Donald Trump made a promise that left Chuck Schumer speechless

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats thought they had the perfect plan.

They would run out the clock on this Congress so when the Democrats took over the House in January, there was no chance for Donald Trump to win funding for his border wall.

But then Donald Trump made a promise that caused Schumer to realize everything he planned was in ruins.

Trump is pushing for five billion dollars in funding for the border wall in a December spending bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security.

But nine Democrats need to support any bill to end a Schumer-led filibuster.

So Democrats thought they had the upper hand.

Not so.

Trump revealed in an interview with The Washington Post that he had a backup plan for the wall.

Trump told The Washington Post:

I think that’s been shown better than ever in the last short period of two weeks — that we need a wall. I see the Democrats are going to want to do something, because they understand too. Those pictures are very bad for the Democrats. We’re not having a wall because of the Democrats. We need Democrat votes to have a wall. Now, if we don’t get it, will I get it done another way? I might get it done another way. There are other potential ways that I can do it. You saw what we did with the military, just coming in with the barbed wire and the fencing, and various other things.

Trump will act to secure the border one way or the other.

The Democrats hate the idea of troops on the border and razor wire fencing.

If they want to avoid that reality, they can give Trump the votes for wall funding.

It’s as simple as that.

But will Democrats realize they are boxed in?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Chuck is going to have mimi strokes as the next 2 years are going to be President Trump’s, he will have to deal with and I know he is the one that can make things right. The House may not have such an easy time getting there plans into place. I do believe 2019 is going to be a bumpy ride for Chuck and Nancy. It is President Trump’s turn to make America Great Again. Even if he has to walk all over Chuck and Nancy.

  2. To M. Dan etc. When i see photo above, cannot
    help but think ”adrenochrome’/babie meds.
    Just Look/See. looks like ‘morgue crap’

      • Dan. he looks like that, B/cuz of the
        ‘terrible Stuff<< & i do realize that photos can be
        deceptive. However,have seen too much.
        I would like to SAY MORE, but will Hold Back
        EXTREME PROFANE words. & Waay past yours. lol♥
        > Stay Strong’mon’ I KNOW U WILL. ps.some badio
        shitt ‘could’ come down the road in Dec’
        > Did U See ‘red dot Lasers on POTUS at
        Christmas Tree Lighting ??? POTUS ‘knows’.
        It has been said: ‘mossad’ (israeli type cia KraaP.)
        Not good. Later♥. Glad u came back for check. Always
        Do that___

        • pps. Re ‘the Terrible Sufff’

          December 2, 2018 at 8:27 pm

          Dan,M. etc. Pelosi ‘seems’ to ‘PARTAKE’
          ‘the Stuff’ just like Schumer &&& A
          ‘bunches’ of 0thers. POTUSDJT DOES NOT
          DO THIS ‘stuff’. Period.

          December 2, 2018 at 8:34 pm

          ps. &&& IFFF ‘i’ Ever EVER ‘Findout’
          POTUSDJT Does ‘this Stufff’, i will
          kick his ass from Here to Kingdom Come.
          EOS. EOM.

  3. Get Soros drunk and get him to fund the wall. They could even call it the democrat memorial wall complete with names and pictures of Americans killed and victimized by illegal wet backs. Also these liberal fools whom want open borders should sell all that they have and help build that wall. Their way of life is in danger too.

    • I’m not a Trump lover or a Trump hater – I’m VERY “middle of the road,” but I would boldly make this one challenge: Anyone, ANYONE- Take two sheets of paper, put TRUMP’S name at the top of one and the little halfbreed faggot’s name at the top of the other – then spend a considerable amount of time thinking, then listing all the GOOD that each one has done for this country! Be completely honest with yourself and list! LIST ! (I rest my case!) 😩😞😠👹

      • Good point Michael. There’s not a great number of people beating the drum for the half breed faggot. They are jelious because Trump has done so much more good for America. Their only message is to o hate him. All because he beat the queen bitch.

