Donald Trump just gave Islamic terrorists some really bad news

Donald Trump ran for President promising to be tougher on radical Islamic terrorism than Barack Obama.

Obama spent eight years in office appeasing terrorism-supporting countries, specifically Iran, which is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

The free ride is over.

The Trump administration announced it was designating the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terror organization.

Politico reports:

The Trump administration announced Monday that it is designating a key Iranian military force as a terrorist organization, an unprecedented move against a foreign government entity that met resistance from many in the Pentagon and other departments.

The designation targets Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a group that already faces numerous U.S. sanctions. Iranian officials have blasted the latest move, warning of “consequences” for U.S. troops in the Middle East.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday said the “historic step will deprive the world’s leading state sponsor of terror the financial means to spread misery and death around the world.”

“The IRGC masquerades as a legitimate military organization,” Pompeo told reporters, “but none of us should be fooled.”

For decades, American Presidents tolerated the Iranian lie that IRGC was a military outfit and not involved in Iran’s sponsoring of global terrorism.

But Trump promised a crackdown on Iran’s destabilizing influence, and he delivered.

First, Trump tore up Iran’s disastrous nuclear deal.

Now, he is financially crippling one of Iran’s vehicles to spread jihad across the globe.

This is the type of shakeup the American people expected when they elected Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The foreign policy establishment is sure to howl in protest.

However, it was the foreign policy establishment’s failure of looking the other way while Iran spread death and hate through IRGC’s funding Islamic terrorism that was a key component that led to Donald Trump’s election.


  1. Mr. Butchy, sir, I would like to include Tliab, AOC, those Islamic Muslim People who did steal that name/word Palestine, which ceased to exist on May 14, 1948 AD, DANGEROUS, DEADLYVIOLENT AND DESTRUCTIVE IRGC and it’s DANGEROUS, DEADLY VIOLENT AND DESTRUCTIVE Cousin HEZZBOLAH and other DDV&D Cousin HAMAS TRULY SHOULD BE ON THE DDV&D TERRORIST LIST ALSO!!!

  2. May I add one more to your very fine list.. Deny anyone -not a citizen the right to the EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT. It has become a scam and a racket–Illegals filing for having and supporting 20+ kids and collecting as much as $20,000.00 per year fraudulently–IRS knows about it but refuses to do anything because congress will not pass a law to prevent such scams. One case in point 30 checks going to the same address– a trailer in a trailer park–as far as I know –it still happens– IRS does not even ask for names of the children and SS numbers or if they are in the USA or Mexico. Pelousy and her demomarxists really want to see the USA go bankrupt

  3. Agree with you 100%. How people like Soros got such a grip on this country is sinful. The sin? Money. He gave money to dozens of groups to push his ajenda which is, unless one doesn’t know, is to overthrow the U.S.A. CAIR should have never happened in this country in the first place, same as the terrorist’s training camps that the gov’t has been well aware of for tens of years. Is that OK? Absolutely NOT. Keep up with your posts dear Butchy…I love them.

  4. :::: To President Trump ::::
    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You
    For being our President!
    I would like to apologize for
    all the nightmarish “crap”
    you’re putting up with
    Best wishes to you and yours

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  5. I will criticize the sux,full of lies,tells men to do whatever they want to women,murder.i ll piss on come behead me,but come heavy


  7. JMHO, but I think Obama is not smart enough to be the Anti-Christ. He is a narcissist, for sure. But I think Soros has more power and pulls his strings and those of Hillary. And I think Hillary has more of an evil streak than Obama does. Obama is more like a petty thief and a liar. Valerie Jarrett was always the brains behind his operation. Had Hillary won, things would be much worse than when Obama was in. I thank God for protecting President Trump and pray He will continue to do so. There is a LOT of evil out there who don’t want him to succeed.

  8. They’ll come just as quickly for you without YOUR meds as for Betty. Are you in the manic phase of your bi-polar disease? You appear to be showing signs of “delusions of grandeur”.

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

  9. She’s entitled to her belief in God just as you are entitled to your non-belief in God. Why don’t you lighten up and stop trying to make everyone as miserable as you are?

  10. words deleted. I ALSO SAID:
    ‘betty made a HUGE ‘gaffe/faux pas’
    >>> esp. for America & the American people.” <<>> esp. for America & the American people.” <<< & That Would
    BE POTUS DJT. 2020.

  11. To ‘betty’.
    HAHA HAA LOL. ‘betty’ Just ‘screwedup’! BIG Time!!!
    “Bad News ( for You? Are you Legal? lol)is the Only News CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump knows how to give,<<>> esp. for America & the American people.” <<>> esp. for America & the American people.” <<< & That Would
    BE POTUS DJT. 2020.

