Donald Trump scored this huge victory that will send Democrats into panic mode

Donald Trump continues to flex his political muscle.

That’s bad news for Democrats heading into 2024.

And Donald Trump scored this huge victory that will send Democrats into panic mode.

Former TV anchor and Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake won the GOP nomination for Governor in Arizona.

The race turned into a 2024 proxy war between Trump and establishment Republicans like Mike Pence who lined up behind Lake’s RINO challenger.

The Associated Press called the race for Lake on Thursday night after another election fiasco in Arizona where it took multiple days to count the votes.

Lake celebrated the victory and immediately turned her attention to her Democrat challenger, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

In her victory statement, Lake slammed Hobbs as a failed career politician who oversaw another election disaster.

“Though the results took longer than they should have, Arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment just delivered a political earthquake. My opponent Katie Hobbs had one job in government, and that was to ensure an efficiently-processed election. She failed spectacularly, and yet just like every other failed establishment politician, now she wants a promotion. Arizona just sent a clear message: our state is done with failed politicians like Katie Hobbs,” Lake’s statement read.

On Primary night, the Arizona Republican Party and Republican National Committee released a joint statement slamming Pinal County for mailing 63,000 ballots to the wrong voters and for precincts running out of Republican ballots.

As the chief election administration in the state, these failures fall at the feet of Katie Hobbs.

Lake then pivoted to frame the election as being laser focused on quality-of-life issues, such as solving the homeless problem, securing the border, and stopping the flow of deadly fentanyl into Arizona.

“Our renewed Republican Party is now coming together to fight for a brighter and more prosperous future for every Arizonan. We will stop schools from indoctrinating our children and stop government bureaucrats from shutting down our businesses and livelihoods. We will get our homeless off the streets, invest in our families, and protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We will put an end to the fentanyl, human trafficking, and drugs flowing across our open border. Starting tonight, we fight to defeat the radical, corrupt, incompetent Democrats and put our government back into the hands of the great people of Arizona!” Lake declared.

Democrats and establishment Republicans were hoping that Arizona would show Trump’s grip on the GOP loosening.

Instead, Trump’s candidates won up and down the ballot while also inspiring record Republican turnout.

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