      • BETTER YET, Michael D. DO NOT LIST ANY<<< NAME.
        a 3rd grader Would SEE 'a List' of Accomplishments of
        Who's who & What's What. Basically, this 'test' Has
        Already been done. The Results Have Been 0bvious.
        POTUS DJT. &&& 'the Test' WAS done W/ Adults.
        Same Result.

  4. Building the Wall to keep illegals and criminals out is a very good justification to build it. But building the Wall to keep illegal drugs that are crippling and killing US Citizens is the reason why it must be built and the payback for drastically slowing down drugs and their horrible effects on our society will greatly benefit the USA far more financially and making the 5 Billion investment for the Wall “crumbs”.

  5. Am I wrong ? If they come into USA legally don’t they have to show they can support themselves ? If not our taxpayers will have to support them for all their lives, including the whole family FOREVER !I think the dumbcrats will send then to MediCal or some welfare unit of our gov.Also what jobs would they qualify for? Like dishwasher, ditchdigger,window washer ? Should we have to support them for a Lifetime ?

    • You are probably right, RedAmerican, as I recall Obama’s aunt who was ordered to leave the country 10 years or more before Obama was president collected every penny she could from federal assistance until she died, think that was in his second term (which was stolen by fraud). Not sure whether his uncle lived off American taxpayers or not, but think he was also an illegal immigrant, like his aunt.

  6. Chuck is a lying SOB Communist. His word means nothing. Two years ago he promised Donald the funds for the wall if he supported DACA then broke his word.

    • Larry, Chuck is a bleeding Democrat that lies before he eats breakfast in the morning! The past National events have shown ALL DEMOCRATS to be the scourge of the Nation, no morals, no Faith, no intelligence — just pure whining emotion. I swear they all have the same defective gene that dictates what they say and do. P.T. is going to have to “Build that Wall” another way, because the Left is incapable of doing “anything” good for the American People!

        • We the people that have elected this president Donald Trump, need pray to God for the strength to stand our ground and support this man whom God Himself put into office. We can not know how or why but I firmly believe God placed Donald Trump into the office of President. I pray it is for the time we need to make stronger efforts to get right with the God of Creation. We need give Him thanks for this gift of our new President and the efforts that he is making to correct the mess we as a nation are in. May enough of us turn to the God we are created in His image and cry out for the wisdom to be as He would have us. It is written that many will take the wide road to destruction and few take the narrow road to the narrow gate to the Kingdom. Pray in this time we have been given that we as seekers of Jesus are able to bring ourself closer to God in following and obeying the Word of God. We are praying for salvation and God heard us thereby giving us this time to make any changes with the help of the Holy Spirit. Stay on track and support this man God gave us so we can show God we are truthful in the desire to obey and love Him. For even though God is patient and waits, He will not wait forever as He has an agenta to follow as He wrote of in the Bible. Read it and you will learn something of the God we are to worship in truth.

  7. When the government/politicians stop working for the people, it’s time for the people to fire them. SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. IT’S NOT WORKING FOR US.



    Then start DEPORTING in earnest Throw out the riff raff

    • Marlene, you left 3 zeros off that dollar figure – It’s not 25 million – it’s 25 billion dollars. Otherwise, I totally agree with you.

    • I agree Marlene you are spot on and I am glad you through in the $25B That will give the Mexican government the help to get rid of the riff raff. I like the way you think.

    • Hi Marlene, as my name is Marlene too I get a lot of your replies too. I list myself as Marlene Marty so we can differentiate. It has let to some head scrating on my part as I didn’t write some of your comments and get called on them. Doesn’t really matter as we seem to agree anyway. Just a laugh anyway.

  8. I think law abiding tax payers have had enough with dishing out exhorbant amounts to illegals in this country.
    It’s time to listen to what America wants, not what a handful of extremists might be trying to create.

  9. As I see it theway demoncrats co not want a safer America so they hate the idea of a border wall, they want all the illegal votes they can get to stay in power, the demoncrats want only to see this nation under un control so they get what they want and yo he11 with the American people, the demons that are in office have proven time and again they have no interest in this country, where coming of them have their ill gotten gains stored that’s right in RUSSIA the very place they are screaming about. Well we need this wall to help protect this nation on the southern border, if the DEMONcrats can live behind walls then we can have walls along our border to help protect the nation as a whole.

