Donald Trump just found out who betrayed him to Robert Mueller

The Robert Mueller investigation is nearing its end point.

But that’s bad news for Donald Trump.

That’s because he just found out who betrayed him in one very public way.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen will testify before the House Oversight Committee next month.

Cohen’s testimony was scheduled for that time because that’s when it is believed Robert Mueller will be finished with Cohen as a cooperating witness.

The Daily Caller reports:

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump, will testify before Congress next month, the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee announced Thursday.

“I thank Michael Cohen for agreeing to testify before the Oversight Committee voluntarily,” Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings said in a statement announcing Cohen’s highly-anticipated testimony.

“I want to make clear that we have no interest in inappropriately interfering with any ongoing criminal investigations, and to that end, we are in the process of consulting with Special Counsel Mueller’s office. The Committee will announce additional information in the coming weeks.”

Cohen said in a statement that he had accepted Cummings’ invitation and “look[s] forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full and credible account of the events which have transpired.”

Cohen is expected to march in front of Congress and spill his guts about the same stuff he’s been ratting about Trump to Robert Mueller.

This will be a circus hearing that the Democrats will use as their first step in any attempt to impeach the President of the United States.

It also proves the Democrats lied to the American people during the campaign.

They swore up and down they wouldn’t rush head first into impeachment proceedings.

But their first move is to pick the bones of Robert Mueller’s investigation to try and remove the President from office.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. He will not need his law degree because he has a taxi company. That was one of his tax fraud conviction because he didn’t claim all the income. And unless something changed his wife was allowed to keep the assets. The house and cars so who paid for his lawyers? I would have loved to been a fly on the wall whe he got sentenced and cried like a baby. Hope he drops the soap and meets big Bubba.

  2. Cummings and schitt will believe every lie. They are a joke and should be laughed out of Washington. It’s to yhe point that Americans are tired of the whole witch hunt.

  3. All the polls I’ve seen are President Trump with 51 percent.
    The obstructionists are lying about whatever polls your watching.
    We the American, freedom loving people who are sick of the elitist demoncrats communist party want to see Trump succeed.
    If our President gets impeached because of a slimy lawyer, I’m afraid there will be a civil war. The demons have gone too far.

  4. Thanks for the HUGE admission about Donnie Deferments being betrayed.

    Ever stop to think that an innocent person cannot be “betrayed”

  5. The Dems LIED?!? Who’da thunk it?? Like the old joke- “How do we KNOW a Democrat is LYING? Their lips are moving!” BWAHAHAHA!! Im sure sick and tired of those pricks, but the American people seem to love them and their lies…
    God help the Republic and save us all…

  6. If you are told talk or go to jail for 25 years, you will make a control.very scary, tearing down the conststution.what a messed up bunch of dems.sell there self to hell,for a few evil bucks.

  7. Mullers good at tricking people with multiable questions you cant answer,so either way he’ll say you lied to FBI, have a reason for arrest! Only guy it didnt work on was Corsesey? roger stones friend, he sued Muller for trying to force him into lying and havent heard much about it since! And maybe the grand plan here is to flush out deep state and corrupt goverment! There finding alot of evidence on Hillary and Obama and more! Satisfied the dems keeping Muller there.

  8. WHY bother to disbar him??? after this breach no clients = no income…he will be on food stamps with MANY other democRATS

  9. Forget the polygraph, testimony under sodium pentothal would be more accurate. And the testimony should NOT be behind closed doors!

  10. I was wondering the same thing as Mary. She and I along with others might have missed something but I was always under the impression attorney client privilege was almost sacred.

  11. Cohen, where did you go to law school? # 1 you are behaving like a watery eyes spoiled little girl. # 2 Where is your client confidential status, you backstabbed Trump

  12. Well,well… I guess Diane is another crazy Betty. It is open news to the world, all the crimes Mueller has committed & they have been proven. Don’t see any of your so called facts being proven about Trump.

    You are probably a high school drop out or attended college with those crazy professors, who only teach their opinion & NO FACTS.

  13. Beety Boob. We all feel sorry for you. Gee, wow!! If Trump doesn’t act with intelligence, I would sure like to see what he can do, when he does finally get intelligence. I would bet you are a 3 to 5 day weekly worker, being paid pennies & probably cleaning tables, floors or maybe slinging burgers. I’m not sure you could do any of those with your lack of intelligence. Get a real life….

