Donald Trump made the decision that left his supporters jumping for joy

Donald Trump was elected one issue.

Americans demanded he secure the border.

President Trump heard those calls and made this decision which left his supporters jumping for joy.

Americans were concerned about reports of a caravan of a horde of illegal aliens marching through Mexico on their way to invade the United States.

It was a significant test of how Trump would keep his promise to seal the border and clamp down on illegal immigration.

Trump responded in the way his voters hoped he would.

The President declared he would militarize the border.

The Daily Caller reports:

“President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the US military will be used to guard the US-Mexico border.
“We are going to be guarding our border with our military. That’s a big step,” Trump told reporters gathered at the White House. “We cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing, and by the way never showing up for court.”

The President’s comments appear to take aim at current US policy which requires border agents to catch then release family units who arrive at the border from noncontiguous countries.

He also said he had spoken with Secretary of Defense James Mattis about the use of the military to guard the border.”

Americans were fed up as establishment politicians in both parties spent decades mouthing words about defending America’s borders.

But it was all talk.

Their real plan was to flood America with illegal aliens because the Democrats desired potential voters after they were granted amnesty and Republican donors lusted after cheap labor.

Trump won campaigning against this bipartisan consensus to shaft the American people.

And he so far he continues to keep his word.



  1. Hey everyone, Check out Joann Pasco. She is spreading chaos, hate and discontent in her replys to some true patriots. She is probably one of those paid trolls and should be ignored unless you want to add to her wealth! 🙂 🙂

  2. YOU Obviously DON’T LIVE near the border!! YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE OVER!!

  3. Thank heaven the good Lord put Trump in power. Can you all imagine where we all would be if Hillary got in power!!!
    The swamp would be bigger than ever and none of the corruption would have been discovered.

    • America is truly blessed with having an American (v/s an Internationalists/Communist) leading Our Nation and allowing the will of the people be served by “locking down” Our leaky border.

  4. I believe we have a RINO or Dem. named Eric who has made an appearance in these comments. Seems he is here trying to get somebody/anybody all angry and out of sorts with his responses. Shock him by ignoring his attempts. It’s more fun!

  5. TRUMP means Brains, Balls and Backbone.

    Those attributes in a President have

    been in short supply for far too long.

    Thank you Jesus for relief from insane,


  6. He is doing the same thing Bush did in 2006 and Obama did in 2010

    Send troops to the border to excite the true believers so they would get out and vote.

    When will you realize that net immigration peaked under Reagan and in the past 10 years it has dropped to almost zero from Mexico?

    You are being played as dupes by your hero?

    It will be painful and humiliating when you figure out that once again you are being used and then being tossed out.

    • Sooo Eric, What ‘IS’ your prob w/Bush/ hussein’o’ implementing the ‘same’ & Current POTUS following suit. You are the one “duped”.
      >>> &&& ‘just sooo ya know’ Ca. gives ‘Driver Licence’s to 1 million + illegals (for ‘voting’ rites). ‘Rigged’ ???
      Eric – troll? 0r Ai bot? you live USURPING a ‘free country’ W/your

  7. great job Trump. Please go after term limits for the senate and congress. That is the only way to keep a corrupt free small government long term. One term no lifetime benefits and gone. Put the past guilty corrupt politicians in jail. Take away all there benefits. Build the wall. Prosecute all sanctuary idiots who defy federal law. Get tough on these criminals.

    • If they refuse to turn around and stay in Mexico and try to force their way across the border, we must take whatever action is necessary to prevent them from entering.

  8. WTH !!! Dumocrats support, (with $$$ & military) to secure any other country except America!!!
    It’s time to VOTE in 2018 and make sure the (D)’s lose more seats in Congress!!!
    They are running scared hoping for more illegal votes..wake up America !!!

    • I agree Richard, from this Richard. We all need to pray, and pray hard, that we maintain control of the House and Senate this coming November.

