Donald Trump just shut down one source of coronavirus with this shocking decision

Donald Trump is using every tool at his disposal to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But even Trump’s supporters never thought he would go this far.

And Donald Trump just shut down one source of coronavirus with this shocking decision.

Donald Trump’s historic decisions to close down the borders to travel from China and countries in Europe slowed the ability of the coronavirus to take root in America.

Those decisions bought the United States critical time to prepare.

Now the President is looking to cut off another potential point of outbreak by shutting down the border to illegal aliens and asylum seekers by having border patrol return anyone caught trying to invade the country immediately to Mexico.

The New York Times reports, “The Trump administration plans to immediately turn back all asylum seekers and other foreigners attempting to enter the United States from Mexico illegally, saying the nation cannot risk allowing the coronavirus to spread through detention facilities and border patrol agents.

But under the new rule, set to be announced in the next 48 hours, border patrol agents would immediately return anyone to Mexico — without any detainment and without any due process — who attempts to cross the southwestern border between the legal ports of entry. They would not be held for any length of time in an American facility.”

Democrats will howl in outrage and open borders activists will likely try to sue.

But the President knows he must take extraordinary steps in these times to keep the American people safe and prevent an unchecked outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus from filtering across America’s southern border.

This step is in line with other nations around the world.

Canada closed its border to foreigners except those from the United States and the European Union also shut down the ability of foreigners to cross their borders.

Trump shutting down the border to illegal immigration and asylum seekers is in line with actions taken by open border activists like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the leaders of Europe.

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  1. @ Glenn
    The stats from Mexico look on paper better than the USA because of poor reporting and the reduced level of Medical Care that is available in many areas of Mexico.
    When this is all finally sorted out, we will find that areas with poor Medical Care Infrastructure will have reported lower incidence rates but their overall death rate will be higher than before the virus went pandemic.

  2. Damnocrates were shocked because of the boarders stopping the Illigals comming are. The Illigals have no rights to come here they are not American Citizans

  3. Somebody should explain to the people coming from Mexico, that they are safer from COVID 19 in Mexico, than they are here in the USA. If you look at the recorded cases in Mexico, you will see a tiny fraction of cases of the virus and associated deaths as compared with our southern states. Find a trusted source and see for your self.

  4. Good job President Trump , it’s about time we take back control of our borders . As for all of you Communist far left wing liberal idoits , ZIP YOUR DAMN PIE HOLES , BEFORE WE ZIP THEM PERMENTLLY .

  5. Will someone – Anyone who dares – please correct me with your contrary facts and opposing opinions. Exactly what gives DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST ACTIVIST JUDGES … individually, singularly, solitarily and completely at their own demented criminal discretion, the incontestable right and illicite power to change, alter or completely ignore codified laws and Presidential Executive Orders? Especially laws and Executive Orders in time of a national pandemic and social unrest, possibly the extermination of every man, woman and child on Earth. NO ONE MAN OR WOMAN SHOULD OR CAN HAVE THAT POWER OR RESPONSIBILITY. NO ONE!

    These arrogant, elitist, self-righteous jurists TAKE AND USE POWER THAT THEY WERE NEVER GIVEN; AND IN THIS PANDEMIC OF THE WUFLU, THEY ALONE JEOPARDISE THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE. Every one of them, who riskS humanity or delay a solution with their ‘RULINGS’ must immediately be removed from the bench and given the “ROOM TEMPERATURE CHALLENGE” FOLLOWED BY AN ETERNAL DIRT NAP!!!

  6. Trump’s decisions gave the United States “critical time to prepare”? What about the time we lost in preparing from early January through December as per the following:
    “U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger of the coronavirus while President Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen.” Almost a year before that, an annual threat report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence by Dan Coats, then its director, stated, “The United States will remain vulnerable to the next flu pandemic or large-scale outbreak of a contagious disease that could lead to massive rates of death and disability, severely affect the world economy, strain international resources, and increase calls on the United States for support.” Coats stepped down last year after he was reported to have angered the president with unwelcome intelligence assessments.
    Trump keeps insisting, erroneously, that we were ‘blindsided’ by the coronavirus. If Trump had listened and acted based on what his own intelligence agencies were telling him we could well have had a comprehensive coronavirus plan(s) in place which would have provided for treatment protocols and ample hospital beds and ventilators. China and South Korea have shown how to mitigate a pandemic.

  7. It is a shame that it took the crisis of the Chinese virus to SHUT down the borders. I am still waiting for some activist judge to put a stop to that by telling the President that it is unconstitutional. So when our nation gets to the other side of crazy with this thing, can we please leave the borders closed?

