Donald Trump made one promise that was very bad news for Mexico

Donald Trump has had enough.

The crisis at the Southern Border only exists because Mexico and other Central and South American countries refuse to enforce their immigration laws.

And so Donald Trump made one promise that was very bad news for Mexico.

The President recently announced that next week ICE would begin a stepped up campaign to round up illegal aliens lurking across America and begin deporting them.

President Trump claimed this would result in “millions” of deportations.

Reuters reports:

President Donald Trump said on Monday that U.S. authorities would begin next week removing millions of immigrants who are in the United States illegally.

“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” Trump tweeted, referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. “They will be removed as fast as they come in,” he said. He did not offer specifics.

There are an estimated 12 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally, mainly from Mexico and Central America.

Under a deal reached earlier this month, Mexico has agreed to take Central American immigrants seeking asylum in the United States until their cases are heard in U.S. courts.

Illegal aliens from Central and South America only reach the United States because Mexico allows them safe passage through their country.

President Trump only suspended his threat to levy tariffs on Mexican goods should they stem the flow of illegal aliens through their country.

Deporting a large swath of illegal aliens and sending them back to Mexico is another message that the Mexican government needs to get serious about breaking up the illegal alien caravans that previously marched freely through their country on the way to the U.S. border.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Wonder what Democrats would say if Trump told illegal they can stay as long vote Trump 2020. I bet Democrats sing different tune ..Eh?

  2. If it were up to me I’d let our military men and women have the permission to open fire on any of these immigrants that continue to come across the border. I would NOT PUNISH THEM FOR IT. To many DAMN GOOD AMERICAN SOLDIERS GAVE THEIR LIVES TO MAKE AND KEEP THIS COUNTRY SAFE AND FREE. I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD HONOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES. With that being said back president trump . GET AND KEEP THEN OUT OF HERE.


    • I’ve always said to send the “Dreamers” and DACA people back to their home countries. We’ve already raised them with education, housing, welfare, food stamps, medical care, etc. Who better to send back to fix their own countries?

    • It is about time that ILLEGAL INVADERS face deportation. Just think, if it were up to the Dembeciles, ILLEGAL INVADERS would be allowed to VOTE and and collect social security. Remember that on electioin day in 2020.

  4. Here is an interesting one for you Trumpians!!!!! After all one reads with regularity here the term “commiecrats” So the question would be, will Trumps father-in law be removed from the USA???? After all HE is a card carrying “COMMUNIST!!!!!! No issues with that???????? Hilarious!!!!!!!

    • It isn’t illegal to belong to any political party, including the communist party. Trump’s father is a capitalist so I doubt he belongs to the communist party. Stating lies just to create an argument shows a low level of intelligence on your part. Trump is gunning for the illegals, not the million plus legal immigrants allowed into this country every year. I’d love to have a debate with a liberal who can intelligently argue their side but I’ve only found one or two in my life.

    • Dan the subject here is on immigration and the illegal part of it. Did Trump’s father-in-law come here legally or illegally? What group he belongs to is of little or no importance concerning immigration.

      • Chief, he came here on chain migration….Dumpty is against that!!!!!! As Dumpty tells his minions, do as I say not as I do. Interesting how Trumps line of clothing is still made in China, once again do as I say, not as I do……..

        • Dan, chain migration was legal then and still is. Trump had no say how he was brought in. So why the gripe?

          Giving China tariffs has nothing to do with his businesses. Hopefully the tariffs will be removed some day and business between the countries will be as before. AS before what is the problem?

    • The president is quick to remove, as he say, illegal aliens. Mr. President are you going to deport “The First Lady (FLOTUS). I understand she overstayed and worked with a visitors visa. Are you going to clean your house first by deporting her. Will ICE arrest her when they see her?

      • Jey. A lot of the illegals are drug dealers, gang members, sex offenders, disease carriers, murderers and all sorts of other criminals whom live off freebies the tax payers taxes provide. Most stay on welfare for at least ten years. Does this sound like Mrs Trump?

      • Hey Jey where do you idiots come up with this nonsense. One of you morons say something and the rest of you believe it with no proof and not one fact. Hey I got one for you” is ICE going to deport Obama because he is not a US citizen” he has over stated his visa from Kenya.

    • You are stupid. Just because you morons say something does not make it true. If he was in fact a card carrying communist then yes he should be deported but he is not. So why don’t you educate yourself to what is true and what is not and you will love Trump for that he has done and Hate Obama for what he has done.

      • Dan, I have to agree with u, obama is a Traitor, he broke every law of the
        Constitution This is why all of the Dem’s are Affraied of, Trump, he has had 4 years of brow beating, now its his turn, he may put the swamp people in Jail !!!!! pleas for give my spelling, I am an old Viet Nam war dog

  5. american citizens only empolment given to proven americans , welfare ,americans only ,no medical care to illegals ,no free education to illegals, no free houseing to illegals , illegal entry a felon, this may not stop it completely but im sure it will slow it down


  6. Thank you, Mr. President. I have been wondering when you were going to start Deporting these Invaders. They are infecting the American people with all kinds of diseases not only that, I will bet that a lot of these Fighting age men that have invaded The United States are Terrorists.

