Donald Trump made this 2020 announcement that no one saw coming

With fewer than 90 days remaining until the Presidential election, every decision made by Joe Biden and Donald Trump is coming under increasing scrutiny.

Every move the campaigns makes is magnified in importance because the President and Biden are running out of time to pitch themselves to voters.

And now Donald Trump made this 2020 announcement that no one saw coming.

Other than Joe Biden picking his running mate, the biggest question hovering over the campaign that will set the state of play for the fall is where Donald Trump will deliver his acceptance speech.

At first, President Trump was slated to deliver his speech at the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But when Democrat Governor Roy Cooper refused to allow an in-person crowd because of the lockdown, the GOP initially planned to hold a convention in Jacksonville, Florida.

However, the coronavirus outbreak in Florida scuttled those plans.

The President floated the idea of speaking from the White House, but said other locations were under consideration.

On Monday, the President revealed that the finalists for the location of his speech were indeed the White House and Gettysburg.

Gettysburg holds special significance for Americans.

General George Meade’s Union Army defeated Robert E. Lee’s Confederate forces in a decisive battle that resulted in the most casualties on both sides in the entire Civil War.

The Union’s victory – following the ill-fated Pickett’s charge – turned the tide in the war and helped preserve America and end slavery.

President Trump delivering his speech from Gettysburg would provide a powerful symbol of an American comeback and unity of purpose.

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