Donald Trump just shut down Rashida Tlaib with one rude awakening

Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib found herself in the center of a political firestorm.

And what Tlaib did escalated her feud with President Trump.

But that was a big mistake because Donald Trump just shut down Rashida Tlaib with one rude awakening.

Israel denied the Michigan Democrat entry into the country because of her support for the racist and anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The Israeli government eventually said Tlaib could travel to Israel to visit her 90 year-old grandmother but that she couldn’t promote the BDS movement.

Tlaib initially agreed before reversing course and claiming Israel tried to “silence” her.

Tlaib then staged a phony press conference where she claimed she would visit her grandmother when it was a free Palestine and downplayed the fact that their trip was sponsored by a group that supported neo-Nazi blood libels against Jews.

President Trump had enough of the phony tears and called out Tlaib on social media.

It was clear Tlaib never cared about visiting her grandmother.

Turning down Israel’s offer made that clear.

She just wanted to make a public spectacle of herself and promote her anti-Semitic ideology.

And Donald Trump called her out on it.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. maybe you should go back under to the rock you crawled from and take these sickening fascists with you! news flash, trump will win in 2020. start crying with your sick friends while the whole world watches.

  2. Thank you David. Sharia Law? What good would that do in America? I wonder how she got elected to congress.

  3. Mr. Russell: Where in the world do you get your history from? First the rest of the world, with few exceptions, should be thankful for the American can do and charitable nature.If not for America you would most likely be speaking German and not freely. Who do you see flying in disaster relief to the Bahamas? I don’t see any Chinese, Russians, or any black nation helping out! Muslims, as defined by the Koran, are to covert the whole world to Islam and those who refuse are to be executed. So much for their compassion towards their fellow man. BTW, if you took the time to research it you would fine that there has never in the history of the world been a Palestinian State. The nomads who were wandering in the Levant when Israel was born where Jordanians. Jordan wouldn’t re-patriot them so they wound up as refuges.

  4. My suggestion for you if you don’t care for what President Trump has accomplishmented then be like the alleged actors did leave the USA.

  5. And this is an issue, if truth be told. Even the ‘moderates” refuse to condemn the radicals demand of Sharia Law in US communities. Refuse to condemn Islamic terrorism, Refuse to support Democratic concepts, basic women’s rights, etc.
    What is interesting is that if any Christian went to their “home” lands and acted the same way promoting the Christian religion, we would be jailed or executed.

  6. I hear your points from my own brothers, who are also very conservative. But, the fact is that Tlaib IS in favor of Sharia Law Communities in the USA, where women must
    wear proper Muslim attire, where Women’s rights go out the window. Where other religions must conform to Muslim law. The fact is also that Tlaib supports or at least justifies Arab terrorism, which MUST be acknowledged as being the SAME position. So “Toning it down” is difficult with those who wish American Democracy as we know it to END, or wish that our nation is like Iran whose elected leaders must report to “Supreme” Religious leadership. in “Toning down” the rhetoric we cannot forget the cause of freedom that is worth the fight

  7. David Russell, These are good people who are so frustrated with the double standard, unfairness, lies and fake news, Dem elitist criminals who have not and may not have to answer for their crimes against the OFFICE of the President of The United States of America! This is a national disgrace as I have said before.
    Tempers are flaring! These folks may “swear” more than liberals but, are more intelligent than these idiots they are railing against!
    Conservatives, can we take it down a notch? We don’t want to step on our own message and look worse than the bad guys. I mean, we are the side who believes in God, the other guys are for the most part atheists who believe in nothing but power and control. Let’s say what we need to when making our point but vulgarity and profanity don’t add any value or explanation to what we are stating.

    Don’t be angry with me, I am on your side, or you’re on mine, oh whatever we’re on the same side!
    #WalkAway to the Republican party, we need and want good conservatives!

  8. First, Tlaib worships a false barbaric cult, not even worthy of being called a religion,
    that treats women worse than even the lowest of animals, then she slams the ONLY democracy in the Middle East that freely welcomes ALL Religions-Israel, And on top of that Tlaib wants Sharia law forced on Americans depriving us of liberty just like the medieval nations in the Arab World. Tlaib is free to ride her camel, just wish she would do so in her own barbaric world.

  9. Reading the above comments, I am just appalled by the illiterate, nasty, sware-laden tripe that supposedly, represents the people who support Trump. If America had ever been ‘great’, it certainly wasn’t because of these people and should these people proliferate, America certainly won’t be great in the future.
    Have some respect for your fellow citizens even though you may not agree with them. America claims to be a Democracy! America only represents about 2% of the world’s population and the rest of the world is looking upon this fraction with disbelief, disdain and … fear for what it may get up to next. Perhaps Trump should go back to from where he came – if they would have him!