  14. Yes, Nixon was elected fairly.So was Obozo, Didn’t the former resign over trying to wiretap the DNC? Nothing happened to any democrat that was involved with wiretapping Trump tower. Fake dossier, using FISA illegally, and the list goes on. Seems a little bit lopsided to me.

  15. Again, you are making a fool of yourself with you lousy opinions. Show us the proof,show us the facts or shut the …… up while you can save face. Have you no pride when it comes to yourself. You know NONE of the people with whom Trump has dealt & yet you speak as if you know something. It’s just your stupid, simple minded self, believing the media. Get lost in your world of false hopes….

  16. Carl T. I’m sure this is just your opinion, as you, like the rest of the Demo’s have ZERO proof of anything. Most people have no clue about the difference between an opinion or a fact. Don’t talk, if you don’t have the facts or just say it’s your opinion. People make fools of themselves by making opinionated accusations. You are just another one of those……

  17. What! O. Possum, you don’t really believe Cohen is going to be truthful about anything. Take a look He is already going to jail for being a criminal. Do criminals tell the truth, ever…..


  19. I’d ask Cohen again but under polygraph to prove that he was actually working for them crooked Democrat cuz I’m calling b.s. on rigged vote for Trump & they’re just trying to get him impeached for no reason.

  20. Grow up Betty , you sure as heck don’t know what you are talking about. I suspect you are a young brainless child, schooled in one of our brainless college.

  21. Because they control the “Deep State” and are protected by the New World Order. So far they have been “above the law”, but remember God has the last word.

  22. Nixon was legally elected too and we know what happened there. Please let the Mueller investigation run its course.

  23. You know it! They liked things just the way they were. The DumbDems get richer, and always tell the people in their impoverished neighborhoods that they care. I always find it funny how they only come out when elections are near(kinda like vampires @ night). They only care about power and money!

  24. Comey and Manafort both were convicted on things like tax evasion from business deeds committed years ago. They were twisted to accuse Trump for a lesser sentence. This was the plan from the beginning. This tactic is how they put mafia bosses away, it is part of the Obama and criminal Clinton’s originated illegal scam for a political coup of Trump. The left wing media feeding us propaganda lies 24/7 or half truths. The railroaded Trump now they expect to relax while Mueller shoves it up our fanny and then he can laugh walking away. This nation must rise up against the democrats and end the Obama directed lunacy.

  25. Trump should go after Cohen for breaching Lawyer-client Confidentiality part of contract , which proves Cohen a liar right there . Now , sleazy Cohen has been paid off by by the NWO criminals , making him complicit criminal for supporting ALL THEIR daily crimes against America .

  26. I have never read such childish crap in all my life, Get a life people. Trump was legally elected but washington does everything to thwart his presidecy.

  27. Question I have is, why are Hillary, Obama ,Holder, Lynch and a few others not wearing prison clothes at this time ? They all committed crimes that would warrant a felony and prison for the rest of the population.

  28. If you ride with the Devil you surely will get burned, and if you dance with the Devil you surely will go to Hell, and if you pray to the Devil you surely will forfeit your soul.

  29. Exactly! Mueller’s investigation has done except reveal massive wrong-doing by the Dems. Bob is right. You are poorly informed. Probably because you only watch/read main-stream media.

  30. Betty Donald Trump is A Multi Billion-aire How ABout You? He Must Be Intelli
    gent! The Only Down Fall Is President
    Trump Is Not Taking Pay For His Position,Which He Isn’t Because All You Demoncrats Against President Trump
    Don’t Appreciate The Job He’s Doing!
    He Could Get A Lot More Done If There
    Wasn’t Anymore Allegations Against Him!

  31. Cohn has been bought off and it will ev4ery bit of it lies…Trump should have his attorney to stop the mess and get a “GAG Order” on Cohn and the Democraps!
    We the People should help Trump with the Gag Order or We are in Deep Do-Do-!We should shu6t down the democrats because thy will not make it possible for We the People to be Protected and We are in the Big Way of all being Killed across our Nation! Pull Out of Facebook…they eleminated me for helping Trump and for being against the Criminal Illegal Immigrants! When Facebook can do this to anyone then Our Rights ARE GONE ALREADY!

  32. Mark: And Trump became POTUS by lying to the American People, dodgimg the Draft and betraying his own Party. His (Trump’s) Word is absolutely worthless and has no credibility among anyone who has dealt with him.

