Donald Trump scored a huge victory that no one thought was possible

Donald Trump campaigned on Making America Great Again.

He promised the United States would start winning again.

And he just scored a huge victory that no one thought was possible.

Donald Trump’s pledge to renegotiate NAFTA was a signature campaign proposal.

His administration got to work making good on that promise by entering talks with Mexico and Canada to make NAFTA work for the American people.

On Monday, Trump took the first step toward making that reality by announcing an agreement with Mexico on pro-America changes to NAFTA.

Breitbart reports:

News of the deal began breaking Monday morning ahead of the announcement. It comes on the heels of days of trade negotiations between the two countries.

“We’ve all worked very hard and your brilliant representatives are sitting right in front of me and I thought we would congratulate each other before it got out,” Trump told Nieto. “I know we’ll have a formal news conference in the not-too-distant future.”

Through a translator President Nieto thanked Trump and remarked that this is “very positive for the United States and Mexico.” He went on that the call was to “celebrate the understanding that [they] have had between both negotiating team on NAFTA.”

Nieto spoke of talks over months to renew, modernize, and update the trade deal between the nations as it relates to NAFTA. “And to generate a framework that will boost… productivity in North America,” said Nieto through the translator. “It is our wish now Mr. President that now Canada will also be able to be incorporated in all this.” Nieto said he was sure the U.S. and Canada will begin bilateral meetings on sensitive trade topics to their relationship.

Donald Trump was elected to stand up for American workers and industry.

His new agreement with Mexico accomplishes that goal.

The media mocked Trump over his trade threats.

Trump believed if he threatened tariffs on steel and cars, it would force countries to the negotiating table.

The President’s gamble paid off as Mexico not only agreed to a new NAFTA, they said if Canada did not get on board with Trump’s demands, Mexico would enter a bilateral deal with the United States and cut Canada out.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Do Your Part to Help President Trump Make and Keep America Great Again! Vote for Law and Order, Free Enterprise, America First Loving, God Fearing, Common Sense, Wall Building, Honorable Republicans in the 2018 Midterm Elections – TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!
    SEMPER FI!!!

  2. When in The USA, we do as the USA does. I you want it bad enough you will do it. Otherwise, just forget it.

  3. P. Byington, Thank you for service to our great Country. No censorship needed. We are adults and should be able to handle what is published. And, If we don’t like it, we can sensor it personally by ignoring it.

  4. Maybe you would rather the democrats take $70.00 out of each of your paychecks every month? If that is how you feel I will gladly allow YOU to pay ALL of my tax obligations each year!

    The reason our country is in so MUCH debt is because of the DEMOCRATS give away programs that have been put in place since just prior to WW11. When you continue to give people money and benefits that THEY DID NOT EARN you make them an ECONOMIC SLAVE. This also applies to our so-called allies.

    When is the American public going to learn that FRIENDS can NOT be bought? Welfare programs that have little to no suspension requirements will NEVER work to get people/counties to become SELF RELIANT.

    The intelligent people around the world and especially here in the U.S. Know that those who advocate throwing money at problems without proper expectations and oversight of said programs is a receipt for failure and the total waste of the funds.

    We also know that the democratic party has been encouraging illegal aliens to come across our boarders and take advantage of all the “FREE” programs that they have set up, and have then ILLEGALLY allowed these same ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote in our elections. The democrats KNOW that these same CRIMINALS will vote for more of the same by voting for the DEMOCRATS that put these programs in place.

    I am NOT excusing many of the REPUBLICANS in our government, who have joined with their dishonest democrats to accomplish this same thing. People like JOHN McCAIN, who is a traitor to his party, to our President, and to all Vietnam veterans. I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but to honor this man who has no honor is hypocritical to me. He cast the deciding vote AGAINST killing OBAMA CARE as one of the last TRAITOROUS acts of his TO LONG OF A CAREER IN THE SENATE. He betrayed his fellow captives during the Vietnam war in order to secure better treatment FOR HIS SELF at the expense of the other POWs. We will never know exactly how many POWs/airmen/soldiers/etc were KILLED due to his collaboration with the enemy while being held as a POW. He also is directly responsible for the deaths of over 127 sailors during that war due to his actions while sitting in his cockpit and causing a massive fire on the aircraft carrier. He was let off the hook because both his father and his grandfather were high ranking officers in the Navy. Every heard of the saying “rank has it’s privileges” ?

