Donald Trump revealed the one person who could end Elizabeth Warren’s career

Elizabeth Warren – whom Donald Trump nicknamed Pocahontas – announced she formed an exploratory committee to seek the Presidency.

Democrats believe she has a strong chance to defeat Donald Trump.

But the President revealed there is one person who could end her career.

Fox and Friends Host Pete Hegseth interviewed Trump on New Year’s Eve.

The conversation turned to Warren’s expected Presidential bid.

Trump noted Warren’s failed attempt to get ahead of the controversy surrounding her lies about being Native American.

A DNA test revealed Warren had less Native American blood than the average American.

Hegseth asked Trump if Warren could win in 2020 and that’s when Trump dropped a bombshell.

He told the Fox House only Warren’s psychiatrist could answer that question.

Fox News reports:

In an exclusive interview set to air during Fox News’ ‘All-American New Year’ special Monday night, President Trump suggested that only Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “psychiatrist” knows whether she thinks she can win the White House in 2020.
Warren announced Monday she is filing paperwork to launch an exploratory committee for president, becoming the first candidate to take the major step toward a 2020 run for the presidency.

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth asked Trump whether Warren really thinks she could make him a one-term president.

“Well, that I don’t know,” Trump responded. “You’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

Warren’s campaign is already off to a rocky start.

The DNA test fiasco showed liberal activists she could not stand toe-to-toe with Trump in a political brawl.

Now the President is going in for the kill.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.