Donald Trump released the smoking that gun that proved Barack Obama’s guilt in Obamagate

Donald Trump said he knew Barack Obama was involved in the plan to spy on his campaign and frame his team for colluding with Russians.

The Fake News Media screamed that Trump was a liar.

But then Donald Trump released the smoking that gun that proved Barack Obama’s guilt in Obamagate.

Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell declassified an email former National Security Advisor Susan Rice wrote to herself just minutes before the Trump administration took power.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the contents of the email set off alarm bells as containing all the classic elements of a cover-up.

In the email, Rice describes the events of a January 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting where Rice, Obama, and former FBI Director James Comey were all in attendance.

Rice recounts that Obama and Comey discussed how best to proceed in the investigation against Michael Flynn for being a Russian agent – an investigation the FBI had wanted to close just 24-hours earlier – and that they planned to proceed despite no hint of a crime.

“From a national security perspective, President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia,” Rice detailed.

Comey claimed the incoming National Security Advisor making routine phone calls made him nervous.

“Comey said he does have some concerns that incoming NSA Flynn is speaking frequently with Russian Ambassador Kislyak,” Rice continued. “Comey said that could be an issue as it relates to sharing sensitive information.”

Rice also added that Obama and Comey agreed to plow ahead with spying on Flynn and investigating him despite there being no evidence of criminal behavior on his Flynn’s part.

“[Comey] added that he has no indication thus far that Flynn has passed classified information to Kislyak, but he noted that ‘the level of communication is unusual,” Rice added.

Rice also wrote that Comey claimed he was running the investigation “by the book,” which struck many observers as strange.

But now that more facts are known about the FBI and Obama administration framing Flynn, Rice’s email looks a like a classic “memo to the file” that officials draft to have their version of events on the record in case a situation spirals out-of-control and they are accused of criminal wrongdoing.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Obama hates this country and is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. His whole eight years should be annulled

  2. QED, what conspiracy theory, Russian collusion?? That is a dem conspiracy theory and has been proven to be false

  3. QED…You are obviously anti-truth and anti-reality. NO, Trump supporters ARE NOT anti-science you fool. MOST are Christians. There is science in the Bible and God gave us science to study His wondrous creation. Christian schools teach science. And, YES, Obama was born in Kenya. That is a FACT. He himself has said it and if you bother to read his books, it’s in there. And when he attended college it was as a foreign student. And it was Hillary who first called him out on it when she ran against him. The dem party has you very brainwashed. sad

  4. Dr.J.D., please show us the statute Flynn broke by advocating for a reduction in sanctions as a private citizen.
    I’m a private citizen, so if I advocate for a reduction in sanctions what law have I broken? Please show me the law.

  5. The proof on the guilt of Hunter Biden is that he was paid $50K a month from Burisma with no experience in energy.
    The proof Obama was born in Kenya is from his own biography, “born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
    Its funny how you people say there’s no smoking gun when you’re tripping over 100 smoking guns. Fluffy was quite correct when he said your love of Obama is religious in nature. It’s completely irrational.

  6. Trumpers are anti-science, anti-evidence and prone to unproven (and disproven) conspiracy theories. For anyone to foolishly believe Obama was from Kenya, when even Trump has denied this in his first year, and despite all the evidence to the contrary. Trump has been president for three years, where’s the proof about Kenya?
    For that matter, where is the proof on the guilt of Hunter Biden?

    As Republican Jyndal said, (the GOP) has got to stop being the party of STUPID!! Trumpers get angry when someone does not drink of the propaganda Kool-Aid and are today’s modern flat-earthers. Just because you believe the earth is flat does not make it so!

  7. Not only is there NO smoking gun here, but there SHOULD BE CONCERN about Flynn talking so frequently and advocating the reduction of sanctions (just installed about Russia) when he still was a private citizen and Trump was not president yet! It is clearly ILLEGAL for Flynn to do that, so why do you think he LIED about it? Until the dreadful day Trump became president, neither Trump nor Flynn had any right doing this without informing and getting permission of the current administration.

  8. Their completely irrational hatred of President Trump, is because they’ve never had to fight a man with balls of steel like his! They’re so used to wimpy Republicans who walk away with their tails between their legs. His strength is driving them insane! Enter Trump Derangement Syndrome!
    God I LOVE my President!!!!!!!

