Donald Trump made a prediction about Nancy Pelosi’s future that will leave you speechless

Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are locked in the political battle of a lifetime.

Everyone is trying to figure out who will come out on top.

And now Donald Trump made a prediction about Nancy Pelosi’s future that will leave you speechless.

Donald Trump addressed reporters on Christmas Eve from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Naturally the press asked about impeachment.

The President blasted Pelosi by pointing out that Pelosi lost the Speaker’s gavel once because of her anti-American agenda and the voters will oust her again in November because of backlash to the impeachment farce.

Real Clear Politics reports:

“All I know is my poll numbers are the highest they’ve ever been,” Trump said Tuesday. “Our fundraising in the Republican Party is the highest it’s ever been. She hates the Republican Party. She hates all of the people that voted for the and the Republican Party.”

“She’s desperate,” the president said. “Look, she got thrown out as speaker once before. She lost like 63 seats, 61 or 63, tremendous, record-setting number of seats.”

“I think it’s going to happen again,” Trump predicted. “She’s doing a tremendous disservice to the country. She’s not doing a good job.”

“We weren’t entitled to witnesses. We weren’t entitled to lawyers. We sat in a basement. They would leak everything. They would leak it. We weren’t entitled to do anything. They would leak selectively with the sick, corrupt politician named Schiff,” Trump said.

There is no question right now the politics and the polls are moving against the Democrats on impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi understands this and that’s why she is staging this stunt about withholding the articles of impeachment — in the hopes that media pressure forces the Republican controlled Senate to help the Democrats bolster their case by calling new witnesses.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Calling us a sucker/moron.Oh please we’re living in reality unlike you “Truth and False” living denial in your Mother’s basement. You’re truly uneducated libtard snowflake.

  2. President Trump is being way to kind! What Nancy pelosi deserves is a blindfold and a wall to put her traitorous back against.

  3. I think you are looking at yourself in a mirror and composing. Take care of yourself. You need some more of the pills you are on.

  4. The party in power will eventually change, as history has shown us. What doesn’t change is stupidity by the Democraps!
    When Harry Reid went nuclear, did he not understand how that’s going to change the judiciary and the political landscape? Once you open Pandora’s box, you can never put the genie back inside.
    Pelosi’s impeachment process will forever haunt the Democraps. No Democrap President will be able to make it 4 years. The Repubicans were being nice to Bathhouse Barry. In reality he should have been impeached for treasonous actions many times.
    The Democraps just keep sh#++#*g on themselves. But you can’t fix stupid!

  5. I wish that the supporters of our President would stop using filthy language…….
    Never lower yourself to someone else’s level.

  6. Jeanne I was referring to sally penny. It’s taken from the old song mustang sally. Sorry. I give liberals hell, male or female.

  7. You libs think you are so intelligent, yet your actions are that of a four year old kicking, screaming and name calling. It’s hilarious! Republicans, Independents and Democrats with a brain are all impervious to your willful stupidity. Here’s what will happen in 2020……Trump will win in a landslide, the likes of which your small mind can’t comprehend. You’ll need a “safe place.” Next, Republicans will regain power and restore order in the House. Next, Republicans will retain power and order in the Senate. Last of all, that dried up old Ginsberg will not last through another four years……You better believe.Trump has his next Supreme Court Justice tee’d up and ready to go.

  8. True, let’s get mulvaney,Bolton and other eye witnesses of the abuse of power on the stand,hell we’ll even put the Biden out there.

  9. I don’t think Trump done it. He had everyone one around him do it so his hand isn’t in the cookie jar theirs are. So how do you get him without the crumbs on his hands you don’t.

  10. As always Dan, you’ve proven what an uneducated moron you are. I can always count on you to do that. You walk right into my traps EVERYTIME, it’s amazing yet predicable.

  11. That will never happen, simply because the truth and facts can never be beat. All of the uneducated morons combined on this site cannot defeat the undefeatable,that is known as the TRUTH and FACTS.

  12. You may have a college degree,but that does not mean you are educated…Are you one of those who are educated just enough to be dangerous…Wise UP

  13. You are brainwashed you watch to much NBC CBS and all that libturd crap pull you head out of your ass and see what is really going on

  14. True. Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is a huge detriment to the American Republic. America will be better off when she is gone. Do not vote for a Democrat. Divest Pelosi from power before she completely overrides American voters with her attempted coup.

  15. Every one on this site should get together for a meet and greet. It would be interesting to see Dan Tyree and truth and facts together. Dan would kick his ass.

