Donald Trump revealed one truth about James Mattis that just changed everything

James Mattis’ resignation as Secretary of Defense stunned Washington.

Pundits predicted this was the end of the Trump Presidency.

But then Donald Trump changed everything by revealing one jaw dropping truth about James Mattis.

Mattis resigned over Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Trump campaigned on stopping endless wars.

America has deployed troops in Afghanistan since 2001, and Syria since 2015.

Trump figured enough was enough.

The President gave Mattis and the other generals two years to achieve results and Trump felt they did not deliver.

That’s why in a cabinet meeting he pointed out that Mattis did not attain the success in Afghanistan that he promised.

Trump also noted that Barack Obama fired Mattis as well.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump defended his decision to fire his Defense Secretary Gen. Jim Mattis, saying he was not pleased with progress on the war in Afghanistan.

“Well, what’s he done for me? How has he done in Afghanistan? Not too good. Not too good. I’m not happy with what he’s done in Afghanistan,” Trump said. “And I shouldn’t be happy.”

Trump said that he did a lot to get hundreds of billions of dollars for Mattis to rebuild the United States military but got nothing from Mattis in return.

“I hope he does well. But as you know, President Obama fired him, and essentially so did I,” Trump said. “I want results.”

The media was stunned.

For the first two years of Trump’s Presidency, they painted a picture that generals Mattis, John Kelly, and H.R. McMaster made policy because Trump was too ignorant to chart America’s course.

That was clearly fake news.

And now Trump is putting a team in place that supports his “America First” vision.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. I protect, I’m a life long democrat and I’m not dumb nor a liar. I’m a vocal, educated TRUMP supporter! I don’t believe all Democrats are blinded by the misleading and sometimes outright dishonest news reporting. I am not a supporter of any effort to impeach President Trump. I would hope other Democrats who agree with me would come forward.

  3. Anti-Trump Ben and Betty can’t do real unbiased research on issues. They will bash their best chance for success because of their hate driven by biased democrat media liars.

  4. Ben attacking those hypocrites who lie about you isn’t awful. That’s what Trump is doing. Trump didn’t mess over business people. If you sub-contract a job, the person who will be paying you should know that you’re doing the job and not the one they hired. That’s why they had problems getting paid, after they were defrauded by others, not Trump. If you knew business well you could figure out these things. Trump doesn’t claim to be a king, the biased media says that. Only 4 bankruptcies out of hundreds of businesses is few. There’s nothing wrong with family helping each other get started. Your brother should know that Trump runs a clean business, but it looks like you will hate anyway.

  5. Anti-Trump Betty the Trump family are good people. Trump was friendly with the Clintons until he saw how corrupt they are and ran against Hillary. Comey couldn’t indict Hillary for doing the same thing he was doing, using his Gmail account at the FBI. Comey couldn’t indict her and not admit that he had violated our laws also. Melania having sexy pictures taken for her future husband doesn’t make her a whore. Insulting others by claiming you know some details when you don’t. A person in the White House trying to keep citizens safe isn’t a warm or worthless.

  6. Betty, what lies did Trump tell? Trump didn’t lie. The biased media insult you by telling you lies. You’re listening to them and be living in their lies. Get specific with an example because the biased media won’t be specific about what. It’s easy to see they’re liars with no example.

  7. Phantom still wants to believe in polls of democrats. They poll more democrats because most Republican people are busy working while the con artist democrats do polls. Those polls will remain biased. With the USMCA trade deal for fair trade deals with Mexico and Canada, Mexico can pay for the wall. Congress must allow Trump to use the money for the wall security first. If walls on your home aren’t helping to keep you safe, try living in a tent to see how it isn’t safe. Math based on biased polls with still show bias.

  8. Betty, the biased media spew lies about Trump. He isn’t immature, Trump is brave to do what needs to be done while the liars lie to you about why he’s doing it. Trump isn’t immature and he doesn’t throw any temper tantrums.Trump donates his salary as president to charities! Trump is working for free for the American people and fixing the problems we’ve been lied to about for years. The biased democrat media are smearing Trump. The next time they claim that, ask exactly what he did to deserve the claim of “selfish” etc. Stop listening to their hate and see facts.

