Donald Trump said the seven words that just ended the Democrat Party

A viral video of the Governor of Virginia saying the unthinkable exploded across America.

Democrats nervously waited to see what the fallout would be.

And then Donald Trump swooped in with the seven words that ended the Democrat Party.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was filmed during a radio interview defending legislation that would allow abortionists to kill born alive babies because they have birth defects.

Americans could not believe it.

This sounded like something out of Nazi Germany.

But it is mainstream Democrat Party thinking.

Trump recalled in an interview with the Daily Caller how his answer on Hillary Clinton’s abortion extremism helped put him over the top in the 2016 election.

Breitbart reports:

The president reacted to comments from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who explained his support for a situation where a newborn infant could be left to die, depending on the parent’s wishes.

“I’m surprised that he did that. I’ve met him a number of times,” Trump said in an interview with the Daily Caller.

He reminded supporters of a key moment in his 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton.

“Do you remember when I said Hillary Clinton was willing to rip the baby out of the womb?” he asked. “That’s what it is — that’s what they’re doing. It’s terrible.”

Trump added in a tweet that the Democrats were “now the party of late term abortions.”

In 2016, voters who listed the Supreme Court as their number issue broke decisively for Donald Trump.

That occurred because Trump drew in a line in the sand on the issue of life.

He pointed out that Hillary Clinton supported abortion up until the moment of birth.

Now the Democrats are going even farther.

They support killing babies even if they are born alive because they have birth abnormalities or challenges such as Down Syndrome.

This extremism will only make the Supreme Court an even bigger issue in 2020. And history has shown that works to Donald Trump’s benefit.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. LoL
    Legal Abortion isn’t going away. So grow up
    Remember the three wonderful things abortion does
    it gets rid of something that no one wants
    It fight crime and it fights poverty
    Abortion is a win-win for everyone

  2. Was Trump’s seven words: “I know all the very best people”? Like: Former cabinet members in 2018: White House chief of staff John Kelly, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, and EPA Director Scott Pruitt?

    The total list would be over 70 people that have left or been replaced – – a new record to go along with the longest government shutdown in US history!


      • Yes, of course you can – – Trumpers are the least educated, don’t believe Trump lies, that there is climate change or the earth is a globe rather than flat. Many of them openly express sexist and racist vulgar sentiments.

        • May I ask what’s the extent of your education Ric B .. If any I bet you’re grade was well below c….. How dare you presume ( I won’t use the term assume we all know all too well what the first three letters are ) in fact I would say the first three letters fit you like a glove!!

        • You are a complete idiot if there ever was one. If us Trumpers are uneducated and and do not have good jobs, why is it that our party and us are not looking for free handouts? You voters that vote demonrat are the ones wanting free housing, food stamps, free college, and take money from those that worked their tails off to get where they are today. Lmdao Everytime one of you opens your mouth, I can’t help but laugh! Capitalism is what we want not free hand outs like you worthless uneducated freaks! Go find your safe room, here’s a binky to suck on!

    • That’s funny because the entire world feels that about you and Mr Trump I personally I’m not that mean spirited I just think all Americans that voted for Mr Trump should be stripped of their citizenship and then ship back to the country you really work for, Russia.


      • Bambina, you are a real brilliant one. Wheather you believe it or not President Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama and his side kick Clinton. Do you not realize they sold the f..king Russians a quarter of our Uranium you ignorant person.Blind or dumb which is it?

      • Bambina: Does your name indicate you are a baby? You talk and act like one. How much money has the present POTUS received and kept for himself? Zero dollars, however Nobummmmmer has been so narsistc, he has only one pronoun in his vocabulary, the word “I,” conntrast that to the speaches given by the present POTUS. When DJT talks about the country it is always our, our country, if he used the word “I,” during his speaches, I didn’t hear it. As far as the russian problem: Mulehead, Clinton and Nobummmmmer plus others, all sold OUR uranium to the rusians. Go back to sleep and suck on your binkie and hold tight to your blankie in your safe space.

  4. 0k folks, what you see in comm’ below,
    May BE ‘Real’.
    > Calling ALL ppl To ” CEASE & DESIST ”
    >>> h8aliar << doesn’t matter, IF you ‘understand’ 0r Not.
    > Follow ‘instructions’. ___

  5. The Democrats care more about illegal invaders of The United States than they care about its citizens. They are fine with killing babies. The Democrats have become so Anti American it is disgusting. Everyone who is for abortion has already been born. What if Clinton, AOC, Pelosi,and all of the other Liberals parents had aborted them.

