Donald Trump obliterated CNN’s fake news with these two tweets

CNN hosts have been promoting an awful conspiracy theory about Melania Trump.

Donald Trump finally had enough.

And he shut down CNN’s fake news with just two tweets.

CNN was not alone in promoting irresponsible speculation about the First Lady.

So-called “journalists” from The Atlantic and Rolling Stone speculated that Donald Trump beat her and that’s why Melania Trump was out of the public view since May 10.

But CNN’s Don Lemon and Brian Stelter were the most prominent cheerleaders for the fake news conspiracy theory that Melania Trump “disappeared.”

Both devoted time on their shows to this nonsense.

Then Trump dropped the hammer on the media with two tweets.

CNN knew this was fake news but promoted the conspiracy theory anyway.

Reporters had seen Melania Trump around the West Wing during the time period.

But CNN doesn’t care about the truth or facts.

Driving Trump from office is their guiding light as a “news” organization.


  1. Fake news needs to be stopped and Soros and his backing a fake news station should be sued, democrats don’t know how to tell the truth, they would rather fill the American people with false news and propaganda news. If the democrats every told the truth it would be a shock. The TRUTH shall PERVAIL and the more they LIE the more stupid they appear to are and lose creditability, because no democrat wants to be held accountable for what they say or do.

  2. Trump is the world’s biggest promoter of “fake news”. If a tweet really could “obliterate” anything, then more than half of our country would be blown to smithereens.

    • FAKE NEWS comes from the liberal media……..Liberals love their FICTION…….Its just the liberals and their empty heads that LOVE LIES from the liberal media…

      • Really? Here is just a sampling of the fake news promoted by Trump- The racist lie about President Obama’s birth certificate, the victimhood about a “rigged election”, the claim that his victory was a “landslide”, the completely unnecessary lie about the inauguration crowd size, the fake story that “Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, the fantasy that there was a “spy” in his campaign, etc. etc. I could go on and on, but I think you see the point- Trump creates fake news almost on a daily basis.

    • And you are the biggest promoter of BS in the world. If we want to fertilize our yards we will just squeeze your head. Proglodyte!

      • Please refer to my reply to Yvonne above. I was able to back up my claim with specific examples. If you have a substantive counter-argument, I would sure like to see it. If all you can offer is name calling and insults, then that makes me pretty confident I have the stronger argument.

    • And you are the biggest promoter of feces in the world. If we want to fertilize our yards we will just squeeze your head. Proglodyte!

  3. One FACT, CNN is NOT a business! It is owned by Mr. George Soros “New World Order”!
    Soros has his “Open Borders Society”, and over 2.300 others that are trying to put us under his control with the Dems and Unions doing his bidding.
    CNN is paid by Soros, as are the thousands of protestors, rioters, and the “Vote Early & Often” people that arrive by the busloads. Soros reportedly just gave over $19 BILLION to these groups! Where else can a college student with with no job skills get paid???

  4. POTUS & 1st Lady Melania ARE CLOSER TOGETHER
    NOW___ MORE Than Ever.___ No matter what
    Any0ne/msm says ie reports
    0r ‘whatever’ in the Past.

    > Also – Butchy & BUTCHY are 2 diff, posters.

  5. cnn just had their worst ratings season yet. They were beaten by everyone. Talk about living on a different planet, any normal business would be having their “come to Jesus” moment & care if they will stay in business. Hopefully their current trend will continue & we have one less TV channel.

  6. What must be realized is the mainstream media has an agenda and narrative. All news must be either filtered or spun to fit that agenda an narrative. It that isn’t possible, they will make it up to fit, or flat out make something up as they did with this crap about the First Lady! In other words, the MSM isn’t in the news business. It is in the propaganda business for the radical left. Just as Pravda was in the propaganda business for the Soviet Union Communist Party.

    • Orally reporting facts, that are known to be false for profit to further a criminal organization, is Felonious Slander. Making the, known to be false, statements in writing for profit to further a criminal organization, is Felonious Libel. These should be able to be prosecuted under the R.I.C.O. statue.