  9. Phantom you believe the fake polls just like the ones that said Hillary Clinton would win. It’s incredible that you continue to believe these liars. Remember that thousands of people #WalkAway from the democrat party and marched in Washington D.C. & in Texas. The biased media didn’t cover the thousands of people who left the democrat party. Those people did March though. The majority of people do want the WALL! For over 50 years presidents have run on securing our border, but didn’t do it. Trump has the correct plan. People have homes with walls to keep criminals out! First a barrier, then technology for border security. There’s a March for people supporting the wall on 1/26/19 in California. Thousands of citizens have been killed by illegal criminals inside the USA! Go to to see the many victims. Pelosi doesn’t care about citizens, rights or our laws. In 2006 democrats voted for fencing walls on the border that wasn’t finished. Walls aren’t immoral, they’re protection. The biased liars don’t have any proof of crimes, but they claim to have proof. The documents proving that the media lies about Trump should be declassified soon.

  10. Change your news services immediately they have already done serious damage to your mind. Hopefully you her this message soon enough to help.

  11. your right he has made it where the rich are getting very much richer, he has lied to this country for 2 years non stop while trying the screw over they system of saying you can’t touch me i’m the president and using it to hide in my opinion from the the things they have charges against him while totally ignoring the people of this country and what they say they want as far as that wall since they said the new numbers is 56% of the country are against it and he says go to heck i don’t care i said i would build a wall, well he also said the rich would pay there fair share of taxes and that he would obey the laws of this country thats why everyone from the inauguration committee on up is after him for violations

  12. You are right he gave his resignation because he didn’t agree with Trump’s assessments. Just like Obama fired him fo the same reasons. However instead of allowing Mattis to stay on until his notice was over where disgruntled staffers usually screw POTUS he decided it was better to end the relationship immediately prior to notice. Symantecs perhaps but the president did let him go. Thus terminating him.

  13. She laughs at him behind his back, he laughs at her behind her back. Should be interesting. After all, obummer told him on an open mike (that he didn’t know was still hot) that he would have a lot more latitude for dealing once he was re-elected. As in more dirty deals in the back room. The polls were full of soros’ voting machines…ergo he won.

  14. Personally I just think ben is a koolaid lib. I will pay him no more arrention. He refuses to even see what his hero obummer did to this country in 8 years. He refuses to see that PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing his best, working weekends and sometimes 20 hour days trying to make things better for AMERICANS because he LOVES AMERICA…obummer and his dem cronies are willing to bring in murderers, rapists, drug dealers, ANYONE THAT WILL VOTE DEMORAT. THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS FOR AMERICANS, THEY HAVE ALREADY SOLD US OUT FOR VOTES. POWER, MONEY, DOMINATION, that is what their party has become. And hey, guess what…I USED TO BE A DEM UNTIL I SAW EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO AND HOW FAR THEY WILL GO FOR POWER. NO MORE.

  15. Ben, I was in and group far east more than a decade before you, and I am interested in your SN and arm..infantry,ordnance..? How about your full name (just to verify your service). Betty, your manner of writing indicates a man, use another of your aliases … and grow up.

  16. I can’t wait to see Pelosi deal w/ Putin. Hope they make a movie of it. Once he stares at her w/ his dead eyes, it will probably be a silent movie.

  17. Sorry Roger, I will follow NO MAN INTO HELL!!! I will stand beside PRESIDENT TRUMP and back him in most endeavors but following anyone to hell isn’t for this gal!! MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA

  18. This brave President has given the true Christian the ability to stand for what’s right and we better get it right.
    Abortion has murdered over $60,000,000 unborn human beings and made the American taxpayers pay for the wholesale murder worldwide,it is the single greatest evil in all of history 2nd only to the widespread of homosexuality throughout our planet.
    The time to stand up is now!!!!!

