Donald Trump said three words about Iran’s missile attacks that no one saw coming

Iran fired over a dozen missiles at two air force bases housing Americans in Iraq.

Some in Washington, D.C. thought this was the beginning of World War III.

But Donald Trump said three words about Iran’s missile attacks that no one saw coming.

Iran vowed revenge after President Trump ordered a drone strike that took out Iranian terrorist commander Qasem Soleimani.

Soleimani was the architect of Iran’s terrorist proxy network that killed over 600 American soldiers.

Iran responded by firing off 15 ballistic missiles at two air bases in Iraq that house American soldiers.

But this appeared to be more of a face-saving effort than anything.

The missiles hit empty areas of the base and there were no U.S. casualties.

Donald Trump responded on Twitter by noting that “all is well” and that he would have more to say on the matter.

Breitbart reports:

“All is well!” Trump wrote, noting that the United States was still assessing casualties and damages at the two military bases attacked in Iraq. “So far, so good!”

The Pentagon confirmed Tuesday evening that Iran launched more than a dozen missiles against the United States military in Iraq but did not report any American casualties.

Trump again reminded the world that the United States had the most powerful military in the world.

“We have the most powerful and well-equipped military anywhere in the world, by far!” he wrote…

…I will be making a statement tomorrow morning,” he wrote.

This exchange represented a tremendous victory for President Trump.

The President took out Iran’s top military commanders and Iran offered up a toothless response that made it clear they have no interest in escalating a conflict with the United States.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Have to agree with you on that one, David. I will also add that not one single veteran has ever displayed more courage, bravery and love for this country than Donald J Trump did when he walked away from his comfortable life style to enter this battle knowing that JFK was assassinated by new world order puppets inside the federal goverment, which had grown much more corrupt and infiltratd by traitors now than it was when JFK was killed.
    Thank you Heavenly Father, for protecting him, all those helping him & for keeping all their loved ones safe from harm.

  2. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this 2 bit celeb to carry out her threat. Whole bunch of other 2 bit celebs vowed to leave the country if he won the election.
    Don’t think I need to tell you that not a damned one of them left. Wonder if we can sue to force them to leave or deport them! LOL, I was so looking forward to some of them leaving!

  3. Get back into your bathroom so you can finish draining the last of your brain. That shouldn’t take you very long at all. All sicko’s belong in the line on the left.

  4. The military and most all veterans will support you when you really clean house and make America great again.Demoncraps rhinos and radical racists be damned.

  5. Scott, if that’s what you truly believe, you’ve been living under a rock. Do some research on your buddy Obama. He never even tried to make anyone think that he didn’t support that. So have many others. Do some due diligence.

  6. Only the return of Jesus will finally stop all of the rampant evil that surrounds us now. I now pray for that daily, and the sooner the better.

  7. Aren’t you just the hypocrite. Yes, those that died are a tragedy that everyone wishes didn’t happen, but at least it was an accident. Anyone would change the outcome if they could. Yet you support the murders of innocent babies that are INTENTIONAL. Once you have some real credibility, come on back now, ya’ hear.

  8. Old Wolf your exactly right , same old crap , just a different day . The communist liberals will learn their lesson one way and one way only , they have anvils for skulls . Trying to talk common sense into their thick heads, is just a waste of time and money . The Day of Reckoning is coming for the Demonrat’s , it’s not if , it’s when . The sooner the better , we’re burning daylight fellows , it’s time to ” Get’er Done ” !!

  9. scott, you have no concept of reality. That shows with every post you make. Connie is correct. God gave this country a second chance by giving us Trump instead of Hillary. Hillary would have continued Obama’s sick destruction of this country. Pres. Trump is undoing his evil. WAKE UP!!!!! The dem party threw God out and satan controls the party

  10. Duty, YOU are truly an idiot!!!!! Islam is our ENEMY!!!! The goal of islam is TOTAL world control. Either we stop them or be controlled by them, fool. Guess you won’t mind facing Mecca five times a day to pray, but I do!!!