  8. Mr.Trump,we think u r doing a great job.u helping u r people is great some of the the people needs to shut up & let u do u r job & me I think u r doing a great job.tell u r wife we said hi I think she’s pretty u r kids r pretty. Please keep up the great work Mr.Trump.

  9. Had a terrible nightmare last night.Dreamed that Biden was our president in charge of handling this crisis. Never so grateful to wake up and realize it wasnt true.But yet, if you watch Face the Nation, CNN, Msnbc, and all the other Fake News Networks President Trumps doing a terrible job.Wonder who these clowns think believe them.They should be thankful for President Trump. If he hadnt been around the last 4 years what would they have done if they had to do real reporting. Thanks you President Trump, the real Americans stand behind you 100%

  10. Congratulations, Mr. President! This is the RIGHT THING TO DO! America must do what is the BEST THING for Americans First and Formost!
    God bless America!
    God bless our PRESIDENT TRUP!

  11. And why would this be a shocking decision???? It’s the only decision to make at a time like this. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end to open borders!

  12. This is the first time I have found NO Leftist, No Democratic and no other person that disrespects this, the greatest country in the world adding their loony comments. The silent majority is against you for trying to impeach our president “Even if he is not guilty” as Schiff said.See you all at the polls reelecting our bighearted and bigmouthed president. Thank God for this unity.

  13. An american news company who does news about China just confirmed that the regular news sources in America have been lying about Coronavirus not being a biological weapon the leader of China said it was and it was an act of war to start WW3, Then he stated strike first strike hard!

  14. Great job President Trump❗He is doing what is best for the country. It is not racist either. I am tired of that old line that the dems use. The coronavirus is wreaking havoc wherever it gets a good foothold. We need to think of our people. Is their any help for the homeless? You know they are going to get the virus. Continue to pray for our country & our President. President Trump 2020❗👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. With desperate times comes with DESPERATE MEASURES!!!What the President is doing is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! He has to protect all of us and he is Dan well trying to get it done even with all of kicking and screaming of the democrats!! Keep doing what you are doing Mr. President, you have my support!

  16. As I’ve said before God knows the future & he put Trump in as President to handle a situation like we have now. Most people couldn’t take what he has from the democrats & some republicans. I thank God everyday for Trump & I hope that everyone will VOTE TRUMP _ PENCE 2020. May GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

  17. “illegal immigration and asylum seekers” are exactly the same thing when they are trying to enter our country between entry points! True asylum seekers will go the legal route because they know that’s their only real hope of making it in safely.
    Without due process? Please explain to me how foreign invaders have any right to due process from the country being invaded! Why should we spend our money on lawyers and courts when they were caught red-handed crossing our border illegally? Good grief, people! Have you not the least bit of what used to be known as common sense??

  18. President Trump should totally shut down the Southern border, and ignore ANY effort by ANY activist “judge” to jeopardize our nation. He should also put a few mechanized infantry divisions on the border to secure it.

  19. Is it not amazing that Far Left Lunatic Democrats are in “shock” every time POTUS Trump makes a sane and sensible decision concerning the well being of the American people??

  20. We are with President Trump 110% ! Don’t listen to the DEMWITTS in DC or Bumblin Joe, or Ceazy Ernie this is our country, we and are ancestors made this country and we who are here need to save it from the DEMOCRATS!

  21. If we eliminated Medicaid and food stamps we’d have money for the actual Americans that are working
    snap is a disgrace to this country

  22. They’re FOREIGN INVADERS. If they’re treated as such, after the first few hundred are shot, the rest will just go back where they came from.

  23. Thank you, President Trump for closing the border. It should have been done years ago. I’m sorry that it took deaths from this epidemic to do what’s right, legal and proper for the American taxpaying citizens.

  24. Love all you guys comments. Thank God Trump is in the White House & is closing the borders. The other day Gov. Gruesome & yoga pants Garceti restricted ICE from rounding up illegals because they “might be infected w/ the Chinese Virus” & might need medical Tx. They also want ICE to concentrate on the more dangerous criminals. Even though the beds & med. workers are in short supply, you can bet the illegals will get med. care.

  25. You are right on point. The only one with comment that isn’t is Julio I wish he could be found and sent back over the border with a tracking device implanted in him head if he trys to come back it shock his ass until he passes out.

  26. Thank you,President Trump,Vice President Pence and all of the other all individuals that are involved in keeping us safe. May God continue to Bless Our Country and to protect the USA.

  27. The activist democrat judges will just block this move by the president by claiming it’s unconstitutional or some crap like that, like they always do.

  28. President Trump is doing what a good President should be doing is putting America and American Citizens First!!!!. and my hat go,s off to Him!!. And i thank that the rest of the Country Should Stand Behind Him 100 Percent!!!!. And stop being crybabies!!!.

