Donald Trump made one warning about 2020 that no one saw coming

The 2020 election could be one of the closest and nastiest contests in American history.

Democrats are desperate to win back the White House and oust Donald Trump and the Republicans from power.

And now Donald Trump made one warning about 2020 that no one saw coming.

The Democrat establishment is in a panic over Bernie Sanders’ rise to frontrunner status.

Party elites believe not only will Donald Trump defeat Bernie Sanders, but that Trump will run up a big enough margin to hand Republicans back control of the House of Representatives.

On Monday night the Democrat Party establishment made their stand.

Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg ended their campaigns and joined Biden for a rally in Texas where fellow former Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke all endorsed Biden as the Democrat Party establishment finally coalesced around Biden as their only chance to stop Sanders.

Donald Trump warned on social media that Democrat Party leaders were staging a coup to steal the nomination from Sanders much like they did in 2016.

For his part, Sanders stated that he always expected the establishment to gang up on him.

“Look, we are taking on the establishment. And I fully understand — no great surprise to me — that establishment politicians are not going to endorse us,” Sanders told the press.

“The establishment will rally around the establishment candidate,” Sanders added. “That’s the simple reality.”

The establishment also wants to force former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg out of the race after Super Tuesday because top Democrats hope Biden can win a high enough percentage of the vote in a one-on-one match with Sanders to claim a majority of the delegates and avoid a second ballot.

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