  9. I sm really sick of the damnocrats. They have not done their job.instead they have tried everything to oust the best president we’ve had in a long time. And they ae still trying to do it. Give up you damnocrats.

  10. I find it ironic that people like Scott bash Trump voters for voting for what they call an immoral man, while these same people will vote for Biden.
    Why don’t they just say they hate Trump? Why do they keep pointing out his flaws and then offer a candidate with arguably more flaws?
    It’s like I said before. Their hatred of Trump is irrational, and their love of Obama is almost religious in nature. They simply refuse to even entertain the idea that both Obama and Biden had a corrupt administration.

  11. Dan is right, these people are filled with emotional hatred and becoming unhinged at every corner for they hate an President of the United States. The only embarrassing moment to the country would be when the people of the United States became incompetent enough to vote for an illegal to gain entrance to the Oval Office. The Constitution and the floors of the Oval Office have been tarnished for all times…

  12. Snott27 you’re talking about the integrity of the presidency? Bathhouse Barry wasn’t qualified to be president, being born in Kenya

  13. Scott27, I explained that already if you bothered to read the post instead of glancing over it. I said its the lesser of two evil. Do you understand what that means?
    Also, you never answered by question. Do you think Biden is a more moral man than Trump?

  14. Snott27 I haven’t found any evidence that he’s not keeping promises. He needs something to do during his 2nd term. And no president ever accomplished everything that was on their agenda. But the smears and lies of the commiecrats hinder him. But you’re an idiot and don’t understand that. Someday a commiecrat will be stinking up the White House and the republicans will be loaded for bear. Your crowd weaponized impeachment and now they own it.

  15. My goodness, Fluffy… you agree he lies, cheats on his wives and is a bully; so how does that wash with your supposed Christian principles? Must be some incredible mind-distorting exercise to justify selling out those principles to a known con man who, by the way, has completely fooled you. I can count more promises he has failed to keep than ones he has. The truly sad thing is that while you focus on diversions like “obamagate,” he is fundamentally doing away with the integrity, honesty, ethics and beliefs that served as the foundation for this nation for more than 200 years. And you refuse to see it, even look at it.

  16. James and FluffyPillowFive you’re correct. And I believe that any rich Christian should help people. But they should be aware of the situation and know the true story of whom ever they help. Meaning don’t get scammed. Also that’s the biblical purpose of the money given to the church. The Bible teaches that the poor is to be provided for, not some mega church pastors to drive $200000 cars and own lear jets. Take away the riches and a lot of preachers would quit.

  17. santan (with a small s) is real. Evil lies within these people, and time is closing in on them because God is in the mist.

  18. There is something heroic about an man who will descend from the Heavens solely to set others free. But I’m not talking about paratroopers. Jesus_A man who was not, could not have been, a docile or spineless man to have accomplished what He accomplished when he uttered words from the cross “It is finished” God did the same thing for you…We all have accomplished missions in the end,I’ll know mind when I get there for God knows my descends…Rangers lead the way!!!

  19. Dan, I haven’t heard that one before, but we both agree rich people who would not be willing to give away their wealth for Christ can never be saved.
    I can only go by what I read in scripture.

  20. FluffyPillowFive the eye of the needle that Jesus spoke of was small gate in the wall of Jerusalem. It was hard to lead a camel through the gate. Jesus was referring to getting wealthy people to believe on Him. Like the rich young ruler that Jesus had a conversation with. I’ve known some good Christian people that are wealthy. Being rich isn’t a sin as long as it was obtained honestly. Jesus was proving to the rich young ruler that he loved his riches more than service to God.

  21. You are correct Dan about not losing salvation but that only applies to people who are saved to begin with. Many people think they are save but they are not.
    Jesus said, “…on that day I will say to them depart from me you workers of evil for I never knew you”.
    Jesus also said it’s more difficult for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camal to pass through the eye of a needle. I guess that leaves Trump and Obama out 🙂

  22. FluffyPillowFive you’re right. A true Christian should have a noticeable change in their lives. But nobody will become perfect in our human bodies. But I agree that Christian people should try not to sin. And if someone does, the apostle John wrote that we have an advocate with the Father. And that is Jesus. Nobody can lose their salvation, but fellowship with God can suffer.

  23. Dan Tyree, I don’t want to debate you either but we differ a little on this one.
    Jesus said you can identify people by their fruits.
    Jesus also said “..narrow is the path that leads to salvation and FEW find it.”
    What that means, is there are a lot of FAKE Christians out there that think they are saved when they are not, and MOST people are going to hell.
    I know that’s a depressing thought, even for myself, but it is the truth, right in the Holy Scripture.
    But anyway, at least we see eye to eye on politics.

