Donald Trump revealed something unexpected about Joe Biden and Afghanistan

Joe Biden failed to execute an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Now 13 American military service members are dead.

But Donald Trump revealed something unexpected about Joe Biden and Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Donald Trump tore into Biden for the absurd plan Biden put in place to evacuate the military before thousands of American citizens.

When the Taliban took over the country Biden had to then order 6,000 U.S. troops to the Kabul Airport to stage an evacuation.

But since Biden ordered that Kabul airport was the only way out of Afghanistan, the troops were vulnerable to terrorist attacks as the airport created a chokepoint.

And two ISIS suicide bombers staged a terrorist attack that led to the first U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan in 18 months.

Trump told Breitbart that Biden’s incompetent plan led to this tragedy by running the evacuation in reverse.

“Well, the only thing that surprised me is that everybody knew how absolutely stupid this situation in Afghanistan was, that it should have never ever been this way,” Trump said. “Because everybody knows. A child would know, you take the military out last. You get everybody out, then you get all the equipment — you take your $83 billion worth of equipment — then you blow up the bases. And perhaps you stay at, you take a certain area that you may want to keep like Bagram and keep the base Bagram because it’s next to China and Iran. It costs billions and billions of dollars to build. And maybe you keep that for other reasons. But everybody knows that you take your military out last. And they took the military out first,” Trump stated.

There are many who question if Biden is even in charge.

Biden hid for days as the country fell to the Taliban.

And at his embarrassing press conference on Thursday, Biden confessed his handlers provided him a list of reporters Biden was instructed to call on.

However, Trump said he believed Biden was calling some of the shots in the White House as Trump reasoned the withdrawal plan was so stupid and poorly thought out that it only could have come from Biden’s declining brain.

“But when you have something that’s so obviously stupid, and everybody else goes along with it, he must be to a certain extent calling the shots,” Trump added. “Take a look at what happened. He came up with a plan that’s so crazy, and stupid. And the people can’t be that dumb that they would go to approve it. So he must have said this is what he wants to do, and they went along with it. All he had to do is a similar thing — what I was doing was just taking the military out last, and when everybody is out, when all the equipment is out and everything is gone, and then we just take the military and we wave ‘bye bye.’ Call it a bad experience. And we would have got out with great dignity and we could have even claimed victory. This is a pure loss.”

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