Donald Trump made a shocking coronavirus confession that no one ever expected

President Trump holds daily press briefings to update the American people in the status of the administration’s response to the Chinese coronavirus.

Reporters use these sessions to fire gotcha questions at the President in an attempt to embarrass him as opposed eliciting information that the American people can use.

And in his latest press conference Donald Trump made a shocking coronavirus confession that no one ever expected.

During Sunday’s press briefing the President was asked about reports that four Senators sold stocks after receiving briefings from officials on the potential dangers of the Chinese coronavirus.

The fake news reporter that asked the question wanted to know if the President had any stock and if he sold it.

Trump answered by revealing that running for President actually cost him billions of dollars.

“It cost me billions of dollars to be president, and I am so happy I did it, because who cares? I am really happy with the job that we’re doing, and I’m really glad that this team and me are here,” the President responded.

But President Trump did not engage in a pity party.

When Trump ran for President in 2016 the fake news immediately assumed it was some kind of publicity stunt that was designed to increase his net worth.

Like everything else the fake news predicted about 2016 that turned out to be wrong.

However, the President noted that he was in this out of a sense of patriotism.

“With all of that being said, I’m so glad I did it,” Trump told the press.

The President added that he viewed the attempt to stop the spread of the Chinese coronavirus as a wartime situation.

“I’m a wartime president,” Trump added. “This is a war, it’s a different kind of war that we’ve ever had.”

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. President Trump hasdone a lot for this country. Yes, sometimes he dies call people nanes and I wish he would stop it. He’s doing the best he can without any help of the Democrats. They have added laundry list of their ridiculous pet projects that will not help the Americans in need. So quit putting down the best president we’ve had in years. The last so-called president did nothing bit try to ruin our country and he’s still doing it.

  2. truth and facts…uneducated? Really??????? I am a college graduate. And I know people who did not even finish high school who are much more intelligent than you are. You have only hate to offer. Hate is of satan, whom you serve. Pay on judgement day??? I am saved. I belong to Jesus. When are YOU going to come to Him and repent and accept Him as the Lord of your life?? He loves you very much and will cure your sick hate

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  4. BJ-Blow job,you deny the truth and facts because you’re an uneducated brainwashed unAmerican morons. I’m the true Christian here, you and all trump worshippers are hypocrites and fools who will pay on judgement day. Prepare, Moron

  5. Fake Dan, YOU are obviously the con man. Our president has done only good for this country. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

  6. Truth and facts, I see you still haven’t changed your screen name. You have no clue what truth and facts are. You prove that every time you post. You just come here to spew your sick lies and hate. And you claim to worship God and His Son. Really??????? God forbids your sick hate and name-calling. You attack Pres. Trump who is doing a lot for this country and for Christians. So NO, you are not a Christian. If you were, you would be supporting and praying for our president.

  7. I was hoping to see a reasonable discussion here. I should have known better. Even the people I agree with disappoint, as they get sucked into name calling and listening to Democrats froth about our President, at least long enough to give them a platform. I don’t know how the stimulus bill discussion is going in the Senate, but it is obvious that they, just like Nancy Pelosi in the House, think this is a way to slip in some pork, and pro-abortion amendments, that have no place at this point in time. Honest people (I’m talking about the voters) should see what is happening, and make these idiots pay at the ballot box.

    It would serve the Libs right if some of the drugs being tested in the field right now actually showed us the way. Actually it would be great for the good people of this great country, who deserve more than these political tricks and deceit.

  8. Of the thousands of lies the Moron has spewed, that’s the ONE that bothers you? WOW. By the way I only worship the almighty God and his son. I don’t have a clue who the president of Kenya isor care.

  9. A wartime president???? that used his “elite and rich” status to BUY his way out of another war. DJ Trump may well be the BIGGEST CON MAN walking on planet earth!!!

  10. Fernando your opinions are even less worthless than those of Truth and Facts not only are you a Hallucinogenic/Psychedelic drug junkie whose mind is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality you are a foreign enemy who is a Hallucinogenic/Psychedelic drug junkie whose mind is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality.

    Most of what these so called experts with WHO and the CDC has been saying is complete nonsense and those claims that have been derived from empirical evidence he has accepted and acted on accordingly.