  11. Scott, your ignorance is showing as usual. Pres. Trump’s IQ is 162, FAR HIGHER than yours. You are a fool. And Pres. Trump was rejected by the military. Obama hates our military but that is fine with you. And you are a LIAR!!!!! NOTHING you ever say is true.

  12. Scott, Your ignorance is profound. Pres. Trump is far from deranged but all you have to do is look in your mirror to see deranged. You need lots of help with your sick hate.

  13. GHD…NEITHER ONE!!! You attack Pres. Trump but Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and that is fine with you. muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House and that is fine with you. Wake up!!

  14. That’s another lie.he doesn’t listen to his advisors?straight up lie.why must you baby killing lefties always lie?

  15. hey lefty,intelligence info changes by the minute on stuff like this.stfu,go hug a terrorist or kill a baby.

  16. Are you so ignorant that you actually believe the drivel you post. That terrorist was involved in plotting against our people in Iraq. Iran has been threatening the US for many years. Thank GOD we have a President with balls enough to answer their threats.

  17. The natural tendency of most Americans in situations like with Iran is to believe and support your president. I did. But then Trump’s stories KEEP CHANGING, and was in the last couple of days moved from 1 Embassy was going to be attacked to FOUR embassies were going to be attacked, without presenting any evidence of this to even Congress.

    I want to trust my president. But take a look at Trump has said about the number of jobs that will be lost if we tore up our arms deal with Saudi Arabia:
    1. at first, 40,000 American jobs would be lost
    . . .2, then it escalated in a few days to “450,000 American jobs lost
    . . . 3. then in another speech, it became 500,000 jobs lost
    . . . 4. then in a later speech it went to 600,000 jobs lost
    . . . . 5. Finally it morphed in Trump’s speech to “over a million jobs would have
    . . . . .. been lost without that contract.


  18. Connie.. oh, Connie. If you set that tin-foil hat aside for a few minutes you might gain some intelligent insight. Trust me… it’s not that bad, just give reality a chance and set aside that complete nonsense, for just a moment. You may well be struck with a brilliant flash of reality.

  19. Hey stupid, they wouldn’t be shooting missiles if humpty hadn’t attacked that idiot! The blood of the Canadians are on humpty trumpy hands! What if you loser buttpublicans had a cousin or brother or any other family member on that plane, would you still feel the way you do?

  20. Dear Wondering… why is it so many here have severe reading comprehension difficulties. I understood what Keith was saying, and how I responded still stands. He was advocating a one-government rule benefiting all citizens. Nothing about a world order. But one government rule, ala trumplican, is very similar to those in Germany who bought into Hitler’s one government rule in Germany; and seriously, who would determine which rule would benefit all the citizens. I wouldn’t want anyone on this page determining what’s best for me and I dare say you wouldn’t want me making that decision for you.

  21. M, you likely think you are somehow insulting me… nope. So does the Real M stand for the Real Moron? Just curious.

  22. Well here is some we can defiantly blame on President Trump Cardi B says she’s planning to file for citizenship in Nigeria! Now I want all of you to toughen up on this no Mass suicides! But I’ll bet the Dumbocrats are looking to see if they can impeach him over this! 🙂 For those who do not know who Cardi B is she is a 2 bit Rapper and you know they are a dime a dozen.

  23. The real M I’m not dumb I not Kim Jong in is a killer. But we are Americans and I no we are smarter and wiser and if we wanted Kim Jong un taken out he wouldn’t see it coming.

  24. You mean diminished mental capacity of which you are displaying with these hate comments. You hatred of Trump is clouding your intellectual capacity. The Iranian constitution was written with the same hatred of America as you display of Trump. If not confronted they will be here to shove the Koran down your throat or sever that throat with a honed jambiya. You better wise up because like Hitler they will try to dominate the world its written in their constitution.

