Donald Trump scored a huge win that has Chuck Schumer sweating bullets

Control of Congress is at stake this November.

The battlelines just got drawn in a marquee race that could decide who holds the majority in the U.S. Senate.

And Donald Trump scored a huge win that has Chuck Schumer sweating bullets.

Trump-endorsed Bernie Moreno emerges victorious to take on Democrat Sherrod Brown 

Donald Trump continued to shape the GOP in his image when America First conservative Bernie Moreno romped to victory in a Primary and will now take over three-term Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Trump endorsed Moreno over Secretary of State Frank LaRose and establishment RINO State Senator Matt Dolan.

Dolan supported red flag confiscation laws, opposed a six-week pro-life law, said securing Ukraine’s border was more important than stopping the crisis at the southern border, and defended his family going woke and changing the name of the Cleveland Indians to the Guardians.

Moreno won with 50.5 percent of  the vote, far outpacing Dolan’s 32.9% and LaRose’s 16.6%.

In a statement after the media called the race, Moreno thanked his opponents and said now was the time to unite and oust Brown.

“I’m so grateful for the resounding support of Ohioans in all 88 counties. I thank Matt Dolan and Frank LaRose for a spirited primary contest. I look forward to uniting our party and working to send Sherrod Brown packing in November!” Moreno wrote.

LaRose took Moreno up on his offer.

“I’m honored and humbled by the thousands of Ohioans who stood with me in this campaign. While this is not my time to serve as our party’s nominee for the United States Senate, I’m profoundly grateful for those who gave me their support,” a statement from LaRose read. “Now is the time to stand together as a party. Moments ago, I called to congratulate Bernie Moreno and wish him well. We all share the same mission to retire Sherrod Brown and restore Ohio’s voice and values to the United States Senate. The stakes for this election couldn’t be higher.”

Moreno win shows strength of Trump movement 

Moreno’s win was a victory for Trump allies in the Senate like J.D. Vance (R OH), who endorsed Moreno early on and convinced Trump to get on board.

Vance took a victory lap as he’s on the verge of adding an ideological ally in the summit who will oppose new funding for Ukraine, secure the southern border, and provide a counterweight to establishment RINOs.

“I’m not a pundit, but if you take a guy who gets outspent massively, earns the most important endorsement in politics, and then radically outperforms even the most positive polls, then I’d say he’s pretty good at winning votes. Congrats to Bernie. On to November!” Vance wrote on social media following Moreno’s win.

The Brown-Moreno race could prove pivotal.

Republicans need to flip two seats to win back the majority in the Senate and Brown is one of two Democrat incumbents running for re-election in a state Trump won.

Trump is expected to easily win Ohio in November, and this is the first time Brown appeared on the ballot in a Presidential year.

Conservatives are hoping Trump’s coattails extend down the ballot to sweep like-minded allies into office and fire Chuck Schumer as majority leader while pushing the GOP in a more conservative direction.

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