Donald Trump just surged into the lead in one important poll

Joe Biden’s high point in the polling data was this summer.

Race riots and the coronavirus pandemic weighed down President Trump’s numbers.

And now Donald Trump just surged into the lead in one important poll.

The Biden campaign’s hopes for a massive Electoral College landslide reached a peak in July when polls showed Biden up by double digits.

In Texas, a state no Democrat has won since 1976, a Dallas Morning News poll found Biden ahead of Trump by five points.

That poll was taken as Texas saw its coronavirus outbreak peaking and the Black Lives Matter race riots still in their early stages.

No Republican can win the White House without Texas and the Dallas Morning News poll had Democrats dreaming of a historic landslide win that would sweep Biden into the White House and Democrats into a Senate majority.

But by Labor Day everything had changed.

The latest Dallas Morning News poll shows Trump gaining seven points and now leading Biden two points in Texas.

The Dallas Morning News reported:

Texas remains a toss-up in the presidential race. But Democrat Joe Biden’s modest – and somewhat startling – lead over President Donald Trump has evaporated in the last two months.

From a 5-point edge in early July, Biden now lags Trump by 2 points among likely Texas voters in a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler.

Trump’s lead is 48-46.

The coronavirus outbreak came and went in Texas with cases and hospitalizations declining.

And Americans are increasingly turned off by the violent and destructive Black Lives Matter riots.

Those two factors combined to reconfigure the state of play in the 2020 election and now Donald Trump leads in Texas and is gaining ground in other battleground states.

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