Donald Trump just shut down a New York Times conspiracy theory about the U.S. military

The Fake News Media and Democrat Party are throwing everything at President Trump to derail his re-election bid.

But they just sunk to a disgusting new low.

And Donald Trump just shut down a New York Times conspiracy theory about the U.S. military.

The New York Times reported what they claimed was a bombshell story that the Trump administration allegedly knew since March that the Russians paid the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Democrats want to erode Republicans’ usual advantage with military voters so The Times ran a dubious story claiming President Trump knew the Russians were targeting American soldiers for assassination and did nothing because he is beholden to Vladimir Putin.

But Donald Trump shot down the fake news story in a series of tweets, first debunking The Times’ claim that the President was briefed on the Russians paying the Taliban bounties to kill American citizens.

“Nobody briefed or told me, @VP Pence, or Chief of Staff @MarkMeadows
about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians, as reported through an ‘anonymous source’ by the Fake News @nytimes. Everybody is denying it & there have not been many attacks on us,” the President said.

“Nobody’s been tougher on Russia than the Trump Administration,” Trump continued. “With Corrupt Joe Biden & Obama, Russia had a field day, taking over important parts of Ukraine – Where’s Hunter? Probably just another phony Times hit job, just like their failed Russia Hoax. Who is their ‘source”?’

In a subsequent Tweet the President refuted The Times’ claim that American intelligence knew for a fact that the Russians were paying bounties for dead American soldiers noting that his intelligence officials did not brief him on the matter because they did not consider it credible.

“Intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible, and therefore did not report it to me or @VP. Possibly another fabricated Russia Hoax, maybe by the Fake News @nytimesbooks, wanting to make Republicans look bad!!!” the President added.

In an election year Americans expect all sorts of attacks.

But The New York Times accusing the President of allowing the Russians to pay blood bounties to kill American troops crossed a line.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


  1. Where is our FCC director? Isn’t publishing known falsehoods unethical and cause for sanctions against the owners of the broadcasting stations that actively promote such evil? Pulling the license and issuing stiff fines are certainly effective measures to put a stop to this madness.

  2. The MEDIA wants to control the minds of people with lies all the time prove what you print or shut the hell up! Lies, Lies Lies say it enough someone will believe it, typical communist way of control. Take in the source of the truth ? The media would not know the truth if it came up and bite them on the butt.

  3. I’m waiting for the day that Ron will post something intelligent about the contents of the article and not his opinion of other persons. his comments say much more about himself than any body else. How can one know anything about any body by just reading their post. It look like he has a serious own family sex problem, it is all he can talk about, i’m so very sorry for him, poor fellow.


  5. Tayln Lang……. I’ve seen some really good trolls on comment sites but you are probably the best I’ve ever seen. You remind me of a tumble bug in a pile of cow manure!!

  6. Data on Financial Transfers Bolstered Suspicions That Russia Offered Bounties
    Analysts have used other evidence to conclude that the transfers were likely part of an effort to offer payments to Taliban-linked militants to kill American and coalition troops in Afghanistan.

    American officials intercepted electronic data showing large financial transfers from a bank account controlled by Russia’s military intelligence agency to a Taliban-linked account, which was among the evidence that supported their conclusion that Russia covertly offered bounties for killing U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan, according to three officials familiar with the intelligence.

    Though the United States has accused Russia of providing general support to the Taliban before, analysts concluded from other intelligence that the transfers were most likely part of a bounty program that detainees described during interrogations. Investigators also identified by name numerous Afghans in a network linked to the suspected Russian operation, the officials said — including, two of them added, a man believed to have served as an intermediary for distributing some of the funds and who is now thought to be in Russia.

    The intercepts bolstered the findings gleaned from the interrogations, helping reduce an earlier disagreement among intelligence analysts and agencies over the reliability of the detainees. The disclosures further undercut White House officials’ claim that the intelligence was too uncertain to brief President Trump. In fact, the information was provided to him in his daily written brief in late February, two officials have said.

    Afghan officials this week described a sequence of events that dovetails with the account of the intelligence. They said that several businessmen who transfer money through the informal “hawala” system were arrested in Afghanistan over the past six months and are suspected of being part of a ring of middlemen who operated between the Russian intelligence agency, known as the G.R.U., and Taliban-linked militants. The businessmen were arrested in what the officials described as sweeping raids in the north of Afghanistan, as well as in Kabul.

