Donald Trump scored a huge victory that no one thought was possible

Donald Trump campaigned on Making America Great Again.

He promised the United States would start winning again.

And he just scored a huge victory that no one thought was possible.

Donald Trump’s pledge to renegotiate NAFTA was a signature campaign proposal.

His administration got to work making good on that promise by entering talks with Mexico and Canada to make NAFTA work for the American people.

On Monday, Trump took the first step toward making that reality by announcing an agreement with Mexico on pro-America changes to NAFTA.

Breitbart reports:

News of the deal began breaking Monday morning ahead of the announcement. It comes on the heels of days of trade negotiations between the two countries.

“We’ve all worked very hard and your brilliant representatives are sitting right in front of me and I thought we would congratulate each other before it got out,” Trump told Nieto. “I know we’ll have a formal news conference in the not-too-distant future.”

Through a translator President Nieto thanked Trump and remarked that this is “very positive for the United States and Mexico.” He went on that the call was to “celebrate the understanding that [they] have had between both negotiating team on NAFTA.”

Nieto spoke of talks over months to renew, modernize, and update the trade deal between the nations as it relates to NAFTA. “And to generate a framework that will boost… productivity in North America,” said Nieto through the translator. “It is our wish now Mr. President that now Canada will also be able to be incorporated in all this.” Nieto said he was sure the U.S. and Canada will begin bilateral meetings on sensitive trade topics to their relationship.

Donald Trump was elected to stand up for American workers and industry.

His new agreement with Mexico accomplishes that goal.

The media mocked Trump over his trade threats.

Trump believed if he threatened tariffs on steel and cars, it would force countries to the negotiating table.

The President’s gamble paid off as Mexico not only agreed to a new NAFTA, they said if Canada did not get on board with Trump’s demands, Mexico would enter a bilateral deal with the United States and cut Canada out.

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