  24. FluffyPillowFive the definition of a Christian is a person that believes in and on Jesus. It doesn’t require perfection. Trump says he’s a Christian. I’ll take him at his word. But what people don’t seem to remember is that Barry and Michelle said that they were Christians. A person’s political beliefs doesn’t matter. We are all sinners. I’m not lecturing or debating. You and I are on the same page.

  25. Oh by the way, Walt and Scott don’t bother responding because nothing you can say will change the way people think about you. Better to let it go by with no response. When I
    engage in a battle of wits it is always nice to realize that my foes have no ammunition, your guns are empty guys. Sorry for you!

  26. WitlessWalt & Scott-27 are both ignorant nasty lying commie turds. Nobody pays attention to them, they just give us a few laughs. As far as I can see the only ones who lie all the time are the demoncrats, commies, CCP, and the fake news Media. I think most clear thinking Americans agree that these are the culprits in the attempted destruction of our Republic. God only knows why such anti-Americans like Walt & Scott stay here if it is so bad. Why don’t they just move to a country where their putrid ideas are already in place? Oh, I know, they wouldn’t be allowed to spew their hatred there. They would be stood up against a wall and shot as traitors!

  27. The Obama presidency will go down in history exclusively as a presidency – spying on the Americans and betraying the country.

  28. Friends.
    Very strong blogging going on today… Very strong opinions for sure.. As a retired Agent I hope this helps a little. When making an argument there has to be factual evidence… In any court if the facts are not proven.. Then it’s called hearsay speculation then therefore inadmissible… By the way the Media is not a source of facts… Blog on friends get it out of your system.

  29. julio richard Laredo, do you know what sarcasm is?
    Look it up in the dictionary if you don’t know?
    It’s really easy to use a dictionary. If you don’t have one use Google dictionary.

  30. Gab, you are the one that can’t read. You couldn’t even look up assault rifle in the dictionary yesterday, You made a compete fool of yourself in front of everyone.

  31. All the democrats laughed at Trump when he accused Obama of wiretapping him in 2017, and sure enough it turned out to be true. How the heck did Trump know he was being wiretapped from the Obama administration? Who leaked it to him?
    The question now is will the left keep denying Obama is a crook or will they abandon their messiah, like they abandoned Hillary Clinton.
    It’s bad optics for democrats to keep worshipping Obama now.

  32. Any normal clear-thinking person would know you don’t send yourself an email without a reason. “Rice’s email looks a like a classic “memo to the file” that officials draft to have their version of events on the record in case a situation spirals out-of-control and they are accused of criminal wrongdoing.” is exactly what any neophyte intelligence agent would use to “accuse” those in the “Oval Office meeting where Rice, Obama, and former FBI Director James Comey were all in attendance.” The real question is, HFS can democrats be?

  33. Scott, of course we all know Trump lies, and cheated on his wives, and is a bully.
    We didn’t vote for him because we thought he was a saint. We voted for him because of his campaign promises. But since we’re on the subject of morality, are you so naïve to claim Biden is any better than Trump. If morality is your only concern for a president than both Biden and Trump fail that standard. So where does that leave us?

  34. Scott27, do you think its racist for democrats to claim voter IDs dissinfranchise black people?

  35. Scott27, you are an idiot like Gab. I never said Trump was chosen by God and I never said Trump is a Christian. Nobody really believes that but simple minded people.
    What I said is true. The left’s unwillingness to even entertain the idea that Obama is corrupt seems religious in nature. It’s no different than someone attacking a religious icon. People get upset and just shutdown.

  36. Fluffy… no one ever claimed Obama was chosen by God as you folks have about trump, which is shockingly blind given he is anything but a Christian. And have you ever considered your dear leader may be corrupt, in spite of piles and piles of evidence? Everything you said in your post can be said twice over for you and your fellow cult members.

  37. Dan t.. and Shirley. There has long been a push for mail-in voting… that’s why several states have it already, and every state allows absentee voting by mail. And Dan, what basis is there that election managers are any less trustworthy today?? Absolutely None. Truth is, we have a less trustworthy family in the White House than we’ve ever had in our history as a nation. Further, there is no evidence whatsoever that mail-in voting leads to fraud. It’s all imaginary and presumption based on nothing (do you recall trump’s own bipartisan commission to root out fraud disbanded because they couldn’t find any significant examples or occurrences?) This, like obamagate, is nothing more than a smokescreen diversion away from the real, objective issues.

