Donald Trump made one promise that just ended the Georgia Governor’s career

No state had more questions about their election process in 2020 than Georgia.

To make matters worse, President Trump thought he could count on his allies in the state to prevent fraud from taking place.

But now Donald Trump made one promise that just ended the Georgia Governor’s career.

In 2018, Donald Trump endorsed Brian Kemp for Governor of Georgia even though Kemp was fighting for the nomination in a crowded Republican primary.

The President ignored his advisors who wanted him to stay out of the race so the establishment backed candidate could win.

Trump ignored these pleas and took a chance on Kemp.

Overnight, Kemp shot to first place in the polls and the President’s efforts on the campaign trail carried Kemp across the finish line when he defeated Stacey Abrams by 50,000 votes.

But President Trump felt betrayed by Governor Kemp and Secretary State Brad Raffensperger for certifying what President Trump and his supporters believe were fraudulent election results.

At a rally on Monday night, President Trump ripped Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger for caving under pressure from Stacey Abrams to not close loopholes in Georgia’s law that allowed for fraudulent votes to be cast.

“Your Governor and your Secretary of State, they’re petrified of Stacey Abrams,” President Trump began.

But then President Trump dropped a major bombshell telling the crowd that come 2022 President Trump would be back in Georgia campaigning for a primary challenger to Governor Kemp.

“I’ll be here in about a year and a half campaigning against your Governor,” President Trump declared.
At President Trump’s last rally in Georgia he invited Congressman Doug Collins to challenge Kemp in a 2022 primary election.

If President Trump campaigned for Collins in a primary against Kemp, that would all but seal his fate and guarantee Georgia had a new Governor in 2023.

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