Donald Trump said two words Nancy Pelosi never thought she would hear

Democrats won back the House and the nation immediately braced for an ugly impeachment battle.

And then Nancy Pelosi revealed her shocking plan on if she would move against President Trump.

That’s when Trump said the two words Nancy Pelosi never thought she would hear.

Nancy Pelosi left jaws on the ground when she told the Washington Post, “I’m not for impeachment.”

That slammed the breaks on the freshmen Democrats – led by Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar – from pressing forward with an immediate impeachment push.

President Trump reacted by tweeting that he “greatly appreciated” Pelosi’s comments.

Breitbart reports:

“President Donald Trump responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) assertion that Democrats would not try to impeach him in the House of Representatives.

“I greatly appreciate Nancy Pelosi’s statement against impeachment, but everyone must remember the minor fact that I never did anything wrong,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “The Economy and Unemployment are the best ever, Military and Vets are great – and many other successes!”

Since Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives, the activist left has demanded Democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.”

Pelosi and Trump are rarely on the same side of any issue.

But Pelosi knows the political risks of an impeachment fight fall squarely on the Democrats.

A politically motivated impeachment proceeding is dead on arrival in the Senate.

And it will only serve to motivate Republican voters to turn out in 2020.

Democrats think they can win this next election.

But many pundits believe President Trump is in a stronger position than many Democrats believe.

And the Democrats juicing the Republican base’s enthusiasm with articles of impeachment would strengthen Trump’s hand in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Leatherface’s honesty is about as reliable as her coherence and sobriety, LOL. That said, the nasty bitch knows she’ll lose the House in 2020 if these newly elected stupid twats keep spouting their insanity and don’t have the sense to realize their dysfunctional/jihadist/Marxist districts are NOT representative of most voters nationwide.

  2. “Impeachment?” Naaahhh, Pelousy is more along the lines of ‘assassination’. Count on it. she actually tried to trigger that! It will surface.

  3. I guess after her meeting with Soros son about 4 o 5 weeks ago before the Dems refused to fund the Border Wall it may have gotten to her and Chuck.No wonder they seem to like Open Borders.

    • Did you ever see the picture of Nancy and El Chapo? It was on Facebook about a month ago, but of course, it was taken down right away. In the Court with El Chapo, he admitted to giving Nancy and Hillary, a lot of money.

      • Pelousy has dealt directly with the cartels in Mexico for money in exchange for “favors”, is a member and supporter of the Arizona Mafia, and accepts bribes from corrupt Mexican officials. There is NOTHING she won’t do for power. She sold her soul to the devil and has continuously defied God’s laws in her lust for control. She has paved her path to Hell!

  4. I dont trust Piglosi shes up to something, but Our President is always one step ahead of her. She voted those 3 women in office and now they want to take over. These DEMONRATS never listen if it wouldnt affect us, i would say they got what they deserve. That snake Paul Ryan is another one, i never liked him or trusted him. He is a rotten Traitor just like the rest of the Demonrats

  5. Nancy Pelosi is a pharoh in Congress she needs the power play but those ps aoc and that evil bitch Omar and the other muslim bitch are tieing there best to over run Nancy but the pharoh in her not going to let that happen she well put a stop to them three assholes Omar is a evil pos of a person

    • GREATLY APPRECIATE Pelosi’s statement. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of another persons personal statement. Someone needs to inform the Lost Democrat Party of proper acceptance of appreciation for something they have done. Instead the “War” goes up a notch. Democrats are a lost word. They should admit to what they really are, and it certainly has nothing to do with “Democrat”.

  6. If only there was a party to put against the communist DemRat scum but unfortunately all we have is the gutless GOP.

    • You are right. The GOP is such a disappointment. If we lose the United States, it will because of the lack of GOP guts and fortitude, and clowns like Ryan and Murkowski.

  7. God Bless Ameica !! If only both political parties did whats best for our country, we would be so much better off. I blame much on the West Coast Hollywood and late nught “Johnny Carson. want to be” — if only they knew !

  8. President Trump is the best President we have had. Regan was till he and George Brush Senior sold Arms to Iran. I will vote for Trump anyday. Nancy and Chuck needs to go. Impeach them.

    • What draws you to Trump? His racism? His misogyny (big word so look it up)? His lack of honesty? His corruption? He’s the most incompetent, corrupt POS that ever occupied the Oval Office and most of Americans are counting the days until he’s gone.

      • Diane, my dear, the former occupant of the White House (that would be Barack Hussein Obama, if you’ll recall) and the one who aspired to that office (Hillary Rodham Clinton) are the two most corrupt humans who have ever walked this earth. President Trump is, frankly, a breath of fresh air. He’s quite honest (probably more than you’d like) and I’m anxious for 2020 when I get to vote for him again.

      • Congratulations, Diane! You have been selected as Moron for the Month of March 2019! You must be very proud to have earned this distinction!