  7. We the private citizens can be of the assistance to enforce the immigration laws.

    You see, we can arrest the activist judges for not enforcing the laws. Who are they to stomp down our laws? Arrest them NOW! Put them in prison. They deserve +25 full years in prison.

    The reputation of the FBI agency are all but gone. There are many rogue agents lurking in this system. They are not enforcing the constitutional laws. There were treasonous acts that must be dealt with.

    If the president declare the border crisis as the national emergency, then it is a national emergency. What part do the liberals not understand? Didn’t Obama had the info removed from the US immigration website? Isn’t it obvious that the Obama administration had it swept under the rug?

  8. Deport everyone who is here illegally. They are already criminals for sneaking into our country. Why should our hard earned taxes pay for these criminals and they get an education free? It’s a bunch of bull….No country is lax like our country. Even Japan will not allow anyone into their country, nor will Hungry, Poland and Italy. Look at the countries that have welcomed them with open arms, especially the Muslims, they have taken over wherever they landed and we have 23 terrorist training camps in our country right now. And we need to make sure that Sharia Law is never practiced in our country., If they don’t get sworn in with their hand on the Holy Bible, then too bad, too sad, it should never be ok and our Supreme Court just said that is so, Justice Thomas went over it very thoroughly and I think the majority of the American people agrees with their decision. I really dislike politics.,

  9. Trump is America’s Hitler, congratulations for helping another dictator to make America into a fascist state like 1930’s Germany. He is a monster mobster whose crimes are not believed by historians as they are so awful, and in the future all societies will view America 2016+ as pure lunacy to install a malignant narcissist and bully, especially with 3 million fewer votes and also massive voter suppression by the right wing Republicans.

    • Your post is pure comic relief. Apparently your head has been up your ass so long that you can’t discern fact from fiction. You parrot everything you hear from the left wing lunatics. You should actually do some research and get the true facts and not those from the likes of CNN,ABC,CBS etc etc. where were you during the eight years of Obama? He was/is an America hater and is the only president to openly hinder a setting President.

    • Moses, you are an enemy to this country. Democrats are the Hitler of today. Just like Hitler you have chosen a group of people and murdered millions of them all because you people have decieded they were unworthy of having a life. 9 million babies this country has murdered and continues to murder. No human being should legally be able to take the life of another. NO ONE! Yet just like Hitler the left thinks this is okay, that it is somehow their choice! So dont you dare point your finger at Republicans. Because you democrats are the lowest of low! Terrorist to their own country! Try to do something about your malfunctioning brain!

      • Janet, how can you say that. I am a military veteran, have lived 68 years and I just have different views than you. We are all Americans, we both get too temperamental on here. I do firmly believe Trump is very harmful to the country, few really can compare to Hitler.

        • You can firmly believe anything but that in no way means it is true. You are very SICK!!!! Pres. Trump in NO WAY compares to Hitler, but it is the DEM PARTY who wants total control of this country. WAKE UP!!!

          • Umm… BJ I am a trump supporter and did not compare Trump to Hitler. I compared democrats to Hitler because they are the ones supporting the murder of over 9 million innocent babies!!

          • Moses, you have no concept of the truth. that is obvious. You attack Pres. Trump yet it is just fine with you that Hilary is extremely corrupt and lies every time she opens her mouth and Obama is a traitor who hates everything this country stands for. Insane?? YES, you are.

        • Moses it seems you have a closed mind with nothing to back up your rant. Trump and his administration has this country in the best shape it has been in for years. Hitler never accomplished that position. Just maybe you should reconsider your position and view the facts.

        • When you compare the best president this country has ever had. The President who has done the most for this country. The president that truly loves this country, works for free, and works 24/7. When you believe the MSM bullshit and then compare our great president to Hitler then you are an enemy to your country.
          The very fact that anyone could possibly still be a democrat when everything they do only brings this country further to its knees. When everything they represent is evil and against God. What a sad story that the country you once fought for, you would now hand over to these lunatic, immoral, power hungry, do nothing, brainless, evil, terrorist, demon rats. And then have the nerve to spew lies about a president that is fighting hard for this country. You need to pull your head out of your behind, inform yourself and then stand and fight for what is right for your country again so that your service will not have been in vain! If you love your country then stand for what is right. Stand for Donald J. Trump! Thank God for Donald Trump!!

          • Saved…You are extremely sick and wrong and a very sad creature. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you.

