Donald Trump made the one coronavirus announcement every American was waiting for

Donald Trump put in place social distancing guidelines as part of a “15 days to stop the spread” campaign.

The economy shut down as Americans stayed indoors to do their part to help break the chain of coronavirus transmission.

And now Donald Trump made the one coronavirus announcement every American was waiting for.

President Trump made it clear the country cannot stay shutdown forever.

Even New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed, stating in a press conference that the country needed to begin pivoting to planning how to reopen the economy and stave off a second Great Depression.

President Trump met with the press and made it clear that he believed the country needed to reopen at some point and that while he would listen to the health experts the President would also take into account the fact that if the economy stays shut down for too long the country will collapse.

“If it were up to the doctors, they may say, ‘Let’s keep it shut down, let’s shut down the entire world . . . and let’s keep it shut for a couple of years,’” the President told reporters. “We can’t do that.”

The President also added that if the economy stayed shut down for weeks and months people would lose their jobs and their lives would spiral out of control leading to depression, anxiety, and suicide.

“We have people who get tremendous anxiety and depression and you have suicides over things like this when you have terrible economies. You have death probably, definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers we’re talking about with regard to the virus,” the President added.

The President dismissed complaints from the fake news reporters claiming the President was picking the economy over public health by wanting to reopen the country’s economy.

“We’re going to come up with a date and we’re going to do two things,” the President declared. “We can do two things at one time. At the same time, we’re going to be very vigilant.”

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  1. Reply to BJ. You are right. The Clintons snd obamas are the root of all evil!!! I’m sick of all r the Democrats trying to ruin our country. You can add Nancy Pelosi and chucky Schumer to the list. When is yhe American people ever going to learn that the Democrats are out for themselves and not for the American people. They work for us, we don’t work for them.

  2. Obie, lethal virus?? Most people who get it have mild symptoms or don’t even know they have it. Almost everyone recovers. You are part of the problem and why there is so much panic.

  3. Smarten up, the REAL CROOKS that need to be locked up are the CLINTONS and OBAMAS!!!! They are all extremely corrupt and vile. Pres. Trump is doing a lot of good for this country. But just keep wallowing in your sick hate and ignoranace

  4. mplo, Pres. Trump is doing a good job. But just show your ignorance. You have no clue. There is no need to panic, but the dems are causing as much chaos as they can

  5. Scott, you have no clue about anything. You just prove your ignorance every time you post. And going to Hell???? Jesus is our judge, NOT YOU. You better worry about your own soul. This is a Christian site and Christians are saved. We don’t have to worry about Hell.

  6. The cure might kill the patient. Shutting down the country for any length of time will cause more damage than the virus itself.
    Looks like Bill Maher might get his wish when he said he hoped the economy would crash and many people lost their jobs if it helps get Trump out of office.

  7. Considering the fact the Chinese Communist Party sit on the problem for five weeks before deciding they may need to do something because all hell was breaking loose. Trump Blame Game, go climb back to your cave of gays and drink the milk…Oh yeah the scientists they killed off that tried to report it…

  8. If it hadn’t been for the fact that President Donald J. Trump was way too slow in responding to this situation with the Covid-19 virus, we would not be in the situation that we’re in right now. The fact that he fired all the people in the Office that would’ve helped at least contain the Covid-19 virus before it began to spread so quickly here in the United States is beyond disgraceful, irresponsible, and disgusting, to boot. Anybody with any sense of common decency or intelligence would make sure that Trump does not get re-elected this fall.

  9. Yep, QED……obama was the master at handling these kinds of problems. I remember the swine flu pandemic in 2009.
    60 million + Americans were infected. 300,000 + hospitalized and almost 13,000 deaths! No factories closed… small businesses/restaurants closed… Sporting events were shut down…..NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, et al continued unabated. Church services were not halted…..schools and universities never missed a beat and obama never missed a tee time! Life went on…..ahhh the ‘good old days’!!

  10. Democrats Your all afraid of work, obama has made you weak, mindless, unable to getter done, every country in the world wants, just what Americans have, “freedoms” to do anything you want. Not meaning free everything handouts,begging, if your handicapped well surely help you, but if not get your ass to work! Or enlist into the service, get some meaning to life, country the American way. God’s all knowing , try not to let him down.