    • Mike, I’ve thought many times that I wished they had! Even though I know those thoughts are sins, I can’t always control them. The dems are for hurting true Americans and Patriots but love and welcome all illegals. Offer a FREE LIFE and every undesireable element WILL come and vote for the ‘givers’ and that’s their vote base. Illegals, ignorant, pliable, and as soon as they are in the hands of the dems the proverbial rug is jerked out from under them and the U.S. becomes Venezuela.

      • I agree with Mike and Mysty except no matter how inwardly you feel about if their parents had aborted them, in Gods eyes it is a sin to even think it, because to God it is still his command “thou shall not murder(kill). My personal feeling is unless, you’re defending yourself against an attacker for you and your family, or war time,etc. yes. but out right murder of babies unborn or born, for such a poor excuse of sickness, that is wrong! YOu have so many options to prevent pregnancies today and help for such illnesses that there is no reason for abortions, period. Life or death of the mother she would have to make that choice and unfortunately the world is turning away from God because they don’t want to admit they love sin than they love God.

    • That is a “No Brianer”, the country would be much better off. Someone please list the actual accomplishments of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Traveled “Millons of Miles”, was fired from her first job at Hubbel’s law firm. Was disbarred from being a lawyer, and had the bosses child. “Slick Willy” said Chelsea wasn’t his, “Cause I shoot blanks”! Let four men die at the embassy, cause she couldn’t make up her mind what uniform they should wear? How many times did they change clothes? If Soros wasn’t handing her checks for $8 Million, maybe she wouldn’t have so much power??? Anyone that wants our borders to be “Unsecured” is guilty of “TREASON”! That is what she swore under oath to do! I took the oath when I joined the U.S. Navy, and it didn’t include any words to the effect of “Until discharged”! I’m still and honorably discharged Navy veteran who will gladly lay down my life for the USA! GO inline and look at the pictures of all the graveyards in Europe where millions of brave men lie after giving their all for the United States of America! Then tell me you don’t owe them anything! Trump can just call up all honorably discharged “Veterans” with orders to not allow any “Illegals’ to cross the border. Lethal force o.k., and see what happens. I’d be there with my 30-06 and ammo.

      • You, Bama Bill are the REAL “No Brainer” – – we don’t know who is a Brian-er. Many veterans would not agree with you, including those from south America who fought in our military and don’t believe BS conspiracy crap.

    • Oh crap, we should bee so lucky. Hey make a new law that says only Democrats can have abortions, see how long that lasts.

    • They have asways been baby killers then they will kill the elderly this will give them what they want the to eliminate all that don’t agree with them.

    • Geez- old lib-er-toon eric granberg has now gotten lost again- wading into waters that he has nothing with which to participate. He’s jabbering his silly nonsense and no one will bother to pay him any mind. Bye eric.

        • ps. (‘LOL Eric’) POTUS DJT won’t take down the Dems.
          Dems Will DO it ‘themselves’. More & More people are
          ‘waking up’. Especially Now w/ this Terrible Terrible
          Abortion issue from NY, Va, & from what i understand
          Rhode Island. I will help ‘awaken’ ppl AnyWay I Can.
          My talking points are #1 INSECURE BORDERS/ Human trafficking.
          #2 Dems Totally Support PPH Extending to Late Term ALREADY
          BORN BABIES. #3 Cartel Drugs crossing 0ver. There’s more,
          but I have to try & make points brief to ppl i talk to.
          I’m so sorry. The Dems are so Bad with Rinos. etc.

    • Hey, Eric. Trump has made the Democratic party stronger, with the largest vote margin favoring them in any midterm – – and more offices switched to blue since after Nixon era. Trump was conspiring with Putin and Cohen was involved in it – – the proof is in the behavior and how Trump has done everything, like removing Russian sanctions, changing the RNC criticism of Russia, and trying to get the USA out of NATO. He has sewn discord among the western allies – – and Putin admitted at Helsinki that he did take steps to get Trump elected.

  6. THEY are NOT “happy” if THEY CAN’T “KILL someone”…..Back in the days it was black people….NOWADAYS it’s BABIES and JEWS, and WHO pushes for THAT the MOST and BEST to KILL JEWS = the “muslims” THEY keep having THEM among THEIR midst like a “TRADEMARK” nowadays….VERY TELLING, he…!!!!AND then THEY have the NERVE to say that THEY are ANTI-war…..yeah right…..!!!!THEY are not just COMMIES but NAZIS too, even though hitler DESPISED THE COMMIES AND DID STAND FOR WAR…..!!!Sounds like THEY are sooooo CONFUSED that THEY don’t even know of WHAT they WANT to be……!!!!!