  33. Cohen is going to jail for fraudulent business dealings, shady past business dealings, which have zero to do with the President or Russia. The Democrats, who are the Party of Obstructionists, Liars, Thieves, and Baby Murderers, are going to pump Cohen for whatever he’ll make up to get the President Impeached.
    There is a Judgment Day, thanks be to God, in the next world, where no one will be able to hide from the Just Judge who knew us before we were born. Judgment will then be enacted for ALL ETERNITY. It’s hot in hell Democrats…and an Eternity is forever.

  34. The answer to the question of who “”betrayed” him is pretty much everyone. Unless they are also traitors, once they realized what was going on, there was an avalanche of people who wanted to “rat him out”. Thank God there are still enough decent people left that he couldn’t avoid hiring some of them.


  36. This article is absolute nonsense. Trump has not been charged with any crimes. So how can their be a betrayal? Trump continuously claims he has done nothing wrong. so if Michael Cohen simply tells the truth, then there is nothing for Trump fans to worry about, right?

  37. Anon:
    In your dreams ! Some, like myself, do hold PRESIDENT TRUMP responsible for the shut down and CONGRATULATE HIM for doing so !
    Nice try, JERK, but your headline is just another example of Yellow Journalism !

  38. The definitive sleazy slip’n’trip Shylock-like shyster is sentenced to three years prison for lying to congress & the rapidly-Nazifying fascist-Left “democrats are crowing they’re having hi in — apparently to “come clean” about his lying?

    On our Dime?

    Get real.

  39. Oh, Diane, you’ve got your wire’s crossed….Obama did the “traitor” business
    right out in the open…so cock sure of himself, he knew his zombies would accept anything he did!! That man belongs in a penitentiary!!!

  40. In all seriousness ehat have the Dems done for this country and the American people in the last few decades. The answer is absolutely nothing. If it doesn’t benefit them in the DNC they don’t do it at all. Cohen has no credibility but yet the Dems want to use more upset taxpayers money to try him out before Congress just to try to defeat President Trump. They totally refuse to except the 2016 election with the people elected President Trump just as he will be reelected in 2020 and everything the Dems are doing our assuring this nation that that’s going to happen. Even with the shut down when they should have been here during the holidays negotiating with President Trump but instead chose to go on vacation. 800,000 federal workers are not receiving paychecks right now and where are the times, on vacation in Puerto Rico with their lobbyists Who are trying to schmooze them for more special treatment. The Dems should not be receiving their paychecks at all not just because of the shutdown because they haven’t on the jobs to which they were elected and instead of playing political games at the expense of this nation and the American people. If 800,000 federal workers are not receiving their paychecks neither should the politicians because they’re the ones who caused the shut down and they’re the ones that are keeping the shutdown happening.

  41. I don’t think the Democrats know the difference between fact and fiction, not that it makes any difference to them one way or another. That’s why they surround themselves with movie stars, they also live in a world of make believe.

  42. If your able, Betty, you should read and gather facts. You will then find that most of the liberal media and Democratic Party spews lies, lies and more lies.

  43. What do you think of Obama’s sitting with Putin and said, ‘I can go more once I am elected.’ So ok for obama to have meetings and promises with Putin but Trump can’t? Every leader should be able to communicate with others. Do you have conversations with others and expected to share all with others? Bet mitt.

  44. As a foreigner when reading all this I ask my self what is wrong? Don’t you have free speech in the USA? Is Donald Trump as a businessman not allowed to invest his money where he wants? He has put money in many more countries other than Russia and not even the Democrats have a problem with that? What about Hillary selling weapon grade Uranium to Russia? I would think that should be illegal! But all your nasty comments go against President Trump! Show me one American President since President Eisenhower that has kept to at least ½ of what he promised during his campaign! Trump so far has kept his word on all of it – if the Democrats let him!! I don’t understand your problem with Russia? The only enemy you really must be scared of is China. They are taking over the world and they have nearly 10 X the people (1.379 billion) compared to Russia (144.5 million)! And are Communists which Russia is no longer!!! The also have the money thanks to 8 years OBAMA running up your national dept to double of what it was when he took over!!

