Donald Trump sent one tweet that let Iran know everything changed

Barack Obama spent eight years appeasing the Islamist government in Iran.

The American people sent Donald Trump to the White House to correct Obama’s anti-American policies that advanced the interests of the nation’s enemies.

And in one tweet Trump let Iran know everything was different.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke in front of a group of Iranian diplomats and bellowed that Iran would wage the “mother of all wars” against the United States.

Barack Obama may have been willing to sit back and let adversaries walk all over the United States, but Rouhani’s threat did not sit well with Donald Trump.

President Trump fired off an all caps tweet warning Rouhani that he risked consequences of historic proportions if Iran continued to threaten the United States.

Breitbart reports:

“Mr. Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,” he said, warning that “war with Iran is the mother of all wars.”

Rouhani made his remarks in response to reports that the Trump administration was trying to disrupt the current government in Iran.

MSNBC’s former Republican morning show host and premier Never Trumper Joe Scarborough mocked the President’s tweet saying he, “went full Trump. He should never go full Trump, but he went full Trump.”

Yet those same critics thought Trump’s tough rhetoric would lead to war with North Korea, and instead it led to historic denuclearization and peace talks with Kim Jong Un.

Do you believe Donald Trump will handle Iran more successfully than Barack Obama?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Iran is the international “school yard bully” that picks on those they feel like they can overcome in a fight. Then they mouth off at everyone else. That’s Iran. Kick their tail a few times and they will not bother you anymore. Enough said.

  2. I don’t believe I would fire a nuke unless they fired one at us first. Then I say lets OWN the country. Eliminate the muslum terrorist troublmakers and continue in a civilized manner. Allow the NEW Iranian government to try and convict these pieces of bacon and do a Saddam Hussein on them. The hell with Gitmo. execute the bacon. I say bacon b/c pork is offensive to them.

  3. Obama remains a failure like his Iran policy,
    Because real American saw him for what he is:
    The worst Arab president we’ve ever had.
    He will be shoved into the dust bin of history
    Along with the Neville Chamberlands and other
    Appeasers. A know nothing who hates America
    Along with his bigoted wife who’s name
    I won’t mention as she deserves no historical
    Notice at all. Trump will go down as one of
    Our great presidents, and be credited with
    The demise of the Democrat party, and good ridy

  4. A resounding, YES! Trump handles everything better.
    Obama was a shi* president
    and the worst thing that ever happened
    to this country.

  5. No we are just getting started watch are president make America great again with or without democrat help

  6. When we have aircraft carriers on the bottom of the sea and nukes are bouncing off the capitol building, U will likely long 4 the good ol days of wimp Obama.

  7. Hmmm, Hillary Clinton seemed to have the same idea, at least until election night 2016 was over. Wonder if the ruling clowns in Iran were under the same misunderstanding of the people of America?

  8. No. Trump is a billionaire Joe Sixpack. He is way over his head. Rouhani has called his hand. He has made the bombast of the Donald ring like a hollow threat. The Donald has overplayed his hand. The beginning of the undoing of the Donald has begun.

  9. I don’t understand why our President doesn’t hand Soros’ ass over to Russia, they have been after him for years and there is a warrant out on his ass!! He is nothing but a trouble maker and pays people to stir up trouble for our president. I say send his ass back where he belongs and that is NOT AMERICA!!!!

  10. Mike, it turned out quite well, the North Koreans are now tearing down their nuke sites, it has been verified by pictures from space. North Korea may turn out to be a friend in the end and friends are sure better than enemies.

  11. Why would Obama leave America, where else can he get the kind of money he gets for being an ex-president but in America! He was and still is the WORST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD, ACTUALLY IT WAS ILLEGAL FOR HIM TO BE PRESIDENT SINCE HE WAS NOT BORN IN THIS COUNTRY, HE LIED AND LOCKED UP ALL THE PROOF SO NO ONE COULD CONTEST HIS CLAIMS!!