  19. Wow…this is SURELY a different Ben that has been commenting down below. He is a PRESIDENT TRUMP hater for sure.
    I too believe he has done more in 2 years than almost every other president has ever done! AND… IT IS ALL GOOD FOR THE UNITED STATES!!! He’s gotten jobs WAY UP, welfare rolls WAY DOWN, coal miners back to work, revenue better balanced with commerce and the trade deficit…HOORAY FOR JUST THOSE 3 THINGS, but there’s a LOT more. The list is LONG for all the things he’s done for this country and it’s ONLY TAKEN HIM 2 SHORT YEARS!! OH YEAH MAGA 2020!!!!

  20. Yes he is kicking ass and taking names and the Dems & Rhinos are running afraid that there are next he is braking up there play house and stooping them from getting bribe money!!! NOW he needs to get more people put in place!!! They are slow walking them on him!! Trump has done more in 2 years than any one else that has had that job!!!

  21. You have it in reverse. It is the Democrats that are not helping America. They are only helping their bank account. I agree there are some Republicans who are caught up in the greed. Trump is for America. Democrats are not!

  22. Right on brother. President Trump is the only Patriot we have left with the guts to do anything. They may eventually stand with him. Once they figure out he’s gonna win again. Hopefully this will change Presidential candidates for a long time. No more Politicians. American business men only.

  23. James, the thing about lightning is that it’s a very short-lived burst of light that faded almost immediately. Sometimes it’s very destructive but mostly it’s just a show of anger. Fun to watch though.

  24. Ben is even worse. He continually stumbles trying to land on something to back up his ignorance. But he hasn’t nor will he succeed, he can’t produce not one single fact.

  25. Valdez, out of 287 words in phantom’s diatribe he has no caps, there are 6 commas and 1 period. Definitely, Charles Krauthammer he’s not.

  26. Wow, the brain washed people are just multiplying at a pace faster than the speed of lightening.

  27. Hey, Ben , read my comments to phantom. They fit you to a T.
    My succinct comment: you are an ignorant moron

  28. Phantom, white and strunk ( who wrote the “bible “ for writers )and brilliant writers like the late Charles krauthammer would find your attempt at meaningful prose laughable, just as what you are attempting to say is laughable
    I believe in succinct meaningful statements: you are an ignorant moron

  29. Does President know how his base stands…we are
    all behind him 100% and we will follow him into
    HELL if need be …just please watch your back…
    You are for the Legal Americans….. we all know
    that now….

  30. oh my – do you think you can form a coherent statement? I can’t tell if I agree or disagree with what you’ve said.

  31. She REALLY won’t like it there but there’s no escaping once you are there. I don’t wish that on ANYONE!!!

  32. Same here, Mike. Every time I ask specific questions they disappear for awhile and then they come back with another round of hatred garbage about PRESIDENT TRUMP. They NEVER list the lies or actions they claim he has told or done. They can never cite anything that is actually factual. I swear they are just brainwashed. It’s like they have had frontal lobotomies and then programmed to repeat what they’ve been taught to say.

  33. Mysty, I have YET to get a coherent answer to this question, even though I have posited it on many sites.

    The Trump haters seem disconnected from reality.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  34. Agreed. They have followed the communist manifesto and their actions are all for THEM to totally contol not just the USA but the world to boot! And now pelosi says she will be dealing with putin directly. Gee what does that tell you about her love for AMERICANS?!?!

  35. I bet she doesn’t answer you. They never do because they aren’t able to debate with facts. They only know how to be filthy-mouthed and screeching with no discernable facts to back them up. And getting ANY ‘facts’ at SNOPES is the same as getting facts from CNN – ‘Communist News Network.’

  36. Phantom: A simple question: Why would YOU support Democrats who are welcoming in millions of illegal immigrants who are depressing the wages of WORKING Americans?

    Democrats have turned their backs against American workers who supported them for over 200 years.

    I can understand why you may be an independent voter, but why are you so virulently against Trump.

    Look, we acknowledge that he has had some character flaws.

    But we can see the REALITY of what he is trying to do.

  37. Betty, forget your Trump derangement syndrome for just a minute. I’d like to ask you a simple question: “Your Democrats have been and are welcoming millions of illegal aliens who are either getting on welfare, or DEPRESSING the wages of working Americans.