  45. Problem with the Media and Dems is that they think by saying over and over again it is true. Show me the hard facts and not fiction. I heard an ABC Reporter state this morning Trump had many Real Estate Deals with the Russians.
    I am sure an equal amount with the Japanese, Chinese and you name it. He sold and leased Real Estate. The Liberals are becoming pathological liars at this point and believe their own unfounded facts. The Democratic Party is imploding and may not make it till the next Election.

  46. Here goes brainless Betty again. She should be more concerned with growing a brain and stop watching the fake news network.

  47. Betty, Betty, Betty. You’ve gone BATTY BETTY! D is for DUMBASS DEMOCRAT and the reason why the left has a jackass for their party icon. Y’all dumb as a box of rocks and you all think the rest of us don’t notice how utterly stupid you really are.

  48. Anyone debating for or against the two existing parties is missing the truth. Whether democrat or republican, both parties have been infiltrated by globalists which are controlled by central banking and international corporations pushing open borders and declining working wages. While you call fellow citizens “idiots” your individual rights and monetary assets continue to be siphoned. Get past the TDS and challenge what you hear and see from the traditional electronic and print media. God Bless America

  49. Not sure where you get your facts from but I live near the worlds largest naval base in Va. Most I know support the current POTUS, about 85% and over half are former military. May not like him as a person, as he is an arrogant jackass but agree with with hie views. The difference with trump and many past presidents is, Trump does exactly what he campaigned for. Obama said one thing to get in then did whatever he wanted to. Transparent my ass, MR.EXECUTIVE ORDER should have been his name.

  50. Do you know for sure all this happened?? I don’t believe any part of it. Go away and come back another day!!!!

  51. Dr,JD – Apparently these dimwits have not been told, yet, by Faux AlmostNews, on how to respond to these recent allegations against the orange fat blob. Now I wonder if the story ever ran on Faux? Or did they only talk about pandas, again? LOL!

  52. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that 51% of Americans now hold Trump personally responsible for the 19 day shutdown of the government, while only 32% hold the Democrats in congress responsible. It also shows a+4 increase of people who hold Trump responsible as opposed to a similar poll taken only a couple of days after the shutdown started. Simply put, the longer the shutdown goes on, the more the blame pendulum swings in Trump’s direction.

  53. His attorney is lying , in return that he gets his sentence shortened. In this country a attroney can not break attorney ,client privalege. But noatter what what ,he’s lies and his comments will be exactly what the demonrat Mueller tells him to say. What this azz did has nothing to do with Trump.Buts it’s going to be another display by the Demonrats like they did Kavanauh!

  54. Ha! Eric, it would have to be “Putrumpin” because Vlady’s name goes first because he is the one in charge.

    Of the five meetings Trump has held with Putin or other Russia reps, we have no transcripts or ideas of what went on in those meetings. Why is it that Trump would not allow other American officials to go to those meetings?

  55. Please learn to separate “impeach” from being removed; Clinton was brought to trial (impeached) but not removed (Senate has never done that in US history).

    Second, expect there to be an impeachment.

    Third, those who involve themselves in any “civil war” or such actions would be committing rebellion against the USA and would face the same fate of federal troops and prosecution.

  56. It is clear you are not a lawyer, Man from Grey, because there are certain circumstances where attorney-client privilege does not apply. That is why a neutral legal practitioner (master) was hired to separate what materials were protected, and which ones were not.

    But the one who betrayed Trump THE WORST was Donald Trump!!! He was the one who admitted he and only he alone fired Comey “for the Russia Probe” (Lester Holt interview) and Trump was the one, in a tweet, who admitted the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 (with reps from Russian government) was “to get dirt on Hillary. Getting dirt on an opponent is not illegal UNLESS IT INVOLVED A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT – – which, in this case, was our greatest adversary!

  57. People who believe in the fraudulent conspiracy babble of the “Deep State” only show the deeper state of the atrophy of their brains. I read Corsi’s book, and he fabricated the whole story up without any real evidence to support it. Jerome Corsi is a sell-out to Alex Jones and his conspiracy BS.

  58. Diane is right, it is clear that Cohen had TONS of evidence . . . much of it from the FBI subpoena and taking all his documents and tapes. But Larry, no one takes a witness testimony at face value, it is the corroboration with evidence and other testimony that establishes it (or not). So far, Cohen’s turn has shown he is now telling the truth about Trump and some of his many crimes. It is always a nightmare for crooks, because lawyers know HOW and where the bodies have been buried.

