behind weapons for the Kurds. US Forces in Iraq will be just over the horizon.

  8. Falling gasoline prices resulting from President Trumps actions will become a strong economic stimulus to the economy.

  9. The collateral damage from Trump’s decision to withdraw will be thousands of Kurds, an ally in the fight against ISIS who will now by murdered by the Turkish army having been abandoned by Trump.

  10. Time after time Obama recalled or aborted air strikes against ISIS because of the fear that a non-combatant truck driver or stray dog or cat might be hit and become collateral damage.

  11. Trump betrayed the Kurds who were fighting by our side against the ISIS. Turkey held off but now will proceed to murder all those Kurds that were our allies. Trump is responsible for their deaths.

  12. Leif, I don’t think Israel needs our troop support, PM Netanyahu lets America know when he needs something from us, he is an amazing leader. It is unbelievable how that tiny Country has figured out their national security and the rest of the world including us, are still trying to figure it out and make it happen! We need to give Israel the money and any other support they need when they ask for it. Also, Israel must be sure they are on the side of right and good because the Lord will chastise them until they are RIGHT. The Jewish people are God’s favorite and His chosen people and woe be unto any and all who hate and try to do evil to Israel! There will be a heavy price to pay from God, one day in some way. I am a devout supporter of the Jewish people, I would be afraid not to support them, everybody had better be!

  13. Betty: I suppose you liked the women obama put into the Supreme Court,that voted for same sex marriage, & let CAIR have an organization in the USA,and of course, allowing the homo’s to sue bakery owner because they refused to bake a homo cake for their wedding! Shesh!! Now acouple or so yrs be4 obumer left office he allowed the “funny people (called Transgender) have a bunch of ‘rights’, because they weren’t smart enough to know “whether they were male or female! When a president does everything in his power to lower our Christian principles/morality, I would say he’s “gutter trash”.

  14. Hey Scott: Do you really believe obama was a good military leader? if so , R U Kiddin’? BHO didn’t know squat about knowing how the U.S. government should be run. He was too busy giving away our tax $$ to the 1/2 breeds in Gaza. BHO knew the goon who was claiming to be prez in Gaza was using most of the money to live in his fancy home, & some of the dollars were passed on to his body guards & then a bunch of $$ was sifted on down to the terrorist that used the money to build tunnels into Israel to kill Jewish people. Then stupid BHO gave millions to Iran. SO when I used to think the the peanut president was the worst man we ever had as president, but after BHO bringing our nation down to the cesspool, I knew Jimmy C. was nothing bad compared to osama binladen obama.

  15. Leif: Sounds like a good answer! We need to make up for all the wreckless things obummer done to Israel. Send in some of our Seals, & go over to Gaza & set some land mines & blow Gaza off’n the map, then step into Lebanon & wipe out hezbollah, then that would give Israel more $$ to help her people, especially the holocust survivors, who have very little to live on! I’m a strong supporter of Israel & PM Netanyahu!

  16. Janznice: Question for you! I’m supposin’ since you think Assad was nice, cuz your muslim friends told you so, doesn’t mean it’s the truth! If he was so nice, why was he killing his own people (I know, he didn’t kill , but had his ”henchmen army” do the killing! Assad is just an other example of muslim presidents…”if someone gets in their way, they kill them!

  17. Thnx for post janznice. Yes, Many LIES re Assad in Western media.
    Last yr, I watched Damascus Live TV, a lot.
    Amazing. PPL there love Assad.

  18. You do know that Obama put together the strategy and the coalition against ISIS that Trump just continued don’t you? Just like Obama gave Trump a great economy. But Trump’s tax cut has laid the grounds for another recession.

  19. It is time for the Russians and Iran to step and finish the job of ISIS and let them spend billions in reconstruction costs. It will bankrupt Iran and Russia to pull that off!

  20. P.T. is a man of his word! Again, he promised to clean up ISIS and the Middle East — he did that and now our Military will be coming home!
    ????????????????God Bless President Trump for keeping his word!????????????????
    Hope all those LEFTIST GREEN GRINCHES get a piece for coal for Christmas???????? for lies and crimes against Americans!

  21. He was not even born in the United States. They can show you how the birth certificate was copied and the original Hawaiian citizen’s birth certificate that the necessary items of info were copied from.

