Donald Trump made one threat that just shut down Black Lives Matter riots

Black Lives Matter activists staged street demonstrations and riots to bully politicians to bow to their wishes.

But the movement finally crossed a bright red line.

And Donald Trump made one threat that just shut down Black Lives Matter riots.

Over the last week, Black Lives Matter activists across the country tore down statues of Ulysses S. Grant, Francis Scott Key, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

Americans realized this was no longer a protest about police brutality, but instead was a cultural revolution designed to erase history and set the stage for socialism in America.

President Trump finally said enough was enough in an interview with EWTN correspondent Raymond Arroyo.

“You saw Ulysses S. Grant, where they want to take him down. He’s the one that stopped the ones that everybody dislikes so much. It’s a disgrace. Also, remember, some of this is great artwork. This is magnificent artwork, as good as there is anywhere in the world, as good as you see in France, as good as you see anywhere. It’s a disgrace. Most of these people don’t even know what they’re taking down,” the President explained.

President Trump made it clear his administration would protect monuments in America from vandals and anarchists through an executive order requiring local governments to defend statues.

“We’re going to do an executive order, and we’re going to make the cities guard their monuments. This is a disgrace,” President Trump explained to Arroyo.

Many Americans have had enough.

It is clear Black Lives Matter and other left-wing rioters do into intend to stop with taking down monuments to the Confederacy.

Their goal is the destruction of all American history.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Trump junior…Give ONE EXAMPLE of Pres. Trump being racist. You CAN’T!!!! He has done far more for blacks than Obama ever did. Wake up

  2. Sturgis… I totally agree with you. But you are showing that you are not so smart yourself. That should be “you’re”, not “your”. Big difference

  3. Trump junior wannabe give us an example of racism from Trump. And in today’s times I think it’s ok for people to have racist thoughts. The BLM puke bags are causing it. Most people have a real reason to be so called racist.

  4. This should have been stopped a long time ago. Most of the destructive has been going on in the cities and states run by damnocrats.

  5. This insanity needs to be stopped by as great a force as the force is that is driving it! Enough is enough!

  6. Thank you President Trump 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Absolutely correct, removing STATUES is erasing the country history this is COMMUNISM NARRATIVE

  7. Any patriotic Americans ready to meet me in Seattle, march across the Fremont bridge into Ballard to take down the offensive statue of Lenin?
    It has been a hotbed of communist in the our State of Washington for many years and it is time to remove this statue dedicated to the hate and death of our Representative Republic. Conflict with the local commies Democrats is most assured, so do not come if you are not willing to die for your country, as so many honorable Americans have before you. Now is your time to stand up in their honor and for the future of our children! Didn’t know about this horrible part of Seattle’s history? Google it!

  8. I heard it might be possible to charge them under the RICO act. Bye bye Soreass’s puppets maybe even soreass’s organization.

  9. I have no sympathy for BLM since honest protest has turned into anarchy. If they lay a hand on our monuments they should be shown what police brutality really is.

  10. All what i see just a band of vandals and Idiots who is never know of their own history and dose not want to learn even of this history and It`s why they stay as a slaves for their advisors who is told `em lies and all of this B.S. ! They are still slaves of their own B.S.! All normal educated people is feel free and can`t understand what `s kind of racism talking about of all of these idiots ! Sorry… it is already make me sick even to think about !!!

  11. Black lives do not care about blacks if they did they would be in Chicago stoping the murdering of blacks by other blacks. It is a a lie they Care nothing for blacks until a crack head breaking the law gets shot. Hypocritical racist is BLM.

  12. They are so ignorant they don’t know their own history. Those involved with tearing down monuments should lose citizenship and be deported to whichever sh will take them. Otherwise, they go to prison.

  13. All Americans must stand up against this revolt against our free country of law and order. It all started with taking a knee that turned into these disgusting acts of looting, vandalism, beatings, arson, destruction of property and America’s history. The more you give the more is taken. This rebellion must stop immediately before this goes on for one more minute.

  14. Orwellian tactics: once the white libs got intimidated by the radical Left, and started allowing the Marxists to begin tearing down one racially targeted group of historical monuments, it was only a short time later before they began allowing them to tear down all the US historical monuments. Orwell cautioned,100 years ago, that the fastest way to defeat a people is to separate them from their history. History is rife with such examples.
    For the short version, today, just look at our own Seattle: allowing the tearing down of monuments led to demands to defund the police, led to elected leaders abandoning their responsibilities, and ceding pieces of the city to the control of antifah and BLM anarchists. Businesses were looted and burned. People were held hostage to the political whims of the thugs taking charge. People were beaten, robbed and molested under the imposed fury of the occupying Marxists. Safety for self, family and private property were immediately stripped away. Thugs, some armed, some not, roam the streets, demanding that others now cater to their oppressive will: pay them, feed them. provide for their comfort.
    This is Seattle today. Minneapolis, NY, Chicago, LA, Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia and more will soon be following. This is the land that Biden and the Marxist Left want to deliver us to, tomorrow. Cut this off, now! Save Seattle today! And then get out and vote to save the US in November.