  7. Stupid Lib Dems are nothing but drug addled baby killers and pedophiles among other things! Helicopter drop the lot of them into North Korea or Iran, at speed, no need to hazard the pilots by slowing down or dropping altitude…????

  8. All those who think this, especially DEMS and others should be tried for the crime of which they agree with getting rids of babies after they are already born just call it what it is, that being a case of MURDER.

  9. He made these comments about murdering a child AFTER it had been born, and there was not a murmur of protest from Democrats. Then a mindlessly STUPID photo from over 30 years ago is discovered (printed in a yearbook!) and they totally lose their minds over that. Democrats are morally bankrupt, with nothing between their ears but diseased rot.

    • You know, they didn’t protest him for saying THAT because it is ONLY about OUR babies who would/should be OUR future Generations, they CAN’T have TRUE US BORN babies/kids by real US parents, ONLY “ILLEGALS” are WELCOME…..!!!! That’s how MESSED UP it is with THEM….We need to get RID of THEM….INSTEAD of THEM getting RID of us…OUR FUTURE GENERATION/S…..!!!!!

    • FrankC you are right! dems didn’t protest because they are in favor of it. They are promoting it. They will suffer damnation in Hell for all eternity for their actions. And all their phony apologies when they do really bad & stupid stuff means abdolutely NOTHING and they sure can’t fool GOD!! They also can’t make empty promises to HIM thinking they can get away with anything because they are just ‘SO SMART’…nope won’t work. And do you think they’ll be surprised when they are thrown into the Lake of Fire? Probably. Because they are just THAT stupid!

  10. As a staunch Pro-Lifer, I believe the following. When a pregnant woman is murdered in some states the murderer is charged with 2 homicides. You can’t have it both ways. Life begins at conception not birth. Humans are the only animals on the planet who terminate pregnancies. Abortion is MURDER.
    The argument that a woman has the right to decide about her body is flawed. With rights come responsibilities. Her responsibility is to insure that her body does not produce a child if she does not want one. Abortion should not be a form of birth control. Women’s rights should also include the rights of unborn females and obviously males as well.
    Roe vs. Wade will be overturned in the near future Amen

    • If the idiot woman wants to have sex, GREAT … you play, you pay. You get pregnant, carry the baby to full term, surrender all rights to the child, and put the baby up for adoption. If you don’t want to get pregnant, and still want sex, go get your uterus removed.

    • The women should use birth control or shut the “L” up! They have the pill, the morning after pill, condums, and the “IUD”. They can also just keep their knees together. If a fertile woman lets a man impregnate her, it isn’t my responsibility to pay for her ignorance! I never got a woman pregnant other than my wife. Ever heard of “Just keep it in your pants”? No better than an animal breeding any female he can!

    • Amen. I agree with all! Sir, you seem very Bible literate. God allows us to know He knew us first, by His words “you have been my chosen since the day I placed you in your Mother’s womb” He spoke this to me by the power of the Holy Spirit, during an anointing I attended.He placed all souls unto the Mother’s womb, this is why the Bible states absent from the body; present with The Lord! you can’t give your soul to anyone because it belongs to God! At the Great White Throne of Judgement He will send the souls he detest to the pit,and they will be blotted out of The Book of Life, and no memory of them will be recalled!

  11. The facts is that Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, supported legislation which would allow a mother to have their born child killed after birth; Democrats will need to decide whether they can continue to support Northam and risk giving this as a political weapon.


  13. Abortion is up to the individual, pro or con… I for one, could never do it…A child is a child and one of God’s little miracles… Those who kill children during full term, or after giving birth should be charged with premedicated murder and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law to include the death penalty. The thing is, is the..the child they killed could be the one who, if allowed to live, would possibly be the one who changes the world for the better, or comes up with a medical way to eliminate cancer, or any horrid disease. Why when they have killed a child, do they make that child comfortable in case of bringing the child back to life is beyond me, if the mother so chooses… I would think since they were murdered, it would incapacitate their brain. This is so, so horried on what these governors and those who support the full term abortion and think it’s ok… It is not, not in the least….Again, charge them with premedicated murder and hang the SOBs

      • All life is precious. We lost 3 babies and the pain is indescribable. And to think this bozo from Virginia wants to kill more babies than are being killed now is horrific. These murderers of human life, unless repentant, will surely burn in Hell. There is such a place. And the babies that have been murdered and will be are and will be in Heaven. Thank God!

      • Jojo, learn to read, Late term abortion originally did not include babies already born, but NOW they want to include killing babies that have survived abortion attempts and the language could possibly include unwanted babies after they have been born.