    The officials in the Deep State do not want you to know about these lost investigations and coverups.ho the necessary items were meticulously copied from. They are part of conspiracies. They do not want to tell public these things.

  22. odummer the illegal and his janitor partner were and always will be the worst thing that ever happened to our country , they should be swinging by the neck untill gone. america you can thank the dumbacrats for that.

  23. “Scary” in a region where US presence is irritating? Like Potus said, upon all the US sacrifices in the Middle East, what appreciation has America got? The countries gang up against the US all the time. Yet people think America should be there forever. What the people need are training and weapons to defend themselves instead of expecting US personnel to die for them. If the DoD hasn’t done that then it has failed. Countries not satisfied with Potus’ action can take over and send their soldiers there. For the Dems who say a Trump win meant WWIII it’s hypocritical for them to shed crocodile tears about the pull out. They supported Obama when he allowed ISIS to flourish but condemn Trump for troop withdrawal after degrading the terrorists they created.

  24. B. Taylor Okay How about this, HOW COME WE THE U.S.A. WERE IN VIETNAM FROM THE LATE 50’S TO THE MID 70′???? Same reason as being in Afghanistan to protect their citizen against tyranny…

  25. Can you provide any evidence of anything that he lied about? Please..I’d really like to hear it. You brain dead liberals just like to accuse but never provide any facts

  26. Can you give an example of what Trump has messed up in his 2 years as President? Trying to fix everything that Obama screwed up in 8 years doesn’t sound like messing things up. You’re just a brain dead Democrat that likes to make accusations but never can provide an ounce of evidence

  27. oboma promised to end wars , his idea of ending a war is raising the white flag and surrender , he will always be remembered for his disapearing red lines , but then like all n words , good at running your mouth , but not so good at backing it up , unless you have 10 other people around to show off to,as for ending wars , oboma created more wars then ended, war on whites, war on cops , war on the rich , war in egypt, war in libia ,if the media would start reporting the truth about the obomas , they would crawl under a rock and disapear,

  28. Obama financed ISIS
    Syria’s leader was OK an honorable man according to my many Syrian friends
    just we never should have gone to Syria
    Fake News lies to you about Assad
    I understand you did not know

  29. Determining Obama’s worst mistake is difficult, there were so many. However, I don’t believe President Trump could possibly correct Obama’s worst mistake in Syria because it was that he didn’t remove its dictator early on before Russia became involved. Obama didn’t do what was needed because he didn’t want to get his hands dirty with military conflict; he was so naïve that the thought he could be the peace President by just ignoring all foreign problems.

  30. If he would only end the stupidity in Afghanistan and come home all would be well. Can anyone tell me why we are still there after 17 years.

  31. You are an idiot. Why don’t you leave this country we don’t want your kind here at all do yourself a favor and go to the UN

  32. And BTW, people are worried Russia will get in and take over the middle east if we pull out. Russia couldn’t even win a little war with Iraq after 8 years and gave up. Russia is highly overrated. They won’t have any more success than us.
    Probably a lot less.

  33. Read the bible. The middle east nations have been at war for continuous centuries. The Afgan’s are quoted as saying they love to fight. If they are not fighting with others then they will fight among themselves. I say we pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. They will all kill each other with Iran jumping in. Bye. Send our troops to Israel to back them up.

  34. So, what’s your magic solution? We keep our troops there forever to prop us Assad? Would you send your son or daughter there to fight for people who want Sharia Law? Let the ragheads tear him to pieces and let Putin try to run the toilet. Russia has many painful scars from Afghanistan.

  35. By the way, Obama pulled troops out of Iraq because GWB set the withdrawal date. Maliki, GWB’s self appointed head of Iraq, would not sign a status of forces agreement (nor would the Iraqi Congress) with the US. They wanted us out.

  36. You leftist clowns don’t care about the military, your a bunch of phonies go to one of your leftist sites nobody cares what you leftist have to saynot but frivolous b*******

  37. Larry, Alexander the Great was not fighting the Taliban in his day, nor did Ghingus Chan or for that matter the Germans or the British. The Taliban are a new generation of fighters. The simple fact is no one has ever been able to win in the country now known as Afghanistan. It is a tribal country and its citizens do not in most cases recognize the government in Kabul. It is sort of like North America with the Indians. We as the white man never conquered the American Indians except one tribe at a time. We placed them on reservations and each reservation is its own nation with an overview by agreement of their government with that of the United States. History is a funny thing if you do not study it.