  59. As some of you complain about costs of investigation, most of you omit that millions of dollars were made on the prosecution and removal of all of Manaforts millions. AND recently we learned that Manafort was in contact with the Russian gov. and exchanged information with them during the campaign. This is investigation has turned up more than one traitor to date.

  60. Correct, Diane – – and some of their intercepts of these private communications with Putin and Trump campaign were made more serious by Trump firing Comey and admitting on TV that “no matter the materials from Rosenstein, he (Trump) was going to fire Comey anyway for the Russia probe” and THEN having ONLY Russians come to an Oval Office meeting (only Russians and Russia PRESS allowed) and we learn from Russia press that Trump brought up he fired Comey to take pressure off of him for the Russia Probe. Not only that, but in the Oval Office meeting, Trump gave away to Russian ambassador some classified information, putting an agent of an ally at risk!

    Do some of you know that there have been FIVE meetings between Trump and Russians and our reps and Senators have NO idea what was said in those meetings because Trump refused any notes or disclosures?!?

  61. And you have proof of this…..right? Or is this more made up crap like the rest of the posts on this stupid website? You folks don’t deal in reality.

  62. Congratulations, “Smartbiscuits” On your courage,your honesty & recognizing the real Instead the Fake Truth about mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  63. Wrong, Nita. All that word “ Lie” is remind Americans everywhere about that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT who has done nothing but constantly “LIE” the past two years.

  64. The Betrayer of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump is the Savior Of America & all Americans from “Sea to Shining Sea”

  65. correction, Renato. the only people who support that Oval Office republican Retard are a handful of republican Retards cause the real American people finally see him for the Insane Idiot he is, always has been & always will be.

  66. Let’s start a campaign to villify the DEMOCRAT PARTY!
    Yes, the DEMOCRAT PARTY. That is it’s correct name. Members are “Democrats”. The main point is, they do not function in a democratic way!

  67. marshmil1789, Eric Granberg is receiving monetary fees every time we reply to him. I am not contributing any longer to his financial well being and hope nobody else will either.

  68. MRSGUNNUT10 – I’m going to go out on a limb and say you idiots probably don’t know (yet) that the FBI opened a counter intelligence investigation against Trump (due to his own words and bevaior) about Russia. They thought he was a Russian asset ( that’s trending on Twitter as I speak) and was secretly working for the Russians. That investigation has been turned over to Mueller. What will you do when Mueller proves treason? Not believe it? Probably. The only reason Trump is in the WH is due to Russian interference in our elections.

  69. stay strong mr.president we,the people will fully support you now and the
    future thru 2020. VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 ( MAGA )

  70. If the DEMOCRAPS were to get their BS impeachment crap though the SENATE which they won’t then ” we the people ” would need to do some Rino house cleaning by any means necessary. These Ihate America POS’S need to go tohell with then rest of their lying friends

  71. Yes and I can’t understand why they seem to all hate each other and still call it a Democratic Party. They all seem to have ” Extremely Pure Hatred ” for President Trump, yet , all he did was win an Election that was and is a part of the United States Constitution and our Government. They had the very same chance to win as President Trump did , AND , Why blame the one person that did what he needed to do , AND – WON. TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet & Systems Analyst, Retired.

  72. I am a converted republican. The Left has become so radical they are demented, I call them dementedRats but why is the Right dragging their heels on doing just as you say, investigate the investigation? They have been telling us for so long that they are going to do this! We all knew this was a which hunt when the only people hired to Comey’s team were democrats and most of them contributors to Clinton. We should have acted way back then. Or even when Comey covered for Clinton and gave nearly everyone he “Interrogated” immunity while letting their lawyers in the room during those interrogations. WHY we dragging our feet on this? I have been waiting on Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy to do this forever! Is it too late now?

  73. You are listening to lies and are just a parrot to the Left. Its called “GROUPTHINK”. Research on your own, don’t let CNN teach you to be mindless.
    If you watch this channel you SHOULD be noticing that each and every flake tries their best to say the very same thing everyone one else has said before them. They all try to out do each other on that same issue time and time again. There is no original thought happening. Its rubbing off on their viewers, sadly.