  25. Well Scott27 if I recall my stay in the military and recalling the chain of command the most important member of the military the man on top is the President. That means President Trump is a member of the military head of the army serving his nation as a military member. He can’t be more of an embedded member that.

  26. Yes, well put, but VERY shallow. They are no match for us, and as we squeeze them further, their citizenry will be their undoing.

  27. WW, Scott is a girl troll and not responsible for her own actions. Her brain is rancid green pea soup and she has a superiority complex! Look over her, if you can…..

  28. Ice Princess, Kim’s people know if they speak up all they will get is a bullet to the back of their head! He is a ruthless coldblooded bad dude! He kills family members if he feels they are a threat to him!

  29. Scott, Hoow did you misinterpret what Kieth said You must not have finished reading what he said. You owe him an apology as he is not touting the one world global government, aka the new world order. He is touting a one nation government for Americans & by Americans/

  30. And tell me, David, when has your dear leader ever listened to the advise and counsel of military experts, or any experts for that matter. He fancies himself smarter than anyone, which is, in itself, a tell-tale sign of diminished mental capacity.

  31. And yet, David, you support a deranged president who is part of a 5-generation family, none of whom… not one… ever served in the armed forces; but scammed their way out of it.

  32. To any of you who think this is the worst Iran has to offer I’m glad your happy. Their rue is complete. Missiles are not their greatest weapon. Time, mentally challenged individual, duct tape and C4 are their forte. It will come and to think this is over is playing into their game plan. I’m sure the military are vigilant advising the president of this. Trump in doing his job is assuring the public so as not to create panic. Remember their constitution dictates their military and leadership spread the Islamic revelation as a single community in accordance with the Koran. All others are enemies of Iran and its the Revolutionary guards Corps constitutional goal to fulfill the ideological mission of jihad in God’s law throughout the world. They are not finished and I’m afraid the world will not be at peace until this Iranian government is eliminate just like the world had to do with the Nazis. Hitler’s ideologies were the same, world domination.

  33. Golly, I’m so scared! Now they’re blowing up innocent sand and Ukrainian civilian aircraft. Those poor innocent civilians on that plane died because Iran’s military are idiots.

  34. D&P, seems YOU are the loser. You complain about us calling you names, but it is just fine if you call Pres. Trump names. Take your sick hate somewhere else

  35. Keith, are you even aware of what you’re asking.. “one government rule that is best for the citizens.” You’re suggesting we do away with the United States of America and go full on with a dictator. There are people in North Korea, Russia, and Saudi Arabia who believe as you do; and there were certainly people in the past in Italy and Germany who was believed that way. And who would determine what is “best for the citizens?” You? Or how about me? I think I’ll stick with the USA.

  36. My my, so is another few million other Americans. Sure you also did not serve 1 day. You would be more informed and not belief the Russian stiry that could not be confirmed or proofed or do yiu think the democrats that worked on that are as useless as you are at thinking for themselves. Wake up.

  37. does anyone really need to be told what the left wing nuts are trying ? its the same old song and dance . what I want to know is when does the country stop all this BS . who has to step in and make the left wing nuts get back in line . first they break any law they want but letting illegals in our country and waste millons trying to fix our election . when does it stop . why do we need two parts of the government . and why so many congressmen . we only have one governor to each state so why not one congressmen to each state . would save lots of money and easer to find where the corruption is . to many chiefs and not enough Indians doesn’t work .

  38. YOU are so sickening. Acting like a typical Democrat in your comments.We are discussing world affairs and You throw disgusting slander. You as your friends cannot answer questions of fact. None of you do………. If you dont like Trump–we didnt like Hillary or Obama. But we still had deep discussions of our country and bringing her back to life not slander to every voice in town…. grow up & give an opinion that might save our nation before the devil himself steps in. And if you dont understand that either -> Read Revelations

  39. You are so STUPID.

  40. Nancy’ drunk again in the morning, keeps talking about the Battle of the Bulge and doesn’t make any sense. She backed Obama and Killery on outing Muammar Gaddadi, got a America Ambassador killed and opened a free slave market, you don’t here them say a damn thing about that…Send Omar and Tlaib to Libya please…

  41. It there way of lying! Iran newspaper is control by their evil leader! Just as DEMONcrat control our Media

  42. We can drill here! Don’t need to depend on foreigners oil! AMERICA can be better off by stop using foreign oil! There will be more JOBS here as well.