    YOUR party is forsaking the millions of working Americans who supported them for over 200 years.

    Even though you DETEST him, Donald Trump is trying to reverse that awful trend.

    Betty: “What has happened to YOUR political party?”

    Why on earth WOULD you support the party that is harming you so much?

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  38. President Trump is the John Wayne of Washington D.C. He kicks ass and takes names and the corruptocrats don’t like it. We finally have somebody who stands up for Americans. If you don’t like it- that’s tough shifsky!!!!

  39. When barry fired him all ok. DT fires him and it is a crisis. Typical biased brain dead bs from demonocRATS.

  40. John, please don’t reply to her in her native toungue…let her learn more English & decorum first. Growth is so important.

  41. Betty, the first President I was aware of was during the funeral of JFK as I was born under Eisenhower. T would say you pegged EVERY President that I have known in my lifetime. Let’s see, President Obummer was a Narcissist and hired many like himself. Everybody who has attained the Office of the Presidency is said to be thinned skin by those who advise them. The President is always the guy who gets to throw a tantrum BECAUSE HE IS the President.

  42. Jim, my first president was ‘Ike’ so yeah, I go quite aways back also. But I lost my daddy to WWII and I have listened all my life to my elders, read every piece of info about every president and what happened to this country during their watch. From what I’ve seen in the dems they have generally been hiding their TRUE agenda behind platitudes and ‘Oh, let’s just give everyone everything they want and they’ll vote for us.’ BUT, back then they did it in a ‘gentleman’s sort of way. Today it is just plain violent, vicious, filthy language’ threats, abuses, and even promises to ‘eliminate’ all Republicans. So cultured, so civil, so classy… NOT. More like gutter slime.

  43. Betty, PLEASE, add a # or an initial after your name because of the other Betty who hates PRESIDENT TRUMP and is rude and obnoxious. We’d love to respond to the both of you differently. Thanks! And I’m with you God blessed us for sure by giving us PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!

  44. True enough, but I think Jane is right on cleaning house from Day 1. Our President’s Flaw is trusting smart people to do their job from his point of view. Currently, Alan Dershawitz (spelling?) commented that Trump should not have fired Comey; if Trump had allowed Comey to keep investigating, there would have been no special counsel. Well yes, but look at the chain of events. Trump gets Sessions to be AG but Sessions was part of the Swamp [look at his time in the Bubble] and recuses himself. Trump has to trust Rosenstein who has proven he is a Snake and writes an impressive statement as to why Trump should fire Comey. All hell breaks loose and we have Slime ball Mueller. In other words, Trump took the path the Swamp wanted him to take and Trump took the bait. But now Gary is right about Trump turning the tables. Trump is a lot like FDR; very Machiavellian.

  45. Julia, About CRAZY donald, Go trump, all right. Go Straight to HELL where mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE clearly both belong.

  46. Betty wake up and smell the agenda the dimwits are persueing, Marxism/ communism and hate. Their lies are not selling as that is NOT WHAT AMERICA is about.

  47. To A Fool, the only ones behind that Oval Office republican Retarded Pile of Crap is more republican Retards like you.

  48. Correction, Mike, Inanity, Selfishness & Stupidity, thy name is d. trump, the original Republican Retard!

  49. @ phantom: I don’t understand. “Givoni” refers to a line of women’s clothing. ??? Incidentally, I trust Trump. Totally, I believe that, unlike his predecessor, he truly loves this country.

  50. So right Max! She screams so loud she’ll never hear the truth. And her research sources are all EXTREMELY left leaning. And they distort facts right and left.

  51. One can assume “Ben” is quite happy with the obnoxious, tax happy Jew and the California kook we have running the house and senate minority.I’m old enough to remember Roosevelt & Harry “The hick” Truman.It’s the same stale formula from the “Democraps”have been selling for years.Just give us all your money and we”ll take care of you from the cradle to the grave with more and more loopey social programs

  52. Oh, d. trump is good all right, good at Lying & good at being 100 percent determined to have his own Inmature, Selfish, Spolied Way Like The Brain Dead Brat that that Oval Office Walking, Talking Pile Of Gutter Trash has proven himself to be again & again.


