Donald Trump left the media speechless with what he just announced

The fake news media claimed Donald Trump’s economic plans would lead to ruin.

They reported that Trump’s tariffs would wreck the economy.

But what Donald Trump just announced left the media speechless.

The Department of Labor announced the economy added 201,000 jobs in August.

They also revealed wages rose 2.9%.

Workers saw the largest boost in wages since June 2009.

Breitbart reports:

The American economy added 201,000 jobs in August and the unemployment rate held steady at 3.9 percent.

Economists had forecast 191,100 new jobs and the unemployment rate falling to 3.8 percent.

Average hourly earnings increased 2.9 percent for the month on an annualized basis, according to a Department of Labor report released Friday.

That also beat expectations for 2.7 percent wage growth. In dollar terms, average hourly earnings increased 10 cents from the previous month to $27.16.

Private sector payrolls rose by 204,000. Mining added 6,000 new jobs. Construction added 23,000, bringing its total to over 300,000 for the year.

Manufacturing lost 3,000 jobs, which is surprising given other signs of strength in the manufacturing sector.

The media tried to scare Americans about Trump’s tariffs and America First trade policies.

They found so-called “experts” who said a trade war would tank the American economy.

That was fake news.

Not only is the economy humming, but workers are seeing bigger paychecks.

Trump is overseeing an historic economic boom.

On election night, pundits predicted Trump would tank the economy.

Being that wrong is why Trump calls them the fake news.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.



  1. Time to start charging the Democrats with a host of Crimes & Inappropriate Behavior unbecoming a Senator or Congressman.These Democrats R Liars & Hypocrites.

    Democrat stands for= (D) in Devil (D) Disgusting (D) Disgraceful (D) Disruptive (D) Disreputable (D) Deranged
    (D) Dead Bodies (D) Death (D) Deceit (D) Demons (D) Deceptive (D) Deceptive (D) Defamation (D) Defraud
    (D) Demented (D) Despicable (D) Dishonesty (D) Detestable (D) Deviant (D) Deceptive (D) Disrespectable (D)
    (D) Disruly (D) Disorderly (D) Disruptive (D) Distrustful (D) & finally DEPLORABLE.

  2. Great news, the investigation may be much closer to reaching an end. It was just announced by ABC.News that Paul Manafort HAS reached a deal with Robert Mueller and the details will probably be coming out tomorrow when the court for trail #2 convenes.

    • Dr. J.D.
      Republicans think history began with Obama. Remember Bush, Iraq war and how that was screwed up? I’m a history buff and willing to debate anyone of these angry people who soo love the Republican party. The Bush hat trick: turning a 160 billion surplus in a 1.4 trillion deficit. Trump is on the same track. Let’s just have our grandchildren pay for it.

  3. Like hannity said…trump could cure cancer and give each of us a million bucks…and the Democrats would still have a problem…now they blame hurricanes on trump..and have said that the prep and recovery of the hurricane failed…all before the hurricane hit…so either the left is that brilliant..or the public is that stupid who believe all this..if trump could walk on water…the left would complain that trump can’t swim..

  4. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News!Communist Network News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News!The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, pls!

    • Those idiotic demorats need to wake the hell up. They have been asleep since they voted for Hitlery. They should go to #walkaway and see why over hundreds of thousands of former demorats left the party, that is if they have brains enough to use a computer!! Go to youtube and see their testimonies as to why they left. Maybe it will wake up some of you idiots who are still sleeping. As it stands now, the synonym for demorats is COLLECTIVE STUPID.

          • Thanks Lou its about time we join forces and stop these nuts, from killing our future and our kids future. Together we can run these bums out of town.

          • YES! #WalkAway! Founder Brandon Straka is the BOMB! Had the GUTS to lose friends…maybe even no invite to the Thanksgiving table…but NO FEAR! A real STAND-UP guy shouting from the rooftops…and a frequent guest on fair balanced unafraid Fox News!

  5. The DNC and its progressive ideology is pure communism and only those who are stupid or hate America would vote for any democrat, no matter what they say about jobs, economics or liberty. All pure deception thus the ignorant will follow them

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

        • Enough about Obama. Does anyone remember Bush, the Iraq war, turning a budget surplus from 160 billion to a 1.4 trillion deficit, tax cuts to the rich twice and a 850 billion giveaway to big pharma? While starting a war of aggression (we tried the Nazi’s for that), and had no plan after. Sent in J. Paul Brenner who fired 250,000 Iraqie soldiers who took their weapns them home to use againt our troops. The war was funded by debt. The death of 4,500 and 36,000 wounded American soldiers Your memories are too short.

  6. The leaders of the democrat party are communists for sure. But there is no excuse for the useful idiots to continue to support them because they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. It must be hell to be that dam stupid.

