Donald Trump ordered a secret mission that North Korea never could have expected

North Korea has spent years threatening nuclear war with the United States.

Donald Trump has sworn that he will stop the rogue regime’s nuclear menace.

And he ordered one secret mission that could change the world forever.

Word leaked out that CIA Director Mike Pompeo secretly traveled to North Korea over Easter weekend to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to discuss the upcoming summit between North Korean ruler and Donald Trump.

This was a jaw dropping development that Trump confirmed on twitter.

Trump’s goal all along has been a peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

He forced North Korea to the negotiating table through a two-pronged “maximum pressure” campaign consisting of tough sanctions and even tougher rhetoric that the fake news media mistakenly took for war mongering.

But now Trump is on the verge of an historic agreement.

He could seal the deal that has eluded American Presidents going back to Bill Clinton.

They all failed because they would play North Korea’s games.

Instead of drawing a tough line, they would hand over aide in exchange for minor concessions every time North Korea piped up about a launching a nuclear war.

They figured they could buy time and it would be someone else’s problem.

Donald Trump ended that failed policy the second he assumed the office of the Presidency.

Will his meeting with Kim Jong Un produce a denuclearized Korean Peninsula? The two Koreas have already entered talks to end the Korean War, in which hostilities technically never ceased despite the 1953 armistice.

There continue to be positive signs that this crisis will have a peaceful ending and we will keep you up to date on any new developments.


  1. Agree that Governor Brown should have been thrown out in the ocean a long time ago and probably many of the legislators also, but a lot of innocent lives would be lost if the whole state sank into the ocean, however there have been many predictions that both California and Florida are going underwater. Sad to think the state should have to sink because its politicians stink! It is said to be a beautiful state.

  2. like the idea of ridding the world of all the new world order and deep state establishment traitors, no matter what ethnic race they might be & no matter what color skin they have!

  3. Damper, there is also another saying that has stood the test of time in nearly any situation. and it goes something like this: Hope for the best, expect the worst, and be prepared for anything. I always believe a healthy dose of skepticism is called for, particularly when dealing with a rogue whose thinking skills, history of savage behaviors, and unstable emotions are involved.
    By the way, Lady MacBeth should have just opened the door and kicked Spot to the curb!

  4. Damper, there is also another saying that has stood the test of time in nearly any situation. and it goes something like this: Hope for the best, expect the worst, and be prepared for anything. I always believe a healthy dose of skepticism is called for, particularly when dealing with a rogue whose thinking skills, history of savage behaviors, and unstable emotions are involved.
    By the way, Lady MacBeth should have just opened the door and kicked Spot to the curb!

  5. Zee, I have read both of your comments and I have to confess that I did not understand either one of them? Why is it necessary to post snarky comments? I stated my opinion, I stand by it and the right to have and express it and I will not apologize for it. Is your opinion more valuable than mine and if so, would you like to explain the dynamics of your thinking?
    Devolving to name calling, vague comments meant to convey critical thinking skills which lack context or meaning is a waste of time. Should you decide to clarify your thoughts so one can understand the gist of them please do. The name calling, finger pointing, judgmental attitude and misuse of your keyboard shows who you are, not the audience~*~

  6. I have told my wife that several times.After GOD has had enough or natural disaster.Thanks John

  7. Yes Pompeo would make a great SoS. And look for Rudy Giuliani to be the AG.
    Weak, No Cojones Sessions will step down when Rosenstein gets fired/indicted. He said so.

  8. Yep! Now if we can get rid of the Rinos, (Ryan,O’Conell,etc) the looney left Dumocrats, (Pelousy,Stuper,Slimy Waters,etc)then we’ll be able to get a lot more done. Oh, and maybe the MSM idiots who have nothing positive to say about anything could be silenced. God bless the Deal Master! MAGA & MTWGA!

  9. 0nly a ‘True Leftist’ would ‘promote’ an Analogy of such. MSPS, ‘butchy’
    seems to not be biased towards ALL – Just the ‘ones’ that are Causing Harm. Big diff. Am not ‘implying’ you a leftist by Any means,(so i hope this is not mis-interpreted) but bringing forth A Reality for Deep Thought. & Thnx for that ‘critical thinking’. Some will get it & Some will not. ___

  10. DARE i Say yes, ‘butchy’. &&& ‘i’ AM Not aRascist.
    Truth IS Truth &&& DEEP Truth at that.
    > Sometimes ‘stating fact’ does not preclude ‘judgement’.
    > Touchy talk for sure.


  12. I have heard of people who hate different races but I am still appalled when I see or hear it. There are many things I do not care for about particular people, but to hate an entire race? There are indeed Jews who are likely as corrupt as they can be just like people of any race but the race itself is not inherently evil, not anymore than Americans. Are those who are blended races with Jewish DNA next?
    Hatred of any race points to something angry and evil buried deep within a heart and we then become enslaved to those we hate. It would be wise to hate the act of a specific offense not an entire race.

  13. If UN resigned and left the country, I’m sure the left would find something wrong to blame Trump for. There is no way the Dems want President Trump to succeed at anything. I’ll believe good news when i see good news. The best news would be that California broke off and fell into the Pacific Ocean.


  15. You seem to think ‘dark cloud’. News is Totally 0ptimistic & Need to ‘Focus’ on Good. 0nly the ‘left’ will try to spin a Great Situation unfolding into an obstructing negative. Famous quote: “0ut damn Spot”

  16. Sandra. Indeed!!! have inked many letters to N.K /WH Before 0lympics & After. the ‘process’ IS Amazing & Most Welcome. Mr. Kim ‘is’ Beginning to See the Light & Realizing N0 0ne is going to Invade his country & use them as ‘junkyard dogs’ ( per several countries) Any Longer. They have Beautiful ‘Ancient’ Heritage & they Need Help. USA Is V. Generous.