    Signed a Vietnam era Veteran.

  5. I am one who does Not believe in the foul mouthed profanity that some people seem to use in their everyday life BUT having stated that, I DO NOT believe in any kind of censorship by the media including this renewed source.

    Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech, it has NO provisions in it that makes exceptions to that right. When companies and or people start policing what other adults say or write, THAT IS CENSORSHIP and is a VIOLATION of said person’s FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

    When we (as American citizens) allow these censors to change, delete or fail to allow comments from us AMERICAN CITIZENS then we are allowing our rights to be taken from us thus we are NO LONGER FREE.

    The danger is that these censors are NOW controlling what is published, what people hear and read and ultimately THINK. That fact is a VERY DANGEROUS THREAT to the FREEDOM OF THE U.S.A and indeed , to the world.

    There is a very strong reason that FREEDOM OF SPEACH is the VERY FIRST AMENDMENT in the BILL OF RIGHTS of our constitution. Without that amendment, we would NOT have had the freedom we have, and the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms is the amendment which gives us the right and the power to defend ALL other amendments contained in our constitution.

    I hope everyone out there thinks about the importance of NOT ALLOWING CENSORSHIP of ANY KIND to be forced upon us by so-called editors of the news/government/thought police/schools etc.

    Signed A Vietnam era Veteran.

  6. President Trump you say I can practice my own religion in my nation of Pennsylvania the reason why I said I have no State anymore went to get a illegal drivers license I was told I had to take a picture I told them my religious beliefs prevent me from doing that anymore I was told and then I have to take a religious test against both of my Constitution perfect me from the Tyranny that’s in foreign state government and each nation of America!

  7. He was a traitor to his running mate, too. He stood there like the lily-liver that he is and let them crucify her. Recently he just doubled down on that in his book saying that he regretted choosing her. She has never been anything but gracious to him and his family.

  8. Dan R., I was not criticizing you for any language you may or may not uae. I made the remark because there are some folks who have used really really ugly and profane stuff so theirs is not being deleted. You do good, in fact I read all of yours I see because they are fun to
    read. Who knows what I may be aggravated into saying before the day is over.

  9. I know M. Good for you. I don’t in general conservation with people. I just get riled up by the efforts of liberals to wreck our freedom. I need to tone it down. By the way, the senate is wanting to name a building after john McCain. I contacted my senators today to protest this McCain was a liberal under republican name Because of him Obamacare is still alive , only weakened. He opposed president Trump all the way. When you see democrats singing his praises, that speaks volumes. Every conservative should contact their senators and speak against this. He was also a traitor in Vietnam

  10. Scott27, All you have are deflectors from the truth. You may as well give up. All these people know is how much better their personal lives are. The only reason you wouldn’t have a better life or more money is, you don’t work and are on welfare benefits in which case, you may be worse off if you have lost some free stuff. There are an abundance of jobs to be had right now. Get out there and get a job. You are no better to work than the rest of the population. I worked all my life. It does wonders for self-esteem and independence. You might not have so much time on your hands to dabble in trying to make conservatives feel bad about themselves. You might even have a change of mind and heart. Now, that would be a good thing!

  11. Dan T., I don’t think the software kicks comments out for profanity or vulgarity. It seems to be more along the line of what it thinks may be inciteful or threatening, etc. You know I don’t usually use much profanity or off color stuff.

  12. Steve, They deleted two of mine today. Hope this is not the bias against conservatives tightening up even more. We may all have to make lots of noise if it gets worse.

  13. Thanks for the tip M! I didn’t use any curse words but it wouldn’t post and I did it twice. Maybe ull try something else later. Thanks again!

  14. GOP is going to win……..DEMS will be crying & whining just like HC did when she LOST……….THANK GOD FOR HER LOSS…..

  15. M if they let Diane post we should all be ok. That proves they allow the mentally ill to post if she gets thru.

  16. Hey Steve, All of us have comments that get deleted from time to time. Their software is probably kicking out some words and/or phrases. Try using different words, etc. just don’t give up. You have a message that should be stated.