    • You are out of your mind!! Hillary Clinton is known as the Godmother of the Dixie Mafia with at least 30 bodies to her credit. Barack Obama is an ISIS supporter and sympathizer as well as being a fraudulent president. The real voter fraud is the 5 million illegals registered to vote in California and we don’t even know how many illegal voters in New York. Historians will refer to President Donald L. Trump as the greatest president of all time. Obama will be known as the Kenyan who lied his way into the presidency, and Hillary will be remembered as the traitor who sold state secrets to the Chinese and the Russians in a pay-to-play scheme that dwarfed all other known crimes in history.

    • Moses, you are truly a deranged lunatic!!!!! Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for it. He has broken no laws!!! But the Clintons have been extremely corrupt for many years and Obama is a traitor. All of which is just fine with you.

  10. One America News station gives daily update on the cost of illegals to the American tax payer on a daily basis. As of today it is over 126 billion and going up daily. Newsome governor just announced that the CA tax payers will have to pay for 214.8 billion dollars to cover all illegals healthcare costs. Yet they keep getting re-elected.

  11. Seems obvious to me that somebody is financially helping this continuous swarm of invaders to be able to make it to the border. Shouldn’t we find these criminals, and punish the Hell out of them? Some say George Soros is one of them. It shouldn’t matter who, or how rich these criminals are, and they shouldn’t be able to buy their immunity, either.

  12. Donald Trump promised the American people that all illegal immigrants will have to go home and if he keeps that promise he is sure to remain in office for another four years! Voters, remember when you go to the polls that the Democrats will do nothing about illegal immigration and these illegals cost our taxpayers billions each year. Also look at our prison population and you will see where some of these illegal immigrants are housed on your dime!

    • Mr. D. Mark; Most of what you stated is correct, excepting your remark about what the “Crats” will do. I suggest that what they will do, is STAND IN THE WAY of any of Trump’s attempts, to clean up the border!

  13. I think America is the only country that allows illegals to just come on over & live the good life…thank GOD President Trump is putting an end to their free ride!

    • Thanks to the Democrats the American people and legal immigrants are privileged to pay for law breakers. Makes one wonder what kind of people are continuously voting for Democrats? It can’t just be the illegals voting but many of our own people are supporting a party that has no use for them and prefer illegals. Makes no sense to me unless they believe they can also get everything for free. NEWSFLASH nothing is free you will all pay for it.

    • Yes, we finally have a president that is putting America first and the liberals can’t stand it. President Trump stepped back from his very comfortable life and is being drug through the media mess, but he’s a real Patriot. Thank God for our President.

      • The only thing d. trump really is IS another republican RETARD Who Lives In NEVER NEVER LAND with Peter Pan & Tinker Bell!

        • Betty book
          I have read many of your ignorant comments, & there’s only 1 way I can respond to you…you are the craziest biatch I have seen in a while!
          BTW, will you sign my TRUMP 2020 banner

          • Colleen with all your haphazard thinking that wasn’t even a mistake, believing in Trump is one of your craziest thoughts and you’re talking about Betty who is much smarter obviously

  14. I fully agree with T Bell,Napalm is very nasty stuff and would scare the hell out of any sane person,it would certainly do the trick in stopping the illegals.

    • I think Trump should make a law no Polacks allowed anymore, and all should be sent back with any evidence of Polish background.

    • WELL, CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump made lots of promises four years ago that that Walking, Talking Piece Of Oval Office CRAP found Impossible to Keep! Including the ore-election promise that Mexico would 100 percent foot any border wall bill! Only Mexico refused to be Bullied or Blackmailed, Mexico in short, refused to Roll Over, Play “Dead” & say “Si, Senor Manic, Whatever You Wish” to that White House WORTHLESS WORM! It’s about time America did the same!

      • Betty, go live in Mexico if you like it so much. Better yet, try crossing their border illegally and see what happens to you. You are a fool.

      • Betty do us all a favor and go back to that rock you bury that head of yours in and stay there. Nothing I hate more than a stupid, hateful, vile, brainless, woman spewing her evilness all over everyone.

        • Assuming you are a female, you certainly aren’t a woman of lady with your own crazed mouth. How can you write that? You should seek professional help, even I can help you with advice

          • joe the dumber…Betty is very sick. That is obvious from her postings which say a lot worse than the truth jantet said about her. Yet you attack janet and not Betty, who is clearly the one who needs professional help. Why??? I know why. It is because you are as sick as Betty and you agree with her. It’s just fine when someone you agree with spews hate but when someone you don’t agree with does it then it is suddenly bad. You are a fool

    • T Bell you should get your bell rung with that vicious and inhuman comment. You sound like crazy ass Nero.

  15. Here’s the solution. Machine gun towers with real ammo every 100 yards, mine fields and electrified steel walls. Anyone can leave but no one without US prior approval comes in.

    • I think Sam you should be in a mental hospital with a sadistic comment like that, really are you that cruel?

      • joe the dumber…So it is just fine with you when people break our laws and come in here illegally. What Sam said shouldn’t bother anyone. Those who come in here legally would not be harmed. And THAT is the RIGHT way to come in here…LEGALLY. But dems have no morals and anything is fine with them until it is something they do not agree with

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