  38. Gab are you still here? You should find something to do. Cut a hole in your pocket so that you’ll have something to play with.

  39. It’s amazing how so many lefties on this site simply refuse to even entertain the idea that Obama is corrupt. You can show them all the evidence in the world but they just refuse to accept it.
    Reminds me of how Muslims act if you say anything bad about Mohammed, or how Christians would act if a lefty said Christ was a fraud.
    The left’s love of Obama seems religious in nature.

  40. WhitakerWalt you’re just another brain dead commie ass kisser. Keep spinning the BS. Your crowd of morons are right. Trump is a dangerous president. He’s dangerous to the commie party that’s called democrats. He’s dangerous to the enemies of America. He’s dangerous to the republicans that are nothing but rino ass kissers, like Romney. There are others, but Romney is the chief of rinos. I like the kind of danger that Trump brings.

  41. Scott27, why didn’t democRATS push for all mail in voting before ?? Oh !! Hillary was going to win by landslide

    Why are democRATS rabidly against voter ID ?? Oh!! Would help stop voter fraud

    No other developed nation has ALL mail in voting BUT ALL HAVE VOTER ID !!


  42. Scott27, why didn’t democRATS push for all mail in voting in 2016 ?? Oh! Hillary was going to win by huge landslide !!
    why are democRATS rabidly against voter ID?? Oh !! It would stop voter fraud !!
    No other developed nation has all mail in voting BUT ALL HAVE VOTER ID !!
    Keep drinking the lib KOOK AID

  43. Scott 27 “gets it” and expresses precisely what is going on with this Obamagate bull-s!!t. I have looked into every detail of this sham and the only thing that is going on is the White House, Trump, and in particualr A.G. Barr, were originally presented with some snippit’s of emails ( which were obtained illegally ) and which were cherry picked to create an imaginary scenerio that could be viewed as “wrong doing” by the previous administration which (conveniently included Joe Biden) and would serve, if they pushed it hard enough, to back up their hair brained conspiracy theory. Serious desperation has made Trump and Barr look like complete A-holes which in turn has the more intelligent A.G. Barr now backing away from the Obamagate smoke screen while our really stupid president continues to shoot his mouth off and, fortunately for Democrats, looks as even a bigger fool than at any time time during his tragic tenure in the Oval Office. Thank God almighty he’ll be gone on Jan. 20th, 2021. It would be bad enough if we simply had a screwball for our president but in reality we have one that is dangerous, paranoid, egomaniacle, delusional, vicious, far out of his league, as well as an habitual liar – and a bad one to boot; who is clearly not the brightest bulb on the White House Xmas Tree and is backed up by a massive (deplorable) support group that have an astounding suceptibility to lies, are not very bright either, and are the most gullible cheering squad ever to back a president. Keep posting the truth Scott, we’re listening.

  44. Snott27 it used to be that people in charge of handling elections were more trustworthy. But the commiecrats will pull anything today. That party is a criminal organization. Mail in voting makes cheating easier. And with the rabid hate for Trump and the damned lies told on him the game has changed. And Trump hasn’t failed us. I realize that he could lose the election, but he’s a real leader. And I swear by Almighty God that I’ll never be governed by the commiecrats

  45. Dan t… you’re probably right, it won’t go away. But it’s not because there is anything legitimate to it other than as a smokescreen. It won’t go away because people like you don’t want to discuss or consider the multiple failings of this presidency. Willful ignorance is a fact.

  46. dan t… show me any evidence that mail-in voting results in fraud. Our military has always voted that way. Multiple states vote by mail. Donald, Ivanka, Jared all voted by mail recently. Fact is, you nor anyone else has any evidence or proof it results in fraud. The real issue, which trump admitted to recently, is your fear that more Americans voting is not good for republicans, which also has not been proven.

  47. O Pussom you libturds are like a crowd of screeching monkeys. Your commie party is about to be held accountable and you ignorant bastards are in a panic. This isn’t going away.

