Donald Trump just got hit with some terrible news about the 2020 election

Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign is about to kick into high gear.

But the President might hit some troubled political waters.

And that’s because Donald Trump just got hit with some terrible news about the 2020 election.

Donald Trump is expecting the booming economy to bolster his re-election prospects.

But new economic data indicates he may not be able to count on that being the case.

Corporate earnings declined for the second straight quarter.

When that happened in the past, it indicated a recession would occur in the next year or two.

USA Today reports:

Yet with second-quarter earnings season underway, analysts are nervously waiting to see if the final results will deliver a second straight quarterly drop in corporate profits. Those surveyed by FactSet reckon the earnings of S&P 500 companies declined 1.9% in the April-June period from a year earlier. That’s based on a blend of their pre-earnings season estimate and actual results of the 16% of companies reporting so far.

Why the concern over back-to-back declines?

Two consecutive quarterly decreases would represent an earnings recession, which typically – but not always – foreshadows an economic recession within a year or two. Companies whose profits are squeezed tend to pull back hiring and investment.

No President has won re-election running for re-election in the face of an economic recession.

And the Federal Reserve may be trying to engineer one to oust Trump from office.

Trump repeatedly attacks the Fed for manipulating interest rates to slow down economic growth.

During Obama’s Presidency, his Fed Chairs did their best to prop up Obama’s failed policies to keep him in office.

But the Fed is the biggest monster in the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

And with impeachment efforts stalled out, the Swamp’s best chance to get rid of Trump would be the Federal Reserve staging a recession next year.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential Election.


  1. Betty,
    Explain how our POTUS TRUMP ???????????? ???????? has in any way harmed America.
    He has done more than any POTUS in my memory, & I remember Eisenhower.
    He has lowered taxes, brought back jobs, securing our borders, the minors are back to work, our factories are working again, cut red tape, got rid of obummers unaffordable Care act, gotten over 6 million off food stamps, ending birthright citizenship for illegals who drop their babies here, fut down on the drugs coming across our borders & just so much more ????????????????
    What have the Democrats done FOR America?
    Wasted our money, our time, want to tax us upwards of 80%, free everything.
    Open borders, disease, criminals , take away freedom of speech and our right to defend our selves and others. Men using ladies restrooms
    Killing babies, disrespect, I’m morality etc.
    Tell me again who wants to hurt America.
    TRUMP ???? ???????? MAGA ???????????? ???????? 2020

  2. Your an idiot who’s only has rhetoric and you couldn’t answer what President Trump has done to hurt our country if your life depended on it, your nothing but a liberal fascist fool.

  3. Betty, please explain what President Trump has done to make you hate him so much? I’m betting you can’t answer that question so the only other thing is cnn & msnbc has convinced an idiot like YOU that President Trump took your cookies & milk because that’s exactly what you sound like a “petulant little baby”!!!

  4. Well we have done pretty good so far. Remember the opposition party have done nothing for 3 1/2 years but like a old phono. Needle struck in a groove Russia, Russia, Russia.. In fact the propaganda ministry tries to do everything It can to hurt Trumps whole program l Bill Maher repeated a statement he had said after Trump was elected. that he hopes for a economic recession in 2020 so it will hurt Trumps reelection chances. The nerve of him. While on this topic expect in 2020 more domestic. Violence within our nation. The deep estate are now getting anxious for their programs to be installed in our congress and with all the traitors we have in the Democrat Party look got the money to accelerator this goal. I really believe President Trump can stand up to this problem because he has the backing of the true patriot America and we will peresever.

  5. As long as your in total agreement with the , ” INSURRECTION LEAGUE’S Kabul, ” Betty, I believe you think your correct.
    HOWEVER, We citizens of the UNITED STATES, FOUGHT you folks once & Won & WE’LL Do it AGAIN !

  6. Betty just won the debate at her fourth grade class for this week. Can you believe the ignorance?? as well this article does not speak the truth….

  7. No we needed to rid ourselves of terrorist obama. We now have a patriotic American in office. Too bad you liberals are drinking the koolaide that the squad is pushing on you

  8. I see that you are NOT a Christion for the foul mouth stuff that you are sluing, I guess you did not take tax savings that he gave you.

  9. shar On. What we need even less is that Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE! A MENTALLY ILL MONKEY (RUINING) this country!

  10. Hey, francisco. Better Trust in GOD cause Sure As HELL the only thing you can trust trump for is to be both a SICKO LIAR & A BULLY!

  11. d trump is getting the KARMA of the HELL he Started In The First Place! “What Truly Goes Around Comes Around”!

  12. wrong, john. d. trump is Our Country’s NIGHTMARE & what really says it all is that MENTALLY ILL MONKEY’S CONSTANT HISTORY OF INSANITY!

  13. Wrong, monica. It’s more like GOD SAVE AMERICA from an Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE. In 2020, let’s replace a MENTALLY ILL MORON, a MONKEY with a MAN!

  14. This is nothing but FAKE NEWS promoted by DEMS and FAKE NEWS media. I live in Texas and the State of Texas is BOOMING and more companies are moving their Headquarters here and building huge brand new buildings and lot of people are being moved to Midland and Odessa and the Housing authority is building more housing and people who have the right kind of house have turned their property into oil workers housing and are making big money as rental income many are big enough for several oil workers and sometime they don’t have to move their families. It is a win win time for us.