  38. Sorry communist vermin creature but PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. America now has an AMERICAN PRESIDENT not some Kenyan communist interloper FRAUD.

  39. In this case Syria and Russia will have to keep the last of ISIS in check. That would not keep a power vacuum left. However Syria needs to watch out for Russia. In the near future I see Syria as the latest member of the Russian Federation. They’d better bd really careful with Russia. They are no military match against Russia.

  40. I think he should make sure isis is totally defeated before leaving. Remember obama claimed victory and the seed of isis took over the Middle East. Sure we don’t have to be the worlds police but we do have to make sure the bad guys no longer exist.
    Then you can bring our troops home and put them on our border to protect our country.

  41. You are exactly right. The president said from the beginning we are there to end ISiS then we leave. We already have lost so many lives in the middle-east wars with nothing good coming out of it.

  42. He is half black and half white. But I don’t care what he is, he and the whole damn bunch need to be at gitmo.

  43. In the real world, he just handed Putin a huge Christmas present and put this nation in grave danger. Do you really think he knows more than military leaders with 40 years of military intelligence experience? Scary.

  44. DUMB ASS You need to get an education so you can at least teach your children the correct thing about HISTORY. If you DUMB ASS LIBERALS haven’t gotten rid of it ALL. OBAMA is the one that RUINED AMERICA. Teach your children that at least if you are able to have any.The LIBERAL IGNORANCE is really flowing tonight.

  45. Robert, maybe the answer to your question for the same reason that CRAZY donald & D for DUMB, trump, That Lying Lunatic, isn’t locked away in a Padded Cell in some Mental Hospital For The Crimminally Insane!

  46. Bob2 the NAACP’s suit will not hold water – you need an ID to cash a check, to board a plane and to collect welfare. I can’t see how this law could be construed as racist or discriminatory.

  47. I love all the great work the president has done for our country and the American citizens. However, I feel we just might be pulling out of Syria a bit prematurely. When Obama brought troops home it had bad results. I sincerely wish that all of our troops could come home or at least not be in harms way due to war. I am not sure why Trump did not agree with Mattis to keep the troops there.

  48. might want to review federal voting laws. Voting is for Citizens ONLY, Illegals already cannot legally vote. Might want to check your info before you troll like that.

  49. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump is nothing but the worst mistake & disaster the USA ever made in electing him president. trump has created more of a Mess in this country in two years than Obmama ever did in eight years!

  50. I love the voter ID. With all this gender confusion, perhaps it would be a good idea to require a chromosome test result prominently displayed alongside the photograph.

  51. The bastard is half white. There are number of white people like Pelosi, schemer, Clinton, etc. That are no damn good as well that belong in jail too.

  52. Some in Congress just don’t understand what staying in Syria would mean as it would mean American soldiers dying for no apparent reason; Democrats who want to cut the upcoming Defense budget should applaud Trump’s decision.

  53. Hi. I’m sorry to say that comment is wrong. NC just passed a law rwquiring voter ID with all of the requirements which I think includes a photo ID. The NAACP just filed a Federal law suit against it.

  54. You can bet your sweet fanny if a voter law was passed where illegals couldn’t vote, the dems & all the other liberals wouldn’t give to whoops in hell about the immagrents.

  55. Since he’s black that would be racist. Despite that BS
    I say hang him with his entire mis-administration for treason.

  56. Isis is an extension of British and American covert operations going back before World War I. Obama was Bush41’s paid object and cocaine dealer on Waikiki in Hawaii.

  57. And yet bipartisan members of CONGRESS will try to stop the timely withdrawal of our troops to spend more money on another countries infrastructure…WHILE IGNORING THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE USA AND VOTERS WISHES TO GET OUT OF WAR. Further proving that without change in CONGRESS new presidents can only do a certain amount of GOOD.

  58. I’m so thankful for our POTUS. UIndoing the previous administration is his aim, I follow his every wish, it’s the only way to MAGA! Thank God and President Trump we are bringing our military home from that rat infested hell-hole.

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