    It was a physician appointed to the State Department by that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” who overruled the recommendation of the Trump administration and the CDC allowing those who had returned from southern Asia who were potentially infected with the Covid-19 virus, so you increase the gaseous concentration of Dimethyltryptamine and inhale far more deeply rendering yourself incapable of vomiting such drivel but do so after you have returned to whatever Toxic Waste Cesspool nation you overflowed from.

  11. Craig he could have been speaking of losses in volume overall from his businesses. He had to turn his corporatists over to his kids. But after his 2 terms in office, he won’t be hurting for money. But that’s ok with me. 4 more years!!!!! Like you, I trust him. I believe that our country is in good hands with Trump in the White House.

  12. Truth and Facts you are a Hallucinogenic/Psychedelic drug junkie whose mind is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality, your name is as of an antithesis as any claim could ever be.

    As for a phony president that would be the one you so ignorantly worship, that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator.”

  13. Donald, although I still trust you more than any existing member of the Democratic party or anyone who runs as a Democrat I do wish you would cease exaggerating your wealth:

    If you had said 10s of 1,000,000s of dollars or even $100,000,000 I may have believed you but when you clearly embellish on the truth by claiming you have lost billions of dollars everyone knows that is not the case.

  14. Truthy do yourself a favor and don’t try to communicate with us real patriots. It’s probably pretty dark where your head is. So blow a fart and free your mind

  15. Trump is the train wreck. He reaps what he does. I will pray for you and all the other hypocrites who supports the lying, crooked tyrant, dictator wannabe and ANTI-CHRIST

  16. I have never in my 63 years of life seen so much hatred and disrespect for a wonderful president who sacrifices to help this nation get back on track. We were a train-wreck waiting to happen until the Trump Train pointed out to us what is wrong and why nothing is accomplished for us. Too many Dem pockets being filled by out sources, corruption out the kazoo (eating up our tax dollars), and a general push for demented lifestyles being made to appear normalized, a peddling of baby body parts and the killing of these babies. Gee, I wouldn’t blame God for being upset and disappointed. He has been a very loving and patient God. Now He has apparently had enough…sin always gets punished when people do not repent. He is a Holy God. And, since we are a nation under God, we need to keep our focus on Him and what is pleasing to Him…not ourselves. I am pleased that this administration has welcomed the Lord back into the White House, where it is encouraged to lift His banner high. TRUMP/Pence 2020!!

  17. Carol you want to start comparing ACCOMPLISHMENTS BY PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS…. Carol REALLY!!!!
    ITS A PANDEMIC!!!! WHY!!!!!
    ARE YOU INSANE????!!!!

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  19. Trump has had to fight the demoncrats tooth and nail for everything. They go against him every chance they get. I hope people remember this when in November when you get ready to vote. The demoncrats only care about themselves, period!

  20. Dan- look in the mirror,your still an uneducated brainwashed Moron. Wyatt, you Moron,I didn’t call anyone dumb. Carol- The only thing Trump had accomplished is giving himself a huge pay raise with his welfare for the rich tax giveaway. By the way,all the things the lying jackass says he is fixing were created by Reagan,Moron. God you Morons are such easy picking.

  21. Truthy I had a shower today and I’ve graduated from college. So try another one. Them statements don’t add up

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  23. Truthy we’re hoping that you commiecrats will keel over. You people stand in the way of progress. Define uneducated. Do you mean unindoctrinated?

  24. This stimulus package isn’t about the Democrats wish list. It is about aiding and assisting business and workers. I would like to see a line item veto amendment so pork barrel and political biases can’t be included. The Democrats aren’t for the American people. If they were, they would have passed the Republican version of the bill without pork barrel agendas. The Squad needs to be squashed.

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    They stole the land, now almost everyone pays rent called taxes, and income tax is voluntary for state citizens and state nationals who are not under the foreign jurisdiction of the United States Inc. You are considered lost at sea and your birth certificate has already been probated by the registrar of the state you were born in, just look at it and you will see a few after your birth it has the date it was probated. Of course it wasn’t really you, it was the all CAPS NAME corporate person, or the after birth, the placebo and such. Well enough of that, go to
    and get yourself straightened out.

