Donald Trump made a surprising prediction about the 2020 election that no one saw coming

The Democrats’ 2020 presidential field is beginning to take shape.

Everyone is assessing who the challenger is with the best chance to take on Donald Trump.

And then President Trump upended everything with this surprising prediction about the 2020 election that no one saw coming.

President Trump tweeted out his belief that the Democrat nominee would be either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump weighed in on the Democratic primary Tuesday, as the slate of 2020 candidates continues to grow.

“I believe it will be Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best Economy in the history of our Country (and MANY other great things)!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “I look forward to facing whoever it may be. May God Rest Their Soul!”

Early primary polls show Biden leading the field, although he still has not officially announced his run for president, with Sanders in second place.

Sanders and Biden are at the top of the polls.

Sanders has raised more money than any candidate currently in the field.

And Biden is expected to match or exceed him once he gets in.

Fake news reporters contend that either Biden or Sanders have the best chance of defeating Trump by carving into his working-class base.

But Trump believes this will not be the case.

The President argued that Biden or Sanders would be running uphill because President Trump is overseeing an economic boom that the American people won’t want to disrupt.

And so while the media can prattle on about Biden’s or Bernie’s supposed “populist” roots or policy platforms, the American people will judge them as a threat to disturbing the peace and prosperity they currently enjoy.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I still think Michelle will throw in her hat at the very last minute. She is black and female (I think). But behind the scenes will be the dupe of all, BO. Then he can keep up with the mess he made during his term. He wants all of us to be musliums/commies. Take heed, she or Hillary will sneak in and all of Trumps good deeds will be gone.

    • Well, lets hope that does not happen. Michelle is not a lover of America and then if Obama is not in prison, where he should be, we will be knee deep in illegal muslims flooding in to our Country.

    • Michelle in No way would she be interested in running for
      President although there is no doubt of her captability. She is very educated , taught Law , way more then average
      Intelligence. But don’t blame her for hating alot of people exactly like Maryann and Jacquelyn .who do you think you are to put Michelle Down .

    • Not a chance we lose our Great
      POTUS TRUMP 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸 in 2020.!!lol
      Not a chance of a snowball on a hot griddle!! 😇💖🇺🇸💖🇺🇸😇

  2. we need the Voting System used in Iran…to vote you stick your finger in indelible ink…
    no absentee balloting…

  3. We NEED voter ID. If you are not a citizen you can’t vote! We also need to make sure that you only vote once.

  4. Look for the House to disrupt our economic prosperity with a huge budget fight this fall. The Democrat House will refuse any reasonable budget and then blame Trump for the damage to national prosperity.

  5. “…I believe it will be Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden….”
    Schoolyard bullying, it is no wonder thw world is laughing at us.

    • The dems think I’m going to vote for Biden hahahahahahhaabahaha #walkaway and staying a dem, just because it’s my F-u to them. Thank you mr trump for making my 401 k gain two fold.(almost three fold)if This keeps up, I’ll be able to retire earlier than planned. Got my vote, 6 plus more yrs of gains, I’m in.

  6. Leftists are the elitist HORROR. Soros is financing Berne for certain & probably Biden, but less so. The idea is always throw more money at the side or the person you want to win. & less at the other side or person. The same is done for both sides in a war. It keeps the terror pot boiling. Stalinist & Hitlerian tactics as well, used by those two horrors & on those two horrors by the super rich elite to manipulate markets & nations.

  7. Don’t count Old Joe out. The guy has a way of energize people. Out of everyone the DNC could run he is by far the best choice and has acted more honorably than most and would be the most likely to compromise to obtain his objective. Sad part is the pelosis, Tlaibs, Schumers and Cortezs would never let THAT happen. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have Trump any day, but a lot of people still see Joe as likable and THAT should give us pause.

    • Not really! Joe is waaay too old!
      Most people his age are retired and he would be 80 by his second term!! 😝
      His prevalent fondling makes him kind of creepy and
      he is associated with an abject failure, Obama! 🙄
      That makes him unable to compete with Trump’s economy!
      He is also too moderate for the progressive democrats!
      He’s between a rock & a hard place!
      Running on name recognition doesn’t cut it!
      Ask Hillary!!
      And this is his third time running!! Not a good track record!
      Imo … Biden is doomed! 😫

    • Yeah, one black lady said she voted several times for Obama… no wonder he was elected for a second term…. Need voter ID. We need to have a computer voting system that scans ones pupils, hand print and thumb prints before you ever get to vote. I personally like the ballot system as you have a copy of the voting if there is a glitch in the system.

      • Great idea, I’d rather see my hard earned money go towards a better I.D. System like u mentioned, rather than spending it on a two yr fishing trip. Hell, it’s still going on.

  8. Since I must’ve used target words, I’ll try again.
    Doesn’t matter who the Dems put up to run in 2020, I have no plans on voting for anyone in a party that cares more for border jumpers, abortion and having them ( government) control my life, I’m 63 years old and have done quite well on my own.