    A half-million dollars was seized from the home of one of the men, added a provincial official. The New York Times had previously reported that the recovery of an unusually large amount of cash in a raid was an early piece in the puzzle that investigators put together.

    The three American officials who described and confirmed details about the basis for the intelligence assessment spoke on condition of anonymity amid swelling turmoil over the Trump administration’s failure to authorize any response to Russia’s suspected proxy targeting of American troops and downplaying of the issue after it came to light four days ago.

    White House and National Security Council officials declined to comment, as did the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. They pointed to statements late Monday from Mr. Ratcliffe; the national security adviser, Robert C. O’Brien; and the Pentagon’s top spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman. All of them said that recent news reports about Afghanistan remained unsubstantiated.

    On Monday, the administration invited several House Republicans to the White House to discuss the intelligence. The briefing was mostly carried out by three Trump administration officials: Mr. Ratcliffe, Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, and Mr. O’Brien. Until recently, both Mr. Meadows and Mr. Ratcliffe were Republican congressmen known for being outspoken supporters of Mr. Trump.

    That briefing focused on intelligence information that supported the conclusion that Russia was running a covert bounty operation and other information that did not support it, according to two people familiar with the meeting. For example, the briefing focused in part on the interrogated detainees’ accounts and the earlier analysts’ disagreement over it.

    Both people said the intent of the briefing seemed to be to make the point that the intelligence on the suspected Russian bounty plot was not clear cut. For example, one of the people said, the White House also cited some interrogations by Afghan intelligence officials of other detainees, downplaying their credibility by describing them as low-level.

    The administration officials did not mention anything in the House Republican briefing about intercepted data tracking financial transfers, both of the people familiar with it said.

    Democrats and Senate Republicans were also separately briefed at the White House on Tuesday morning. Democrats emerged saying that the issue was clearly not, as Mr. Trump has suggested, a “hoax.” They demanded to hear directly from intelligence officials, rather than from Mr. Trump’s political appointees, but conceded they had not secured a commitment for such a briefing.

    Based on the intelligence they saw, the lawmakers said they were deeply troubled by Mr. Trump’s insistence he did not know about the plot and his subsequent obfuscation when it became public.

    “I find it inexplicable in light of these very public allegations that the president hasn’t come before the country and assured the American people that he will get to the bottom of whether Russia is putting bounties on American troops and that he will do everything in his power to make sure that we protect American troops,” said Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

    He added: “I do not understand for a moment why the president is not saying this to the American people right now and is relying on ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I haven’t heard,’ ‘I haven’t been briefed.’ That is just not excusable.”

    Representative Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, criticized the White House’s claim that President Trump was never briefed about possible Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. and coalition troops.

    As we look at these allegations, number one, the president of the United States should not be inviting Russia into the G7 or G8. We should be considering what sanctions are appropriate to further deter Russia’s malign activities, not further ingratiating Russia into the community of civilized nations. And I find it inexplicable, in light of these very public allegations, that the president hasn’t come before the country and assured the American people that he will get to the bottom of whether Russians are putting a bounty on the heads of American troops, and that he will do everything in his power to make sure that we protect American troops. I do not understand for a moment why the president isn’t saying this to the American people right now, and is relying on. “I don’t know.” “I haven’t heard,” “I haven’t been briefed.” That’s just not excusable. His responsibility as commander in chief is to protect our troops, and I shared the concern at the White House today that I think many of us have, which is there may be a reluctance to brief the president on things he doesn’t want to hear, and that may be more true with respect to Putin and Putin’s Russia than with respect to any other subject matter. Many of us do not understand his affinity for that autocratic ruler who means our nation ill. And so if there is a problem with being willing to brief the president on intelligence he doesn’t want to hear, that’s a problem for our entire nation’s security.

    Mr. Ratcliffe was scheduled to go to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet privately with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, an official familiar with the planning said.

    The Times reported last week that intelligence officials believed that a unit of the G.R.U. had offered and paid bounties for killing American troops and other coalition forces and that the White House had not authorized a response after the National Security Council convened an interagency meeting about the problem in late March.

    Investigators are said to be focused on at least two deadly attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. One is an April 2019 bombing outside Bagram Air Base that killed three Marines: Staff Sgt. Christopher Slutman, 43, of Newark, Del.; Cpl. Robert A. Hendriks, 25, of Locust Valley, N.Y.; and Sgt. Benjamin S. Hines, 31, of York, Pa.