  29. President Trump is doing a great job handling this matter , especially since the Democrat lead Congress isn’t giving him any help whatsoever. All they can do is snevil and complain about everything and anything if it isn’t there idea . Thank our lucky stars and God , that Donald Trump is our President !!

  30. An american president hero. Shutting down the borders is a must. Now we need to get the dumb as rocks students off the beaches as a source of contagion

  31. Trump is trying his best to keep us all safe. But he can’t help their are ass####’#out their who disobeys his commands. He stopped travel and stop illegals coming Mexico to stop a buired on are Heath care system anymore then it already is. If Hillary had been president she would have had of the us dead by now. And the border would be over run by illegals trying to come are president is doing his best so all parents needs to control their kids tell them to stay in doors so we don’t surpass Italy death toll.

  32. I wish the dems would stick up for the legal citizens of the USA…….for once….. tired of the nonsense….

  33. Even in a crisis due to the CHINESE virus the leftist play dirty politics. Nothing would make them happier than to kill off a huge nomber of the old so they wouldn’t have to deal with Social security or retirement funds. OOOPs they screwed up Fancy Nancy And Look Down My Nose to Everyone Chuckie are in that group.

  34. Just shoot them down on the spot.Pile up their bodies as a reminder to the rest of the invaders

  35. I support these actions. We were the first one’s to close borders while the leftist howled. Soon, other countries did the same. We have to use precautions to stop or slow down this virus and this is one of them.

  36. and to think i voted for that trump guy and i will vote for him again in 2020 we are very lucky he is the one leading us at this time we can all be proud that we are great americans if you don’t like him is because your a democrap or a illegal or you don’t want to work and you want to freeload

  37. Where are all the Dems vying for a chance to show real empathy and offer their homes open for illegals for 21 days? What??? I can’t hear you.

  38. I sent a message and would really like the President to respond. I know he is so busy. Maybe one of hi staff could answer or even Malania (Spelling is wrong). Could send me a message

  39. I support him all the way. Now if the dems would get lost somewhere maybe he could get his jobs done, or better yet try working with him. They might like It. Rather than spending trillions on paying lost wages for those losing wages because of the CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 and increasing the national debt by trillions; why not cancel everyone mortgage and rent payments for a month or two?
    Lending institutions loaned the money and took the risk when they made the loan or simply put payment at end of the loan or lease.Then offer Snap payments to head of households who need it we don’t need to bail every business out , offer low interest loansRather than spending trillions on paying lost wages for those losing wages because of the CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 and increasing the national debt by trillions; why not cancel everyone mortgage and rent payments for a month or two? Lending institutions loaned the money and took the risk when they made the loan or simply put payment at end of the loan or lease. Then offer Snap payments to head of households who need it
    we don’t need to bail every business out , offer low interest loans Rather than spending trillions on paying lost wages for those losing wages because of the CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 and increasing the national debt by trillions; why not cancel everyone mortgage and rent payments for a month or two? Lending institutions loaned the money and took the risk when they made the loan or simply put payment at end of the loan or lease. Then offer Snap payments to head of households who need itwe don’t need to bail every business out , offer low interest loansRather than spending trillions on paying lost wages for those losing wages because of the CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 and increasing the national debt by trillions; why not cancel everyone mortgage and rent payments for a month or two? Lending institutions loaned the money and took the risk when they made the loan or simply put payment at end of the loan or lease. Then offer Snap payments to head of households who need it we don’t need to bail every business out , offer low interest loans

    Let president see this. It won’t hurt. Maybe it might help God only nose we need all the help we ca get
    Please don’t sweep it under the table. Check with him first. Thank you

  40. To those that say they do jobs Citizens will not do..
    I bought a track home in Chino Hills California illegal capitol of the country.
    I wanted to get a house plan and set some ceiling fan boxes and supports there was one foreman he spoke English the drywallers did not the mud slingers did not the tapers did not the electrician DID NOT I am a maintenance electrician for a major beer brewing company how did the man work without being in the IBEW.. he worked under the foreman’s certification,, So IN SHORT THEY LIE LIE LIE THEY ARE TAKING JOBS A LEGAL CITIZEN WILL DO..

  41. Good for the president. One thing that bothers me very much. It appears to me that the southern border is where most of the illegals come into our country. The wall is supposedly being built. Where are they building it? Why is it not being built on the troubled southern border first? Lets get it built there NOW.!!!!!! and any other quick places crossed into our country.

  42. This would have happened years ago if it weren’t for the liberal open borders crowd fighting against it for various stupid ass reasons.