    • That is why they have this HOGG Character suppose to be a KId in High School, but I heard he is like around 26-28 years old. OBUMMER and KILLARY are backing this NAZI HEIL HOGG HITLER character for this GUN control SH_T that is going on. This Nazi is their pawn so they can get the 18 year old kids to vote DEMON C RAT. I say that TRUMP needs to make an EXECUTIVE LAW changing the voting age to 21 just like the owning of a gun is now suppose to be 21.That way the DEMON C RATS won’t get a kids vote, also have oter Id made into law too..

  9. This invading hoard of people must be prevented from entering the United States.
    Article fours, section 4 of the constitution requires the federal government to protect the States from invasion.
    This not a choice, it not a matter of policy, it is a Constitutional requirement!

  10. Our President Mr Donald Trump is the greatest President this nation has ever had. God bless our President , our troops and our nation. Trump in 2020 . Amen

  11. Hey all you dumb ass democrats pay heed to a great leader. President Trump did more good for the United States for such a short period in office so far than all of your presidents did in the past 20 years.

    • OH I SO AGREE WITH YOU president trump has so far done all possible to keep his word but as we all know the demon-crates has fought him with every step of the way but we THE VOTERS HAS A VOICE THE POWER TO VOTE OUT IN NOV 2018 EVERY DEMOCRATE WHO HAS OBSTRUCTED PRESIDENT MAKING AMERICA SAFE FOR US…USE YOUR POWER…YOUR VOICE…YOUR VOTE

    • We need to make sure that our President get’s the help he needs by making sure that we get RID of the democrats that are in the way of real progress in American. President Trump cannot do it alone. ELECT Republicans that will WORK WITH our President:-) GOD BLESS AMERICA,

  12. Only an anti-American moron would not love this President. He did not have to take this task on for us. I love the posts on these sites. I am not alone in these thoughts!

  13. So far- and I hope and pray it just gets better and better, I sure think it will- Trump is the best president we’ve ever had, and how ironic that he wasn’t a politician! That should make us all stop and think VERY SERIOUSLY before we vote. Racist oprah running for president, (guffaw guffaw) ???? LMAO!

  14. We must vote out the democrats in 2018 and 2020 and hold a big majority so we can clean up and get things done that the RINOS won’t assist with. We also need to have our congressmen get together after the election and throw out Ryan and McConnell (they should have run on the democrat ticket in the first place) In his career, Pres. Trump had to deal with low life (think mobs) at every turn, that is the reason he comes up with good things to thwart the likes of immigration by the democrats. People of the world know when he says he is going to do something, he does it. You see how Mexico is backing down however, I do agree that we need the military on the border until the wall is completed period paragraph.

    • You are absolutely right. Liberal moron Democrats are waging war against Americans who believe in peace. Trump is doing his best to keep his promises and the moronic liberal Democrats keep throwing up road blocks. Take Gov. Brown of CA who made CA a santurary state and made gun laws that are stripping away citizens right to protect them selves.

    • YOU are 100% CORRECT True Believer. BEST President EVER, DONALD J TRUMP!!! SAY what You Mean,….Mean what You Say, That what OUR President Does EVERYDAY!!! GOG BLESS President TRUMP & HIS Family!!

  15. Just support our duly elected President Donald Trump who has been spending his time, own money, and significant World experience on Making America Great Again. All true Americans should be doing the same on whatever level and location in which they reside, work, and live so we may all elevate our lives, family, neighbors, communities, and future!

  16. I can’t stand these liberal Democratic morons ……. they want nothing more than to ruin are country ….. well, it will backfire on them. You watch and see. Everyone is fed up with them and their illegal immigration. I will vote for Trump again in 2020. FK the Dummycrats.

  17. Trump 2020! We gotta keep the ball rolling.

    Let expose the Mueller investigation. Mueller’s history is corrupted. Not honorable.

    • Man from Gray, how do we stop the American taxpayers from paying for his investigation? The last time I heard this is costing us a fortune with flat out no reason for it being there in the first place.

      TRUMP 2020 all the way.


  19. We need to keep them there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We have them in other countries….it’s only right they should be there !
    Now put them up north on the Canadian boarder !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. President Trump @ least does what he says he is going to do. Unlike all of the other people who work or live in Washington D.C who say a lot but do nothing. Our President cares about the people in America. My family and I back President Trump 100%

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