Donald Trump just retracted an endorsement that will leave you speechless

Donald Trump’s endorsement is one of the most powerful forces in American politics.

It can be a disaster for a candidate if Trump decides not to endorse.

And Donald Trump just retracted an endorsement that will leave you speechless.

In an interview with conservative commentator Wayne Allyn Root, President Trump angrily denied that he endorsed California Congressman Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

“No, I haven’t,” Trump said in response to a question from Root. “No, no, no. I haven’t,” Trump continued, before adding, “No, I endorsed him in his race. But I haven’t endorsed anybody for speaker.”

What President Trump did do was endorse McCarthy’s re-election to Congress.

“In Congress, Kevin is a tireless advocate for the people of Bakersfield and the Central Valley. He is working incredibly hard to Stop Inflation, Deliver Water Solutions, and Hold Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi Accountable for their catastrophic failures and dereliction of duty,” Trump wrote in an endorsement he issued last month. “As Leader, Kevin is building a ‘Commitment to America’ platform to Grow our Economy, Fight Big Tech Censorship, Secure the Border, Strengthen our Military, Defend the Second Amendment, Improve our Health Care, Restore American Energy Independence, Support our Brave Veterans, and Uphold the Rule of Law and American Values.”

McCarthy is seen as the favorite to win the Speaker’s gavel if Republicans take back control of the House of Representatives.

But many conservatives do not trust McCarthy due to his moderate voting record and willingness to cut deals with Democrats.

No conservative wants a repeat of when John Boehner and Paul Ryan served as the last two Republican Speakers of the House.

Both Boehner and Ryan took pleasure in stabbing conservatives in the back.

Boehner and Ryan worked to fully fund Barack Obama’s socialist agenda.

Ryan also went out of his way to sabotage Donald Trump’s effort to build a border wall.

Trump supporters are wary of McCarthy because he comes from the same wing of the GOP as Ryan and Boehner.

McCarthy is also on tape saying Donald Trump should resign from office following the events of January 6.

It’s not fully decided who will serve as Speaker in the event Republicans win back the House.

Trump withholding his endorsement from Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House could lead to someone deciding to challenge him for the position.

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