    • Amen !!!
      ????????????????????X a Zillion
      Any female who would have an abortion simply for birth control needs to be sterilized.
      There are EXTREME cases where termination is called for, in VERY EARLY (4 wks) pregnancy.
      After that, sterilize the female.
      Then charge with Infanticide & the Dr who did it.
      Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?! Do No HARM
      Selling baby parts. Someone who espoused killing like this to my face would probably be a paraplegic by the time the sentence was across the lips.
      Murderers. The lot of them!!!

      • If abortion had been legal a couple hundred years ago we wouldn’t have had Beethoven and possibly not a lot of individuals who have made huge positive impressions on us. As a matter of fact probably a lot of people who think abortion is ok wouldn’t have ever been conceived as their mother or even their grandmother would likely have aborted their babies. WE have no right to judge what wonders a baby might accomplish in his/her lifetime even with physical abnormalities!!!! And women who say they have the right to choose should make that choice BEFORE they have sex!!!!

    • I agree with you except for your very first sentence. Pro-choice to have an abortion is contemplating murdering a tiny human being. IT IS A SIN. PERIOD. If a person doesn’t want to get pregnant then use contraceptives of some kind, keep your legs shut, abstain from having sex unless you are married. BE RESPONSIBLE IN YOUR ACTIONS!!! Don’t EXPECT that someone else will pay for your stupidity and irresponsibilities.
      Grow up. Become a person whom YOU can respect. You will NEVER gain respect from others when you do not act respectable.

  14. Democrats are “now the party of late-term abortions,” the party of infanticide! That is not only immoral and detestable, it’s ghoulish…and Americans should overwhelmingly reject anyone who supports such barbarism!

    • Are you a man? If not you have no say unless you impregnated lthe woman. Late term abortion is not Infanticide . Late term abortion is never an easy decision and always is a result of saving the mothers life or the heartbreaking decis8on to end a fa non-viable pregnancy.

      • Jojo go to your room. You are definitely not well informed.
        You should re-read your post. First you asked if Radman414 is a man…AND THEN said “if NOT then you have no say unless you impregnated the woman.” Hello? If NOT a man?
        That is just a stupid comment. Period.
        Where did you ever come up with that idiotic thought? CNN (Communist News Network) perhaps? Or one of the other lunatic msm outlets? Show us where the proof is that EVERY abortion was to save a woman’s life. Surely you really AREN’T that ignorant, are you?

      • Jojo There is no reason for late term abortion ever. If the mothers life is seriously endangered then one would do a c section.I don’t know why any True Doctor would ever do an abortion because their oath is not to do harm and that includes the unborn.

      • Good point Misty. Being a man I obviously never gave birth or had an abortion. That being the case, I feel the whole thing is definitely not the business of any male. So I don’t know if it would work but perhaps the best thing to do is put the issue of abortion on the next ballot for women only to vote on it so the so called problem can be solved once and for all. Obviously there’s a time and place for it. Rape, incest or of course if the woman simply shouldn’t have the child for health reasons.

        • Mr. Cunningham, I appreciate your thoughts on this matter. You do have a good point but I can’t make myself believe it should actually be on the ballot. That’s just giving women the option of murdering a child. IF the consequent birth would REALLY cause the mother to possibly die then they’ll have to take that up with God.
          There have been MANY illnesses and problems with carrying a baby full term and giving birth and most of them CAN AND HAVE BEEN SOLVED without aborting. Such as recently there was a tiny baby removed from mommy’s womb, given a mega heart surgery to correct a defect, gently and lovingly put BACK into the mother’s womb. The baby not only lived but thrived!!! Problem solved. Yeah some people would have done an abortion without even blinking but those parents and those Dr’s chose a different path and they saved that child. Miracles happen every day!!!
          Most abortions are done for the mother’s CONVENIENCE, NOT for ‘health issues.’
          My own son was rescued by a wonderful Dr. who believed in the sanctity of life. It could have had a very different outcome with a different kind of Dr. I was blessed to have him!
          Thank you for your comments on the matter.

  15. Hey Raunchy, if you’re a demonRAT you support their fascist/communist agenda whether you agree with everything they say or not. Nearly 100% of the communist demonRAT agenda is evil and detrimental to our society. It’s no longer an option to pick and choose the lesser evils among the demonRATS, they’re ALL evil communists to the core. If you support them you support unadulterated evil. The demonRATS care only about their power and money. Absolutely nothing else matters to these demonic cretins. Murder has always been a hallmark of the fascist/communist demonRATS. No surprise there.