  74. ASSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! How do so many of them have multi-million dollar mansions, (GATED MANSIONS) on the salaries they earn as congressional workers? <$200K/year! This is the IMMORALITY of all this Nancy! We are simply here to be used by the dementedRATS, they could give a rat's fanny about us. Trump was elected because he actually cares about the people and not padding the pockets of congressional workers and their friends. He's working for FREE! Didn't see Obama do that, did you? THAT is why they hate him so much!

  75. It isn’t Donald Trump the dementedRATS hate, their passion is so intense its unlimited. If they are successful in impeaching Trump, and I certainly don’t believe they will be, they will try to impeach Pence. Mad Maxine already told us that. Their hatred is so pervasive that they truly even hate each other and are thoroughly enamored of corruption.




  79. That’s probably the most sane and accurate point in this whole mess. Nobody can make me believe that lots of these high ranking politicians are not taking payoffs from the drug cartels and or the pharmaceutical industry for that matter. They certainly don’t want the Donald screwing all that up.

  80. So what happens when this all backfired on those despicable demoRATS who have been screaming impeachment even before trump was actually elected. So go ahead and impeach it will never get through the senate and in the event it does he likely will not be removed. Keep making fools of yourselves voters have long memories….maybe that’s why they keep popping out of their graves to vote for those sleazy demoRATS

  81. He didn’t waste them…he pocketed most of it. The other 17 hate-filled Dimms pocketed the other portion.

  82. Wake up America! It is all about the wall. Illegal drug lords are panicking about closing of the border. It will make them lose billions of dollars. They control many politicians in my opinion.

  83. Ask Donald Trump’s father, or a friend of his who knew why Michael Cohen was close to the action. THEN you will see the mess, NOT of Donald Trump’s doing. “The sins of the father.”

  84. I sure know where you get your false news from !! It sure is not from reliable sources. Probably from them anonymous sources the fake news gets their’s from !!

  85. The web that Cohen pulls the strings on, is going to collapse round about him.

    Ask yourselves this question: Why did Pres. Trump have this liar and backstabber working for him in the first place, if he was so underhanded, untrustworthy, and had a bad reputation?

    Regardless of what he knows and the strings he will pull: TRUMP never committed Collusion or fraud with the Russians and is no CRIMINAL and TRUMP should Sue Tom Styer for Slander

  86. Cummings never could form a complete sentence that’s why they have all those staffers to do all the work for them. All Cummings has to do is be able to read what they write for him.

  87. I have said from the beginning – how can a crook like Mueller be investigating anyone He lies, cheats and steals to get whatever he wants. These guys will do anything to save their own butts!!! I don’t trust any of them – Muller was involved in the uranium sale to Russia when he was head of the FBI no less. Can you imagine anyone who is head of the top law enforcement agency of the Country committing a crime against the USA along with Clinton and other top crooks?

  88. Cohen is a privileged elite who is experiencing the wrath of a mad man who is hell bent on ruining President Trump! I can only amazing how solitaire in prison has affected his mental status Consequently he will SING any song Mueller orchestrates for him It frightens me to think about being locked up in the hole!

  89. Who put you in charge of the English department? I had no trouble getting the message. Did you ever consider it might be someone from another country with only a little English? Don’t be so quick to put other people down. For all you know, that guy could be a nuclear physicist. Don’t be so fast to judge.

  90. Cohen is as much of a scum bag as those who will be questioning him. We need to declassify the documents that will sink their ship.

  91. Who do you think voted themselves a huge salary for a few weeks “work”when they are supposed to serve this nation? Who do you think voted for them to have a gold health insurance package, free college for their children, a taxpayer funded SHUSH fund to pay off women they have sexually harassed, etc? I simply do not understand how libs are such complete lemmings?

  92. Fool! Who do you think voted themselves a huge salary for a few weeks “work”when they are supposed to serve this nation? Who do you think voted for them to have a gold health insurance package, free college for their children, a taxpayer funded SHUSH fund to pay off women they have sexually harassed, etc? I simply do not understand how libs are such complete lemmings?

  93. That is the big scam. He should not have been President. He did not take his oath on the Bible as per constitution. He belongs ib jail along with all his administration and his husband Mikey, the Clintons and probably majority of the democrats.

