Donald Trump just ended Ilhan Omar’s career with this one video

Ilhan Omar’s career in Congress has been marked by controversy.

And thanks to her allies in the Fake News Media, Omar escaped accountability for her series of scandals.

But that is no longer the case because Donald Trump just ended Ilhan Omar’s career with this one video.

On Friday morning, Donald Trump tweeted out of a video from former Trump administration official Oliver McGee.

McGee’s video was a three-minute compilation of Omar’s “greatest hits” from her lies about marrying her brother to her tax fraud to the series of anti-Semitic remarks.

Any other member of Congress — especially if they were a Republican — would have seen the media chase them from Washington, D.C. after just one of these stories hit.

But not Ilhan Omar.

The media protects her because they see her as the face of the new and diverse Democrat Party.

So-called “journalists” also believe anyone who criticizes Omar is a racist, and the media is not about to hand Americans they view as bigots a win by doing their job and investigating Omar.

It’s unclear how much longer that posture can hold up.

Donald Trump tweeting out McGee’s video guarantees Omar’s sordid past and alleged crimes will now be a national topic of conversation.

And the result could be the end of Omar’s career.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



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    Omar needs to be removed from Congress immediately. There is no telling what she is gaining access to – authorized or not.

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