    • Those Demorats that have NOT voted for the wall should be removed from office with NO pension(pay them for what they are worth, about a nickel each)! They have stolen enough from us! Just wait until Jan. 2019 when the Demorats take over the house! We may need our own march on DC!

  10. I guess the people who is against the wall, thinks nothing can happen to them, what has happened to others… For everyone who is fore the illegals to come in, give the illegals there SS CHECKS, AND MEDICAL AND THEN SET BACK AN WATCH WHO THROWS IN THE TOWEL…. WE NEED THE WALL…. IF THE ILLEGALS WANTS INTO THIS COUNTRY DO IT THE LEGAL WAY……

  11. God bless OUR PRESIDENT who is true to his word. These Dems think they are in control because of all the RINOs, but they forget who the master negotiator is. SHUT down the government – then focus on the Dems who only agreed to $1.6 Billion IF their conditions were met. We see through their garbage and support OUR PRESIDENT!!! #MAGA #TRUMP2020

    • Amen! Time to take a stance and shut down the government if we have to. Seems to be the only way to work with Democrats. Gotta be tough and stand our ground for what’s right. Democrats just hate our country and all the good we stand for.

      • Imagine what’s worse than demonCRATS. Yes the is SOMETHING worse!😮THE IDIOTS WHO VOTE FOR THEM. They voted for the Kenyan & he’s illegal. Freebies are their only hope.To figure!

    • Only trouble is Mr. George Soros with his “Open Borders Foundation”, which funds over 2,300 liberal groups here in the USA. The Democrats are all getting money from Soros. Check it out, Hillary got one check for $8 Million from Soros trying to get her elected. Even Ohio Gov. Kasich took almost $700,000 from Soros after he saw he couldn’t become POTUS. Comey, and many others are all “Paid Soros Stooges”! They want to be part of the “Ruling Elite Billionaires” ruling the Americas Union that Soros wants. He’s not stupid, he conquered Europe without firing a shot!

      • Because, unlike any other country in the world, we have a governing system that relies on individual votes to determine what we do and dont do. If our representatives dont perform as the majority dictates, we vote them out. Now. The tricky part is seeing through th cover ups. This makes the U.S. much more of a challenge to overthrow. God Bless the USA!

      • Arrest Soros for treason. Confiscate his assets and use them to build the wall.
        Name the wall “Soros Wall” OR “sorry-ass Soros wall”
        If he likes to eat, give Soros a job shoveling human excrement in San Francisco.
        NEXT PROBLEM??!!!???

  12. I’d much rather see my tax dollars go to building a wall instead of giving illegals food, clothing and a roof over their head. I think Bill Clinton had a good idea when he wanted to stop illegals, any company or person hiring an illegal gets find, very high, and time in jail. If we don’t give them money to live and we don’t hire them, they won’t want to come here. Of course this goes into affect after we build the wall. If there was a Go Fund Me acct for the wall, I’d contribute and I’m sure there’s a lot of people that would! Lets get this done.

    • Right on, Bonnie!! I received my “new” Medicare card last week in the mail. I about went through the ******* roof. The directions I received were also “IN SPANISH”!!!! Can you believe that?? Why would we have to print Medicare Card directions in spansh*t???? Big businesses are contributing to the illegals! ‘BUILD THE WALL”!!!!!

  13. Spray the wall will Pam?….

    Let’s spray it with liquid chlorine gas 80 % solution then use an old WWII TRICK..use flame throwers so when any
    illegal aliens attempt to cross the razor wire, the flame throwers will roast them where they stand creating a roasted southern smell.

    Should a few get thru all that…
    Either a 50 Cal round with exploding shell should do the trick…or a last result would be your basic German Shepard trained at the grab at the goods between the legs…

    This is how to control the border…


  15. A slam on President Trump’s border wall by the democrats is a slam on the American citizen voter. Only those who end up gaining either money or votes (maybe both) would not want a wall. When will these people put our country and our safety first before their job security?

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