  16. You people never fail to amaze me with your insipid displays of low-knowledge self-gratification and embracing the self-serving epistle that stupidity is a virtue. Your profound aversion to truth and facts will be your glorious downfall and herald your entry into the gates of Hell which you so richly deserve.

    Oh well, your dependence upon sub-human Luddites such as Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham. Levin, Carlson, and a host of neo-christian Nazis for what you think is intellectual sustenance will get you through life with a minimal amount of contact with the real world and citizens.

    Happily, you’ve made a remarkable choice in choosing a path of life that keeps you from having any influence with real society and ideas so When the end comes for you. you’ll end up consuming each other with inbred fear and loathing.

  17. Truthy I’ll bet you will hold a dick in your mouth until the swelling goes down. Now go to bed. You’re disturbing decent people.

  18. roadapple. Why sonny works in the Ukraine. But save your money sal.the obungler is going to need piers on his Martha’s vineyard house. You don’t want the rats and roaches to drown do you

  19. Sally you sound like a tree frog. They charge colors every time that they get on a different tree. Just admit it. You’re a commiecrat.

  20. You got that right. Hope you stick around,I can always use a good wing woman? You notice Dan and mj have no valid points,just name calling and propagandist rants. Proof of their brain washing.

  21. Make me you uneducated moron and worshipper of a treasonous tyrannical self centered narcissistic jack ass.

  22. Hi T&F. Dan is so mad that he is accusing me for your statement, which he could not understand after you explained it to him. WOW, can’t get my reply to him but maybe he will catch on. There are some real haters on this thread. Dan and Real M. are only the beginning. You handle these no-nothing comments so well. I have to laugh. By the way, I think just one of DJT’s problems is his ego, it is excessively fragile. Just let the breeze his it and it shatters.

  23. Domonic: True. I’ve lived a long life and always voted and never claimed either major party. After Reagan I dropped the Republicans but still felt they had a lot to offer in many respects. I fussed some about W. but now I wish with all that is in me if we had to have a Republican, it would be a real one, I’d welcome “W” as he was a decent person and as he said, can look himself in the face in his mirror. Trump is not a Republican as I see Republicans. In fact, there are a lot in Congress who are not Republicans. They are mean and they hate. Their attitudes are for themselves and know if they do not kiss up on Trump, they will receive the wrath he has promised.

  24. Damn, I can’t believe I’m reading all the above stupid statements and dumber answers for the same. I say this, N.Pelosi, C.Schumer, ass Waters should be tried for treason. All three are guilty of treason. If I were a Democrat I would hide in shame for allowing the 3 to represent me and my political affiliation. The Demotricate Party is a scam to our beloved country and all of you know it. God save America from the Democrats.

  25. To Sally P. > Pelosi IS ‘connected’ To ‘R’ oligarchs___
    YOU! Just dunno ‘stuff’. Your info is Weak at Best… &
    Furthermore, YOU, Believe ‘it’… lol . You are ‘lame’…

  26. ToEvelyn Ruth: Dear one: When you look into the business dealings, the loses, the people who got shafted by Trump’s crocked dealings, and his need for 2 to 4 Billion dollars to pay off his loans, that he borrowed from Deutsch Bank in Germany, which in reality belongs to Russia, your admiration of being a businessman, at least that one, might change considerably. There are many good businessmen, it just happens that Trump is the chosen one by Putin to put into policy some of Putin’s favorite things. Such as the elimination of the sanctions previously put on Russia. His helping Russia keep the Kramenia. Pulling the deal with Ukraine so Russia would not be blamed for helping Trump during the 2016 election. There is more, but those are the obvious favors for Russia. You see, Trump fits the profile that Putin needed in the White House. The Russian operations of the news and commentary media, such as Alex Jones, Rush, and Fox was already doing their job. That is the deep state. Next, what about Mr. Mogilevich, a Putin and Trump associate, and friend? Trump and his Trump Tower is how he helped wash Russian money with sales of apartments. Michael Cohen and his family can tell about this. He, Trump is not into the kind of business that counts toward making America anything, much less great.

  27. U a sick ‘alexis’ programmed bot 0R
    a totally disengaged human w/a ‘wilted Brain’.
    ( both sides of ‘brain’ ARE NOT working’)

  28. The fact is the RNC didn’t want him,hence the the reason they started the Dossier. Now they’re in to deep ,they will lose their political positions if they go against him. The republican party is screwed they’ve slept with the ? and all is left is for them to rot in hell for all eternity.Hypocrits.