      • I like listening to Diane and her kind regurgitating the same rhetoric that didn’t work the first time, but it will work in 2020 i’m sure. Yep he’s a racist for sure. He showed he was by all of the slaves he owned and his plantations etc. I dare say President Trump is like most people in America, if I’m making a good buck I could give a horses ass what you look like so why don’t you crybabies let it go Diane? Misogynist, really? I bet you wore a pink pussy hat didn’t you. Sexist? Hell, im all for women serving in Combat Arms Units just like men. I wished when I was in Afghanistan in 08-09 that I could have seen a few women coming home with a US flag across their coffin. See, that’s the kind of stuff your Baby Killing Party and the Kapernicks of this nation will never understand. Stick to the facts!

  9. Yes, there does need to be impeachment!! We have a criminal Congress. All 535 members need to be deported from our country with no possibility of return. We can then deal with the remainder of these criminals.MAGA!!

    • The Democrat party will be eliminated by the time of the 2020 election. They have been exposed as far too liberal. Their platform is totally whacky! Pelosi, Schumer, and Waters should be appointed as ambassadors to Jupiter and sent up on the next rocket from Cape Kennedy!!

      • The face of the democrat party is now that crown jewel of stupidity and ignorance, AOC, and the two radical muslims. Add to it Bernie, Hillary, fake Native American Pocahonas, and a lot of others – you may be right.

  10. I am really hoping his inside voice is actually saying “F K You. Nothing she spews means anything worth while as she always has an agenda. Going love it when she hears VETO for the wall.

  11. Nancy finally understand the gravity of pressing false impeachment against the President. Zero evidence.

    Adam Schiff is not done yet. Meeting Michael Cohen before the hearing tells you how biased Schiff can be. He is the new chairperson of the intelligence committee. He is looking into Trump’s financial X with the German bank. Whatever the X is, still a zero evidence. Why? Trump confirned no collusion with the Russians at all.

    Gonna be a waste of time & taxpayer money, but good for liberal media propaganda anyway. How many educated liberals are out there? Not many. Unfortunately.

    • The Irrational minds within the DNC members are most amuzing! They can only act with HATE, never with truth! No spot of an animal’s fur coild ever be changed! What is, it is!

  12. I am a former democrat, but my politics changed during obamas first term. I began to research, hunting down corruption with obama, the clintons, and the deep state. It was so obviious to me that I started speaking in favor of Trump. Today, nearly every democrat I know has switched parties!! In fact, there is only one democrat that is still friends with me and she’s family! LOL*

    I love Trump, I think we need his business leadership, his outspoken ideas to MAGA, and his visions for the U.S.A.. When no one is around him, he’s a very humble guy. Kim Clement claimed that Trump wouldn’t be a praying man, but that God’s Holy Spirit would overcome him and he would become known as “the praying president”. Kim Clement prophesied Trump’s victory but died before the election, yet he preached and prophesied Trumps success years before even Trump knew that he would even run for president. Check out Kim’s sermons and prophesies on YouTube.

    • I truly believe that God intervened, and that is why we have Trump in the White House, God cares for the people of this country who believe in him. Thank You, Our savior in Heaven and Earth.

    • Sandra: Welcome to God’s team. Everyone is beginning to see the wolves without their
      “poor abused sheep” costume. It is time for all to realize that TRUTH will always end up on top. Secrets and Lies are always exposed. Again, welcome to Truth.

    • I’m a Republican and voted for Trump, and glad of it. I’m also glad to see so many supporting him – even those who WERE Democrats! God bless our President!

    • Hi Sandra, I share the same feeling and experience with you. Ninety percent of my friends and family were Democrats and now switched to “Right”. When you ask yourself a question and the answer is in favor of “Right”, you know you did yourself a great favor to your country, family and friends. There is so much hate on Trump. The “left” is afraid to have Trump take the seat for the next term. That is because of fear that all those who were linked to Hillary will all go down with her. Drain the swamp!

    • I’m 78 years old & was a Democrat at one time about 50 years ago. Only because I assumed Democrats had something to do with Democracy. A few years after that I realized Democrats are the opposite of Democracy. I’ve been a Republican ever since then. In the 50s it was a crime to be a communist & they were put in prison. There were a lot people in Hollywood that were imprisoned for being communists also.
      We had a few TV shows back in the mid 50s about this also.
      Do some research on the Internet & see for yourself.

  13. Pelosi just doesn’t want the facts of the memos to be revealed. Reveal them TRUMP! Please do. The people of America have a right to know of the corruption.

  14. President Trump is just trying to make a bad situation a little better. But if I had 2 words to say to Nancy it would have been,”BITE ME”. Mr. President, what ever these Democrats tell you? You had better have a lot of salt with you. Many grains! You can’t trust them as far as you may be able to throw them. By the way, I’m changing my respectful thoughts about Paul Ryan.

    • I lost respect for Psul zryan a long time ago. President trump Trump is trying his best to undo the damage obama caused.

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