  12. Joe at one time stood for conservative values. Since he hooked up with that liberal bimbo on his show, that changed. A little poon tang can bring down a man.

  13. Who cares what the world has a stomach for? We’ve been carrying their water for decades and getting stabbed in the back for it. It’s about time we have someone in there that is strong enough to say the welfare train is over. And we’re not going to take it anymore. No more bribery to make you behave.

  14. I’m ashamed to know Joe blow Scarborough went to our great university @ Alabama !!! He makes me sick and that thing sitting beside him acts like she will break if she moves!!

  15. We didn’t put president Trump in God did because he didn’t approve of the other one and the conservatives done a lot of praying and God sent the right one!!!


  17. One thing. Obama is Muslim, Trump isn’t. Obama is going to stick with Muslim’s and Trump is going to stick with American’s. See the difference…

  18. President Trump has taken action against Iran. Obama made a deal with Iran. I guess he received kickbacks for his Iran Deal….. deal for who? Iran or America. With Obama you know it wasn’t America. I don’t know why he doesn’t leave America if he dislikes it so much.

  19. Thanks to all you President Donald Trump supporters, backers, it certinaly is gratifing to see so many people begining to take off the horse blinders and throw tunnel vision out the window and finally appreciate the man that is doing the job that he was elected to do. Mr. President I can say no more than “God Bless”, and go get them Tiger.

  20. And what do you think that the Trumpster does with Putin or the dictators in the Philippines, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Turkey? Besides being ignorant, you must also be blind. Then again, it’s hard to see much with you head up your ass.

  21. Yeah Gizzy. Praise the Lord. Don’tcha jus luv jesus and donald. k ekfwre wqn wa,mrewg wdlksr, the spirit be movin me, talkin in tongues. Translation, I may be an idiot, but i’m a X-tian idiot & I luv jesus and donald.

  22. U leave out 1 cogent point lilly dear, that 100 billion dollars was not U.S. money. It was Irans own money. It is a poor propagandist that propagates such blatantly misleading hasbara.

  23. Yeah, that was a real cakewalk, eh. We still owe China a trillion federal reserve notes for financing it.

  24. One thing about Obama, the man had class. America was respected in the halls of nobility. Not so today. I get the feeling that the Donald is just looking and waiting for a country to mug. These are parlous times.

  25. A real leader does not socialize with, cohabit with or rub elbows with thugs. Unless he too, is a thug.

  26. Yes, we the People have a President that has the “nerve” to get the job done. ALSO, he has a ARMED FORCE that will back him as far as he wants to go. OF course, we will send in the U. S. Marines first to kick ass and take names, followed by the other branches of service. ALSO he has the AMERICAN PEOPLE that will also back him to the end, SO, IRAN you shouldn’t rattle your “cage” to loud, cause you could be rattaling “bones”….. SEMPER FI…..

  27. Mother of all wars, seems we heard that sometime ago yes?
    Get back in your sand box Iran. Stay there and be quiet.

  28. Anybody Can & Will Handle This Situation Better Than Obama!!! He Was The One That Brought Us All To The Altar!! I Do Believe That Mr.Trump Will Do Great!! We Have A Great Man At The Helm Now!!!

  29. MSNBC…is nothing but a mouthpiece for the panicking (D)’s
    and NWO Bozo’s, spouting their propaganda and……..LIES.
    I don’t bother with them anymore. They showed their stripe
    …just once too many times!!

  30. YES…
    President Washington has returned, in the person of President Trump!
    This is one reason that the left and (D)’s are so….unhinged!! 🙂

  31. As for Soros….Russia STILL wants his old wrinkled fanny, and
    actually made that request/offer to President Trump…in person.
    I say…….let Putin have hate-filled #@^*&^#@!!!

  32. YES…Those Marines earned the respect and the nickname….”Leathernecks”.
    That was the thick leather collars they wore…to protect their necks.

