Donald Trump just ruined Barack Obama’s day with this one tweet

Democrats never thought this old video would come back to haunt them.

But they always underestimate Donald Trump.

And the President sent out this one tweet that just ruined Barack Obama’s day and revealed the left’s biggest weakness.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge there is a crisis on America’s southern border.

They claim Trump is fabricating the thousands of illegal aliens attempting to storm across the border every day.

But this is a different tune than the one they sang just a few years ago.

To prove it, Trump tweeted out a video of then-President Barack Obama bemoaning the crisis on the southern border and calling on Congress to fix it.

The Democrats’ hypocrisy has been on full display during the government shutdown.

Back in 2006, then-Senators Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as Chuck Schumer voted for the Secure Fence Act, which provided for 700 miles of border fencing.

13 years later, these same Democrats blast a wall as immoral and racist.

Deep down they know America needs a border wall.

But they want to deny Trump a political victory that they think will cement his re-election.

So they abandoned the position they once held and are holding America’s security hostage over a petty political squabble.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. It’s really ironic how Polocie had to cancel a trip because her security concerns. What about our security? She’s a very selfish woman ,with a tall wall around her home, and security every where she goes! So pathetic!

  2. This is the Democrated party. Ice arrested a repeat child molester crossing over the border, a Obama appointed judge ordered to go get him and bring him back! Now if this is what half this country wants ,then I do believe you on the left are Satan’s advicates!

  3. I found out that the parents of our good buddy Barack O were both communists and he was influenced by them and stuck to their beliefs throughout his whole life.

  4. Once again, Obama is the master of deception. There is no crises on the border. Right Who was it that said never let a crises go to waste? This whole bunch of snowflake Dems is nothing short of pathetic liars. RVN 68-69

  5. Just wondering: Is an open, obvious hypocritical statement a lie ? If so, every democRAT that I’ve seen give a statement on The Wall is a liar.
    And the favorite charge of the little snowflakes is that PRESIDENT TRUMP lies. HAH !

  6. What a contrast: An American President that truly loves THIS country and is trying every day to help and make better his country instead of doing what the elites want to further their agenda. This is SOOOOO refreshing. He works for free giving his pay to charity and is so transparent to anyone who wants to know what is going on that people don’t know what to think. He is real and will be known as one of our greatest presidents when all is said and done. He lives to make this country good and solid and every true American should support his efforts as this will make our troubled country whole again as a nation that is great and here for all Americans and the world when WE are fixed and going in the right direction. God bless OUR president for doing what must be done for ALL Americans and if you don’t like him that’s ok but just tell the truth from your heart, not make things up to hinder his attempts.

  7. Wasn’t much of a friend if he got mad at you over that, enough to call it quits as a friend! Your on the right track! Keep up the good work supporting Trump! When all the corrution goes to Gitmo and dems get put in there place, these friends might see the light! Know a few myself!

  8. You are so right, omegatalon! I don’t get how they can say most of what they hey say with a “straight face”! Every one of the blowhards that have been calling the wall immoral have been recorded saying that the wall was the best thing since apple pie! And then came Donald Trump! I rest my case……….now it’s time for them to “rest their face”!

  9. Five minutes ago, I lost a 20 year friendship with someone solely because I believe in what President Trump is doing about border security, including the wall. While I am very sad over the loss of what I considered to be a good friend, I am even sadder that a supporter of this president has to tolerate such hate and loathing from members of the other side, just because we disagree with them. I love my country, and I want ALL presidents to succeed, because when THEY succeed, the country does as well. And while your opinion may be different from mine,, I would defend your right to have one to the end! I know now that my former friend doesn’t feel that way. Oh well, HIS LOSS!

  10. DemoRats hate this president more than they love this country and here citizens or they would have funded the wall, less than 2% of the entire federal budget and moved on. Who is being childish? Peelosi and Crying Schumer and all the other Demorats that can’t stand up for this country. Hope the voting public remember ow the Demorats hate this country and don’t vote for them again ad nauseum.

  11. Democrats don’t want the wall because they depend on these Illegal Aliens to vote Illegally in our American Elections plane and simple.