  7. I’m not sure why the Dem’s are so in love with OBozo and Hiliary. Are these people that thick? I truly believe that there are those followers of the democrats, who don’t fully understand the true motives of the party. They follow with blinders on, not knowing the damage that they are causing to themselves and our country. The democratic party made millionaires of the Clinton’s and now the OBozo’s. I’m having a hard time understanding how Trump will profit from his commitment to the country. But, I imagine that there are those out there who will be happy to educate me on that topic.
    Trump as a person isn’t my favorite kind of guy. But, he has certainly shaken things up for the better of our country and I thank God for that…

    • John, We need to encourage Democrats to go online or to the library or anywhere they can find the Democrat party platform. I don’t think a lot of them know what they are voting for. We should encourage Republicans to read our platform also. We need informed voters. I share your feeling about DJT. I knew he was far from being perfect, who of us is perfect, I voted for him to do exactly what he is doing for the economy, jobs, tax reform, strong military, national security/build that wall, etc. I am disappointed about healthcare but we are still working on that and are far ahead of schedule overall.
      #WalkAway to the Republican party,
      we want and need all of uou.

    • This guy; Our president is only one of his kind with no need as rich person to be in that position, only a real persona with passion and love, though nobody said perfect.

  8. well if you ever saw the movie , an american president , democrats are good at telling you why your life $ucks and who is the blame for it , but then they lie , it’s always the other guys fault not theirs , but it’s their policies that drive it, got to keep you living in fear , so they get re-elected

  9. The leftwingnuts prove that the following can not be posted too many times… From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.

  10. ASK ANY LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE or whatever the Democrat calls them self EVERY thing Trump says and all the stats are GOP propaganda hiding the REAL truth !!! WELL I see a problem with that logic ! A DEMOCRAT USES LIBERAL LOON LOGIC so that means they do not know what truth is (they don’t use it)

  11. PRESIDENT TRUMP, please, answer back to the want ta be news, when they lie, say only 2 words, ” FAKE NEWS, and move on, the less you say the more it will flustrated them, and piss them off, and a pissed of mad person will make mistakes in a fight, so just say, ” FAKE NEWS , an that is all. give them NO explanation, at all. it will drive them crazy, you give them no fuel to fight, anything you say they twist. just say FAKE NEWS and walk off

  12. Run out now and vote for a libocrat fascist who want to raise taxes encourage racial hatred impeach the MOST SUCCESSFUL President in modern history; return to obimbo’s failed policies. Rah Rah Rah

  13. Democrats (ie: communists..) will be democrats. They steal and murder ammongst them-selves. What a crew they are. Our for-fathers warrened us about these Democrates…… They are extremly evil and dangerous…… DBRx

  14. Pres Trump has made Hussein Obama & his attack on America look like a complete fool. Hussein is just mad that he is being found out, at least for those who were blinded by his silver tongue during his reign of terror.
    Hussein is the one who said 2%GDP is the new norm & we just have to get used to that. So how is it that he now wants to take credit for Pres Trumps booming economy, that whole 2% BS being the new norm was only under Hussein’s bad policies!
    Great job MR President! You are making America great again & we support and appreciate your hard work!

  15. I wonder if my post will dissapear like it has on other sites? The last one said I was a suspected bot. Well here goes. The far left loons just deny anything good about our president Trump. They keep trying to give the credit to their idol Obumas. In his own words he claimed that jobs would not return to America. Guess what Obumas, they did. You tried your earnest to turn America into a third world shithole. You hoped for America to become your own personal caliphat. If Hillary had won you might have made it. Now go away,no one wants to hear your BS any more. When even in California you can only attract 750 people to your rally. And about a third is reporters. You’re done and even democrat candidates don’t want you speaking for them. Take the hint and shut up.

  16. The best way to judge whether Trump is OVER PREFORMING is to see the Demon Rats TRYING to take credit for it!!! Forget the 23000 regulations cut or the fact that ZERO boasted that 1.9 GDP was the NEW NORMAL with a NEW projections saying 5% GDP isn’t out of reach NOW!!! NEVER let a crisis go to waste or FACT TO CLOUD THEIR REASONING!!!!

  17. ‪Let’s send all these treasonous NAZI Commie demoncrats to their motherland Russia and other shit hole countries , ASAP! Drain the rat infested Swamp President Trump post haste!‬

    • Had your shot of the Trump Kool Aid just before you posted?!? Trump is the one who does Russias bidding, and so when Vladdy Putin asked him to stop military exercises with our ally, South Korea, Trump obliged.

      • And Obama bowing to Muslims in other countries and apologizing for the behaviors of the USA is better?

        He needs to be deported. He wasn’t born in the U.S. The Hawaii hospital of his alleged birth was under construction and didn’t open until three years after his alleged birth date. When he attended Columbia University, he registered and applied for financial aid as foreign born, Barry Soetoro. Look it up.

      • It was Hillary that sold our uranium to the Russians, it was Hillary that had the reset button in Russia, it was Obama that told the Russian Secretary that he would have more flexibility after the he is re-elected. Where is the proof Trump did anything close to what Obama and Hillary did?