  33. Tracy…”what’s that song. that’s it.BOMB BOMB BOMB. IRAN… so be it…”

    YES. I do remember THAT song, and YES, Oblama is gone, and
    ……….we have a real President now. *S*

  34. The Real American people put President Trump in that office because he has the balls to go up against these communist filthy pigs, unlike that coward Barry Soetoro the filthy Islamic dictating jackass.

  35. GO Trump No matter which way you go as far as the left is concern you are wrong you choice the right way all Iran has is a lot of hot air.

  36. A real leader never backs down from a thug!!!!!
    He goes toe to toe , eye to eye. Never back down.
    Our button is bigger and it works.

  37. A dead and buried monkey could of handled that mess better than OB! I hope the libs are proud of themselves for doing the ultimate affirmative action project. And like most of their “oh so wonderful”, its for the children, BS, the project was an absolute failure. My hat is off to our President. He’s got cajones ! Thats why we put him there !

  38. Yes. President Trump will handle Iran better than that worthless, anti American, supporter of the radical Islamic state and the misguided Muslim brotherhood, and radical terrorist. muslim his self, Barack Obama, who by the way should already be in prison for treason against this nation and its people. Obsma is nothing but a lying piece of crap. He will never be anything but that. He and hid entire administration should be arrested and jailed for the rest of their lives. Take Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller,ohr, Yates, holder and all the rest of these crooked cops and former and current representatives in our government and intelligence agencies and put them in jail where they belong. Enough of this shadow government set up by Obama,Brennan and the rest of that crooked ,lying ,worthless Obama and his cronies .


  40. I guess you think Barry Obama sucking the dicks of dictators was the way to go.
    Then I guess you thought it was ok for Killary KKKlinton getting millions from every dictator, and despot in the middle east was OK.

  41. Iran. How the hell could we be connected with this country in the first place? (SMH) Only Obama and his liberal dogs could do such a thing like this.

    Remember that Raul Castro had a great interest in Obama? Likewise with Chavez, a former president-dictator from Venezuela, now deceased.

    Obama sure has strange alliances. Also everything he touched was very poisonous. Poisonous as what he did to our country when we struggled with his Ebola issue. What he did is still unbelievable.

    People, we must cross out Iran for good. They keep chanting for America death. Screw them.

    No more liberal changes. Vote for MAGA in November.

  42. Trump is over his head. Bellicose rhetoric is the domain of the weak minded Bully. America and the world have no stomach for suffering the consequences of another war for Jew Israel.

  43. Obama still thinks that he is president, He is the organizer of all these protests that are going on and I believe being financed by evil Soros, he is another man that should be arrested and tried for treason and his finances confiscated.

  44. I really cannot see President Trump going to Japan to apologize for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as Obama did.

    I cannot see President Trump going over to the Middle East and bowing to their leader, as Obama did.

    I cannot see President Trump admitting (hypocritically) only 56 Christians from Syria but allowing more than 11,000 Syrian Muslims into America, as Obama did.

    Obama gave our grandchildren trillions of dollars to pay off and he skated away scot free. Trump has grit, stamina, the energy to get the job done, as president
    I cannot see President Trump acting like Obama did. He loves this country, for one. Obama took awesome care of the “refugees” that came to this country. Obama gave them the farm! Obama gave and gave and gave until WE THE PEOPLE hurt.

    We now have a president with balls enough to stand up to those that call America out or take advantage of us. I cannot see President Trump putting a yellow streak down the back of America, as Obama did!

  45. There is not any conflict with a foreign nation that Donald cannot negotiate far better than that cream puff “Bathhouse Barry Osama” could ever negotiate such a situation.

  46. Amen!!!!! President Trump is no sissy President!! It’s time we FINALLY have a President with balls and who isn’t afraid of other countries and his own!!!

