Donald Trump made up an 8 point gap in this key swing state with the help of one surprising group

Polling in the Presidential Election continues to point towards a tight race.

In the battleground states the polls are narrowing by the day.

And Donald Trump made up an 8 point gap in this key swing state with the help of one surprising group.

Two weeks ago, a Rasmussen poll found Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by eight points.

That lead has vanished.

The latest Rasmussen poll out of Pennsylvania showed Trump and Biden tied at 46 percent. Among the 82 percent of voters that had made up their mind Trump leads 51 to 49 percent.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll showed that both are tied at 46%.

And, significantly, said the poll analysis, among the 82% of voters who said that they are “certain” how they will vote, Trump holds a 51%-49% advantage.

Rasmussen is the second poll in two days to show the race in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state, has become a tie. The Monmouth University Poll said Wednesday that Biden had a lead of 1 to 3 points.

Just two weeks ago, Biden had an 8-point lead in the state. Trump’s surprise 2016 victory came after he upset Hillary Rodham Clinton in traditionally Democratic states including Pennsylvania, which both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have campaigned in.

This is the second poll in two days that showed Trump gaining significant ground in Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week, a Monmouth poll showed Trump gaining nine points in a month in the Keystone State.

Both polls show Biden’s support softening with black voters.

In the Monmouth poll, Biden only won 72 percent of the nonwhite vote in Pennsylvania.

Rasmussen had that number at 67 percent.

The Republican Convention hosted the most diverse lineup of speakers ever attacking Democrats for smearing the President as a racist.

That presentation appears to have paid dividends.

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