Donald Trump revealed one truth about James Mattis that just changed everything

James Mattis’ resignation as Secretary of Defense stunned Washington.

Pundits predicted this was the end of the Trump Presidency.

But then Donald Trump changed everything by revealing one jaw dropping truth about James Mattis.

Mattis resigned over Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Trump campaigned on stopping endless wars.

America has deployed troops in Afghanistan since 2001, and Syria since 2015.

Trump figured enough was enough.

The President gave Mattis and the other generals two years to achieve results and Trump felt they did not deliver.

That’s why in a cabinet meeting he pointed out that Mattis did not attain the success in Afghanistan that he promised.

Trump also noted that Barack Obama fired Mattis as well.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump defended his decision to fire his Defense Secretary Gen. Jim Mattis, saying he was not pleased with progress on the war in Afghanistan.

“Well, what’s he done for me? How has he done in Afghanistan? Not too good. Not too good. I’m not happy with what he’s done in Afghanistan,” Trump said. “And I shouldn’t be happy.”

Trump said that he did a lot to get hundreds of billions of dollars for Mattis to rebuild the United States military but got nothing from Mattis in return.

“I hope he does well. But as you know, President Obama fired him, and essentially so did I,” Trump said. “I want results.”

The media was stunned.

For the first two years of Trump’s Presidency, they painted a picture that generals Mattis, John Kelly, and H.R. McMaster made policy because Trump was too ignorant to chart America’s course.

That was clearly fake news.

And now Trump is putting a team in place that supports his “America First” vision.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




  2. I protect, I’m a life long democrat and I’m not dumb nor a liar. I’m a vocal, educated TRUMP supporter! I don’t believe all Democrats are blinded by the misleading and sometimes outright dishonest news reporting. I am not a supporter of any effort to impeach President Trump. I would hope other Democrats who agree with me would come forward.

  3. Anti-Trump Ben and Betty can’t do real unbiased research on issues. They will bash their best chance for success because of their hate driven by biased democrat media liars.

  4. Ben attacking those hypocrites who lie about you isn’t awful. That’s what Trump is doing. Trump didn’t mess over business people. If you sub-contract a job, the person who will be paying you should know that you’re doing the job and not the one they hired. That’s why they had problems getting paid, after they were defrauded by others, not Trump. If you knew business well you could figure out these things. Trump doesn’t claim to be a king, the biased media says that. Only 4 bankruptcies out of hundreds of businesses is few. There’s nothing wrong with family helping each other get started. Your brother should know that Trump runs a clean business, but it looks like you will hate anyway.

  5. Anti-Trump Betty the Trump family are good people. Trump was friendly with the Clintons until he saw how corrupt they are and ran against Hillary. Comey couldn’t indict Hillary for doing the same thing he was doing, using his Gmail account at the FBI. Comey couldn’t indict her and not admit that he had violated our laws also. Melania having sexy pictures taken for her future husband doesn’t make her a whore. Insulting others by claiming you know some details when you don’t. A person in the White House trying to keep citizens safe isn’t a warm or worthless.

  6. Betty, what lies did Trump tell? Trump didn’t lie. The biased media insult you by telling you lies. You’re listening to them and be living in their lies. Get specific with an example because the biased media won’t be specific about what. It’s easy to see they’re liars with no example.

  7. Phantom still wants to believe in polls of democrats. They poll more democrats because most Republican people are busy working while the con artist democrats do polls. Those polls will remain biased. With the USMCA trade deal for fair trade deals with Mexico and Canada, Mexico can pay for the wall. Congress must allow Trump to use the money for the wall security first. If walls on your home aren’t helping to keep you safe, try living in a tent to see how it isn’t safe. Math based on biased polls with still show bias.

  8. Betty, the biased media spew lies about Trump. He isn’t immature, Trump is brave to do what needs to be done while the liars lie to you about why he’s doing it. Trump isn’t immature and he doesn’t throw any temper tantrums.Trump donates his salary as president to charities! Trump is working for free for the American people and fixing the problems we’ve been lied to about for years. The biased democrat media are smearing Trump. The next time they claim that, ask exactly what he did to deserve the claim of “selfish” etc. Stop listening to their hate and see facts.

  9. Phantom you believe the fake polls just like the ones that said Hillary Clinton would win. It’s incredible that you continue to believe these liars. Remember that thousands of people #WalkAway from the democrat party and marched in Washington D.C. & in Texas. The biased media didn’t cover the thousands of people who left the democrat party. Those people did March though. The majority of people do want the WALL! For over 50 years presidents have run on securing our border, but didn’t do it. Trump has the correct plan. People have homes with walls to keep criminals out! First a barrier, then technology for border security. There’s a March for people supporting the wall on 1/26/19 in California. Thousands of citizens have been killed by illegal criminals inside the USA! Go to to see the many victims. Pelosi doesn’t care about citizens, rights or our laws. In 2006 democrats voted for fencing walls on the border that wasn’t finished. Walls aren’t immoral, they’re protection. The biased liars don’t have any proof of crimes, but they claim to have proof. The documents proving that the media lies about Trump should be declassified soon.

  10. Change your news services immediately they have already done serious damage to your mind. Hopefully you her this message soon enough to help.

  11. your right he has made it where the rich are getting very much richer, he has lied to this country for 2 years non stop while trying the screw over they system of saying you can’t touch me i’m the president and using it to hide in my opinion from the the things they have charges against him while totally ignoring the people of this country and what they say they want as far as that wall since they said the new numbers is 56% of the country are against it and he says go to heck i don’t care i said i would build a wall, well he also said the rich would pay there fair share of taxes and that he would obey the laws of this country thats why everyone from the inauguration committee on up is after him for violations

  12. You are right he gave his resignation because he didn’t agree with Trump’s assessments. Just like Obama fired him fo the same reasons. However instead of allowing Mattis to stay on until his notice was over where disgruntled staffers usually screw POTUS he decided it was better to end the relationship immediately prior to notice. Symantecs perhaps but the president did let him go. Thus terminating him.

  13. She laughs at him behind his back, he laughs at her behind her back. Should be interesting. After all, obummer told him on an open mike (that he didn’t know was still hot) that he would have a lot more latitude for dealing once he was re-elected. As in more dirty deals in the back room. The polls were full of soros’ voting machines…ergo he won.

  14. Personally I just think ben is a koolaid lib. I will pay him no more arrention. He refuses to even see what his hero obummer did to this country in 8 years. He refuses to see that PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing his best, working weekends and sometimes 20 hour days trying to make things better for AMERICANS because he LOVES AMERICA…obummer and his dem cronies are willing to bring in murderers, rapists, drug dealers, ANYONE THAT WILL VOTE DEMORAT. THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS FOR AMERICANS, THEY HAVE ALREADY SOLD US OUT FOR VOTES. POWER, MONEY, DOMINATION, that is what their party has become. And hey, guess what…I USED TO BE A DEM UNTIL I SAW EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO AND HOW FAR THEY WILL GO FOR POWER. NO MORE.

  15. Ben, I was in and group far east more than a decade before you, and I am interested in your SN and arm..infantry,ordnance..? How about your full name (just to verify your service). Betty, your manner of writing indicates a man, use another of your aliases … and grow up.

  16. I can’t wait to see Pelosi deal w/ Putin. Hope they make a movie of it. Once he stares at her w/ his dead eyes, it will probably be a silent movie.

  17. Sorry Roger, I will follow NO MAN INTO HELL!!! I will stand beside PRESIDENT TRUMP and back him in most endeavors but following anyone to hell isn’t for this gal!! MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA

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