  12. HAHA HAA LOL. ‘betty’ Just ‘screwedup’! BIG Time!!!
    “Bad News ( for You? Are you Legal? lol)is the Only News CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump knows how to give,<<>> esp. for America & the American people.” <<>> esp. for America & the American people.” <<< & That Would
    BE POTUS DJT. 2020.

  13. Need to get rid of all that don’t westernize on need for their laws or Quran ship them back


    • Muslim men have sexual rights to any woman/girl not wearing the Hijab (see Taha rush).
    A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
    • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad’s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
    • You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.(Quran 65:4).
    • You can enslave for sex and work.(Quran 4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30).
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    • Crucify and amputate non-Muslims.(Quran 8:12, 47:4)
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    ‘ Crucify and amputate non-Muslims (Quran 8:12, 47:4)
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  15. To nasty Betty why don’t we all give you a one way ticket to Iran or Iraq maybe Afghanistan or Syria and take that worthless musilum DOJ jerk with you!

  16. YES!! We hired him to do a job and he is well exceeding it!! First time in a long time we have seen Patriotism in action! God bless our president and company!! Thanks to all who had the common sense to elect him and those many more who plan to elect him again. TRUMP 2020!!

  17. YES!! We hired him to do a job and he is well exceeding it!! First time in a long time we have seen Patriotism in action! God bless our president and company!! Thanks to all who had the common sense to elect him and those many more who plan to elect him again. TRUMP 2020!!

  18. Tomas Flores,
    I think Number 6. Is an excellent idea in solving the Dreamers dilemma. Their argument is they were not responsible. Their parents brought them illegally. But they should have some skin in the game. So, let them all stay with the provision that they can’t vote for the rest of their lives. It’s a win win. They get to stay & we get to not let Pelosi win their votes.

  19. Sharon,
    It just shows who & what Betty is. I always say their evil hatred will drive them insane & this is a perfect example.

  20. Absolutely! Go President Trump…we are behind you! It was a campaign promise along with many others he has kept…he is an awesome leader. Ahem Democrats…this is the way a president does it..with or without your permission. You just keep on being svhool bullies…he could care less.
    Thanks President Trump.

  21. Amazing, calling a turd a turd is not common with the ass kissing world we are in today. This makes it official, Trump has balls and Obama didn’t. (Obama) Let’s see, if we bribe them, maybe they won’t bother us anymore and we can walk to school safely. (Trump) Lets see, your a bully and I’m going to let you know and your not getting my lunch money anymore. Let’s see what the trashy Persian’s are going to do now!. 3,000 years the damn Persians have been screwing up a large section of the world. When does mankind get tired of dealing with the same tribes evil mentality once every hundred years and finally take a stand and wipe them out? Some people just do not need to exist!

  22. The incredible amount of good that President Trump has done for this country just keeps on coming. Ain’t is great to see MAGA in action?

  23. you must have the filthiest mouth ever. you should be ashamed of your self,disrespecting the first lady,she has done nothing to deserve that kind of BS from you.

  24. Bad News is the Only News CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump knows how to give, esp. for America & the American people. The Oval Office Insane Ride will hopefully, with the upcoming presidential election, be totally over for mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. Legalized White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  25. well when oboma said he would always side with islam , he should have bin removed from office , he supported , funded and even created his own islamic terror group known as isis, and on top of that he gave iran 100’s of billions of dollars , going as far as to fly the money in in the middle of the night in unmarked air planes

  26. Read your Bible Tim, the Lord picks all the rulers, just like he picked Saul, David, and Solomon. He picks ALL the rulers, Kings, even the bad ones to punish the people they govern. That includes president Obama also. Please look up with your search engine who picks the Kings and Rulers in the Bible. You will find the answers in the Old and New Testament. Betty is correct.

  27. No Betty, I don’t know how you could make such a statement like that. If was the people of the united states that voted President Trump into office. Why make such a untrue statement? Did god give us Obama to and his bad policies & complete failures? No once again the voters did. Just because your fantasies of a higher power should get all the credit for everything people do that is good is silly at most. Do you give god all your credit and phase for all the baby killings and murder and corruption? NO you don’t do you? Just when good things people do accomplish to do, then you can’t wait to snatch the deserving credit from the ones who deserve it and say god did it. Yea right

  28. Obama grew up under a Muslin father and the Muslim religion during his formative years until he was 8 years of age so what else did the American voters expect when they voted for him??