    On Monday, Felicia Arculeo, the mother of Corporal Hendriks, told CNBC that she was upset to learn from news reports of the suspicions that her son’s death arose from a Russian bounty operation. She said she wanted an investigation, adding that “the parties who are responsible should be held accountable, if that’s even possible.”

    Officials did not say which other attack is under scrutiny.

    In claiming that the information was not provided to him, Mr. Trump has also dismissed the intelligence assessment as “so-called” and claimed he was told that it was “not credible.” The White House subsequently issued statements in the names of several subordinates denying that he had been briefed.

    The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, reiterated that claim on Monday and said that the information had not been elevated to Mr. Trump because there was a dissenting view about it within the intelligence community.

    But she and other administration officials demurred when pressed to say whether their denials encompassed the president’s daily written briefing, a compendium of the most significant intelligence and analysis that the intelligence community writes for presidents to read. Mr. Trump is known to often neglect reading his written briefings.

    Intelligence about the suspected Russian plot was included in Mr. Trump’s written President’s Daily Brief in late February, according to two officials, contrasting Mr. Trump’s claim on Sunday that he was never “briefed or told” about the matter.

    The information was also considered solid enough to be distributed to the broader intelligence community in a May 4 article in the C.I.A.’s World Intelligence Review, commonly called The Wire, according to several officials.

    A spokesman for the Taliban has also denied that it accepted Russian-paid bounties to carry out attacks on Americans and other coalition soldiers, saying the group needed no such encouragement for its operations. But one American official said the focus has been on criminals closely associated with the Taliban.

    In a raid in Kunduz City in the north about six months ago, 13 people were arrested in a joint operation by American forces and the Afghan intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security, according to Safiullah Amiry, the deputy provincial council chief there. Two of the main targets of the raid had already fled — one to Tajikistan and one to Russia, Mr. Amiry said — but it was in the Kabul home of one of them where security forces found a half-million dollars. He said the Afghan intelligence agency had told him the raids were related to Russian money being dispersed to militants.

    Two former Afghan officials said Monday that members of local criminal networks have carried out attacks for the Taliban in the past — not because they share the Taliban’s ideology or goals, but in exchange for money.

    In Parwan Province, where Bagram Airfield is, the Taliban are known to have hired local criminals as freelancers, said Gen. Zaman Mamozai, the former police chief of the province. He said the Taliban’s commanders are based in two districts of the province, Seyagird and Shinwari, and that from there they coordinate a network that commissions criminals to carry out attacks.

    And Haseeba Efat, a former member of Parwan’s provincial council, also said the Taliban have hired freelancers in Bagram district — including one of his own distant relatives in one case.

    “They agree with these criminals that they won’t have monthly salary, but they will get paid for the work they do when the Taliban need them,” Mr. Efat said.

    Twenty American service members were killed in combat-related operations in Afghanistan last year, the most since 2014.

  7. Nobody brieved me or told me is what Trump indicated. If that is so, and there was a document about the Russian aid to the Taliban, then that person responsible for letting the president know should be fired. The truth here is needed.

  8. Here is the truth.
    You can point out all of Trump’s mistakes, and lies but people will still vote for him anyway.
    And you can point out all of Biden’s corruption, and his descension into senility but people will still vote for him anyway.
    Nobody will be convinced to switch teams because there is more to it than that, and it transcends both men. This isn’t about Trump or Biden but about an ideological war.

  9. colette griffin, This is Dr. Bruce F. Andrews I am an ordained minister. I tried to answer your post. But this site delete’s my posts when I try to explain why the Liberalists/Democrats are so filled with hate. I’ll just say read your King James Bible with a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. go to if you want to know more. May GOD bless you in Jesus’ Name AMEN

  10. Scott27 Biden isn’t ahead in the polls. I believe it’s close because of the idiots in America that are willing to embrace communism, and I realize that Biden could win. We are up against the experts on voter fraud.

  11. First of all the New York Times is so corrupt and dishonest paper. They would not know the truth if it hit them.The Demarcates will do anything or say anything to remove President Trump from office or lose the election. These lies put our military in danger. If the unknown source that leaks intelligentsia which is also not yet proven should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. They hate President Trump that they do not care about who they hurt or for our country just as long make President Trump look bad. God Bless President Trump for all that he and his family has been put through. If we as Americans do not vote President Trump back in office we as a country will be lost and America as we know it will be lost. We as Americans we have to start to standing up for all that we believe in and want for our children their future and the rest of ours. Robin Loessberg

  12. Renewed Right really messed up this story. It was probably written yesterday before the White House finally debriefed both Dems and Reps. White House confirmed story was in President’s briefing books three different times. So all your comments about fakes news is off the rails. Another example of Trump not reading his briefing books just a Bolton claimed. OK: You canmarvin start your insulting replies.