  54. Thanks Jane! I don’t know if those dem yahoos will ever shut their mouths long enough to listen to reason but we have to keep trying! That muslim from Michigan is beyond horrid! Can you imagine her saying ANY of that nasty speech in her home Palestine? She would be either stoned to death or beheaded in 10 minutes. I pray every day for God to bless this strong man He put in The Peoples’ House…PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! To endure what he and his beautiful, gentle, kind loving wife Melania has has to endure along with his entire family is BEYOND sinful on the part of the looney left and the rotten msm. They should ALL be ashamed of themselves.

  55. It has been suggested that Our President merely gave Our enemies “enough rope” for Their hangings.

  56. The worst thing President Trump was holding on to any of previous Parties left overs. He should not have trusted any of them. He should have clean house out day 1. Put people in who would help him instead of continuing to trap him. Trump has many people supporting him. Even if he was not allowed in service. He has been in war with people who made oaths to support the constitution, who has failed to do so(dems). He’s fighting the greatest war for Americans to keep our constitution entact. MAGA

  57. Amen to that Joanne, you are an informed Patriot. Thank you for your voice and support of the best President since Reagan.

  58. Go back to sleep Phantom. Hilary Clinton is gone forever. When you wake up, maybe, just maybe , you will be wide awake enough to understand that fact , and , you will have to get along without her and Bill.

  59. I agree with Mysty. Diane you should find several other alternate sources for information. Misty speaks truth but when certain medias have an agenda not all facts are are salient are brought to the fore (facts that do not promote or counter to their agenda). Lying by omission is still a lie that misleads many; that don’t know or care to research these things.

  60. You are absolutely right, my brother who is a retired Marine says people who really know General Mattis and John Kelly know one thing for sure they are war hawks. Obama fired Mattis because he was a war hawk. We are not the worlds police. Mattis would keep our soldiers in war forever if he had anything to say about it. Mattis voted for HRC and he liked her plans of going in and having never ending wars.

  61. my god are people this stupid it is just a different name but the same bs with trump he says mathis resigned waits a couple of days then blames them for everything under the sun and its all there fault and trump mr squeaky clean and innocent like always, just like all his lies, he didn’t’ lie your wrong even when you prove that everything he said was a lie then you get the givoni puppet that tells you the truth you just heard isn’t the truth, that’s like hes going to renegotiate the mexican trade deal to include the wall well now according to trump it includes or has enough profit to pay for the wall that congress hasn’t approved yet,just like the day gop was talking about loosing support all this crap of trump demanding the money began and threats but to him it had nothing to do with it. to me he acts like everyone is to stupid to catch on to him, but i like people thinking i’m stupid because it shows how stupid they are so in honesty you’ll can keep believing this garbage that 95% the republicans approve of him and anyone who believes that is stupid because if 95% believes in him then why is only 34% of the country believes in him then you do the math of 66% is either not answering because of being afraid to admit it or don’t trust him, and out of the 66% there is including 22% un accounted for but if they had trust in him why not say it and in that he had lost another 5% so you all do the math

  62. Amen to that. He is my President and he has 100% of my support. And to shut up the fake news, I am a Hispanic and a patriot. Kudos to our President Trump!

  63. I agree with Mysty. President Trump has been trying to help America and its people. Can’t say the same about the dems. Schumer’s face is going to crack and fall off. What is real about anyone in dem party? They love shoving fake life any way they can. GOD BLESS AMERICA & President Trump & FAMILY!

  64. How could anyone say President Trump is no good?what did the illegal Obama do for America?????he started to change thiscountry tobe a comunist territory !
    Demo/comunists! Are you blind or plain ignorant !

  65. Eva, you have done considerable research. While staying up in the tree on college grounds for over a week, closer to two weeks, he emptied his bladder and bowels from up in the tree to the extent that when he came down, the local fire dept had to come and hose away the excrement and smell cause the tree was near a building and a window. Then he went to Moscow for over a month. Can you guess who funded that trip? He had no money, nor did his mother.