  94. In response to the Government Shutdown; The Democrats keep repeating that President Trump should open the government and then they will talk. Do they think that our president and the American people are that stupid? They have already proven where they stand on government procedures and the re-start when the meeting was held and during the negotiations President Trump responded to Pelosi and Schumer’s request to have the government opened. President Trump asked if he were to restart the government, would the Democrats fund the wall within 30 days and Nancy the Piss ant said “NO”. and the president had no further choice and said “good Bye”

  95. Evil? Trump is the worst liar in government. He does not care about those hurt from his selfish attitude. No wall is necessary across the whole Southern Boarder. He lied about the drugs in his press release showing drugs taken from the points of entry and passing them off as from the Southern Boarder. The Northern Boarder captured more drugs then the Southern Boarder. Lying Trump cannot tell the truth. Wonder for Mueller to report the truth when he releases his report. Wonderful for the SDNY, Attorney Generals when they release their reports.

  96. With lying Trump in the middle. Great at lease someone is telling the truth for a change. Now the citizens will come first.

  97. Can we just start eliminating these libs yet? WTF is it gonna take before we start standing up for our country?

  98. When Obummer wa in office, he and faloozi were all clamoring that a wall was necessary on the southern border. Now it’s immoral?????? what changed? Just more hypocracy on the part of the demoncraps!

  99. the most honest thing i heard come out of washington in a long time is when some reporters were talking about our choice for the government lately have been so bad we have to choose from the people who are out to line there own pockets instead of being here for the people they don’t care about them anymore its about what they get out of it anymore, think for 2020 i’ll let my dog run for president all he wants is to be loved on and a couple of treats and he is happy and we don’t have to worry if we are being used or lied to

  100. POTUS ought to know the only person you trust is yourself and check that . Lindsey he better really watch the deep state is out with bad intentions. This bunch in DC Us / VS them

  101. But he n his are surrounded by highly trained armed men. Which is his right as a former president so he doesn’t need a wall.

  102. Well said. But it’s worse than we know. Bummer and the dems want to bring down the US. With Somali muslims & others. Read it in FREEDOM OUTPOST web site. Somalis won’t assimilate and want u to bow to their ways ! WAKE UP , THE ARE TAKING OVER IN the state of. Mass police tell citizens to stay out of the park.

  103. so the difference between cohen and trump is what, trump stood for 18 months telling everyone he had no knowledge of the payouts between cohen and them, and it turned out he was the one who ordered them through cohen and this is just one of many that he has been caught at so who do you choose to be the one to trust, just like the border i could tell what he was going to say on monday, it could of looked like club med and he would of made the same report, here is a good question why is the border so important to him when he campaigned on transparency in his government, he lies non stop, he campaigned on mexico is footing the bill for the wall and we are, he campaigned on making the rich pay there fair share of taxes and now they pay less then they ever have, the reason for the wall is so important to him is because if not gop would dump him and find somebody who would keep the promises they made to the gop

  104. It is said that all will turn out to be a circus so any hope for a civil hearing is nto going to happen. Just another DEM mess.

  105. Eric do you also hate Bebe Netanyahoo? Your surname hints you might be descended via DNA from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David.

  106. The Dems are just evil…I’ve never seen a group of people have soooo much hatred against a President!!! Is it because he’s exposing them for what they really are???? Pelosi says the wall is ‘immoral’ the Bible..she’ll find that God asked Neaimiah to build a wall around Jerusalem to protect it’s citizens,,,,So Obama has a 10 foot wall/walls around his mansion and that’s ok…there are 2 DIFFERENT STANDARDS…ONE FOR THE DEMOCRATS AND MEDIA…AND THEN THERE’S THE CONSERVATIVES!!!! Truly shameful

  107. You might go by “Misty” but your post is very Clear. Hillary and Lucifer share one thing in common. Both consider the Great White Throne to be their personal property and they want Jehovah kicked out of His Kingdom. Both have the mindset “I Will”. See: Revelation 22:11.

  108. Well I hope Elijah learns how to form a reasonable thought before he speaks the only ones in congress at least as stupid as he is, is Nancy and ocasio

  109. So is Cummings.I heard testimony on him last year an on the scam he did with people involved tax and information he had no business obtaining. Do not believe anything out of his mouth. I would not trust him as far as I could throw him, this means since he is so big, don’t trust anything he has to say.

  110. I realize that Trump us no angel. But neither is anyone else. The accusers point their fingers at the president, knowing full well that they are no angels either. I have come to the place of being totally embarrassed by reporters and democrats, and even turncoat republicans. They no longer are truthful nor have any integraty. I’m am sick of it. When did my country become so discusting and lowlife in their thinking? They may not realize it,but they are not helping democrats. I will not vote for any of then. Nor the turncoats.