  29. r.W.:
    The judgement that you put on another’s soul unjustly will be placed upon you. I believe that Tom is correct. His opinion is as important as all your smart mouth accusations and a lot more reliable.

  30. Sally you just killed your own argument. Believing that Nancy is a part of the executive. You need to study government. Dumbass

  31. Yeah pelosi and schiff are connected to the Mexican drug cartels. Obama and biden are the ones connected to the Russians, through the Ukraine government.

  32. to James 75th:
    The Republican party previous to this administration with the help of McConnell already did a number on the Democratic President. When this nation becomes a nation of pay-back we have sunk to a very low state of affairs. Only those with no soul want revenge because they believe they are an earthly god of sorts. I had always liked for the two parties to work toward agreements. That has not happened since we elected a black man for our WhiteHouse. It seems to have made a difference for some people. When a person is doing the job for all of the people, he is our President. When the President insults anyone and everyone he even dreams is not like him or might not like him, he is out to verbally kill them. Therefore, when Donald Trump begans to behave as if he is President for all the people, he will be considered as being a real President.

  33. Tom: You are right. I have for a number of years contributed and thought I would be dealing with Republicans. These people do not stand for the morals that I have previously known in Republicans who are my friends, etc. I do not understand how in this world that the Republican Party accommodated Donald Trump by letting him run as a Republican. He uses people, parties, opportunities, and other people’s nations to get elected. I, find it more offensive that those who cheer him on are so blinded by the hate that Trump elevates as misdeeds against himself. It is sad to see a grown man unable to take the truth when he hands out lies. Therefore, one cannot count the Trumpsters as Republican and they should not say they are. One does not have to be a Democrat to have total disgust for Trump and his heathen ways.

  34. Truth and Facts: I agree. Do you remember at the time of the inauguration his Spiritual Advisor was either at the even or shortly after came to see Trump? To my knowledge “spiritual advisor” is in reference to “fortune tellers”. I judge not that woman, however, you are absolutely right, he says and does things that are offensive to Jesus Christ. His attitude toward those who are very poor, in poor countries, are any different than him, certainly is against Christ in every way. Trump preaches hate, has since I’ve ever heard of him, (except for himself and his). I think if it is convenient he says love, but the purpose behind the word is what counts.

  35. David: I know a lot about the people you bash regarding their lives. I have 27 years of experience doing social work. I’ve Graduate Hours of training that has enlightened me to do a better job.I blame no one for being rich. That was not at all in my statement. I blame people who use the concept of one political agenda as their reason for voting for anyone. So often people satisfy themselves with saying how they are against abortion, but then want to do away with the food stamp program that helps even the middle class workers who loose their jobs and meet the requirements. Some parents of little children and babies who depend upon programs to have healthy babies, are finding our rich government wanting to do away with these helps. That is why I say, No to Abortion, Yes, to starvation is their theme. I blame those who think as you, who vote for ignorance and deliberate harm to the poor or disadvantaged. Politicians use the abortion issue and never think about it again after they are elected. Personally, I am not for abortion, but I could tell you things that would make you think it might sometimes be best, when a parent takes their 2 yr old little girl and sling her against the wall until she is dead, for what ever their reason may have been. I think that children who are being considered for abortion by their parents should be offered for adoption and those who oppose abortion be there to do the adopting. Would you be there?

  36. Sally P., Yeah, yeah, yeah, Craig Unger, the Republican hating, Harvard educated liberal, who writes sensationalized books of lies to sell and makes lots of money! He would write a book of filthy lies about YOU to add to his wealth!
    Stooge troll!
    You are so boring! ?

  37. Barney: Do you believe that you are responsible for your adult children’s behavior? One can encourage, teach and do all the good but adults are individuals, and every tub sits on it’s own bottom. Nancy Pelosi’s son is no different than another’s adult son or daughter. So what is your point?

  38. Buddy F. How do you like the money Trump spends and the Trumpsters in Congress think it is great. He thinks he can make more loans from the Duetch Bank in Germany, owned by Russia. That is right, it is his personal loans from Russia. Get the connection? So who is dumb? Those who believe Trump and support him, that is who.

  39. Sally Penny, If you have proof of all that $hit about Putin, mafia, banking, etc. where were you with all your “concrete evidence” when Mueller was looking for just anything he could provide in his report so the Dems could be rid of DJT! Oh excuse me, that was Adam Schit who had concrete evidence of DJT and Russian collusion, wasn’t it? As WE all know he had no proof just as you have no proof! You are mentally diseased like your leaders! All of you have let DJT run you bat$hit crazy! You know what that means? DJT is more intelligent and more in control of himself than all of you Dems combined! You are a poor pathetic herd of donkey a$$e$! ?
    You will never learn to shut up and leave things alone that your single digit IQ is not equipped to deal with!