  29. Their are several more thing that I would like to see happen that our president can do
    1) deny all tax credit to the big corporations that out source American jobs 2) only allow tax credits to the corporations that bring the jobs back to America
    3) birth right citizenship only to the parents who are American citizens and legally here with green card status
    4) deny all entitle benefits to ALL ILLEGAL immigrants
    5) make all Dreamers file for temporary status and forced to take the citizenship classes, any who refuse will be deported on permanent status
    6) deny any past or present anchor babies citizenship if parents are illegal status
    7) use the saved entitlement tax revenue to help our own citizens FIRST
    8) stop foreign aid to any country that has shown disrespect and contempt toward America and it citizens
    9) press treason charges to any elected official who shows allegiance to any terrorist type of groups.

    We need elected officials who will work for the same principles and ideals that founded our nation over 240 years ago.

  30. It was our God who gave us President Trump. There was enough christians praying for a leader to save us from going down to hell in a handbasket. Please open the eyes of the democrats to see the beauty of what our God can do for us, when we turn to him. Remember it was our God who gave us his Son, our only hope of an eternal salvation. Our beautiful first lady is so precious and a helpmate for our president. God bless, Betty.

  31. Good comment 96% of Americans would agree with you- There is no place for an anti-American Muslim in Congress or the White House or anyplace else!

  32. Obama stated now that he is the leader of the United Nations that he is the Anti-Christ and is in charge of the world. Hillary Clinton must have know all the degrading things he was doing to our country so she must have been the Anti-Christs assistant. We must understand that this was all foretold in the Bible and it is coming to fruition right now.

  33. All empty threats by the Persian raghead scum. Let them try to put some consequences on our M.E. troops, they’re gonna find out what ISIS did!

  34. Let just complete it all and the three women serving in the HOUSE should be removed from their positions and what better way to send the strongest message remove them from this country once and for all.

  35. He could really put icing on the cake if he sent Obama back to the Islamic State with no return?

  36. When some one says ISLAMIC TERRORIST without CRAPPING THEIR PANTS their TOUGHER than ALL DEMON RATS and RINOS!!!

  37. President Trump you are the GREATEST & I don’t care what the libs say. They are not very smart to see what is going on. Keep up the good work Pres; we are happy with you.

  38. Obama was a horrible president. His wife, along with his closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, influenced his executive decisions. Joe Biden was absolutely a worthless vice president that keep grabbing married women to sit on him. Yeah, he sniffed a lot. John Kerry tried to marry America to Iran.

    Trump shook his head, saying aloud that Iran deal was one of the worst deals ever. He already proved it to be true. Not even a sweat. Yeah, Obama and Kerry ran around, assuring all the skeptics that Trump presidency is going to be one-termer. Not an iota of respect for the new presidency. Both of them need to face the charges of violating the Logan Act.

    The EU are still hauling the illegal migrants. Merkel, already won another term, is still unrepentant. I hope that Steve Bannon is helping the Europeans to fight back. The EU liberals were quick to censor the conservative voice in their internet. The conservatives of each European country need to rise for their national sovereignty.

    The work is not done yet. For us, let MAGA.

  39. Islam is Satans government and his way of treating a woman and nonmuslim Islamists. Iran, Irak, Afganistan, and all the surrounding area is Satans locust army. GOD put a ban on these people thousands of years ago. Its time someone stood tall and executed GOD’s ban on them. That is to kill every man, woman, and child that are devout Islamists. Any Muslim that wants to live has only one way to do so. That is exactly how GOD says in John 3:16.

  40. We finally have a President with a set of balls to stand up to these terrorist organizations. All obama did was fund them with money to keep them terrorizing countries. They need to be taught a lesson that we are not taking it anymore. Good job Mr. President, hit them where it hurts, no money, no aid and dismantle them.

  41. Lord, please bless and protect President Trump and VP Mike Pence and their families. Please keep them in your care always. Thank you, Lord.

  42. Agreed!! Let the foreign policy establishment howl all it wants. It’s time Iran was given its walking papers!! It’s time we stopped coddling this terrorist regime and stop sending pallets of money to them. Enough is enough! Good for you, President Trump!

  43. When obummer first took office he went on his ‘apology tour’ all America saw of him was his butt as he bowed to every terrorist leader in the world. For the next 8 years we got a first hand look at the true butt he was. Thankfully he didn’t complete the destruction of America before his time was up.
    If hitlary had won, by the end of 2017 we would have been completely under the communistic domination of a female hitler…hitlary…
    By now every gun would have been confiscated or the owners’ murdered & cremated. We would be living in a horrible world. BUT, THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING US PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! He is fearless. He doesn’t care what they say or do to him. He gives as good as he gets. They can’t even set him up & succeed. THANK YOU GOD!!! MAGA!!! MAGA!!!

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