Donald Trump just handed Barack Obama this final defeat

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have been political rivals for nearly a decade.

Obama seethed as the American people elected Trump to undo Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy.

And now Donald Trump just handed Barack Obama this final defeat.

Donald Trump topped the Gallup poll for the most admired man in America.

After Trump and Obama shared the award in 2019, Trump owning the top spot by himself in 2020 ended Barack Obama’s 12 year run being number one in that poll.

Mediaite reports:

That’s according to Gallup, which – on Tuesday – released its annual survey tracking the most admired man. Trump edged out former President Barack Obama for the honor, with 18 percent of respondents naming the current commander in chief as their pick, compared to 15 percent opting for his predecessor.

Ordinarily, the sitting president tends to perform very well in this poll. In the 74 years, Gallup has conducted its most admired survey, the current president has topped the list 60 times. However, Trump finished behind Obama in 2017 and 2018 and shared the top spot with him in 2019. Prior to 2020, Obama had been Gallup’s most admired man in America for 12 years running.

While it is true that the President usually does well in this poll, no President has faced an unending smear campaign like President Trump did.

President Trump came into office with the FBI trying to frame him for being a Russian spy.

The media falsely accused him of being a racist on a near daily basis.

Despite all the four year pile up of lies and conspiracy theories designed to destroy Donald Trump’s name, the President still beat out Barack Obama for the title of most admired man in America.

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