  13. What I don’t understand is why Democrats are filled with so much hate for a man who works harder than any man or woman if America. A man who loves the military, the people, and the flag for which it stands for. A man who has proved over and over that he is capable of doing the job of Giving Americans what we need and want. A man who has to put up with the hate and disgrace of leftist who seeks to rip apart everything this country was built on. We know the want power, but for what? What is the plan for all of us in the future? I hope and pray the people to vote responsible and see through all the BS that is being hand-fed to us. Devoted Democrats, please don’t believe everything you hear on the newscast as they are on the same evil platform as the deep left. Young people look at what you are doing. open your eyes and see the destruction, and riots going on around you. Is this the type of life you would want your kids to go through? Wake up America the truth is right before your very eyes, we are all tired of the horrors of people dying in the streets, and it’s not going to go away as quickly as you think or hope. Justice will eventually make it’s way to your door.

  14. So thankful for our president and his fearless leadership! Praying God will sustain him and give wisdom through the very difficult months ahead with election looming

  15. I still can’t believe Biden is ahead in the polls. We are talking about a man that lives in his basement, and belongs in a nursing home. Can’t hold a rally, can’t debate, can’t stand for very long, has difficulty speaking intelligently anymore, and forgets where he is sometimes.
    It just shows there are more stupid people in this country than intelligent people.
    I would have had more respect for the democrat establishment had they allowed Sanders to be the nominee, which is the guy the voters actually wanted. They wanted Sanders in 2016 also but the democrat party had other ideas.

  16. It is hard to believe that people can can fly American Flag live in a free country where our fathers, sons, and so many others have died to tell a story like that. This president is a wonderful american. Obama who needed the Koran (nothing ever against the Koran) to get sworn into office is not what anyone should consider an american. My god Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Shumer, and many more of what used to be a proud party should never be called Americans. If this was some other country they would be tried for treason and shot. What a disgrace they are. This is a duly elected by the people president. I come from Boston where I was once proud to be a Democrat with all my family.

  17. New York Slime and ananomous sources no more reliable than CNN, MSM and all the other propaganda rot.

  18. There is only so much the American Public take!!! We are all not desiring far left government!!! Please give us more credit and choose what we want ….. please don’t shove it down our throat!!! You all hate the President, good for you…. no more lies to establish that fact WE GET IT !!! The entire DEMONRAT team has joined forces to discredit the President, and I hear some of the GOP have secretly joined them too!! News should be reported as it is …. no lies no spins…. we don’t want that….. why must you tell lies to discredit a President who was duly elected by the nation!!! And if they do…. fine, but we don’t want to be lied to continuously from all of them and the politicians!!!! The DEMONRATS should do their job instead of wasting our money and journalists, (wonder if you should be called that as you don’t deserve it) give us the news the way it is ….. not the opinion of others….. and the fudged poll numbers are ridiculous …, a new poll every day….. give us respite!!!!!

  19. Democrats in media and in Congress can never be trusted.
    Vote straight Republican ticket in November from school board to POTUS. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    school board elections are very important.

    these RAGS do some rEAL FACT CHECKING !!!1 ) OBAMA TELLING MITT the DOUCHE ROMNEY that rUSSIA IS NOT A PROBLEM and lit PUTON TALE CRIMEA AND PART OF UKRAINE and move into Syria 9 until TRUMP sent SPECIAL OPS to Eliminate Russia/Iran “volunteers there)
    2) Biden Proclaimed recently that ” CHINA IS NOT A PROBLEM .. as Hunter still gets MOOLAH from CCP owned bank….YES Let

  21. That’s right … all of you in the twisted PRESS, the LEFT WING, and the lowlife DEMOCRAPIC PARTY keep slinging mud at POTUS, no matter how asinine the subject or alleged reason. However, NOW HEAR THIS: You’ve got 3+ months to make your evil plan work, and bring him down. But in the meantime, you are presenting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT ANY PLATFORM YOU ARE PREPARING AS AN IMPROVEMENT to America’s future. Come November 3, you will bring NADA to the table, and your hint at a campaign will disintegrate and DONALD J. TRUMP will blow you away ! WHY? It is one part recognition for what he has done for our country in his first term … and then it is another part testament to how conniving, undermining, hateful, and ridiculous you have conducted yourselves since fall of 2016. You are a COLLECTIVE DISGRACE … For all those reasons, I have to say TRUMP IN 2020 !