    • The think the same way liberals do – -just ask one about rules/law and their response will be “Rules, what rules, we just make them up as we go along”!

  7. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  8. I agree you can’t fix stupids. They can’t acknowledge that they lost and they need to get over it. President Trump is doing well and making progress and this is why they
    are so mad. I am very happy for what he is doing. He hangs in there no matter what. He is a real trooper.

  9. From the beginning of Radio, the news was honest, in in the mid 1900’s Liberals, took over all net works, but Fox news stopped their dominance, the liberals also entered the education system from grade school to Universities
    teaching Evolution. At least we now have a President, that will go down in History as the best of all President President TRUMP

  10. Whenever a reporter starts a sentence with ” in my opinion” I turn the tv. This includes all the dummy networks like CNN, CSNBC, ABC, RT and the local channels, I just turn them off. I don’t give a S**T about your views. Stick to the facts and you’ll set records, keep trying to feed us crap and you will soon be wading in your own poo. BTW I do the same with any Fox announcer like Shemp, what a dud. Does he even know what network he’s on. Oh wait, if I ever need someone to crunch poll #’s, Shemp, would be my last choice. Talk about a joke…no way to the presidency, you stupid turd. Another anchor that would be far better suited to MSNBC or the View.

    • Shepherd Smith is a LIBERAL HOMO AND SHOULD JOIN EITHER CNN OR MSNBC…His hatred of the USA and our President spews from his butt constaantly!

    • exactly right, little sheppy smith is a disgrace,even to cnn. my grandkids cant believe what he said on live tv.”i am going home to the man i love” he is a disgusting little twerp. as bad as cnn is, little sheppy should fit right in with those clowns

  11. You libtards and fake news is backfiring, please keep up the good work,your self canabalism yourself lol

  12. Well… the problem is that most Americans are stupid. The reason why they are so ignorant is the “WONDERFUL” public education we all got. The have been spooned feed from kindergarten lie after lie…. Taught to NEVER question anything they were taught by those “WONDERFUL” & smarter then the rest of us teachers. Every generation has gotten lazier & caring about only themselves… Only caring about what people on FB/Twitter think about them (or the fake life they post) FB/ Twitter, etc has only brought down the American people. If you really want to get back to the true world DELETE ALL SOCIAL MEDIA NOW!!! Only then will you start to see the REAL WORLD around you for what it is….. A LIBERAL SHITHOLE!!!
    I never allowed my kids to be on ANY social media sites. To this day they still don’t have any & can see for themselves( how right I was 😁 )
    Parents need to step up & be PARENTS!!!! You are NOT your child’s BFF…. My kids did “hate” me for the rules when they were young (like any kids would) but they have ALL have thanked me now that they are adults. So please please people be parents & make the hard choices for you kids & family. It will always pay off in the later years….. God bless us all & these USA!!!

    • I agree 100%. The school curricular is put together mostly idiots who wouldn’t be able to find a place to sit if the bathroom light was out in the middle of their nature secession.

  13. I can not understand why Americans put up with all this fake news bullshit. Are you citizens morons or just plain stupid. I have had enough of fake news and stupid people who swallow this bullshit news!

    • We know that they are not credible organization. Fake News is what they are. New management will have to broom the place out. They are loosing market share. They are in airports and people are on their cell phones.Nobody listening to them. thanks again

      • Funny you’re mentioning the airports….
        I was just thinking about that.
        Very soon somebody wakes up and REPLACES Clinton News Network with FOX!

    • What could you expect when the most favorite show is the SIMPSONS and Saturday Night Live. Give me an enema for my mind.

      • Stupid is as stupid does. NEVER argue with an idiot because you will never win.
        Before you can have a meaningful discourse…both individuals have to be able to understand the issue. Therefore a certain amount of knowledge is necessary. Obama fostered the dumbing down of America to secure their votes. If this wasn’t the case Romney’s 47% wouldn’t think Obama was a good president and the same goes for those enamored of Hillary. How can anyone in their right mind favor either of them. Trump has his list and is checking each promise off one by one…more than any other president. And the left and MSM are more concerned about style rather than results.

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