  15. I am really getting sick of you people blocking my very mild posts with nothing more than slow down you posting too fast. Four times you blocked my post, the last one I waited a full five minutes to re-post it and you just dumped it. Your monitors need to be fired for being anti-conservative….

  16. If people will not listen to laws…we come at them with punishment. Otherwise, we invite more disorder and chaos. We need to enforce the laws we have…no pandering to these hate groups anymore.

  17. Once people have talked themselves into believing that there is no Hell, their compass in life looses it’s magnetism.

  18. Monuments should be guarded by Marines. Armed with live ammunition with orders to defend to the death. THEN, you’ll see just how much these bastards think of black lives. Won’t be any protest then, from ANY COLOR!!!!

  19. What would happen if we wanted to take down all the MLK statues? Maybe “they” would feel what we are feeling about our statues!!! Just a thought. I hope Trump gets busy with signing that executive order to save what is left. Why didn’t he do the EO long before now??? Maybe like when they took down the FIRST one. At this point in time, we really need some good leadership. Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter should be writing a speech for Trump unifying this country. I realize that 2 wrongs do not make a right, but enough is enough.

  20. BLM is a communist organization bent on overthrowing the government, and I don’t understand how Nascar can have a driver have a political advertisement on a race car. Hell, we should be able to have a Trump slogan or a Bidden slogan on a car what is he some one we should kiss his ass? he is backing a revolutionary organization. What’s he trying to take down Nascar just like tering down statues????

  21. The president needs to have a tent city brig out in the middle of the Arizona desert.Lock the dumb asses up who doesn’t respect the law and our country. Have a company of MARINES man the brig. Give them hard labor. Don’t let them go to the gym etc. Believe me The JARHEADS would get them straight.

  22. I have no money to give fixed income disabled veteran but if the president needs me tell me where and when I’ll be there.

  23. Geez. The POS censor on here is unpredictable. Better hope I don’t find you scumbag.

    As far as the stupid, illiterate and uninformed Bigot Lying Maggots, they are Marxist Commie scumbags that deserve Lead poisoning. Why we don’t stand up and dish some out is beyond me…we call it self defense.

  24. We have allowed the creation of a communist education andd are now reaping the reward for our neglect. A large group of our college graduates have no marketable skills and hire out to George Soros organizations as professional rioters. It may be too late to wake up.

  25. Dr. J.D. You are correct with your post 150%. AMERICA WAKE UP BEFORE WE TOTALLY LOOSE OUR COUNTRY TO COMMUNISM! The Democrats of today are not the Democrats I grew up with and that is why I changed and am no longer a Democrat/DEMORAT!

  26. Why not stop local communities from taking down our History, whether bad o daughter good?! Here in the oldest city in America, St.Augustine, Fl., they’re going to remove a memorial that’s been from the 1800s! Towns and cities should be ordered to retain these statues and memorials as well!!

  27. I am simply amazed that the Democrats want to abolish American history just because a small sample of black thugs and morons do not even know their own history. These blacks are imbeciles and ignorant. Most probably did not finish high school and deal drugs!

  28. Wake up America. Seems we are loosing our country. I am sick and tired of hearing BLACK LIVES MATTER and I grew up with a lot of black people whom I dearly loved and were very good friends with. RACE OR RELIGION should not be an issue. “ALL LIVES MATTER!” We are ALL GOD’S children & we are the GREATEST COUNTRY in the World and we do not need people taking this away from us. Where else will you be as free??

  29. Why can’t the President have an an executive order to have troops guard the monuments? We should have the Army or National Guard come in here and take out these rioters. This is a disgrace.

  30. Because democrats stand with the BLM anarchists they will lose in November and they will lose HUGE. Decent Americans will not vote for a party that supports Marxist anarchists that impose their will by force. Even many blacks are denouncing BLM as a fake movement that has no interest in saving black lives, but is only interested in overthrowing our government, and our capitalist society.

  31. julio richard laredo why don’t you go crawl back in your hole you are talking about different subject than what every else is

  32. Erase all history, and eventually no one will know that people were ever free. And none of the ‘useful idiots’ seem able to grasp that they are actually fighting for their own enslavement.

  33. BLM is a Marxist organization as stated by one of the founders back in a 2015 video.
    Patrisse Cullors said, and I quote, “We’re trained Marxists.” You can watch the video by doing a Google search.
    So you see, BLM has nothing to do with black lives at all, and all their supporters and donors are morons.
    By supporting BLM, the democrat politicians have demonstrated they support communism.
    That is the truth.

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