  10. Repost.
    Dan, As soon as Israel ‘granted’ humanitarian
    Reason to Enter, Tlaib DECLINED, & Attended
    a BDS ‘rally’ in MI.( Mi news)
    her INTENT for Nefarious Activities w/ 0mar.

  11. Dan, As soon as Israel ‘granted’ humanitarian
    Reason to Enter, Tlaib DECLINED, & Attended
    a BDS ‘rally’ in MI.( Mi news)
    her INTENT for Nefarious Activities w/ 0mar.

  12. Just Sooo ya ‘know’ (morons here)
    POTUS General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    KNOW some ‘history’ ok ? 0k!!!
    Take NOTE of Eisenhower’s Departing Speech.
    Might learn a something. That Applies TODAY !!!
    Did i give away my age ??? LOL . Haha. Not
    Necessarily. I Read A Lot. & Fast.

  13. Dan, i sure HOPE Tlaib’s ‘granny’ Is NOT
    as’rotten’ as Tlaib IS. & Maybe ‘granny’ DOESN’T
    EVEN KNOW ‘Rasheeda’ Tlaib'( & V. Possible, Considering How ‘they ‘marry’ & produce children. Factoid.
    Totatlly ‘Shameful’
    Especially When she used ‘eff’ word to her 12 yr
    old son, ” We Will Impeach This M’effer’.

  14. TheRedIT, Go home and check on your mommie. She is tied up, lying on her back, with her nuts up in the air, right where you left her.

  15. Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

  16. Into a depression, can’t happen again but a recession it can and I appreciate everything the Baby Butchering Party is doing for the economy which is zero. I wonder if the liar Obama will take credit for a collapse the same as he is taking credit for Trumps success. Now, if Redman would look at a report I just read from 10 of the top corporations in America they all made a profit 2nd qtr 2019. Why the market drop? Speculation! Thank you Dems for keeping the impeachment bs going and scaring every potential investor off making them think the sky is falling. The rich know how to invest so all those idiots who got scared after losing money here is even more bad news. The liberals who created the bad news that make the market drop pick up your lost stock at a below real market price and make a bundle. That’s how the Libs use the MSM. I can prove it because you know why? The conservatives do not control any and I mean any of the MSM. Also remember back in Trumps first week in office he signed a document pushing the mortgage insurance on FHA/VA loans from $12.50 a month to $25. All the Libs and blacks said it was to prevent them from prospering. It was said but it was to keep the libtards from over extending again. We’re safe, everyone just needs to shut the hell
    up and especially quit saying anything about the economy if you don’t know anything. The market only survives on faith, we live on faith, not gold standard. We don’t have precious metal backing up our dollar anymore.

  17. Zee her grandmother probably didn’t want to see her ugly face. Truth is granny probably told her to stay away.

  18. And how long before that changes?Do you know the good ones versus the bad ones.Do u wait for them to take over the country.In case your wondering.They have started already.

  19. Sooo, Tlaib ‘Sells’ 0ut! re her ‘Grandmother’.
    V. Baad. ‘thinking’. She Didn’t’/ Doesn’t Give
    a ‘rat’s ass re her Grandmother. Betray her ‘family”
    & BETRAY USA. For ‘What’ ???

  20. Tlaib is nothing but an Islamic mouth gone crazy. She is following her terrorist rant waiting for the next human to kick her rear. She has no real purpose in the scheme of everything but to make us all irate at how bad a person in Congress can behave before the Speaker runs her out!

  21. These So-called Congresswomen are Radical Islamic Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Anti-Christian and why they are still in our United State Congress and still not deported out of America is beyond me? As far as I am concerned they are Terrorists that have infiltrated into our Government to do tremendous harm to our Nation and to our Countries Jewish and Christian Citizens.

  22. That’s what I’m talking about those antisemitic Jewish haters and American haters will get what’s coming to them. I do not wish death or physical harm to them that was the old me and I’m not going there ever again

  23. That’s true and that evil man Obama Hussein has to answer to The LORD and his other crimes while he was in office. That creepo

  24. I agree with u 100% and I’m sure I’m not the only one u can get there r probably 100 or millions of people who do.

  25. Still not as God awful as Obama-Bang-Yo-Mama and his knuckle-draggin’ he/she wife!

  26. Americans first is how the GOVERNMENT should me .everyone else should b in in line ,not the American citizens, and this is one of the problem are greatest Presidents Donald Trump is addressing, and fixing after Twenty year of PRESIDENT’S,putting American citizens last in line ,in order to have open borders. Time is now for the American citizens too rise ,and shine.And Are greatest Presidents in twenty years ,Donald Trump is making the U.S.A.better than ever befor,DEMOCRATs,and liberals are being schooled, PRESIDENT Trump,I lift my red hat in honor of you ,finally a peoples PRESIDENT in office.keep doing what best for Americans. God on you side.thank you.Harris family

  27. Absolutely she came from a traitorous country and will remain a treasonous traitor of the United States and Israel she’s a joke and a threat to the American citizens vote her lying mouth out actually nobody cares if she never goes to see her grandmother.