  27. Democrats said they will only vote for the ChinaVirus financial aid if they can squeeze in some climate change stuff and provisions for Planned Parenthood.
    Democrats know they should never let a good crisis go to waste to get what you want.
    Screw the American people. The American people are just “surfs” to the communists.

  28. Trump doesn’t need help embarrassing himself,he does that all by himself. It’s official, it’s now THE TRUMP PLAGUE!

  29. Please God call
    julio richard laredo and all of the Democrats home after they get the Corona Virus and expire.

  30. Skyking you and Julio are 2 fools. You guys should get a room. And maybe mush brain Biden could join you.

  31. It’s a war alright and tribunals should be set up to prosecute the traitors in the Democratic party and their main stream media enablers.

  32. Won’t be long now, a day or two, not weeks or months as the D’s had hoped. The R’s in Congress will bend and give the left/D’s some crumbs, much less than they want in the stimulus. The R’s and our fabulous POTUS will have to “grin and bear it”…just to get the majority of the package out to the American people. The left/D’s will agree, finally, only because their whole mission has zero to do with us. It has to do with making sure their name is attached (Pelosi and Schumer) to the package when passed. They were nowhere in sight when the American people part of the package was finalized in a bi-partisan way on Sunday. The only way for Pelosi/Schumer to get their names included was to delay, delay and delay, a final passage so DT could sign it and get the rescue out to us. R’s and DT had/now have, no choice. The majority of the good in the bill will overwhelm the bad forced into it by the left. Sad to say D’s know how to play the game in an emergency…they have been doing this for several decades now. The R’s and DT will do the right thing and get help out to us, as fast as they can!!! Count on it. End result will be a wave election for DT and the R’s in Nov. Then we will have both Houses of Congress and 4 more years with DT…Gonna be great for all Americans and a disaster for all leftist and Democrats (not democratics)!!

  33. I’m so glad we have Mr Trump as our president he do everything America want any president to do the only people that hurt american people are domadrat i hope people of New York and California will vote PS AND Shu out of congress they don’t need to be there they there for them self.

  34. Julio, I’m with you. I think everyone, including ALL citizens, should be open to the public. Also, each of us should have citizenship and any infractions of the law should be included. That way there are no secrets. Kumbaya!!😳

  35. Well…President TRUMP SAID YESTERDAY …. THAT WE ALL SHOULD BE GETTING BACK TO WORK… many Patriots are willing to join me in the front lines at work in NYC. 👀💪👊😇🙏


  37. @phoeberoome You are as deluded as Joe Buffoon aka Biden and should be locked up for your own protection since you are definitely incapable of rational thought.

  38. Who cares about his tax returns? They have NOTHING to do with the job of running this country! There’s no law requiring that he release them! KAG!TRUMP 2020!

  39. Of the protestors, who has the training, experience, knowledge, intelligence required to read, analyze and interpret president Trumps’ tax returns; the tax returns of a large multi billion insurance company, general motors, etc. The generally accepted accounting practices are followed, surely, but the implementation of account design differs with the entity. Get serious! Quit punching the situation with trivia!

  40. To the person on here so concerned about President Trump’s tax report, please remember that we don’t move forward by looking in the rear view mirror! News flash, everybody has skeletans in the closet! We ALL have imperfections! We all need to look at the terrific job he’s done to address the task at hand (defeating the crooks within our established government), and returning representation to “we the people”. I’m happy to have him representing my rights and freedoms.😊

  41. Trump is a dishonest fool. The worst president we have ever had. He is scary and belongs in jail. Phoebe

  42. julio richard laredo

    If Obama released his school records, I am sure PRESIDENT Trump would release his tax records. I would ask…what is in those school records that Obama is so afraid of? (Perhaps he was going under a FOREIGN STUDENT scholarship?)

  43. I thank GOD!! Each and every day that mr trump is My president he is doing EVERYTHING possible to help us in this unfortunate time!!! He is NOT ONLY battlein the corona virus he is battling the REAL VIRUS the DEMARATS!!! They actually like what’s going on in the world ANYTHING to take the president down!!! Human lives mean NOTHING to them!!! POWER and MONEY is ALL they’re interested in!! God help us all KEEP PRAYING FOR AMERICA and The WORLD ALL YOU REAL AMERICANS

  44. how much he lost running for president can be proved by releasing his taxes. has he released his taxes?

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