Donald Trump just shut down Barack Obama with one truth Obama didn’t want to hear

The coronavirus outbreak is undercutting many of the lies liberals told Americans over the course of decades.

Now the Left’s chickens are coming home to roost.

And Donald Trump just shut down Barack Obama with one truth Obama didn’t want to hear.

There was no bigger fan of globalism and so-called “free trade” than Barack Obama.

Obama advocated for open borders, amnesty, and international trade deals that gutted American industry and swore fealty to international institutions that eroded America’s national sovereignty.

During a White House coronavirus taskforce press briefing on Sunday President Trump took aim at Obama’s globalist philosophy.

The President noted how when the outbreak began global supply chains ground to a halt as the Chinese economy shutdown to deal with the initial outbreak.

“We’ve learned a lot about supply chains,” Trump began. “We’ve learned that it’s nice to make things in the US, I’ve been saying that for a long time.”

“If one thing comes out of this more than anything else is that we should make products in the United States,” the President added.

The President concluded by noting the dangers of globalism and how having your manufacturing base in foreign countries left a nation vulnerable in a conflict.

President Trump also specifically called out “globalists” who put Americans in this dangerous position.

“What happens when you’re in a war, and you have a supply chain where half of your supplies are given to in other countries?” Trump asked. “Who are the people that thought of it? These are globalists. It doesn’t work.”

In the November election, President Trump is likely to make this pitch to voters, especially because his opponent will be Joe Biden who supported the globalist agenda even before he became Barack Obama’s Vice President.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. yOU KNOW, UGLY BAD WORDS DO NOT SHOW YOUR SMARTS. iN FACT, IT SHOWS A BIT OF STUPIDITY. i SAID FROM THE BEGINNING oBAMA SHOULD NOT BE pRESIDENT BECAUSE HE WAS NOT A NATIVE. hE GAVE UP HIS CITIZENSHIP WHEN HE WENT TO iNDONESIA, PER HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY. HE NEVER GOT ITBACK AND HE WENT TO LAW SCHOOL ON A FOREIGN, UNDERSTAND, a foreign student, meaning he was not an American. His picture of him with “michele” looked like shoulda been Michael instead of Michelle. No hair. Reagan was a good President or should we say Mrs Reagan was a good Prsident, she would not let Ronald do anything if the stars said no. She lived by the stars, the bright ones in the sky. Trump is very straightforward although I would advise him to not making fun of others like when a child. Butpeople voted in the Squad for which one says it is her duty to change this country to a muslim country, right now it seems more atheist. You get what you voted for. Plus governors that are scared to death of the “Pandemic” should look at history, we have had many pandemics and the country still survived. Please change the school curriculum, don’t teach 6 year olds that they need to be a different sex, teach them to read and write, If a man wants to dress as a woman, Let him, but he ain’t going in the bathroom with me, or running a race with my child which stops her from winning because he has the best? of both worlds, still a man but gets female perks Teach a child to love his country and he will fight to the death for it if need be. Study the biography of the person youwant to vote for. Take our military and put them here to protect our home and family, not someone’s family that has no desire to side with our side. I do not know what Congress has against his vp, maybe he wants to take all the monies he can and enslave everyone. Kyle Onstott, hE WAS VERY FAIR IN HIS BOOKS.was very fair in his stories. Read them. ABOVE ALL READ THE ORIGINAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF OBAMA.

  2. Hey MARVIN !!! We right wing nut jobs do not believe everything trump says ; but we do believe everything he does !! And everything he does benefits America !!! So suck it up you lying lefty punk !!!

  3. Rechael Clark, how wrong you are! Congress is the legislative branch of government. They just pass laws which the president, who is chief executive, can approve or veto. The president runs the country.

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  7. When you fraudulently select a low IQ script reading illegal alien to be President seven billion plus people are sure to suffer.

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  9. I was signed up for the military draft before I could legally vote. Once the 26th Amendment was ratified, I voted in every major election since, and most of the minor ones. A few decades later, I realized we had two major problems in the U.S. One was the Democrat Party. The other was the Republican Party. Any time the Democrats were in control, we had a deficit economy, a growing debt, and the working class Americans weren’t really helped out nearly as much as corporations and the wealthy. Any time the Republicans were in control, we had a growing debt, a deficit economy, and the working class Americans finances were pretty much stagnant, with no real gains. This is all recorded by our Federal government, but Congress has never seen fit to address the problems associated with most of our nation’s wealth moving into the hands of the very wealthy.

  10. OBummer/Barry the Kenyan Tribesman , not a American . Also a towel head to boot . To think you simpleton liberals fell for that BS , just makes one wonder , are they really that Stupid , well , Yes Indeed their that stupid , without a douht . TRUMP 2020

  11. Trump has been saying this from The Mountaintop for 20-something years ever since the passage of NAFTA and I’ll even throw Ross Perot in there those two were the only people championing American first because they knew wants this deal got past our sovereignty would never be the same that was the end of our Sovereign to you it was supposed to be! Everybody laughed and scoffed at President Trump when he said he would renegotiate NAFTA get us out of the Paris climate agreement and and TPP which he is already done! He also has been screaming at the Mountaintop of warning us about China you think people now will take him seriously I know the Democrats won’t but this Auto wake up some of the globalist Republicans that are still left in the party!

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  16. Trump is correct Globalism is destructive stripping American jobs overseas and makes America dependent on grossly communist ideology. And for what cheap crap from China? Not worth our Freedoms & Liberty! We must revert back Made in USA!

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  25. Of course Biden was in a global agenda working under Obama! China and the big scandals that led up to pointing the fingers at the President. In reality it is the Democrates over and over again. They are SLOBS and being exposed for what their worth. They know what is ahead for them. The Prophet’s laid it all out. They can’t change the work and hand of God.

  26. You can’t reach democrats with logic or reason. Democrats are the kind of people that won’t believe you when you tell them sticking a paperclip in a wall socket is not a good idea. They will try it anyway just to see if you’re telling the truth.

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