  11. What it can’t moves just die or turns into a huge and heavy stone.I honestly have not a nice comment to shot out on this hot panel but please, why we don’t use and try on the common sense? There are two actual ways to die rapidly, nowadays, one is by this lethal virus and the second one is by starving state. Use your brains people to get it in mind while you’re alive

  12. YES, Let’s just use the “Obama Plan” (“Piss on their backs and tell them it’s raining”).

  13. U better just start sewing yourselves up – in your own funeral shrouds-in order for a more palatable no muss-no fuss-policy-when they come to-haul U away to the crematoriums- WOO-Wooo-Woooo-Ha-ha-ha-haaaa. Meanwhile-I’ll be loading your toothpaste with explosives-Woo-Haa-haaa-ha-ha-ha-haaaa-It’s the end of the world & U know it!!!

  14. This is what real Leaders do – set a goal for all to work towards. Left to Demorats they would like to keep everything closed down thru November 2020. President Trump is leading us back and will MAKE America Great Again! VOTE TRUMP 2020! And just as important VOTE RED SENATE and TURN Congress RED!

  15. my suggestion to restart the essential need: airline- it must require each passenger to wear a mask for the duration of the flight, all seats to be sanitized on each flight; no one allows boarding with fever; no moviegoer allows. it can provide newer show by online with discount prices. require all to wear a mask in public; each retail business must use sanitize on railing, restroom, doorknob. sidewalks in large cities should be washed daily with a disinfected solution.

  16. The man is an idiot! He knows not what he talks about and his blatant lies and misinformation have already lead directly to the death of one American who was stupid enough to believe this megalomaniac liar. Put him in his room and tell him to SHUT UP!!!

  17. Scott27 don’t call me by your mother’s nickname. Educate? You couldn’t teach someone how to wipe their ass.

  18. Dan T… your ignorance really knows no bounds, does it. I have much better things to do than waste a minute trying to educate the willfully stupid. Have a great evening, pig.

  19. Snott27 just hide and watch. We will come out of this stronger than before. Trump will be re-elected and retard joe will be in a home somewhere looking around wondering who farted. I suppose you think the add ons to the relief bill being debated should be loaded down with funding baby murder and freebies. Also language to make it easier for the commiecrats to cheat in elections. They already do a good job at that. They don’t need any help. So go ahead and support senile joe and stfu yourself.

  20. Hey not so smartened up. What are we supposed to do? Follow your commie Marxist crowd? And that’s Mr.Tyree to you. Respect your betters.

  21. Tyree, Courtney,Public Citizen, Debra,Hart,Alan, Mac, Barr,Suchocki,keep drinking Trump’s pissy Koolaid, you are idiots who trust the lies and ramblings of the real crook that needs to be locked up.

  22. Read em’ and weep you liberals. 60% approve of Trump’s handling of the virus problem. Gallup poll. People don’t have faith in crazy joe.

  23. Us Mich.real people have had to suffer for years & years with what the u.a.w.,teachers union a.f.s.c.m.e,& other liberal organizations shoved down our throats!!! Major cities where government subsidies,are handed out like candy have always voted DEMO–C–RAT to get more candy!!! LOOK VERY close at what these UNIONS have done to Michigans economy !!! Unions were meant to protect your job back when Fisher Body WAS in FLINT,MI.LIBERALS have USED people in the unions for VOTES for ever !!! Flint &other cities,& other States were also “USED” !!! When are abused PEOPLE finally going to “WAKE UP”!!

  24. Could you people possibly be any more stupid? You are willing to have your children, your parents, your spouses die because you’re bored? Seriously, tell me again you are not a cult when you are willing to follow a leader who is an expert in nothing more than TV ratings and bankrupting businesses rather than medical and pandemic experts. You will all go to hell.