  43. For Duty and Patriotism: …humpty was a draft dodger…”. And what was Obama…. a war hero??? Why don’t you wake up to reality! At least Trump doesn’t kiss the enemy’s ass, or give $150 billion back to Iran, or condone selling 20 percent of out uranium to the Russians, or abandon our people like Obama and Hillary did at Benghazi, or release five Taliban leaders in exchange for a Muslim loving AWOL soldier, etc. What is it with the love affair you have with Democrats who time after time have shown that they fundamentally hate America. Trump 2020!!!

  44. Did you serve? Or you you a COWARD? Or did you serve during peace time? Which mean you never shot at any other enemy! That what I call a lucky bastard! Trump was not a draft dodger like most of Democrat SUPPORTER are! Your problem is you don’t understand what going on. You just want to run your mouth like lot of dumbass DEMONcrat and LIBERAL SUPPORTER. Best to just shut up!

  45. You are right Kevin; when I look at Maloney, Waters and Shelia “Congo” Lee, my stomach starts bothering me…But at the same time, I’m quite sure that Ukraine airliner was brought down with a FIM-92 Stinger,hard to trace the impact of these weapons,that’s why they don’t want to release the black boxes, their were plenty of these weapons left over in Afghanistan, of course supplied by our CIA and spread around the Middle East…

  46. According to the media the plane suffered some type of mechanical failure. But judging from the pictures shown, the debris is scattered far and wide. Adding to that Iran is refusing to release the “black box” to the plane’s builder, Boeing, who could analyze the cause of the crash. I would not be surprised to learn that the plane was blown up in the air for some deliberate reason which resulted in the widespread debris field.

  47. Iran missile didn’t hit anything but a RUSSIA plane with Ukraine people on board! Let put it this way, what would Obama done? Send more money?

  48. There you go! That is correct. The whole Democratic Party needs to be taken out also. We need to be governed under one government rule that is right and for the best for the citizen’s of this country. Not directed under the United Nations or a World order propaganda. ISRAEL is a very high priority. God Blesses those who stand with Israel. This is what angers these communists! TRUMP 2020!!!

  49. North Korea leader Kim Jong un is another one that should be bombed and taking out. He staves his people treats them like s### and they are so brained washed by his bull####. He doesn’t look like he missed a meal in few decades.

  50. Fix news Ned’s to stop the BS and go back to printing the truth. If you want the truth listen to Ben Shapiro or Mark Levin.
    This is the real story. The US was notified which bases wou be hit by someone in Iran. Guess what? Nobody was home.

  51. One can only hope that would happen to hp, or helluva penislikker. I’d start counting to see how fast his lover obunghole jumped in to help. Probably like Benghazi, he would do nothing. He would be waiting with his pants down round his ankles, waiting for a deposit.

  52. One can only hope that would happen to hp, or helluva penislikker. I’d start counting to see how fast his lover obunghole jumped in to help. Probably like Benghazi, he would do nothing. He would be waiting with his pants down round his ankles, waiting for a deposit.

  53. Correction, Obummer and Killery are in bed with Putin. They sold 20% of our uranium to Russia and Muller was the “bagman” who delivered a sample of the yellow cake uranium to a real Russian asset in Russia. If Putin helped anybody in the 2016 Election it would have been Clinton as he could blackmail her very easily. TDS I’d strong with you.