  66. Mine too!!! The best thing happening in todau’s AMERICA is a president DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!
    Go, go, go GOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Good reply Jacquot! I do love hearing from folks who use their brains for thinking & not just to fill a storage place.

  68. Go change the bankruptcy laws instead of blaming Trump. He used the law to his advantages like Michael Jackson, … Your brother should too but if he didn’t he could claim a loss on his tax returns over 10 years.
    Getting help from the family which is his father is not a crime, at least he used that help and built a successful business creating jobs to many.

  69. Have you googled obummers lies? How about hitllary? Have you ever googled how many, and how they died, under the clintons presidency…suicides don’t occur by shooting yourself to death, rolling yourself up in a big rug, rolling yourself across town to a public park, throwing the gun away from you to a spot that truly IS impossible to achieve from inside the rug & already being dead & all…

  70. Ben, it seems to me that you follow ‘his mantra’ even closer than he does. Sorry Ben you just are too bitter to even try & learn.
    And something else can you HONESTLY sit there & tell all of us that YOU WOULDN’T return communication with those who continually say horrible, hateful things about you, lie about you, threaten not just you but your family, your friends, your staff, your constituents with constant death threats, harassment beyond human dignity, just plain humanity? Do you REALLY like pelosi, waters, schumer? Would you actually want to be married to any one of them? Be truthful to yourself first, then be truthful to us. You voice your opinions on here so I can only imagine that you WOULD respond to those who defile you…AS TRUMP DOES.

  71. Mysty, if you drive I-95 through the Carolinas and Georgia, you will see many billbords stating true Christians EVEN love there enemies. Would you say Trumpy follows that statement???? Think not, his mantra is to attack anyone who disagrees with the “king” that he believes he is. Everyone is entitled to there opinion, to me he is a POOR EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING!!!!!

  72. Musty – There’s not enough space to list all his lies! You want to see them? Goggle Trump’s lies. But you wouldn’t believe what you read (if you can) anyhow. None of you idiots do. The Liar-In-Chief is doing a news conference right now and he’s a rambling, babbling fool and lies throughout the news conference. OMG! Wake up and see him for the incompetent conman he really is!

  73. Thank you, Mark! Great comment to Ben. I think he’s a lost cause,though. He’s just too bitter. But there IS always hope!

  74. I am starting to like this Donald Trump fellow. Just a little bit. Bring our soldiers home, President Trump. Our country is under an attack which has been in preparation among those of The British Empire and The Vatican for over 240 years.

  75. Since all that is hearsay I don’t much care. I’m sure you have NO skeletons in any closet? I can assure you I did not lead a pure white life but THANKS TO JESUS CHRIST my sins have been washed away with HIS blood. I am perfectly content thinking that you may have experienced the same cleansing and President Trump as well. He is working very hard to do right by the USA. Let’s give him a chance. We gave 8 long years to obummer let’s give Trump the same. TRUCE???

  76. Mysty, please open your eyes. Trump came from big money. Do some research and you’ll find out at the age of 3 “daddy” was paying him 200K per year and increasing by the year. So believing that he comes from the working class is a “crock” of you know what. Trump only cares about Trump, his empire and maybe some of his “cronies” Coming from the NJ area, he has been well known in these parts since a very young age. Further more he “screwed” MANY small business people with his 6, although he only claims 4 bankruptcies. Can speak from experience as my brother is a contractor he shafted on 2 of his Atlantic City projects. The rich business people got there due but the little guy took it up the ass, that’s why Trump likes the small business guy……Much easier to screw out of paying!!!!!

  77. BEN…
    I understand now.
    FIRST…THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY IN NAM. It was never a war but a ‘police action’ so that most of those who served got nothing from the government for years. I had several friends there. Some came home, some didn’t. My brother was there. THANKFULLY he came home. He has had physical issues to this day. He is a Marine.
    SECOND…I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY that everywhere you went you looked for PRESIDENT TRUMP. He was basically no one back then. Fresh out of high school just like you. And the whole time you were there you SHOULD have been on the lookout for the enemies who were trying to kill you & everyone in your platoon. I’m sure you had your fellow soldiers’ backs like they did for you.
    THIRD…OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE JEALOUS OF PRESIDENT TRUMP. He has worked very hard to get where he is today. I don’t know where your life has taken you all these years but EVERYONE has a different path. You should accept your path & move on. Jealousy is an ugly feature & really holds a person back from accomplishing all they can in life.
    It’s OK if you don’t like him but hey, We had to put up with a muslim in the PEOPLES’ HOUSE FOR 8 VERY LONG YEARS.

