Donald Trump made one bold promise that sent Joe Biden into a state of panic

Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Democrats are waging a relentless lawfare campaign against Donald Trump.

They’re going to come to regret that decision.

And Donald Trump made one bold promise that sent Joe Biden into a state of panic.

Former President Donald Trump was hit with his fourth criminal indictment by the Democrat District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, for contesting the state’s 2020 Election.

Democrat prosecutors are weaponizing the justice system to try to keep the former President from winning the next election.

Trump could potentially spend the rest of his life in jail if he’s convicted in the Democrat-dominated show trials.

Trump said he’s taking off the gloves if he returns to the White House in 2025 during an interview with Glenn Beck.

Beck recalled Trump’s 2016 campaign where chants of “Lock Her Up” were frequently heard at his rallies and asked how would handle prosecutions against Democrats.

“You said in 2016, you know, ‘lock her up,’ and then when you became president, you said, we don’t do that in America, that’s just not the right thing to do,” Beck said. “That’s what they’re doing. Do you regret not locking her up? And if you’re President again, will you lock people up?”

“The answer is you have no choice because they’re doing it to us,” Trump replied.

Democrats opened a can of worms by weaponizing the legal system against Trump, and now they could pay the price.

Trump backed off of his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton after the 2016 Election.

He’s learned his lesson about letting political opponents engaged in criminal activity off of the hook.

“I always had such great respect for the office of the President and the Presidency,” Trump continued. “And I never hit Biden as hard as I could have. And then I heard he was trying to indict me and it was him that was doing it.”

Trump said that every indictment against him is being made on orders from the Biden regime, including the one by Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for allegedly falsifying business documents.

It’s a coordinated Democrat effort to target him with the legal system, according to Trump.

“I don’t know if you know this, he put his top person into the office of the Manhattan district attorney,” Trump explained. They’ve been in total coordination with [Fulton County DA] Fani Willis.”

Bragg hired top Biden Justice Department official Matthew Colangelo in December 2022, before he indicted Trump.

“The woman that I never met, that they accused me of rape, that’s being run by a Democrat, a Democrat operative, and paid for by the Democrat party,” Trump said. “You know, so many of these days, I have a couple of other lawsuits all funded against me by the Democrats. But these are sick people. These are evil people.”

Joe Biden and Democrats could come to regret the dirty tricks they pulled against Donald Trump.