    • Mark Hopkins, GREAT Comment. I agree with you from Upstate NY. Even if I was not a Trump supporter, which I am, he is a human being that I highly respect. I can’t imagine killing a baby that I carried and felt life growing inside me. I lost 3-babies because I was unable to carry after 6.5 months and almost lost my own life catching a staff infection in the hospital. There isn’t a year that goes by in my life that I don’t think of those babies who are in heaven and I pray that one day I will be with them. Breaks my heart and that was 30+ years ago. Something you NEVER forget, especially something you loved.

      • Pamela, I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved babies. I can only imagine the emotional pain you’ve dealt with all these years. Here you are, losing your babies and being hurt and there are those women who abort for ‘convenience’ because a baby would cramp their life style or whatever. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!!! If they don’t want that child after it’s born then immediately give it up for adoption to parents that WANT a baby and can’t have one!!!
        God bless you Pamela, you WILL see your babies in Heaven one day!! I was bedridden the last 5 months of my pregnancy due to severe issues but I was blessed with a wonderful Dr who saved us both. I too am a STAUNCH PRESIDENT TRUMP supporter! MAGA!!!

    • Thank you Mark Hopkins, you are right. The evil dems will go to Hell STILL proclaiming they are right and everyone else is wrong!!! Sad. We are to pray for them.

    • Bushmaster & Emma, I agree that the DEMORATS are worse than Hitler too. May they ALL BURN IN HELLS FIRE. I don’t know how in the HELL these people can live day by day with all of their hatred. Why in Gods name are they here on this earth? I just don’t understand and it really upsets me. I thought we had a wonderful country and had great memories growing up in the 50’s & 60’s. Neighbors were neighbors and friends were forever? We didn’t have money, lived out in the country and life was simple. I will take those memories with me FOREVER.

      • Pamela, that sounds just like MY childhood! I lived through chicken being thawed on the counter, eating raw cookie dough with eggs in it, spankings, suffered the humiliation of telling a lie and getting caught in it…made up my mind right then never to lie again! My mom didn’t spank me but crushed my little 6-year old heart by showing me my lie and being disappointed in me. I was taught right from wrong AND KNEW THE DIFFERENCE. I lost my daddy to WWII and raised by a single mom who worked her butt off pulling green chain in a lumber mill. For those that don’t know what that is…it was the hardest physical job in a mill. The lumber is wet and HEAVY. She had muscles bigger than most men. She did everything she could to raise 2 rambunctious daughters. A remarkable woman.

      • Oh one more thing, Pamela…we raised our own beef, pork, chickens that we butchered ourselves, went hunting for deer and birds, and processed them ourselves, raised a massive garden that we canned. I was 5, standing on a stool to can corn, beans, peas and everything else that you could grow in a garden. To this day, now in my 70’s I STILL love to can and dry food!
        I milked the cow, made butter, gathered eggs and plucked chickens.
        I also learned how to to plow a field with the horse pulling the old hand plow. No fancy tractor for sure!!! I bet you can relate to a lot of those same things!

      • well, and we wonder how come there is no compromise in Washington. Trump is speaking tonight on “Unity” – – so you might want to listen to it, because many of you are just filled with hate and vilifying others. Nasty whiners!

    • It sure is a hospital in California was busted last summer for selling babys parts! Hollywood and Clinton’s and the rich were involved, the found a patsy to take the fall,= Vegas shooting, gus they claimed did it, that’s your fall guy! Clintons been harvesting baby parts for long time and into child theft! Scary that the woman busted for stealing kids for Clinton’s in Haiti, changed her name and not is in charge of amber alert for missing kids!! This what democraps bring you!! Chaos. Hillary would eat the baby right out of the womb!! Mrs Lucifer.

  16. It doesn’t make any sense to claim that all Democrats believe in something just because one person says it. That would open up being able to criticize all Republicans because one person said something, for example, Rep. King saying there was nothing wrong with white supremacy, or the Republican who said women who get abortions should get life in prison.

    • Ronsch…It is what the PARTY believes. If you don’t agree, then you have no business being associated with it. The dem party is evil. It is nothing like it used to be. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today.

    • Not only the woman should be held accountable,
      But the abortionist should be torn apart limb by limb
      Alive, just as he(she) had done to that poor

  17. If you are a Democrat, you are truly supporting infanticide; the killing of the born. Now I heard that the baby can even up to 2 weeks old outside the womb and if the parent is dissatisfied with it because of a defect, etc, they can still have it “put to sleep”. In the past, only the heathens did something like this. I truly don’t know how people do this during the day and then sleep at night. They will truly be judged by these actions. I’m just glad I’m not in their shoes. History will come back to crucify them.

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