  12. R.P. not only in politics also in Law and related law businesses. One sample the FBI, CIA, IRS. DOJ and a few others. Commonly known as te deep state or the Washington swamp.

  13. Democrats are hypocrites and are the worst of treasonous traitors as they’ll stab you in the back when it suits them; these talking heads all supported a border wall when it suited them to do so.. now with Trump in office, they turn traitorous and say a wall isn’t needed as who can vote and support these flip-floppers.

  14. Well the democrats use an ASS as their ‘mascot, icon, slogan,’ whatever it’s called. The Republicans use the mighty, the slow to anger, but when they have enough they can literally CRUSH their opponents, strong, never forgets, and they will strategically make their bellow heard far and wide, ELEPHANT as theirs! I’d WAY RATHER BE AN ELEPHANT THAN AN ASS ANY DAY!!!

  15. VERY TRUE!!! He, just like ALL the dems, use everyone to get where they are going. They will say anything, do anything to make each new step then throw those people aside without looking back. The tossed either hate them or can’t admit they got screwed to save face. I get concerned that even though Michael obummer keeps saying she won’t run for president but beware… she is on the best campaign any other candidate can even come close to… AND SHE IS GETTING PAID MASSIVE BUCKS TO PROMOTE HER BOOK IN EVERY MAJOR CITY IN THE U.S.. The other candidates will have to PAY MASSIVE BUCKS to do the same ‘tour’. She has them all beat by a mile already. Expect the unexpected.

  16. So then, obama, KILLARY, and Schumer are racist, insensitive, and immoral?? I guess it must be, seeing they said the same thing not too many years before!! HYPOCRITICAL DEGENERATES!!

  17. A documentary inclusive of this Obama speech would be great along with collective interviews from people that live along the border and tell of their fear and what they’re going through. People in an area in Texas that is a common passage for illegals say they’ve all bought guns because they’re fearful. Foreign funding for Central America should be discontinued. This money could fund the wall completely. They’re all coming to America to live. DOUBLE JEOPARDY!! BUILD THE WALL !!

  18. Yes…and this is election fraud! Why are they not being prosecuted for deceiving voters?? They should be kicked to the curb and quickly. Punishment should not just be a slap on the hands! This should be focused on more…but of course our fake news will not be doing it…bunch of disgusting libs!!

  19. That reminds me of the two ladies from Kansas who ran as Republicans to get elected, and then decided to leave the party and become DEMONRATS after they were elected. Talk about two-faced hypocrites – those two wrote the book!!!


  21. Democrats mastered the art of saying whatever people want to hear to get elected then tossing what they said aside. They were too busy lining their own pockets. Obama promised “HOPE” and “CHANGE” where is it? He also said during his first campaign that “if I don’t balance the budget in my first term – I won’t deserve a second”. Of course when you watch Barry – whoever the hell he really is – he makes great speeches when there is a teleprompter in front of him. Take it away and he can hardly put a comprehendible sentence together – a lot of uhs – duhs – wuhs and changing topics in mid sentence. Barry used the REAL Obama family in Kenya as political fodder to get elected – he used his aunt Zeituni Onyango too – having her to the White House for photo ops – she lived and died in poverty in Boston – and when she died Barry could not even be bothered to help get her body back to Kenya for her funeral and burial – saying “she got what she deserved”. He used the people of Hawaii just as much – campaigning all about how he was “born” in Hawaii – That would make him the first president ever from the state – the Hawaiian’s were so proud. SO why is he building his presidential center in Chicago and NOT Hawaii? The Hawaiian’s are no longer useful and have been kicked to the curb as well. Many people need to learn to recognize hypocrisy when they see it

  22. We the people are getting a little tired of the lame brained, deceptive, and lying dems thinking that we are unable to discern the truth. It may take more time for some of us to finally accept the facts that the dems are traitors and capable as well as willing to commit treason against this country. Unfortunately for these corrupt dems, the old adage of “what goes around, comes around”. Modern technology is sometimes a great memory booster for revealing their sins of the past.

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