  40. Fair question? Where have I ever stated i was a dem or a liberal? Just because I don’t support your treasonous tyrannical self centered narcissistic jack ass of a president? Wrong, moron.

  41. There is overwhelming clear evidence of the articles of impeachment. Only an uneducated moron would not see that.

  42. …whoa there Ms. Penny, there are documents in the wind that will refute everything you just said, along with her son and hand in hand with the Bidens…

  43. Sally Penny – the following leaders are more intelligent than Pelosi – Martin Luther
    King,Jr, Ronald Reagan, John F.Kennedy, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S
    Grant – what do they all have in common? they are DEAD. Give me a corpse over Pelosi
    any day of the week.

  44. Sally you must be a college student. No way a person could be as dumb as you unless you mine is corrupted in out colleges which all they do is teach communists. Look at history the Democratic Party is exactly like Hilter. You damn kids are too stupid to see it. Read history and maybe you won’t come off as stupid as you sound now

  45. Then, “Truth and Facts” you are an admitted FOOL. For it is the Democratic party which wishes to ban the right of the armed citizen to protect themselves from criminals, so only criminals have guns, and it is the Democratic Party
    which legalizes baby death camps across our nation. Wo which is it?
    are you simply a fool or stupid?

  46. Most of you are misspelling the name of that disipable political party. It was once known as the Democrat Party, then came the first renaming to call it the Democracker Party, Then it’s newest name is the Dumbercracker Party. Why? Because all of those claiming that Political Party are truly DUMB. The only thing that they got right was their Party Symbol, The Dumb Jackass.

  47. Sally I have read stupid comments on this site before but yours is right up there with the idiots. President Trump is the greatest President since George Washington and you idiots on the left never stop amazing me Don’t blame the political people running for office because they become the elites and super rich however the idiots that vote for them thinking everything is free end up eating out of garbage cans. You can’t fix STUPID!!!!

  48. Dominic, Quite correct – Obama was one of the STUPIDEST most moronic terrorist worshiping presidents in US History – without question!! Glad you realize this.

  49. Go back to watching the Hallmark channel and the Clinton News Network Sally, maybe you can marry Joe Scarborough someday. Also have one help you with reality and the brainwashing you have been induced with. Get your facts right Unicorn queen…

  50. Cherry: THAT IS WHAT YOU SAY. Obviously you do not do much observation of the Pres when he speaks. Obviously you do not know the law. Obviously, you just love Trump and see no wrong. These facts are very true. He loves Putin and obeys him. Get real.

  51. Sally I have read stupid comments on this site before but yours is right up there with the idiots. President Trump is the greatest President since George Washington and you idiots on the left never stop amazing me Don’t blame the political people running for office because they become the elites and super rich however the idiots that vote for them thinking everything is free end up eating out of garbage cans. You can’t fix STUPID!!!!

  52. So Called “Truth and Facts” you are correct – hatred is evil. Unfortunately, the only
    hatred comes from the Democratic Pelosi led party which advocates baby mutilation, riding on donkeys or walking and ending all fossil fuel energy turning America back to medieval times, which favors borders totally open to whatever terrorist wishes to come in to murder American citizens, offers sanctuary cities for alien criminals, puts police in jail who aid ICE, etc. Hatred=Democratic Party.

  53. The extent GIVEN ZERO evidence of ANY wrongdoing WHATSOEVER, is nothing but ABUSE of
    Authority, and Contempt of the Executive Branch. Given that Pelosi’s goons have not offered the President ANY Due Process in the KANGAROO Court, broke the law with fraudulent evidence in obtaining FISA warrants, violated the law in illegal raids on
    Cohen’s offices, LIED repeatedly in the Russian and Ukranian investigations, violated Trumps due process in not allowing him to appeal subpeanas to the justice department, GIVEN an entire litany of wrong doing and CRIMINAL actions – Pelosi
    deserves NOTHING more or less than impeachment and a prison cell.

  54. At least N. Pelosi is not connected to Russian oligarchs and the Putin Mafia. She is not a criminal designating as an American and banking with the Russians. Who do you think pulls Trump’s strings. Who do you think chose Trump. Putin is not God. Stop confusing it.

  55. We have had the worse Presidents since Jimmy Carter and many in America reckoned he would that title forever, but along came barak obama and took Carters title away from him. Barak owns the title and we said about Jimmy Carter we now say regarding our 1 muslim president .