  47. Hey Iran, we have the MOAB with YOUR NAME on it if you’re serious about your Mother Of All Wars.????

  48. In less that 4 years Iran will launch a nuke at Israel but it will land in the sea. Much, much water will go about 10 miles or more into the sky. This will freeze into hail stones weighing a talon (128 lbs) that will fall onto a very large number of Muslims.

  49. President Trump knows one does not negotiate from as position of weakness, like the foreign-born, Barry Soetoro did, as he flew around the world, apologizing for America, confusing many and signaling to others that then was the time to make trouble or – take Crimea! It is finally time Iran was put on notice – in ALL CAPS, that they best keep it tight or face U.S., led by someone not afraid to use our Might – for what is Right!

  50. Maybe Trump should take Bama’s mansion in DC and his book, and speech fees so we get back some of the money he gave to his crime partners in Iran,While he is at it hit up that witch looking B**** and her hubby.

  51. Hey Obama, please let us know what we bought with the billions of dollars Iran got from us?

  52. Excellent responses here against a regime founded on Satanic Verses penned by a sick, evil, pedophile businessman back in the 7th. Century. God Bless our Great Nation and current President leading us away from putrid swamp scum and similar international filth.

  53. The history of conflict with Iran and other Islamic Countries is nothing new to the United States. It goes back to the days the first pilgrims came to this country. Obama for 8 years wrote EXECUTIVE ORDERS that aided and abetted a known terrorist country and enemy of the United States. Under President Jefferson the Marines went into Tripoli. Under President Trump the same type action may again be necessary – this time in Iran.

  54. like their speed boats are any match for our navy, remember how oboma let iran make a$$es out of our sailors, trump won’t let them , and what kind of military does iran have , they spend all their money on suicide vests, killing innocent men women and children , i have yet to hear of them fighting a real army , didn’t we kill their a$$es out of iraq a long time ago

  55. What the hell is wrong with Trump Threatening Iran … OH didn’t he do that to another regime North Korea … Just how did that turn out.

  56. I agree, a bully is still a bully &
    He needs too be confronted, & called out on it!!
    Stand firm & strong, don’t play into the hands of a bully, that’s what he wants!! Trump has handled bullies I sure & learned long ago in military school how too stand up & meet them head !!!

  57. Everything our current prez does is better than the best thing yobama ever did, except when he vacated the office of POTUS. That’s the only thing, that I actually recall Obama doing, that was good for normal Americans; leaving.

  58. By the sounds of it the Iranian government is on the verge of collapsed and if war is declared by Iran it is a desperate act to rally their population.

  59. Oh, Martin , Martin, Martin. So it is OK for the Clinton’s ( Bill and Killery both),
    Obama, Chuckey Schummer, AND both President Bush’s to meet with him? That’s OK. But God forbid Trump does it. Hypocrite.

  60. To be precise the first place to feel wrath should be where these loudmouths live and their alternate sites. We may be doing the people of Iran a big favor because their religious police have been known to kill at any protest.

  61. Sink there ship as they only have one. They are a total joke and wr dont need europe to sink it. europe is a very sad case and the young people are letting it happen as in Iran.

  62. Yes. Koumani better quit the rhetoric in a has been shilling forever, or else Mr. KOHMANI will find some Tomahawk missiles up his Persian a–! Trump will do it!

  63. Straight talk about the consequences of tough talk without teeth…is better than almost all actions before. THE NEXT STEP WOULD BE …STRAIGHT SHOOTING AT ONE PARTICULAR TARGET…WITH A MUCH BIGGER ARSENAL.

  64. Thank you President Trump. Put a REAL hurt on Iran if they pop off again. The WIMPY OBama did a poor job of protecting America.

  65. Kisses Putin’s ass though!!!!!! Must be all that “hanky panky” with the Ruskies and his business

  66. Trump will do just fine with Iran. He is not your kiss ass President as so many would like for him to be. You go Mr. PRESIDENT

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