  28. I think that was a reference to the ugly rag head broad who looks like a man with long hair and lipstick.

  29. Why are we still putting up with these POS in public office???? Get rid of them and deport them or charge them with TREASON and SUBVERSION and throw them inprison.

  30. She is so full of it. She is a Christian and Jewish hater. President Trump and the rest of us can’t be fooled by her phony little tear. Trump 2020!

  31. Both of the Muslim moronic Congresswomen defended the PA Authority about the LGBTQ crack down by denouncing Israel which all Middle Eastern men and women who are LGBTQ go too!

  32. Trump is the only person who can get our country back to a country we were with our constitution laws.
    Obama appointed Judges that were allowing Muslim laws in Our lower courts. Then we get people in Congress that don’t like our country or laws. The Squad is a good example of what our Country would be if not for Trump.
    The Democrats are allowing the Squad to dominate the news and news Media love this because it takes away from what the Democratic are doing in back ground. Clinton’s and Epstein, Border Patrol babysitting caravan people and the drugs, homeless, gangs, sex offenders, domestic violence, home invasion, police getting shot, non-vetted refugees, CA the biggest mess I have ever seen.
    God Bless Our Country
    Trump 2020
    Build the wall
    Deport Illegals
    No more anchor babies

  33. Their trip was sponsored by a group that supported neo-Nazi blood libels against Jews. Michigan should recall her.

  34. Tired of snowflakes I see a certain amount of humor in everything. Especially the stupidity of the left. It’s a little scary that many people agree with their crap. Joe Biden won’t get the nomination without imploding. But Trump will have a fight on his hands. If my fiddling helps great. But it’s not going to be easy. We can’t afford to assume.

  35. I meant jokes a lot!! I think that’s great you play the fiddle!! Especially for Trump!! God bless keep up the fight brother!!

  36. I think it’s funny as hell. You know what they say about people who can’t take a joke. Get over yourself.

  37. Hey the real m this is not Diane. I have no idea who that is!! Just a new person commenting!! Thanks though!!

  38. Who is Red Man and what rock did he come from under? I have a funny white jacket with extra long sleeves waiting for him. He should also be told he is not the least bit humorous. I don’t use aliases Red Man.

  39. Hey Dan T., Diane has found another pen name and she has worn this RED MAN’s a$$ out! Diane and all her aliases never tire of making a fool of “its”!

  40. Hey red man get an education!! What does dat mean you uncultured swine. Go get a job and get out of mommy’s basement you snowflake

  41. Racist white-folks think dat trump-ah-hump is their great white-folks hope. What’ll they do when he in prison. They haven’t thought about dat one yet. Trump-ah-hump america into a depression soon while they’re brown nosing, whining about guns, and their 2nd amend-mess. some will even shoot up their whole families, and their own greasy heads like the cowards dat they truly are. hahahahhahahahahahahahah

  42. Beware. Our good friend The Red Man will be back shortly to bombard us with his anti-white racist tweets. Don’t reply to his s*** as it only encourages this SOB to give us more.
    Eventually that ass will go away and take his bowl sheet elsewhere.

  43. What I would like to know is this…Who voted for this crazy woman? And I am using polite words here. Didn’t she take the seat that was formerly held by Rep. Conyers, the 88 year old who was in the position for 53 years and left in disgrace? By the way, where is her spouse in all of this? Let me guess, she is one of those women whose claim “As a single mother I…” Your such a wonderful role model Tlaib! LOL!!!

  44. She’s considered a strong woman by the idiots in her circle. Slinging snot isn’t helping her. Just another bimbo.

  45. This will be the leftist lies & hate rhetoric as always. The same Stalinist strategy & tactics. The same HOAX & HATE psycho-narcissist SPIN game.
    Just like the pre-WW2 Antifa, owned & operated by Joseph Stalin, this is a commie-fascist operation set on dominating a city’s streets, inciting riots & causing escalation of violence against passing motorists, independent reporters & cameras and otherwise peaceful marchers-demonstrators & street speakers that are pro-American & are easy targets. They fly commie flags. They are paid-professional terrorists. They are what they look like & sound like – a truly demonic-psychotic mob of fascist bullies. They are there to get their flat-footed targets to fight them so the HOAX “news” can edit reports to show “white supremist” violence. This diverts attention from the real issues of the day & brings false issues into play such as gun grabbing & racist Trump.
    For real news go to OANN (One America News Network).
    Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences.
    To remove the blinders & psycho propaganda MASK Read:
    TIPI G POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Commentator).
    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.
    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How Hw Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.
    TAKE NO PRISONERS: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left. DAVID HOROWITZ.

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