Donald Trump made a head-turning announcement about Mike Pence

Donald Trump is back at the center of American politics.

All the rumors and speculation are focused on his 2024 plans.

And Donald Trump just made a head-turning announcement about Mike Pence.

Over the weekend Donald Trump addressed the North Carolina state Republican convention.

Then, earlier today Trump conducted a phone interview with Fox Business Channel host Stuart Varney.

Varney focused on Trump continuing to strongly hint that he would launch a third White House bid in 2024.

One question that remains unanswered is what Trump would do with Mike Pence.

Pence admitted that he and Donald Trump had a parting of the ways over their views on the events of January 6.

In the interview with Varney, Trump did not commit to keeping Pence on the ticket in 2024 despite saying he still had a good relationship with his former Vice President.

Instead, Trump expressed openness to naming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate.

“Sure I would,” Trump told Varney. “But, you know, there are numerous people that are great. I would certainly consider Ron. I was at the beginning of Ron. I was the first one to endorse him when he came out as a congressman that a lot of people didn’t know and my endorsement helped him tremendously and I know him very well. He’s a great guy.”

DeSantis has built a following among conservatives for how he handled running the state during the coronavirus lockdown.

Governor DeSantis was among the first governors to reopen their states completely and also rejected mask mandates.

But Trump did not definitively say he would name DeSantis as his running mate should he run for President and win the GOP nomination in 2024, explaining that there were many other Republicans Trump considered qualified to serve as his running mate.

“We have other great people, I mean you look at some of the people, the Republican people, that have done a great job with states,” he added.

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