Donald Trump sent Deep State leakers running for cover with just one tweet

Donald Trump has had enough of leaks.

Disloyal operatives within his administration and the Deep State have peppered news stories with juicy – but often times misleading – leaks about events inside the White House.

Trump finally took action and sent leakers running for cover with just one tweet.

Trump was infuriated by the media manufacturing a scandal out of a comment a White House aide made in a private meeting about John McCain.

The media – which savagely attacked McCain when he ran against Obama and for his selection of Sarah Palin to be his running mate – pretended to be outraged by the Trump aide’s joke and acted like McCain’s white knight riding to the rescue.

Trump finally took matters into own hands and sent out a scathing tweet blasting the fake news media and the leakers for their sabotage.

The leakers flooding the press with juicy gossip thrilled the anti-Trump media.

But their scheme backfired.

The barrage of negative press stories failed to stop Donald Trump’s momentum.

Trump’s approval ratings continue to rise.

And now the President is in a stronger political position to launch leak investigations and identify the rats within his government.

Do you believe Donald Trump will ferret out the leakers and hold them accountable?

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