  9. I dropped HBO from my premium channel lineup due to Mr disgusting Bill Mahre!!! Wish I could dump CNN too but that comes regardless. Encourage more to do the same!!! God Bless President Trump.

  10. President is important , but more important will be all 435 congressional seats are up for election and a bunch of senate seats also… MAGA

  11. They had better put Biden in a straight jacket and catchers mask so he doesn’t get arrested on the campaign trail.bernie sanders combs his hair with an egg beater..couple of real beauties

      • Democreeps will be Democreeps no matter what office they hold. Throw them all out. Last 3 Baltimore mayors – Sheila Dixon: Convicted of stealing gift cards from the poor – Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: Stepped down after promoting the Baltimore Riots – Catherine Pugh: Raided by FBI for taking bribes All Democrats

    • Another thing that should concern voters about Biden is that he’s had two brain Aneurysm surgeries. Of course that’s nothing against the guy personally but it seems that sort of thing really must have an effect on his brain and way of thinking.

  12. If either Bernie or Biden thinks they can persuade me or anyone in my family to vote for them they are even bigger fools than than appear to be. The Democrats and a lot of their base are sincerely deranged people.

    • Their polls are useless , saying the polls put Biden and Bernie in the lead. they are running on ideas that will never happen . Just like most presidents have

      • I answer every poll and try to put Sanders in the lead since it is a guaranteed loss. Never give anyone the correct poll the only one that matters is the election itself.

        • heheheh! A person after my own heart! Gotta love it! I get hit by dem/lib pollsters every once in awhile (dunno why?) and I tell them I support which ever dem/lib candidate seems the weakest.. (“Camel-toe Harris”, anyone?)

      • John
        As far fetched as that may seem, I have actually heard of that. Mostly speculation that is why Fellatio Cortez is supposed to stay off social media so they can run her as number two on the popularity aspect. How dumb can you get. The only ones that find her likable are the far left and her two bedbug girl friends.

  13. From here to the 2020 election the DEMS will continue to make the only platform they have about the President. While the President will continue to due the business of the country and make time to campaign all across the country and as always when all the people are doing better since his policies went into force. The WALL will continue to be put up and he will deal with the illegals. He is the best at Multi Tasking and he will continue to make this country and its people feel this is the best place to live in this world.

    • And our president only gets and only needs four hours of sleep, when the dems are sleeping our President is working, remember when N Korea returned our Americans, it was like 3 am, our president was there to greet them. No other president has done that, and to get them to return our dead soldiers and allow a team form our country to go in and look for more graves. And yet this is all brushed under the rug. Loving my 401 k thank you mr president.

  14. Seems like with democrats, that the more dishonest, and with less virtue, the better. The best snake oil salesman gets the job. I would not be surprised if al brawley sharpton was the candidate.

    • You forgot Michelle Obama. Expect her to announce around January of next year and become the instant front runner. I expect she would beat Trump since she is an African-American woman who has no qualifications except she is an African American woman and is married to the greatest president we have ever had. (Tounge in cheek on the last.)

  15. Wait a minute! Both Biden and Sanders are old white men! Aren’t they okay with ongoing anti-white culture courses offered at many liberal universities?


  16. President Trump has keen instinct about politics, probably the best “nonpolitician” common sense political expert ever. He was in the background studying politics like a much loved hobby. He cultivated and groomed his instinct for many years while operating his Corporations. He may not have been a politician when he ran for President but, he knows everybody (politicians) in the world and has been in their heads for so many years he knows exactly how to read and predict their moves. Too bad he doesn’t have the power to change the bad ones, just kidding, maybe! 🙂
    I feel the same way DJT does about Sanders or Biden, God help them, President Trump could beat both of them at the same time with half his brain tied behind him (as Rush Limbaugh says)!

    • We must remember who is supporting Bernie…or maybe Joe..George Soros..a very evil billionaire..ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH HIM..IS CROOKED….CAN’T BE TRUSTED….AND WILL BE UNDER HIS “$$$$THUMB” Soros hates America’s democracy……and has been trying for years to bring us to our knees….

        • The gestapo didn’t like your reply so they probably cancelled your comment… We have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH, however, I guess those running these comment sections decides you gets to speak and you doesn’t. Violation of the 1st amendment…. will soon be corrected.

  17. I hope we can find someone to stake-out Pelosi’s residence from the Sanders camp of apostles. If they really want her dead for stealing the guaranteed election of Bernie in 2016, then they deserve ‘a-shot’ at ACO’s hated Catholic enemy. May the best bit-c-c-h-h-h win!

  18. The Media, Hollywood, and the Democrook party will turn up the heat a few weeks before the 2020 election and make up lie after lie about Trump saying Trump did this or that and try to get voters to support Joe Bite Me which will ultimately fail and guarantee a Trump landslide that will make Reagan’s landslide victory against Walter Mondale look like a picnic.

  19. /// PRESIDENT ///
    Keep up the good work!
    You’re doing a phenomenal job!
    We can’t believe the way you’re
    treated //// even by your
    own people! Anyways
    thank you for
    /////// PRESIDENT ///////

    PS TRUMP2020

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

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