  54. Not necessary. We will be independent and use the money to perfect other sources of energy for the future.

  55. Sadly the feckless democrats cannot accept the fact that our president has the situation well under control. They fear because their natural tendency is to capitulate to the enemy rather that stand up and fight for freedom and justice. That is unacceptable and must not be condoned. Democrats, either shut up or stand up and fight for America.

  56. This is why YOU are not President. It isn’t about kicking ass, but about forcing diplomacy. It is working real well. Thank god we have a real negotiator in the WH instead of a jackass like Obama, Kerry, The Squad, Pelosi, Schumer or Schiff, who only want to hurt Trump and the USA for their own selfish reasonss. MONEY.

  57. Who ever thought they would see the day when these disgusting lefties and the msm who hoping for dead soldiers just so they could ignite their TDS and hate on trump?when and how did these liberals start hating our country so much?very dangerous and scarey

  58. John, BECAUSE the USA has returned to its rightful place as the #1 energy supplier in the world Under President Trump, the Arab world has very little financial clout to bully the USA and the rest of the world with whatever demands. If they threaten to shut off their oil – Well, Golly gee, fantastic – we will take their markets. they know this which is causing tremendous OPEC discord.

  59. When dealing with Satan there are no surprises we know these forces are everywhere…Iran like the rest of the middle East (Except Jeruzalem) operate, think, live, breath in another time. But what i see here in America is far worst some of these beings are in GOVERNMENT JOBS IN AMERICA. U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar is one repugnat beast should be fire!!! these people should never hold a job at the government level NEVER… Who elected this women??? the democratic party!! THE SECRET SERVICE SHOULD LOOK INTO HER AND MANY OTHERS LIFES.

  60. Back in 1957 I was on the Louisville Fire Dept. & working 24 hours on & 24 hours off & every Thursday I got a day off Called a Kelly Day that gave me 3 days off on a row & I earned $316 a month got paid $158 the 1st & 15th of the month. So prices kind of equaled out with pay rates back then.

  61. I wonder what you’d say if Trump didn’t do things like the former POTUS. And your family suffered an attack that killed on of yours. Trump is protecting our country and freedoms. thank God for him that you are lucky to live another day.

  62. D&P, if Trump responded to Iran’s toothless strike with more drone strikes you democrats would accuse him of trying to start a war. You democrats are so predictable with your irrational hatred of Trump. You’re like little children.

  63. It was deliberate to not hit any US personnel. It was also deliberate that they hit the Ukrainian airliner. This is Iran operates. Asymmetrical war.

  64. Hey dung &piss. Wait and see. What ever he does or doesn’t do would be more than your asswipe commie party would do.

  65. Did humpty just tuck his tail between his legs, sure looks like it to me, you people said he would kick some ass, well???

  66. it is MR soliman? MR.iman? MR schillery? when you git a person in your face yelling “KILL COPS! WE HATE WHITEY!” will you be concerned about racism?! NOT! strikeout!

  67. You should have seen gas prices in 1957. Twenty cents per gallon was the norm & during gas wars I’ve seen 10 cents per gallon.

  68. Sand knigers…………I agree ! I just haven’t heard that name in a long time. I usuall call them mud slimes !

  69. Are we sure they didn’t call and say “we have to do this but won’t kill anybody” and we allowed them to save a little face? If you think this is odd, years ago in a poli sci class during an oil crisis I suggested the best way to handle the situation would be to use the other guy’s oil and preserve your in the ground and be in a power position when his is gone. So what if gas prices were a little higher than people wanted. Check the inflation rate when comparing present gas prices to those of 1965.

  70. This is so disappointing for the MSM, they had hoped for many deaths that they would blame the President for, so can imagine their dismay that it was merely a PR/facesaving gesture. Plan B for the MSM is to praise Iran’s restraint in combating we, the great satan. You don’t expect them to rejoice in American greatness do you? With them it’s narrative over everything, even if it doesn’t fit. And truth? Forget it, they still seethe at the fact Trump beat their beloved Hillary.

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