Donald Trump just got some really bad news about 2024

Donald Trump wants to run for President again in 2024.

But Democrats are looking to throw a monkey wrench into those plans.

And Donald Trump just got some really bad news about 2024.

The members of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 witch-hunt committee finally ripped off the mask.

Democrats on the committee have two goals – arrest Donald Trump’s supporters and rig the 2024 election so he can’t win.

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin sits on the witch-hunt committee.

Raskin is a conspiracy theorist who voted to overturn the will of the people in 2016 and reject the certification of Donald Trump’s victory based on the lie about voter suppression stealing the election for the former President.

Raskin also served as one of the House managers in Nancy Pelosi’s second impeachment hoax against Donald Trump.

And now Raskin wants to use his perch on the January 6 witch-hunt committee to push for changes to elections that would rig them in the Democrats’ favor going forward.

According to reports, Raskin wants the committee to endorse abolishing the Electoral College, as well as support the Democrats’ election fraud bill that would see universal mail-in voting mandated for all 50 states, imposing ballot harvesting and neutering voter ID laws.

Axios reports:

In multiple conversations among committee members, Raskin has argued that the Electoral College should be abolished — that if presidents were elected by a popular vote, this would protect future presidential elections against the subversion that Trump and his allies tried to pull off in 2020.

Raskin also has pushed for the committee to endorse “federal legislation to oppose voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering,” according to a source familiar with his comments to his committee colleagues.

He has been an outspoken supporter of the Democratic Party’s major voting rights bills — the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

From the start, critics slammed the January 6 Commission as nothing more than a political witch-hunt intended to boost Democrats’ chances in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Since Democrats can’t run on any achievements and Joe Biden has failed at everything, their best chance to hold on to power is by tilting the rules of the game in their favor.

And Raskin is confirming what everyone knew about the January 6 Commission by supporting abolishing the Electoral College and the Democrats’ voter fraud bill.

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