  25. Matt 6:34 says never be anxious about the next day because we all have that trouble everyday

  26. Thank u president trump I’ve been going crazy since all this started and I want my life and my job back I want to keep my roof over my head

  27. @Gtar Nevid
    You, your family, and everybody all the way up to ~your~ governor only have what is going on in your state to be concerned about.
    POTUS has to be concerned about the entire country. And that includes not just the areas with high infection rates but also those areas where the infection rate is low or non-existent. With the whole country basically “shut down” things of consequence after the virus has been controlled or burned out need to be taken into consideration. Such as harvesting the crops so peole have food to eat over the winter and next spring. If those crops aren’t planted ~now~ they won’t be available for harvest come harvest season. there’s a whole sequence of events that have to take place in order for there to be a successful harvest. And most City People don’t understand either the sequence or the complexities involved, just to put fresh vegetables and canned goods on their table.
    As to the specific problems in Michigan. Don’t you have predominantly Demoncrats [est. 2012] in charge of your larger cities and state government? There is a non documented but apparent to anyone with access to scatter diagrams between Demoncrat Government and the local infection rates, this is a problem for Trump, bit it’s not -his- problem, it’s ~your~ problem. In addition, you have a large population of third world refugees with at best questionable and routinely dubious sanitary habits, which as any Public Health Officer who is being honest and not politically correct will tell you is a ~breeding ground~ for all sorts of bacterial and virological infections.
    So don’t get mad and not vote for Trump because he can’t fix ~your~ local problems. You voted the local politicians in, it’s your responsibility to vote them out if they aren’t doing an adequate job of keeping your ~locality~ safe.
    Veritas Vincit

  28. All Trump cares about is himself, his businesses, and that includes his rich golf club members. Trump knows a bad economy can kill his chance of being re-elected, and if not re-elected, he is criminally vulnerable for all his crimes. We do not even have an idea where the peak of the curve is, so why talk and plan about re-opening up things again until THEN? Trump continues to make serious errors in judgement, like when he shut down the Pandemic Prevetion by shutting down the entire global threat, security and bio-threat infrastructure set up under the Obama administration

  29. If the economy collapses it won’t matter whether you are sick or not! President Trump is a successful businessman and knows economics/finance on a large scale. I trust his decisions economically more than anyone. He does care about the American people whereas the left just want their way. Can you not see what good he’s done in the last 3 years?

  30. While we need to be extremely vigilant, we cannot sacrifice our entire economy and way of life. Somehow we have to balance. At the same time as our scientists work 24/7 to find cures and place obstacles to place in the way of the enemy virus, we as workers and citizens cannot squander a single minute nor waste a single penny, in our struggle to build a thriving vibrant economy of jobs for all and growing health for our businesses, large and small.

    Children and young people, it is time to return to school and your studies. Practice every single good health measure while “hitting” the books harder than ever. Sports, community events, Broadway shows, Masses and mosques, temples, and malls: it is the moment now to reopen and celebrate. Spring is coming. Pray and say thank you to the Almighty.

  31. Mr President, I’m on your team, but this virus needs more Down Time!! Please don’t open too soon!!!!

  32. Mr. Laredo, try to remember that millions of people came here with strength and a desire to succeed; and build a better life for their children. If we jumb into a hole then we’ll stay there. President Trump can lead us out of that hole. If U desire to listen to the fake media, then stay in that hole and let down Ur fellow countrymen. Where ever that is, but please take that fear and depart from this, the greatest country in the world; or U wouldn,’t be here in the USA.

  33. Fear is real,a tool of the left used as a weapon. Fear responded to by adults, revels common sense. Julio, you need to be an adult, not just a grown-up.

  34. He may have lost my vote…Michigan has a high number of cases.
    Cuomo, said “fear is worse than the virus” and look what happened. Now everything is being sent to New York. President Trump, please think before you speak, people are afraid NOW.

  35. Dr. Andrews I think this is a day by day problem I do not think there is a definative answer. God help us it will peak & start the downward curve.I do believe President Trump is trying to stay positive for the American people & decrease panic.

  36. Your district ran by your mayor city counsel can also close open do things they seem fit for your cities.
    Y’all have to remember the demturds are fighting him the whole way. Ppl they don’t care about you at all. All the turds care about is their agenda. And who they are working for! It sure isn’t you or me they have proven that over and over eating money and time with impeachment. Wake up ppl can’t you see it.

  37. What 15 days are they referring to? Most of us have already been home for over 15 days. No can seem to come up with a definative answer.

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