  17. People,
    I was there. Ask any Vet of the Korean war.
    Who was the real villain????? Who was responsible for thousands of killed Americans???? Harry S. Truman
    He was afraid that Hero MacArthur would run for President. Absolutely true.

  18. Hillary would have given him 20 percent of our uranium if he contributed to her cartel.
    Thank God Trump won!

  19. His sister got a good dose of western way of life. The drill team cheerleaders got a good helping also. I don’t carry how tight they control people, some of those young ladies are going to pass the word about what they saw, and did. I think President Trump understands people were past president’s didn’t. MAGA

  20. I agree Walt America couldn’t have made a better choice!! Thanks to the Renewed Right tho his secret mission is no longer a secret is it. All these sites and news media should be banned. We had a friggin Muslim as POTUS who admitted he hated America and accomplished his goal in setting Our Country back at least 30 years, yet you didn’t hear or seen a thing about it on TV, newspapers or online WHY! Now there isn’t an hour goes by and these idiots have something new to broadcast about Our AMERICAN PRESIDENT, kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it!!!

  21. yes he says what could happen and the ones he is talking to realize its in their best interests too

  22. Trump is working for the Deplorable Patriotic People and he let’s the screwed up DemocRATS and RINO’s to keep talking and they can KISS HIS ASS.

    Keep up the good work Mr. President, you’re the first “Real President this Century”. Obama and Bush were turds that did nothing of value. MAGA

  23. He’s everything I thought he would be. Smart, craftier, a real deal maker. A real Businessman which I knew we needed. Lawyers just don’t know how to make a deal, they settle everything, no matter if it’s not going to help our people. A businessman knows how to run a business and a Country. I know I was one.

  24. Obama was a community organizer. An useless mouthpiece. Whoo! I never understand the liberals.

    Trump is a world class businessman. An extremely valuable skill that almost all politicians are lacking in the MAGA expectations.

    Trump 2020!

  25. If the politicians had let us finish the job in 53 we would not have this problem now. Way to go politicians politicians, never get thing right

  26. I voted for President Trump because I figured he was the most qualified to keep my children,
    Grand children and great grand children out of a war. (South Chins Sea, 1953)

  27. Americans need to understand that the USA now really has a POTUS that is supporting all of the ideas that mean important things to “Making America Great Again, Making America Strong Again, Making America Wealthy Again, Making America the best Country on the World Planet. Americans get behind the POTUS and Support him and Pray for His Help in Guiding America to make it Safe Again. Thank God for President Trump and his Family.

  28. When Kim Jong Un sent his half sister to the Olympics, she learned that all the propaganda she could put out would not change South Korea’s culture and economics. She returned with the message to Kim that the best way for their survival is to denuclearize and maybe even demilitarize so that more funds could be spent on the economy and the future of the country. They also know that they cannot bully Pres Trump.

  29. President Donald Trump is the only POTUS that had the balls to go up against North Korea Kim Jon. The other POTUS like Obama, Clinton, & Bush would pay moneys for keeping NK from moving forward with their nuclear programs which proves that the USA now really has a President that gets things done for America. Americans Thank God everyday for President Trump that is the best POTUS ever in American History.

  30. Lets Hope NK does not move there Nuk Program to China, or Siberia people do funny things when they think no one is watching.

  31. Donald John Trump is the “great deal-maker”. You can’t go to the table without a pair of cojones the size of bowling balls. President Trump is either going to get them to capitulate or set them up for an invasion.

    He knows what he’s doing.

  32. I hope and pray the non-politician way of President Trump wins the day. I won’t be holding my breath, however. Rocketman is as loony as they come and very well may make demands Trump won’t sit still for. Un should make serious concessions for the sake of his people. Trump would be wise to point out to the arrogant little snot how popular he would be doing the right thing.

  33. Salute, and Anchors Aweigh, President Trump! You’re getting things done that’s putting the Left to shame!

    Go get ’em!

  34. Oh my, how could he have carried off a secret meeting for Pompeo and the No.Korean power to be? Can you imagine how “cheeky” that was? The President actually did it without informing the most corrupt MSM in modern American history! Good for you, President Trump…and Pompeo is the man for Secretary of State. He’s a “Duty, Honor, Country” West Point grad and has been a fine Army officer.

  35. President Trump has done some remarkable things since he has been in office. Having said that if anyone can do it Trump can. My motto is the old saying hope for the best, expect the worst and be prepared for anything. That about covers it but in this situation we are not dealing with a sane person.
    The rocket man is a severely and persistently mentally ill person or SPMI as we call them in psychiatry which appears to be Paranoid Schizophrenia. The schizophrenia is complicated with an underlying personality disorder most likely psychopath or sociopath. These two probable diagnosis would make him unstable in every area of his life. He is dangerous, easily angered, addicted to violence and amoral. In my opinion the only way to establish trust with him is to work under the assumption that he thrives on being sneaky and mean. The only way I would completely trust him is to terminate him forthwith!

  36. Un will not give up North Korea. The big progress has been because of the fact that the new president of South Korea wants better relations with the north. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING has happened with the U S and North Korea. We sent a fact finding probe and nothing more. Trump has even said that if he doesn’t think anything good (whatever that means) will come out of the meeting, he won’t go. Sort of setting us up for the idea that the meeting will never come off. I’ll believe it when I see it. It would be nice if it happens.

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