  17. Scott27, You are certainly an arrogant full of yourself liberal. You think spouting all your propaganda talking points is all it will take to change anybody’s mind. We understand that you liberals think we are an uneducated bunch of ignorant bafoons but, you would be so surprised. You really need to go peddle yourself somewhere to people who will appreciate you but, it’s not here. We have a lot more knowledge of what is actually going on than you do, obviously.
    #WalkAway to the Republican party
    We want and need you.

  18. Scott27 Why don’t you climb on the couch down there in Mommy’s basement and take a little nap. Maybe some milk and cookies to go with it. Calm your little self down and look at the world from a different perspective. Night, Night little one.


  20. what world are you in? He lied about health care, prices sky rocketed for health insurance with little coverage, the economy tanked, jobs were lost hope was gone freedoms were lost, all under Obama. Now Trump has put America first and we ARE BACK, Stronger than ever. Look out obama time you went to jail along with the rest of your ilk!!! TRUMP 2020 Republican 2018!!!!!

  21. what is your problem? The real world is that the POTUS has made America better than Obama, Jobs at their highest,stock market at its highest, Obama said these jobs are gone and will not be back, but guess what THEY ARE BACK and stronger than ever. Obama wanted and still does to make America a communist country, the demoncrats want America under the rule of government. They fail to understand, as you do also, it is WE THE PEOPLE, Wake up Scott 27 you are not going to take away my freedoms! I wore the uniform and I will fight tooth and nail to preserve my freedoms and will gladly put the uniform on again to Defend AMERICA “from all enemies, both foreign and domestic” that was my pledge when I put on the uniform and when I took it off I have never been relieved of that oath. So if you communists do not like AMERICA, GET OUT AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!! TRUMP 2020 still making America Great Again.

  22. They need to give back any profits they are seeing from our President being they hate him and what he does so much. President Trump 2020.

  23. I’ll second that?

    Get out the Republican vote in November

    If not a strong showing …we may lose all that President Trump has worked for

  24. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  25. After the November elections and after the Russia “ordeal” is finally resolved the president will be able to focus all his energy to enacting his plan of action for building up the country, I believe there are more of us who want this country to be it’s best than there are those who want to resist greatness! Then you will see how a country should govern itself, the way the founders invisioned. I know you miss Obama, and mourn Hillary’s loss but when you see how a real president governs I believe you will drop your resistance mentality and come along side us. I always try and give people a chance to show what they can do untethered, I’ve seen what Donald Trump’s can do despite all the push back from haters, imagine all that he can do when we come along side him, what do we really have to lose?

  26. Snott27 odumba saddled us with trillions of dollars in national debt. Lots of money given away to other countries. Just for starters. But you’re a liberal dumbass. You don’t see that. The commiecrats consider any money we earn to belong to the government.

  27. MR. PRESIDENT, keep doing what you have done so far — it appears to me that you are busting your butt to hold the rest of the world accountable … while actually, TRULY MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I was skeptical in the beginning — but seeing the path that you are on, I give you my vote in 2020. Thank you, SIR !

  28. No, M. We just don’t really want a lying, cheating, reality-twisting a**hole for a leader. You may sell your soul for a bit of cash. Some of us have integrity, honor and dignity.

  29. We finally have a President that will always put AMERICA FIRST IN EVERYTHING before any other country. May GOD always Bless President Trump. VIVA PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020.

  30. Did you happen to see the Kushner’s were just today fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for filing false documents about their real estate holdings. My word, would you people please deal with reality.

  31. 70 dollars a pay check. No kidding. Wow. Let me know how that really plays out… are you paying more from the inflation it created? Do you realize our deficit is at an all-time high? Do you have children? Do you mind putting that cost on them? Do you realize the 1 percent are raking it in based on your paltry 70 dollars? My word. Wake up to the real world.

  32. Obama clearly lacks the knowledge in international economics. I know he graduated with a degree in constitutional law at Harvard, but Trump had to educate him on the DACA issue that was supposed to be legislated first.

    Obama, gee …. pfffffffffffffft!

