Donald Trump saw the results of one 2020 poll that confirmed a hard truth

Democrats and the Fake News Media believe Donald Trump is toast in 2020.

They cite his approval ratings and hypothetical matchup polls with leading Democrats as evidence the President is doomed to defeat next November.

But then Donald Trump heard the results of one 2020 poll that confirmed a hard truth.

It’s an article of faith in the Fake News Media that Donald Trump’s approval ratings – which haven’t reached 50 percent during his Presidency according to the Real Clear Politics average – means the country is ready to reject the President when he runs for reelection next November.

That appears to be wishful thinking.

The Fake News Media and Democrats are repeating their mistakes of 2016 by focusing on meaningless national polls when in reality the election is decided in key battleground states.

And in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida, Donald Trump leads Elizabeth Warren and is in a statistical tie with Joe Biden.

The New York Times reported:

Despite low national approval ratings and the specter of impeachment, President Trump remains highly competitive in the battleground states likeliest to decide his re-election, according to a set of new surveys from The New York Times Upshot and Siena College.

Across the six closest states that went Republican in 2016, he trails Joe Biden by an average of two points among registered voters but stays within the margin of error.

Mr. Trump leads Elizabeth Warren by two points among registered voters, the same margin as his win over Hillary Clinton in these states three years ago

The Times/Siena results and other data suggest that the president’s advantage in the Electoral College relative to the nation as a whole remains intact or has even grown since 2016, raising the possibility that the Republicans could — for the third time in the past six elections — win the presidency while losing the popular vote.

Donald Trump and his campaign constantly tell the press their polling shows the President strongly positioned to win reelection in 2020.

So-called journalists scoff at that notion and cite their news organizations’ national polls as “evidence” Trump is off his rocker.

But those polls are meaningless.

In the states that will decide the 2020 election, Trump stands on strong political footing.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  19. President Trump will WIN the 2020 election..Dont let the fake news and crooked politicians fool you.He will win by a large majority. Americans have spoken they are tired of crooked and traitorous members of our government, including congress, selling out this country only to make themselves rich.President Trump will go down in history as the greatest President in our history. Lets help him CLEAN OUT THE SWAMP!

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  22. Completely agree with Dan Tyree:
    “I know that some people don’t like his personality, but I’m not voting for or against a personality. I’m voting for leadership.”
    Very well said Dan Tyree


  24. Poll of registered voters mean nothing. They refuse to disclose the party affiliation of these registered voter, such as Democrat, Republican or Independence.
    So, to make sense of any Poll, the distribution of Registered voters have to match the national distribution (except California, New York and Texas), which is about 1/3 Democrat, 1/3 Republican and 1/3 Independence. So this is another meaningless poll when they refuse to do the breakdown

  25. President Trump has to win or we can kiss America the way we know and love it goodbye. Trump 2020?? For the good of the people and our Country.

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  28. Debbie if they can convince me that every, and I mean every voter gets polled I will believe it. Killery was walking away with it. But look what happened. I believe that common sense will prevail. I know that some people don’t like his personality, but I’m not voting for or against a personality. I’m voting for leadership. It’s going to be close, but Trump will win.

  29. Trump will lose in 2020 because the democrats took a pole of registered voters in California and it’s doesn’t look good.

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