  22. with this type of criminal behavior , the Times should be charged.. they are putting us at risk, for what , want bidden as president a man with dementia..

  23. The only thing worse than having the media be the propaganda arm of the democrat party is the democrats denying it constantly. Democrats lie about their own lies.
    Lies piled on top of lies. The entire democrat party is a foundation of lies.
    Just like from the book 1984. Replace history and replace it with lies.

  24. Trump is a bigger liar than any of them if you just open your eyes you can see it over and over and over again

  25. How do these fake “reporters” live with themselves??? Lies on top of lies! They don’t know how to admit fault or say they’re sorry for anything so the lies keep getting bigger and BIGGER AND B I G G E R ! The world knows now not to rely on anything the Fake News says!

  26. The Fake News is at it again!!! Making up another lie! What a bad Fairy Tale ! The Nightly Evening “News” should be rated “F” for Fake !

  27. “The Administration’s disturbing silence and inaction endanger the lives of our troops and our coalition partners,” Pelosi continued in her request. “The questions that arise are: was the President briefed, and if not, why not, and why was Congress not briefed … I therefore request an interagency brief for all House Members immediately.”

    Shouldn’t the alleged “bounties” be verified before demanding answers? So far at least, there has not been anything to corroborate this latest outrage. Rather than querying intelligence agencies not briefing the president or Congress or, whatever. It seems to me that verification is needed. Other than the Trump deranged NY Times story, and they aren’t exactly a paragon of truth in journalism. This whole thing is starting to smell bad – sort of like another Democrat initiated attempt to discredit Pres. Trump – again.

  28. Wyatt Earp question who invested in China was it the government no it was global multinational corporations. I will let you in on a dirty little secret where do you think most airlines around the world especially american carriers get there wide body’s overhauled think again it’s not the us.

  29. If false no big deal if true so what they volunteer so they know what they are getting themselves into if they didn’t want to shot at don’t volunteer that simple.

  30. Even The DNI richard Grennell said HE never got any word of this story, and HE would have been the One to Brief Trump if it were True…. DNI is the Guy in charge Of ALL of the intelligence agencies… If Any of those agencies Had this news and failed to report it to him, The Director and the Assistant Director of those agencies Should Immediately be Arrested, and Charged with Dereliction of duty and treason. Immediately. But let us NOT forget the number one Rule when reading these papers… Sources = Fake news… Reliable sources = fake news… Unnamed sources = fake news… And Most generally It means some Hack Reporter has made up another story, Kind of like the NYT and the Collusion Delusion…
    Wapo and the collusion delusion… cnn and the collusion delusion… Nutty Nasty Nancy peeloosy and the collusion delusion… adam schifferbrains and His Self Proclaimed “Proof” of collusion LIES, which YOU still have not seen… It’s an Election year folks, and these folks have NO CANDIDATE, they will tell ANY LIE, Fabricate ANY STORY, And swear to it, That it came from unnamed sources…

  31. Freedom of the press should not include unverified, untrue lie’s. The Democrats would probably fall over dead if the truth ever came across any of their lips. Lets whip their worthless asses in November so bad in both houses and the Presidency that once anad for all we have control to clean this rats nest out for good. Veterans who believed this bull crap story about bounties are sick Dems at heart. Thank God for President Trump or our military would still be screwed and we as a people would be so far from safe and secure. Thank you President Trump

  32. AMERICA BIGGEST problem is media who lies! Democrat who are liar, corruption like the whole DEMOCRAT HOUSE! There is NOTHING that come out of the enemy mouth of AMERICANS CITIZEN! Who else think open border is a good thing? It will hurt more than you are being told! More people will lose Jobs because illegal immigration will work cheap! And if you think Democrat care about AMERICANS CITIZEN why are they INVESTMENT IN CHINA Economy? But NOT AMERICA?

  33. Any news coming out of New York is trash! Nothing TRUTH coming out of a newspaper that is run by ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRAT women! It will be truth if they can tell the truth about RACIST AND HATE! But they won’t, because it doesn’t fit the MEDIA NARRATIVE!

  34. New York Tabloids. Nobody reads that trash except morons on the left, like the ones that troll on these websites. Already saw one troll today gloating about this fake story.

  35. I am sorry, but the fake news media never ever revels it’s sources or gives any other information to back up their claims. They must think the American public is as moronic as Democrats!

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