    • Man From Grey, I total agree that BHO is not very smart. He has the gift of gab aka BS. He does his jive talk and swagger routine and makes the liberals little hearts melt while he reads (very well I must say) from the “big screen”. Dems think he relates to them but in reality he does not, having come from a background of in the hood Chicago and working as a community organizer. That is not the way 99% of Americans grow up, is it? His list of achievements while President have either been erased, reversed, or devastated. Our Country was well on it’s way to becoming a third world country and on it’s way to being a small cog in the big wheel of globalism, one world government. Now, under DJT, our economy is thriving and too many other wonderful things to list here.

      • Obama was elected by uninformed, inexperienced youngsters who fell for the romance of his campaign, newly registered voters who believed he was entirely responsible for their voter status, dead people and others who felt it was time for a person of color to be our President.

  18. kind sir i wish to thank you for fulfilling your promises, when the campaigning was going on i said don’t make me sorry i voted for you.
    the white house did finally turn into the white house.

  19. If i was a Democrat I would be embarrassed to open my mouth, or admit I was part of a political party that has caused so much destruction to our country and military lives in the past.
    I pray your political party fades away like so many have in the past.
    I hope our American people wake up and learn to accept our new found success the country has right now.
    I personally thank President Donald Trump for our success of our country.
    My big mouth comes from 44 years of military service.

    • Agree, the democrats should now swallow their stinking pride for the good of the american people. President Trump has been elected by the majority of the electorate and proved that he can do the job of the president of the USA. Democrats just want more power to reign on the taxpayers for their personal preservation. Or are they covering something to warrant investigation and jail time.

      • Sorry, but he didn’t win the electorate. Don’t be a dumb a**. Look up the word –
        He won by a slight vote of the electoral college

        • Trump won 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227. That is demonstrably more than a “slight vote.”

          SUCK IT UP, SNOWFLAKE!!!

          • Amen! It’s no wonder the leftist elites want to do away with the electoral college, they want to rely on the coastal states to give them the so-called popular vote. If they ever have their way, they will find a way to do away with elections all together. They sure can’t win on policy or messaging, they have to cheat to win anything.

        • TM: Congratulations to Hillary Clinton who really did win the Popular vote and with that vote and say $10.00(I hear she is a high roller), she can buy herself a cup of coffee at Starbucks. That is all she deserves being the loser!


        • Hillary only won the popular vote because in illegal alien Californians with a drivers license can vote, there is about 3 million illegals with a California driver license.

    • John Lewis to you and all who have , are, and will wear the uniform, I say thank you for my freedom. All one needs to do to understand the price of freedom is to go to any military grave yard. Most of the fallen are between 19 -22 yrs old. This is why I kneel for God and stand for the flag.

    • I salute you, John Lewis…the very proud daughter of a Colonel, U.S. Army (WWII) 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. If i was a Democrat I would be embarrassed to open my mouth, or admit I was part of a political party that has caused so much destruction to our country and military lives in the past.
    You people need to wake up, open your eyes.. When has this country recovered so well?
    I pray your political party fades away like so many have in the past.
    I hope our American people wake up and learn to accept our new found success the country has right now.
    I personally thank President Donald Trump for our success of our country.
    My big mouth comes from 44 years of military service.

  21. Well, what can I say about all this wonderful news about the state of our great nation?
    Thank you President Trump, you said you would do it, we believed and voted for you. By golly you did it!
    #WalkAway to the Republican party
    We want and need all of you.

  22. T-pac: THANKS – for providing me with the CORRECT term. Hope you don’t mind if I steal it from you in my future travels. THANKS AGAIN !!!

  23. Got a real “YUK” today from one of POTUS’s tweets. It respectfully read: “Yes, I “tuned in” to Obama’s speech. I fell asleep.” Funny, I thought, that’s exactly the way I feel — that the problem with Obama’s speeches is that he never SAYS ANYTHING! If Obama had 24 non-stop hours to speak, it would be like being trapped in a damp, clammy classroom in the heat of summer – with no air conditioning – listening to the teacher drone on, and on, and ON about the principles of……NOTHING! Making speeches is only ONE of his many problems. yawn (*sic)

  24. Liberal media are now saying that we all should thank Obama for recent economic successes. Gee.

    It is like when Obama was trying to steal the credit for killing Osama bin Laden, a credit that is rightfully belonged to the U.S. intelligence agencies and military. He can have one of the most meaningless achievements: Nobel Prize award that was given in the first few months of his presidency.

    He’s going to help campaigning in California. I hope that the Californians become wise enough to vote Republican for the much-needed wall. And their economy are shaking.

    MAGA! American citizens, especially our children, come first!

  25. Need a job…just look. The dems keep saying more illegal immigrants will help. Yep, those highly skilled immigrants that use social programs to survive are PHD’s.

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