  111. Thanks bj. Well said. Donald Trump has not lent aid and comfort to enemies of the USA. Barack Obama did! Obama is guilty of treason per the Constitution. Oh that’s right, I forgot, he took his fake Oath of Office on a copy of the Quran which means he’s allowed to lie per the Quran. Now we know the difference. Hmm!

  112. Michael Cohen at this point doesn’t have much credibility left given he is a ahooconvicted felon which means one has to accept what Cohen says with a grain of salt.

  113. Cohen is a pathological liar, everything he testifies to will not be believed. He would testify against his own mother to stay out of prison. Everything he said has to be proven, and that he can’t do because it never happened, Mueller knows it but continues his charades threatening witnesses to say what he wants to hear in order to keep from going to prison. Blackmail plain and simple, and yet no one is questioning Mueller on his ethics. Can’t wait for a second special council than maybe justice would finally be served.

  114. Cohen is a proven liar and felon his testimony is just more proof of no evidence for Mueller and the Democrats. Tears…….and laughs . Should the Dems pay the Huge amounts of wasted taxpayers money for this charade???

  115. The Nazis and Commies want their foot on the throats of Americans and, they refuse to accept Trump as President of the United States. Hitler and Stalin did the same type of crap and, the Democrats are working from their playbooks.

  116. A cunna ma tada: No worries, Congress is just a bunch of preverts and are only interested in the HOOKer!
    Do like Bill did, Offer them a Cigar!!!

  117. I still think that the Mueller investigation violated the law that protects the lawyer-client confidentiality. It needs to be addressed to the US Supreme Court. Very troubling when it happened. Now any client can’t trust their personal lawyer. Mueller is truly dirty.

  118. It’s all a game of charades, to stop people from voting for Trump in 2020. This pathetic game they are playing will back fire on all if them! They are acting like a bunch of Communist! They are a damn disgrace as Americans and humans!

  119. So Pres. Trump should be impeached???? He did NOTHNG wrong. Just because you hate him is not a reason. Hillary has been extremely corrupt for many years, but that is fine with you.

  120. Wonderful narrative! Thank you! God is STILL in charge and His clock is different than ours. Hitllary WILL be punished severely for her crimes and sins.

  121. Impeachment started 20 January, 2016. Unfortunately 53 Senators are Republican and 2/3 vote is not possible.

  122. So right Matt!!!! They are just trying to get back at Trump because he has shown all Demon Rats as liars and cheats !!! The whole Party should be jailed especially Shumer and Nanny Goat Pelosi! False witness always against Trump who the voters elected and the Satans have steadily been after and Trump has kept his promises and is still trying to protect USA citizens!! I love my POTUS and what he is doing! Satan leave him alone and let him dovthe job that ya’ll do do! The whole Democrat party should be fired!

  123. When Cohen found out he was headed for prison he had a melt down crying like a baby. Cohen is so afraid of going to prison Mueller can get him confess to killing the Lindbergh baby and shooting Abraham Lincoln. Mueller should be the subjecyt of an investigation RIGHT NOW! As soon as Bruce Ohr testified that he had kept “certain people in the loop” back in 2016 as to the Steele dossier being a fake – Mueller was toast. Those FISA warrants and everything connected to them are VOID. The Steele dossier was the main tool used to obtain those warrants. Point blank – the FISA courts were lied to. Two of the people named by Ohr as having been told the Steele dossier was fake in 2016 were Peter Strzok (again!!) and Andrew Weissmann – two of Mueller’s henchmen. If they knew Mueller knew – long before he started his $21,000,000 taxpayer funded – treasonous attempt to take down a duly elected president. As in 2016 Strzok was still working for James Comey – Comey has known it was a fake all along too. Both Comey – Mueller –, should be brought up on charges and in my humble opinion forced to pay restitution to the taxpayers. To add more fuel to this evidence Christopher Steele himself has come out and said he was hired by Hillary Clinton – to come up with something to challenge the election results – just in case she lost. We already know her nomination was RIGGED – what we see now is nothing more than a blatant attempt to STEAL the White House. Hillary Clinton should be headed to prison plain and simple and the sooner the better don’t let her live out her days in one of the mansions she obtained by robbing the American people blind!

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