  43. Good for President Trump. True Americans support you and applaud your efforts to stop the Chinese virus. As for the Demoncraps, piglosi, shu-shu,schitt, the c**t squad, they can go F themselves.

  44. Think Cesar and Julio may be the same guy. Maybe between the two of them they may have a set of balls, but I doubt it.

  45. To all you Trump critics, had the Chinese not lied and hid the truth about this disease, it would not have become a pandemic. Steps could have been taken as early as November! You fluckers are seem to be more concerned with what we call it than the effect it is having on our people. IT CAME FROM A CHINESE BIO-WEAPONS LAB in WUHAN CHINA. OK? What kind of parents are letting their children loose in Ft. Lauderdale? Does say volumes about their family. If my kids did that, I would go down there and drag them home by their ears.

  46. Mexico don’t want them either. Maybe they will turn them over to the Cartel for Target Practice. HEHEHEHEH

  47. Good for you, Mr President.We true Americans are grateful for the job youre doing and couldnt care less what the limp wristed liberals care, screw um.

  48. The Leftists and their cats-paws need to tread lightly right now or face the consequences of the War Powers act having been invoked.
    The worst of the troublemakers are now putting themselves at risk of being locked up, without recourse, for their continuing habitual caterwauling in an attempt to tear down POTUS.

  49. I’m glad that we have a president that will do whatever it takes to protect our country. Retard joe would have to be reminded daily that we have a problem. Then he would call up China and try to get his idiot son involved. We will be a country of fools if we don’t reelect Trump. Right Julio? Oh I forgot. You’re already an idiot.

  50. Mexican illegals have already brought a new form of tuberculosis that we had no cure for. He had to be quarantined and treated for months at U.S. taxpayer expense.

  51. Thank you President Trump, for doing the job our elected officials should have done years ago. I believe you were put in office in order for us as a nation, to see just how corrupt our govt. has become. Close those borders and drain that swamp!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  52. GOOD for Pres. Trump!! Its about time we stop illegal immigration and ‘free for all’ invasion going on at our southern border. Another caravan will be arriving from honduras saying they have no jobs there. Well, WE have no jobs for them either! Our jobs are for our OWN AMERICAN CITIZENS. We can’t supply jobs and welfare to the whole world. We need to take care of our own citizens FIRST. Illegals are not welcome to come here and free-load. If they want to come here they must Apply Legally, Come with a Skill to support THEMSELVES, and Learn our English Language. It is not our duty to heal them from their sicknesses they are bringing, educate them (our schools are already overloaded), supply them with food and housing, etc. We Americans have to WORK for a living and can barely support ourselves. Enough is enough


  54. God bless our President Donald Trump for the handling of the Coronavirus threat to our country. A difficult problem and our president is protecting us. We are behind you all the way.


  56. They may be dumb,but most of them can spell and provide a sentence that can be understood Ortiz. Maybe Julio can provide you with some tools. Pipe & lighter pendejo…

  57. The liberals complain about every aspect of the actions that President Trump has taken, and yet, when one examines the comparatively small degree to which this pandemic has developed in this country compared to then rest of the word, it becomes obvious that he is taking proper steps to mitigate the threat.

  58. An excellent decision by President Trump. Perhaps one of the results of this Coronavirus business will make it abundantly clear to all parties of the necessity of strong borders and enforced immigration policy. President Trump is leading the effort to protect the U.S. as opposed to another individual who would be “leading from behind.”

  59. Thank you President Trump for keeping America safe. The Demon-crats can howl until the cows come home. I for one do not care what they say or do.

  60. As a nurse I commend the job President Trump has done with the virus situation. People need to realize that the chinese have a boatload of people trying to come across the southern border. We dont need to wait 48 hours do it now
    If Pelosi and her gang object TOO F##KING BAD.

  61. This should have been done LONG AGO!!!!! What part of illegal do people not understand???? They have no business coming in here, PERIOD. Either come in LEGALLY or don’t come

  62. Trump is doing the job. The commiecrats are wishing that he would fail so retard joe could come in and finish off our country.

  63. Too bad we haven’t already put minefield,high level radioactive waste,sensor operated automatic weapons systems on that-and the adjacent maritime areas.

  64. No matter what this man does, the out of control crazy left will never give him credit for a job well done. But I as an American veteran and patriot will say “Job well done so far Mr. President, well done”!

  65. I am very proud of how President Donald J Trump has been handling this situation. Everybody should be praising President Trump his Coronavirus Task Force Team that he has put together. They have been working really hard to protect every American citizen and our communities.

    Democrats will not always be happy with President Trump and his whole administration. They will continue to not give him any praise for how he has handled anything during this difficult situation.

    I praise and support President Trump and Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force for their hard work and commitment.

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