  48. Problem: Most Dems. don’t know about the REAL Obama. He was raised by his grandfather and was indoctrinated in Commi ideas. While in office he made a stupid deal with Iran and received nothing in return. They received their billions in cash to further their nuclear ambitions and terrorist exploits. He sided with anti-Mubarak protesters, against a friend of 30 years, which resulted in him being ousted. Now Americas influence in the Middle East is near zero. There are other bad deals he (Obama) made, but the left owned media will/did not inform the America pubkic.

  49. “Obamagate” is Trump’s desperate attempt to rile up his fans. It’s one thing to believe in conspiracy theories. It’s another to create them. But it becomes really bizarre when the president of the United States creates fiction because he thinks it will help him politically.

  50. Snott27 keep telling yourself that and someday you’ll believe it. You idiots are as stupid as hell. We have a president that’s doing things differently than the others and I trust him. You arm chair quarterbacks don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. You loud mouth idiots make Trump the way that he is, and I’m damned proud of him. At least he doesn’t go around kissing ass and apologizing for America like your pet mulatto.

  51. T president Trump is trying to lead the states not committing voter fraud with mail in ballots. And the commiecrats that runs New York and Illinois should be held accountable. And don’t get me started on California. You idiots would rather have a dithering retard in office? Yes, I’m referring to stink finger joe. That simple old fool belongs in a rest home.

  52. so-called obamagate is a smokescreen. Nothing more. Nothing less. All those documents reveal nothing more than a legitimate concern about the frequency of calls between a man who was to become our national security lead and russia. If you read the totality of documents, in context rather than cherry-picking, everything they did was legit, sensible and above board. There was no framing, no illegal actions (even according to trump’s lapdog attorney general). My goodness you people are so angry and weak, you cannot see the forest for the trees.

  53. So, where is a copy of the actual email? It’s pretty easy to say that a document said anything you wish it to say when you can cherry-pick the words you want from it. Before this could actually be called a smoking gun, the complete evidence has to be presented verbatim, and it has not been. Over the last fifty years, both the Democrats and Republicans have gotten very good at cherry-picking data, and it is time that we put laws in place to force complete transparency of all elected officials, other than when clearly defined security concerns are involved. That means that all emails sent officially by all elected officials should be made public. All official phone calls, including Mr. Trump’s controversial one to Mr. Zelensky, should be recorded, and the transcripts made available to the American citizens, unless predefined national security limits are met. Potential reelection of an official should never be a security concern, nor should what stocks Congressmen buy and sell.

  54. Dan Muha, this exposes nothing and your post was gibberish. This is a republican outlet trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill. If Republicans actually cared they wouldn’t support trump, a man who just the other day basically tried to pressure states into doing what he wants by once again threatening to hold up aid… The man is a maniac and you people praise him.

  55. Nelida it’s your commiecrat party that’s brain dead. The largest group of fools in history. I suppose that you would think that stink finger joe would be better. That old retard don’t know which end to wipe. Didn’t you hear the geese laughing at him during his basement video. They made more sense than he did.

  56. We all know all of that! All we want to hear now is that Barey O has been indicted (fat chance)!

  57. John Sprague, you’re confusing trump and Obama. Trump blames Obama for everything he does.

    You talk about hate and claim the left is the hateful ones?

    Donald trump has been caught on camera, on recording, admitting to things on Twitter and you people just don’t care, it’s wild


  59. I don’t this this author understands what “smoking gun” means. Maybe he ment smocking? Haha.

    Seriously tho if this is a smoking gun trump should be in jail a hundred times over.

  60. Comments here from the left (all D’s) amaze me…If BHO was caught on camera, doing the worst of the worst any of us could imagine..the left would say it wasn’t BHO but it was DT. Since 16, the level of hate/ignorance…idiocy on the left/all D’s in DC, today, is record setting. Even bigger wave for DT coming in Nov.

  61. Most conservatives have believed Obama guilty of crimes. But Obama will never be charged for anything, for the same reason he was elected his entire career. To think he would be charged is delusional.

  62. As usual another lie from Trump. The sad part is that republicans agree to side with him for fear of losing their job. How anyone thinks that Trumps is the best president in history is brain dead.

  63. STINKS!!! It has since the Kenyan Manchurian Candidate was elected president and it still STINKS!!! He is not smart enough to make these decisions by himself. How pulls the strings? Who is the puppet master. I sometime regrest scolfing at my friend when he talked about the Lumminatti and the Knights Templar……but now? Who knows?

  64. People on this site don’t know how to read. The article says more about how Flynn is suspect and raises my suspicions against the incoming Trump administration.

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