  78. So much hate. Do you have an ulcer yet? Why don’t you take a few seconds & list all the reasons you hate PRESIDENT TRUMP? List all the lies he’s told. List all the actions he has taken that you don’t like. List all the actions he has taken that you DO like. I, as well as a whole lot of folks on here, would LOVE to hear all your thoughts. Thanks ever so much.

  79. Trump did NOT fire him. He resigned because Trump’s an incompetent moron. IF you can read, read his resignation letter……..he QUIT; he wasn’t fired. Just another lie from 45’s fat mouth.

  80. Mysty, US Army 68-76 two tours in Nam. Looked for that “low life” Trump there but guess what the “rich SOB was no where to be found!!!!!!

  81. Agreed. The Mcmaster, Kelly making policy? McMaster was seen with Soros so it is indeed fake news, odd how they didn’t add Pompeo, who seems to do almost as much as Pres. Trump.

  82. Hey Ben did you know that Hill & her hubby Billy took themselves off to Canada as DRAFT DODGERS? YEAH. SO COURAGEOUS!!! Yeah the Hill-Billy from Arkansas…a coward…except when it comes to his forcing himself onto unsuspecting young women…

  83. Ben, please stop with the untruths. Trump and Clinton are the same age, ever check on what Clinton was doing? I suggest you do do. Trump did have bone spurs, have you ever had? I have, I promise, one cannot march, run, jump, or walk in a military style with bone spurs. Ever hear, walk a mile in another’s shoes before criticizing? My bro-in-law is also about the same age. He, too, was in college, was in ROTC, went in as 2nd Lt., near end of Vietnam, he was offered an early put, which he accepted, due to the Army had too many low ranking officers. Are you aware of BHO’s Selective Service registration is, suggest you slso look that up! Another fraudulent doc of his. BHO’s is different from all other’s examined, I guess due to his not bring a US citizen. You do not like Trump? Fine, just be fair and honest. I think he is my 13th President, I consider Reagan and Trump as the best. Give the man a chance! He did go to military school from about Jr high on, so he does have more military knowledge than BHO and Clinton. Read about Clinton participating in protest! Long harmed, hippy, staying in a tree to protest while in college in Arkansas, and protesting while in school in England. He and Hillary were protestors!

  84. Mike W…Yep, he voted for a border WALL, JUST LIKE Pelosi did…TWICE. It just never got done under obummer.

  85. Ronnie I’m quite sure if you were the boss you would expect people who worked for you to either do the job they were hired to do or they would not be on the payroll. I doubt that you would just let someone stay, drawing a hefty salary for sitting on their butts doing nothing all day. Only a weak-kneed wuss would let that happen.

  86. Did your ‘hero’ obummer serve in the United States military in ANY facet? Nah, didn’t think so. At least PRESIDENT TRUMP tried to join.

  87. I will continue to trust Pres.Trump,I pray that God will be with him. We need God to halt the destruction the Communists are planning so we can get this country back in good shape. May all who agree keep praying too.


  89. Here is a good laugh…..Trump states he would have made a good general. Only one problem with that, one needs to join the military do achieve that. That is without a DOUBT NOT in Trumpty Dumpty’s DNA….. He used his “elitist” status to keep his “rich” ass out of Nam. Remember Trumps comment then, and I quote “my personel Viet Nam is to AVOID getting STD’s”. “General Bone Spurs” is a major league PHONY!!!!!!!

  90. Schmuck Schumer was all about border control and vetting people who came into this country – again – that is until President Trump is actually trying to do it.

  91. The left wing loons were all about ending the wars until President Trump actually started to do it. Hypocrisy thy name is Democrat.

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