Donald Trump said five words about Joe Biden that no one ever thought they would hear

Donald Trump is eyeing a 2024 Presidential run for Joe Biden’s job.

But Trump once again took everyone by surprise.

And that’s because Donald Trump said five words about Joe Biden that no one ever thought they would hear.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, Donald Trump took Americans by surprise by saying of Joe Biden, “I want him to do well.”

Even though Trump listed a series of failures by the current administration, since our country is in “trouble” and Joe Biden is the President, Trump said he hoped that Biden succeeded.

“I want him – forget politics – I want him to do well. He’s got to do well. Our country’s in trouble. What’s happened in the last year, I don’t think we’ve had anything like it in this country. When you look at that horrible situation in Afghanistan, the way they got out.

Getting out was good, but the way they got out, we could have got there with strength and with dignity and kept Bagram, which is right next to China. One hour away from where they make their nuclear weapons in China, we should have kept it,” Trump began.

Hannity didn’t completely buy what Trump was selling and questioned him on his rooting for Joe Biden to succeed.

“When you say you want him to do well, that’s a rare statement from anybody in politics,” Hannity stated. “Secretly, deep down inside, you know what? They don’t want the other side to do well, because they don’t believe their philosophy will work.”

Hannity then blasted Biden for refusing to change course on the failed policies that weakened America abroad, caused skyrocketing inflation, and created a crisis at the southern border.

Trump admitted that on the border and in Afghanistan, he initially thought that Biden made such a mess out of those two situations through sheer incompetence.

But Trump told Hannity that he came to realize Biden actually wants open borders and that he didn’t care about how America got out of Afghanistan.

“At first, I thought it was gross incompetence, but now, it is incompetent policy,” Trump explained. “I still look at it with amazement.”

Trump saying he wishes Biden well could be another way to position himself towards the political mainstream ahead of a 2024 Presidential campaign.

It’s a standard line in politics that members of the other Party wish the current President well, saying if they succeed, then America succeeds.

But like Hannity pointed out, everyone knows that is not true.

However, no one wants to look like a sore loser or look like they are rooting for America to fail.

So Trump took the high road about Joe Biden in this one case.

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