  56. Not taking a salary? His welfare for the rich tax give away makes him millions while the rest of us pay for it as well as generations after us.

  57. ADELLE,You are a worthless hypocrite, you go on about being anti abortion then at the same time you wish abortion on others, myself included. Fyi I’m anti abortion and believe in the 2nd amendment. That being said I DO Not support the unduly elected jack ass you hypocritical morons worship. He will say anything to his base to fire them up so he can receive the adornment he craves, more than anything else. That’s all he cares about is himself and his ego.

  58. “I think it’s going to happen again,” Trump predicted. “She’s doing a tremendous disservice to the country. She’s not doing a good job.”

    She is NOT doing ANYTHING she was elected to do! She is on a “Johnny One Note” vendetta to take down Trump and, at this point in time, the whole country knows about it.

    I am not a fan of Trumps, and have stated that many times before, right here on this site. But compared to Pelosi and the Clinton’s (Yes, the Clinton’s are plural. They come as a pair. And its no longer a question of what kind of a “plural” they are. And it certainly isn’t American!

  59. The Democrates are a joke, running from their deceitful crimes they will go down, speaker couldn’t speak with her in a drunken stupor half the time. Totally dusgraceful!

  60. Dominic,

    I can bet that YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL , who HATES America and is just here to TAKE from its citizens. TRUMP is the best president in the history of America, and has done all his good for America for 0 salary, and will a knife in his back every day from scum bags like you.

  61. TRUTH ( who is a liar),

    You know that is a lie. if TRUMP were pro choice , Tiffany would never have been born, so don’t lie. She was a mistake that he took into his life loving her and making the situation right even though her Mom was a tramp who chased after him. Tiffany did not have to die like you hateful DEMS would have done to her.
    You probably would murder a born child like that sick gov. in Va. would do. he did it, as he is a Dr. who hates the unborn. Wish your mother and his mother had aborted you both, then we would not be happening this horror.

  62. Please Mr Pagan TOM, stop being like your father Satan! You don’t know anything about Christianity and it shows! Just like Piglousy!

  63. Hate spewing moron says an individual that thinks it’s ok to kill a living baby! Get a clue azz wipe, you and your kind will be leaving the earth soon!

  64. Tom, don’t go attacking other people who praying for Trump! That not Christianity! You know as much as they do Trump not perfect! Are you? So we just continue to pray God guide our heart. And those evil DEMONcrat stop attacking him as well.

  65. she could at least supply portable toilets for her homeless illegals she invited here! They have to take a sh*t on the pavement or in the stores in San Francisco. piglosy has turned california into a third world country and plans to turn the rest of the USA into a third world country as well. She needs to be impeached!

  66. so, you support this witch of Salem aborting 60+ million unborn/post born? not every prayer answered. God gets to answer. some pray wish you never request when an abortionist has no real intention for fruition.

  67. Hes the BEST and CARES about our country; not even taking a salary. With all the attacks on him and the witch hunt in process, he still has accomplished MORE than any other President for the 3 years hes been there. He is truly the Peoples President.

  68. DD – you are completely hypocritical. How dare you end it all with “In Jesus name. AMEN! Also you, Katie, for adding amen to such a prayer. What is wrong with you people. The Republican is supposed to be all about Christianity and there are so many unchristian tweets by the president and unchristian by his followers, It is absolutely plain wrong!

  69. Pelosi, and all her clan will be voted out in November. Then be held accountable for Treason…and put away..And let that be a lesson for all those who try coup attempts and Treason of not only our president, but our country as well…it’s dispicable act to try and take controll of our government!!. May her and all of her cronies burn in hell!!

  70. We pray for Nancy everyday like she prays for TRUMP! We pray she will keel over, loose her mind which seems to be working, burn up in the fires of CA along with Shiftless, Waters, and Swallwell, shes forgetshowto get back to DC, etc. In Jesus name AMEN!

  71. Yes Pelosi need voted out and never come back. Maybe her and old Goerge Soros can get on a sinking ship out in the middle of know where and maybe then they will never be heard again from. Both are Corrupt and have no business in our Government.

  72. Hope so. They dont care for this country ir they would be working to help clean up the mess on their district’ some of the most beautiful citirs are filthy. All the Democrats want iS MONEY AND POWER!!!!. IF THEY WERE TO GET IT?, YOU’D SEE THE END OF A GREAT COUNTRY. IS THAT WHAT YOU VOTERS WANT? I PRAY THAT YOU DON’T.

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