  33. Well I for one am not part of the 1% but I have seen an extra 70 dollars per pay check. So you expert economist tell me that the common worker hasn’t seen any increase. That is wrong,and if its just “crumbs” why does the democommomies want our “crumbs” back. First of all,Trump just gave us back what The big O took from us when he said we are going to ask everyone to pay a little more. You have short memories, it not the governments money to begin with, it our hard earned dollars and why shouldn’t we get to keep it instead of funding a bunch of people who are in this country illegally. So in all reality, how could anyone that wants a job and works for a living not support the POTUS and his endorsed candidates in November. Keep doing what you are doing Pres. Trump, you might not get credit from the MSM but we deplorable cultist that actually pay attention to the facts know exactly what’s going on. You idiots can call us anything you want but what really pisses you off is that we pay attention and are not guided by the lies spewed by the MSM on a daily basis. I’m just another deplorible cultist vet who will be on the job again tomorrow and who will sift through all the news again tomorrow and make up my own mind about how things are in our great land. So take your leftist propaganda and shove it,we will not be slaves to the NWO without a fight! MAGA!!!!

  34. Yes, thank God for President Trump!
    #WalkAway to the Republican party
    We want and need you.

  35. Terry, Tell it true. I have come to the conclusion that all Dem liberals are malcontent mean angry serial liars. You couldn’t make them happy if you gave them one billion dollars tax free. They are hopeless. All of them should be on meds and shock treatments, probably won’t help but, they could try.

  36. Gave u and your family health insurance. Cleaned up the mess that corporations wall street fanny and saved people from loosing their homes and carefully built the economy back up.

  37. I can understand why those deep in politics who have made their millions off of hardworking Americans would hate The president, he’s exposing all their corruption, but why would ordinary Americans who stand to benefit from all of his policies join the corrupt deep state in their hatred. Were we really better off when all the corruption was hidden from us and those in high offices, had free reign to spy on us steal from us and take away our rights and freedoms granted to us by the Constitution? The American people finally have an advocate in the highest office, why wouldnt we support that man?

  38. President TRUMP is doing the best job as President of United State of America in lest 50 years in America history

  39. JUST ONCE, I would like SOMEONE to explain to me why the intense, visceral, overarching hatred of President Trump.
    You don’t like his policies, fine, even though ALL financial indicators are off the charts with that policy. But why the disabling animosity towards the man himself?
    The democrats have a list of over 100 investigations they intend to implement if they take control after the mid-terms. They would rather shut down the country than make ANY attempt to work FOR the country just to try to get him out.
    I don’t think he “lies” as such. He does have fairly regular diarrhea of the mouth, but I think he has to actually hear what he is thinking before he can process it fully.

  40. so you in your infinite wisdom discount Nieto’s words too quite hilarious – after HRC lost because of Clinton ’93 NAFTA, you still have your head up your dark space ha ha MAGA 2020 TRUMP !! ya ya

  41. You are absolutely correct Lori. Trump has talked a big show, but nothing has shown any fruit except the tax breaks for the the top 1% and all that did was double our national debt in only 17 months.

  42. Easy question. The best thing he did for America was to put us in such dire straits that we had to take a chance on a non-politician. If not for Obama, there would be no President Trump.

  43. unlike the last 4 presidents , he is actually doing what he said he would do , seems to me they are calling the wrong people a liar , should start with pinnochio and the other 3

  44. King o was and is ALL about communism/marxism…why he was just in South Africa espousing their anti-white campaign taking land from farmers….we dodged a bullet with hrc….every single democrat must be voted out of office..then we can start sorting out the RINOs

  45. Hell ,Trump has been winning ever since he has gotten into his run to the White House and still winning since then ,and it is driving those that been against him ,into loony birds or just plain nuts.

  46. Kudos to President Trump – He said he would ” M A G A ” – He wrote “The Art of the Deal” – He followed thru – got the deal done – Putting lots of Americans back to work ! Vote Republican in November – Keep Republican majority in Congress ! Re-elect President Trump in 2020 !

  47. LORI for petes sakes give this man a break why do you call lying when he’s kept his promises from day one not like other lying candidates who promise us the moon to get elected and forget when gets elected.

  48. Donald Trump has worked to magnify the USA and its citizens, has fulfilled what he promised and has not done any harm to anyone, we the 63 million who gave him the Presidential victory we support him to whatever ..!

  49. Success is something the left wing loons loathe. They can’t understand success because they have never had any.


  51. Nothing is signed, sealed OR delivered…..just Lying Don the Con plying his trade by delivering inaccuracy once again …just like NK is denuclearizing…….yeah, sure.

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