  15. Beautiful,,,, God Bless President Trump and may God continue to provide his armor against democrats!

  16. I thought that renewed right was a Conservative Site that does not pander to a left leaning propaganda rag like USA Today. So whoever regurgitated this bogus article in an attempt to stroke fear and uncertainty among the wishy-washy voters in the middle should be fired.

  17. It’s a no brainer, the feds mess with the rate, and wait…,
    So with the economy at its best in years, and getting better,
    the feds can only do so much to a point of no return, even for them. I think this time it will backfire on them badly.

  18. Trump is an exceptional president, who else would be able to withstand all the problems the dems throw at him,, he always comes through like a Champ..with all the prayers from Christians all over the world, our merciful lord keeps him under protection to withstand another day . Long live our president. “ He da boss”.

  19. I see the same thing Sharon….so do many people & your right it is not going to be pretty…..especially for those on the wrong side. & we all know who they are.

  20. Yes, Pres Trump has become the best president who is for the American people, yet he has received more hell than any other president elected…. WHY? Because the Democrats and RINO’s want total CONTROL of YOU…. I foresee another revolution coming and it’s not going to be pretty.

  21. Why do we need the Federal Reserve? It was set up erroneously by elites and Big Bankers during 1913 around Christmas break when most of Congress was gone except a few elite and the meet in a secret place to initiate a Federal Reserve to control everyone’s money supply and interest…. Let the market drive the interest rates. Eliminate Federal Reserve (not part of the govt), Dept of Education (state issues) Dept of Energy (move under Dept of Interior).

  22. Renewedeight: My arse, never Trumper neo-cons wrote the aforementioned article. 2 consecutive Corporate earnings reductions are not an indicator of a pending recession. When viewed from a fact based perspective. Such as corporate capital expenditure = expansion do to tax rate reductions are still very much in the works.

  23. wow, the elites really are trying to take over the world. terrible thought. they will be fighting among each other to see who will control. horrible people. can you imagine what the world will be like, very scary and terrible.
    Trump doesn’t much of a chance with people like that. We Christians will have to come together to vote for him again. we can win this.

  24. And of course liberal media jumps right in to vilify our president. The veiw from here suggests another TRUMP VICTORY. Too bad dumbocraps, keep it won’t be able to afford humble pie.

  25. He’s certainly better than anything we’ve seen lately! But, as I’ve said before, the Crats are merely filling space right now. They have nothing, no one at all, to run, so they are merely filling up space, and hope that they can regroup sometime in the next several years. If they ran any of the losers they have in their stock yard, in the next presidential election, it would be a run-away win for the Pubs. Which is the one thing that the Dems cannot afford. A loss, yes. A “run-away” loss, NO WAY!!!

  26. Dems go to work earn u’r salary quit the bullcrap u r a servant of the people not our dictator! IN GOD WE TRUST

  27. Colleen, while I can’t totally agree with that, I will say that he’s the best in the past 10 years or so!

  28. “And the Federal Reserve may be trying to engineer one to oust Trump from office.”
    You can damn well bet that’s what they are doing!!!

  29. You like other news media are totally full of BS. If we put you all together you would have a problem coming up with one true news story. You are all full of that brown stuff that comes out our A$$. Do something right for a change and give the American People the truth. President Trump is the best thing to happen to the United States since the border wall as soon as you all allow it to happen… sorry sorry people all of you. Crappy News Network (CNN), MSNBC and Rachel Madcow should be sunk and ABC CBS and NBC should all be restructured to tell the truth and the newspapers well they are the past and not needed any longer. We are the American People and we deserve the truth or you all should call it quits. Think you know how I feel!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ashamed 2 B a dem.voted for Trump 2016 and will 2020 he has the american people’s interest above everything else can’t say the same for the lefts who are on the edge of the cliff no morals left at all In GOD We Trust!!!!!!

  31. Wake up people, the Federal Reserve is not under our government or the control of the United States. It is a banking congloberation from Europe and have been in control of our money systems since around the 30’s. So this is not a good thing and never was. Go on line and ask “What is the Federal Reserve Banking system” and wala you will see truth as to the difficulties our nation has in staying national and not being pushed by those groups seeking a One World government.

  32. The economy goes up and it goes down. The fed messes with the intrest rate everyday. To try and pin it on trump, is like trying to herd cats. Does not happen.

  33. We have such fantastic economic growth that a slight slow down is bound to happen. People have their jobs and have bought what they want and now are trying to stockpile a little money. Job growth will slacken but there are more working people now than ever in this country. I still see plenty of “We are hiring” signs. Not to worry, yet. Let the NAY sayers and doom and gloomers worry for you. With Trump in office you’re in good hands.

  34. I see no terrible news here. The economy always has ups and downs. It’s up much more under Trump It hasn’t went down to Obama level. Renewed right should quit trying to stir the pot and get their facts straight.

  35. The Federal Reserve … is controlled by the foreign entity. Not American.

    The dark secret still lies in the hands of the world elites. The world central banking system is close to complete the total control of every country monetary system. All but three countries are under the control of this banking system. Should it achieve it all, then … will it be the checkmate for everyone on the earth?

    In their game, you are just a number, not a name. “Resistance is futile!”

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